Drying clothes and footwear near the fire

The temperature in the drying zone should not exceed 45-60 ° C, otherwise the clothes may lose its original strength as synthetic - melt.Clothes dryer is desirable to provide a special "hangers" 2-3 stakes driven into the ground, slingshots stacked them zherdinami transverse or parallel to the bonfire stretched ropes. They must not be located above the flame, and at some distance from it. The temperature in the drying zone should not exceed 45—60°C, otherwise the clothes may lose its original strength, and synthetic – melt.Strong heating not only dries much spoil things! Read more [...]
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Choosing a sleeping bag

First of all, attention is drawn to cut differences sleeping. They can be tailored either a blanket or a cocoon.Sleeping bag cocoon has an ergonomic, tapered toward the bottom of the form, which saves weight and volume by using less material and insulation. This sleeping bag is warmer, as it is tight to the body. These two benefits and make sleeping-cocoons suitable for more demanding hikes in harsh weather conditions.Sleeping-quilt has a rectangular shape, respectively, it weighs more and more takes place. Therefore, these sleeping bags are used for simple hikes, outings on weekends and for trailering, Read more [...]
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How to make fabric waterproof

Like clothes and tents need to be impregnated with a special compound. There are three ways for a better impregnation of their safety.Like clothes and tents need to be impregnated with a special compound. There are three ways for a better impregnation of their safety.Like clothes and tents need to be impregnated with a special compound. There are three ways for a better impregnation of their safety.Origin - via chemical compositions. In this processing, the fabric its threads become impervious to water, but the intervals between them are not filled. So processed denser tissue, thereby increasing Read more [...]
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The strength and relish in the head

In one village Yenisei on the stump I saw the dried head of a huge pike. Approached a child of three, I picked it up, even tried to wear down. Mother jumped selected «toothy» toy. At this time, appeared on the porch of the owner noticed my interest in the trophy, he said: «This is from last year. I got a villain in the network. Faithful will pud. And then we have the capital, biologists visited. Well advised the process as a trophy».If a person says «Head!»Hence emphasize the dignity of his character and mind. Fish Head (not only, of course, Read more [...]
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Lake Belskoe: yesterday, today, tomorrow

 Photo by the author After general cleaning the lake Belskoe in 1988-1992 had the impression that the lake is always clean water and lots of fish. But in 2000 there was the first of Zamora. In 2006 – second. And last winter of 2014-2015, has happened already three.BACKGROUNDIt is believed that the lake Belskoe – This old bed of the Moscow River. We will not go into a deep story. Like it or not, we, in fact, does not matter. What is more important. Bronnitsy stands on the shore of Lake Bielsko. And the lake 100-150 years ago, with the success of our city has implemented Read more [...]
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Flight of a lifetime

In the insect world there are those which are applicable adjectives: the biggest, the fastest, brightest, etc. Perhaps the painted lady can claim to be a few of these differences. Judge for yourself…Photo Jean-Pol GRANDMONT / wikimedia.org (CC BY 3.0) It is the most famous butterfly on Most continents. Not flies only South America Antarctica. The most inveterate traveler in Nymphalidae family. And at this butterfly routes seasonal, like birds spring north, autumn south.For example, the Euro-African populations represented overwintered Read more [...]
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Night terrors

Do you love the night? Do not know? Ever wonder? Every person will find in your life wonderful night, with huge moon and stars, and the night when nightmares ... It happens that the nightmares come true, and I want just to survive until morning.Photo A1ik / flickr.com (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0) People like most birds, and many other inhabitants of the earth, — sun-worshipers. But, living in metropolises or just constant comfort of electricity, it is easy to become a citizen of the night and decide what you — owl. Now imagine that suddenly no Read more [...]
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Photo by Alexey Galkin The vast majority of fishermen do not doubt the need for sweeps. I, in general, too. But there are nuances. Systematize them I could not, I will tell what I know, in chronological order.He started spinning I learn from rotating and vibrating lures. First conducted uniformly, the second — «step». First strike equally strong, but gradually came to the conclusion that when uniform wiring powerful sweeps harmful. Repeated bites after it (in case of failure, except for schooling bass) were extremely rare, and the loss was more hooked. Evolution Read more [...]
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Roach — sturgeon sister …

Photo Anatoly Mailkova Currently, almost all living creatures, including many fish, have a certain, usually Latin names, according to scientific classification, which laid the beginning of the 18th century, the outstanding Swedish scientist Carl Linnaeus. However, in everyday life, chatting with each other, we do not use special terminology, and call those or other fish with their adopted names in use. The names of certain types of fish due to the characteristic color, shape or size of the body, as well as perceptible structural features of its individual parts, features of behavior Read more [...]
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First game

The next obstacle to our first hunt with the Kurzhaar was the heat. Already open twenty-fifth of July the hunt after a few days - bam! - And closed.As this is done, eh? Some restrictions! Hunters — impossible, and tourists or berries — can? How so? Because, tell us, we You see sparks from the muzzle, and The spark ignites the flame. Not hunters agree, and resent write smart articles… However, the heat, gentlemen hunters, heat… not I want any what to think and too lazy to argue. And yet, despite the heat, our company Read more [...]
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Tushkina — our everything

It is said that on the territory of the Altai cedar few places: on Seminsky Pass, near Lake Teletskoye and surroundings Karakoksha in Choya district. The yield on the pine cones in the Siberian taiga happens once every four years. The brigade cborschikov say that taiga theft not, his man on the left duty in camp every day. In the Altai taiga no willow cedars the branches of which you can climb on the top. Local residents collect only fallen cones — Tushkina. Waiting for the wind drops or bumps herself when ripe. Autumn — this Read more [...]
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Mushroom Village Volkovo

In a large Tver region three hundred kilometers from Moscow, there is one small village. There it is long. Seen a lot of things. How old is she, like today no one can say. Not on each card it is. But the mention of the regional center and the nearby village has a history already since the 15th century. And under the Germans it was a village Shmeliha grandmother told her and daughter of minors and many others from the local population to walk Belarus Fritz drove. AND Soviet times, the village survived relatively well, it was then village and a lot of people They Read more [...]
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In the realm of gray heron

I can not forget my first meeting with these elegant and extraordinarily beautiful birds. That early September morning I met on the remote peat lakes, which are a magnet for not only the weight of all kinds of birds trivia, ducks different breeds and grebes, but also the most majestic wading inhabitants.Dawn. On the vast surface of the water or vetrinki. Brownish-gray stripe, as if mirrored flooded dead bush with lonely dry tree Punches places of green foliage. Behind them is a wide strip of wetland alder forest. The emerging sunrise sky pink and encrusted blue-gray clouds. Read more [...]
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The heater for drying mushrooms

More than 1,000 kilometers behind us, "flew" almost overnight. And here we are on the ground, sleeping, getting sounds and smells of the night Karelian village. As the sun rises a little more expensive, and - everything! Karelia met us with a warm, bright sun, affable whistle Ryabets, scared flock Kosachev, of course, mushrooms. The number and a variety of hit.By the dinner we found that not enough of the collected just on to marinade tomorrow's breakfast, and and fit the stove to cook. AND dry.On the next day we woke up and We understand that it Read more [...]
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Mashkina «cello»

At dawn we forester Paul Dmitrievich went for raspberries in the woods on Bobrinev eel. "There's this berry is jam me in banks, though zazhuysya!" - He promised. Photo Blizno / flickr.com (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0) In place came when the dew had gone, and bird continued to whistle kusche impassable. But what is it ?! Raspberry on wide sunny meadow, surrounded by nettles and severe thorns that are not easily given pickers like after the hurricane, has been dented, broken. Some even left the bushes without leaves. Only in air continues to soar sugary aroma of Read more [...]
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«Dismantling» with beavers

When my good friend the huntsman Kuzmich called me and offered this Saturday to go with him to the river Chudinovku, as he put it, "to deal with the beavers," I gladly accepted.Photo Paul Stevenson / flickr.com (CC BY 2.0) What is this «showdown»I realized at once: it is necessary to disassemble part of the dam there the rodents for the upcoming passage of spawning fish. Beavers has always interested me, and especially in modern times: on background of the ongoing debate about Use and harm these animals.In Russian waters inhabited by two kinds of Read more [...]
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The November pre-winter somehow hopeless wait for no good accounts — front and frost snow. Nature has become silent, paused before entering different quality; Exuding like birch, become transparent, spruce — sullen and darker.Snow — dry, like styrofoam chips, whitened old boar trails, but I woke up and lost in Confusing in herbage fields.Glazed frost on the river Spills from beaver dams on low water below dams as fast for at It provides warm water. There and hold belated fleeing from Read more [...]
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Calendar vyat nature

Outside the window, and the overcast damp: the beginning of November. The trees are bare. Not you can see the birds. Last year was very fruitful for apples rowan. Snowbird all winter feeding in Kirov suburban gardens, and there were many waxwings. AT This year, all is not So.The arrival of springIt started so well: the fourteenth April nearest river burst its banks, then became frost. The long-awaited warm it in late April, the average temperature has risen to 19 degrees. TO the middle of the first decade of May again become Read more [...]
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Yellow tulips

In the spring the desert Betpak-Dala is not quite desert. Instead of the usual gray-yellow and dull green color range and abundance of tulips. They are everywhere - in the clay soil and slopes gorushek, geographical name of which the Kazakh low hills, slopes and even on sand dunes. Yellow, red, orange ...Photo by Sergey Gulyaev In such a comely spring day in 1988 we were wandering wife and for children slopes, admiring the unusual beauty of these places; children tore tulips, selecting the largest and most beautiful. The day was a holiday, there's no hurry.At Read more [...]
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Gray feather

Adjacent to our region Ilyinsky district, which is in the Ivanovo region has always been rich in partridge. Large areas of grassland plains and fields that stretch for kilometers, are ideal places for this data, in fact, wild birds. Start your essay with pretty fun and I remember an episode that occurred with me these locations beginning in August 1996.On a sunny warm day, I was walking along the scenic river Suhodoy, winding between hilly meadows the vicinity of my village, and at one point, though subjected to machine-gun fire. From below the sod on the Read more [...]
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