Rainy cyclone leaves the European territory of Russia, leaving its influence only the extreme northern regions. In the central regions since the middle of the week will start to grow atmospheric pressure, approaching normal. Precipitation will stop and the temperature will start to rise.In the Murmansk region from time to time will be accepted rains day not more than 20. In Karelia, quite comfortable, although on some days not without rains +19 +24 .. In the Arkhangelsk region in the summer heat + 23 + 28 and in the Republic of Komi and Vologda region about day 30. In the Leningrad, Pskov and Novgorod Read more [...]
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Reindeer — a storehouse of biologically active substances

Products reindeer every year is gaining value and is becoming increasingly important because it is environmentally friendly and is a storehouse of biologically active substances.Photo U.S. Geological Survey / FLICKR.COM Venison in Unlike beef and lamb, characterized by a high content of nitrogen extractives, vitamins, macro- and trace elements. Venison is well absorbed by the human body, and has tonic healing properties. It has a positive effect on the human immune system.The Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous District, the municipal enterprise «Yamal deer» Read more [...]
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The legitimacy of the use of firearms

Analysis of incoming mail suggests lack of awareness of citizens on the legal use of their existing lawful firearms with the direct attack in order to protect life, health and property.The letters contained a request to comment on the concept of self-defense, to answer the questions, what is meant by the excess of self-defense, to explain the use of weapons.In response to these requests, primarily turn to Article 45 of the Constitution, which reads as follows: «Everyone has the right to defend their rights and freedoms by all means not prohibited by law».Required under the criminal Read more [...]
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The monster of horns

This story is one hot summer in the early seventies. It then came the holidays my younger brother Vladimir, while a student of the Stroganov artistic-foot school and college friend of Dmitri. He arrived and immediately fired up to go on the floodplain horns, dating back to the estate of Alexei Tolstoy. The river winds through the floodplain of the horns, and on both sides of the forest rises. Floodplain Wetlands infested marsh and waterfowl game. The brother said: «Write landscape, pike, kill a duck, as Levitan». I just served in the army and by the time he returned home. His father, Read more [...]
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Weekdays reserve «Cedar Pad»

From time to time the specter of the Yellow Devil emerges in our nature reservePhoto: Fotolia First snow – is a dream book and fortune naturalist. For me in «Cedar honeydew» The first snow is doubly important: my private practice «white trails» in Primorye is not very large. A region is interesting, not only tigers and leopards, but the Amur forest cat, forest mouse Asian, Far Eastern mole-Moguer. At the beginning of winter has a chance to hook in small animals, who strive to lie down in hibernation – raccoon dogs, badgers, bears.On the first Read more [...]
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Each has its own trail

We returned one day with my old friend - a local ranger - from the far forest hike. We do not hurriedly walked the forest road net, which was to take us to the village. We passed. Talked. Suddenly we saw how some unknown creature quickly mince on the road ahead of us. – See hedgehog! – Huntsman said, not noticing in the predawn at «urchin»... Muskrat's tail. Yes, it was a muskrat. As it turned out there? Near the good three miles no more or less decent stream or abandoned ponds. Around the pine forest. And the animal itself runs on a clean way, as if his way knows beforehand. Read more [...]
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Bringing up and catch

Article TwoPhoto: Andrew Fedichkin (End. Start cm. "EGR №06 from 02.02.11")FEEDINGThe hottest time is necessary to ensure that the meat and fish were fresh puppy. Good to be replaced – cottage cheese. Excessive feeding of bread and porridge bad act on the body – dog grows moist, with a weak back.In no event it is impossible to give an acidic food. You also can not feed the dog only meat or only plant foods. Do not give your puppy bones of birds and fish, and soft cartilage – approximately three months of age. Normal food for hound – This oatmeal, Read more [...]
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Dual Shot

The concept of "double shot" by pressing simultaneously on the two triggers is highly conditionalPhoto: Anton Zhuravkov Mastering in youth wisdom of shotgun shooting, I thought that with his two fingers in the trigger, you can achieve and rate of fire and a greater ease in choosing the sequence of shooting from the left or right of the barrel. Practice has shown, however, that  nothing good about it.Another attempt, but for sedentary black grouse — It is hoping to get the coveted trophy for sure — whether from excitement or from the impact also proved futile: grouse Read more [...]
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Untouched Area suburbs

In the woods near the village you can stumble on the "patriarch of Russian forest" - the capercailliePhoto: Dmitry Belyaev 120 kilometers east of Moscow, lost among the fields and forests village Minino – Area of ​​almost untouched nature. You can reach it by train, before reaching the Shatura and then by bus to the village Osanovo, then you have to pass 2-3 kilometers through the pine forest.You can also use a more exotic (and free) way from the station to get to Osanova Krivandino on “cuckoo” — there goes w / e branch. On the Road is one wagon, climb Read more [...]
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Get the wolf

Hunters who have to their credit two or more extracted wolves of wolf called simplyPhoto: Vladimir Bologov Our district has been an unwritten law: a real hunter is one who mined in the life of even one wolf. Wolf – is a wild beast, bringing considerable damage to livestock as collective and state farms, and personal. That is why the hunter, mining wolves is considered rural quarterback-savior, respected man.If you do a trap fishery and the wolf gets it in yours, you put a trap, then it goes to «offset». Because bait or traps put their cattle burial grounds and Read more [...]
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When the "Golden Autumn" starts to turn into a wet and slightly podkvasitsya leaf on aspen begin to fly grousePhoto: Anatoly Loskutov I'm still ashamed of what fifty years ago did not realize why my friend really wanted to put before the house aspen. And the reason it was extraordinary «talkativeness».With her always, even in calm weather, you can whisper. Her round, with small teeth leaf sits on long, thin stalks. Anyone, even a slight movement of air is enough to tree rustled. This rustle, whisper effect on human fascinating as flickering in the night fire or flowing Read more [...]
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The intellectual component in clay pigeon shooting

Olympic Trap shooting as a kind of the most nerve-costlyPhoto: Anton Zhuravkov Already at the first trench trap shooting competitions it was introduced as a sport.And in 1968 and all stand it became an Olympic discipline.Currently, among stendovikov played six sets of Olympic medals.Cporting as a kind of shooting «Skeet» shall hunters – amateurs shooting in flight. I am glad that recently appeared enthusiastic people ready to take active part in it and to invest in this kind of shooting. We construct new Shooting bench systems not only in the metropolitan area, Read more [...]
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All-Russian Exhibition commemorative eyes kovrovchan

Holiday Russian Spaniel parade ended, a common building with the presentation of cups, prizes, diplomas and medalsPhoto: Leonid Carentan That's descended welcome 18th and 19th June. In We, in Kovrov spanielisty club Russian Spaniel waiting these days look. We waited and prepared. A as well! The exhibition dedicated to the anniversary — 60 years adoption 1st Standard Russian Spaniel — the only domestic breed of sporting dog! It's like a birthday — can not miss! Through the Internet, studied, worked through Read more [...]
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Counted — tears

Every year in our country is carried Russian accounting bison. Photo by the author In the lowland populations account is usually held in the winter, and saying, «Do not count your chickens before they are hatched» It is fully consistent with this work. The calf, who was born in the spring or early summer, winter is coming with his mother to forage area grown up and got stronger and appears to accounting clerk. The surveys carried out employees of organizations with bison, representatives of regional organizations related to the protection of nature, as well as scientists Read more [...]
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What is winter?

Folk omens about the winter of 2011-2012Photo by Anton Zhuravkova The first serious frost – Nikolsky expected on 19 December.6, January 7 – Christmas frost.18 January 19 – Epiphany.January 31 – Athanasian.February 4 – Timofeevskaya (strong).February, 15 – Sretensky. February 17 – Nikolsky. February 24 – Vlasyevsky, trailing winter.• If in September at many oak acorns, a lot of snow is expected before Christmas. I can not say that there were a lot of acorns, but still a lot. • Many acorns on oak – a cruel winter. Acorns Read more [...]
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What is dangerous for Russian forests?

The most serious scourge of densely populated areas - deforestation for developmentPhoto: Anton Zhuravkov Two years ago, Russians VTsIOM asked the question: what, in view of, major threats to the environment? In the first place were household waste, garbage and dumps and deforestation took «honorable» second place. On one of the last places appeared hydro and thermal power plants.According to FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization), every year the forest area on the planet is reduced by 13 million hectares. But in Russia, the forest area is not only not decreased, but Read more [...]
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Why forgotten black powder?

Volleys first powder guns quickly aroused interest among the warlike European monarchs to powderPhoto: Anton Zhuravkov Today, Russian hunters rarely use black powder. Factory ammo charge only smokeless powder. A little touch on the history of the emergence of black powder.The first mention of black powder in the Chinese parchment scrolls belong to the 682 year, when the Chinese alchemist Sun Si Miao described the burning mixture of sulfur, saltpeter and charcoal powder. Such compositions used for fireworks. A generalization of the knowledge of the combustible mixture of saltpeter Read more [...]
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On burned peatlands

After passing between the rows of private garages hundred meters, we were in the woods. But wildfires have turned this place near the plant and buildings in the village impassable rubble from the charred trunks of pine, birch, aspen.Photo: Andrew Fedichkin At the end of the village Karbolit – the final stop of all buses. After passing between the rows of private garages hundred meters, we were in the woods. But wildfires have turned this place near the plant and buildings in the village impassable rubble from the charred trunks of pine, birch, aspen.We made our way, overcoming Read more [...]
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Vovkin boar

Volodya - my friend, more than one hundred kilometers otshagali we are shoulder to shoulder on the huntauthor photoAnd different trophies were our reward for our perseverance and cunning, patience and hard work. But Volodya would do, what would be cunning went, suffering the inconvenience and hardship, and wild boar could not get.Luck always turned to it is not then back to — sideways. Not just went out to Labasa his inveterate cleavers, but ... That there was a wild boar flak jacket, then Whether hand, flinching in last minute, gave another Read more [...]
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Fox tricks

After collecting guns and let the dog out, we went towards the railway landing. Five minutes later we heard the shrill voices of the hounds - raised! After a moment of landing between me and Victor M. healthy hare took off and ran towards the rest area.Photo: Andrey Fedorov There was a Friday, and in the morning on the way to work in the dizzy joyful thought: tomorrow, to hunt! At heart all sang in her anticipation.The evening was spent in collecting and telephone conversations with a friend. I woke up in the morning at five and turned his attention to the window. Against the backdrop Read more [...]
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