As we walked elk vabit

We waved Andryukha the marsh moose vabit. Wetlands good - gonnaya. And the weather is right, too. There is no wind. Night moon. Starry sky.In the open lowlands fog. Headlights lanterns light the way of fun. The mood is cheerful and festive zamechatelnoe.Dazhe, almost New Year.About three o'clock in the morning without reaching a kilometer to the marshes, felts stronuli moose, whether it is itself in front of us went. We misunderstood. I felt moose close to the left about fifty meters. Then the animal is calm step forward we went. We then headed to the intended location, but left three or four hundred Read more [...]
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To be lucky

Weather is rarely ideal for the hunter to rely only on Saturday - Sunday. So this weekend. Saturday morning was like a perfect newly-fallen snow, but still got to land, the wind rose - almost knocks down.Photo: Mikhail Semin In the evening, a snowstorm began, and so all night Melo that go nowhere worth. But we went. Go hard. Wet snow that fell just stopped in the morning, on the knee, where the wind and walked plenty, it do not exist. But still. And keep hot. So try to please the man, then it's hot, it's cold! «Dead» newly-fallen snow. Checked fondest fox space, but Read more [...]
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«Own» among beavers

Each time the hunt broke wind on my part, or alternating directions. Suitable sites for Ambush on the leeward side was not. I kept watch grinders on the steep bank of a shallow ditch, a sawmill, extending from the river.The ditch beavers sawed birch, aspen, and then butchered them. On the shore of willow mowing and even Christmas trees came under sharp planes. My position was the most advantageous, if the wind is not a traitor. Masking spruce in perfect distance to the intended purpose of 10-15 meters. Beavers and Beaver Beavers fun and dancing, but not shot sailed. Slapping tails, they flop, gurgled, Read more [...]
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September bear on apples

Apples were born, though not a lot this year, but my friend brought a small gorushku and put 500 hundred meters from his homeWith an eye to see who will be attending these things feast. Perhaps he is hoping for raccoons to hound them to clean up. He's a big fan of the red beast to drive.A check on him became hazhivali "master".Not great, but your own!  Jaroslav Skvortsov12 January 2012 at 10:32 Read more [...]
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For grouse or Health Day

Napoleon's plans were, but life is different and this time went one.And yet dark night, it can be a self-portrait, especially liked the fir paws, bend down to the ground with snow.Timer load quickly or slowly I moved, but turn around to face the audience, do not have time. And that, too, is not a bad photo turned out. We call it «A curtain». Spreading the curtain, and behind it we are waiting for a wonderful winter, frosty denёk.Thaw and pour on top of pow made a huge deal. Walk was great. You can go on all four sides of the road are not choosing, however, it is better not to get into Read more [...]
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New favorite

In late January, the company AVM-Trade (Russian distributor CFMOTO) unveiled the newest ATV CFMOTO - ATV with excellent driving characteristics, ergonomics, striking design and high level of comfortCFMOTO X5 H.O. Eps– a model of the middle class, which has as standard everything that is usually appropriate modifications higher level.  This CFMOTO X5 NO the price is very attractive, which is especially important in these difficult times.New 500 cc engine with liquid cooling and electronic fuel injection develops power of 38 hp (6800 rev / min.), Max. torque – 43 H * m (6000 Read more [...]
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How Nenets reindeer need?

I wanted to answer the question, and dashed off a response to the whole article. Read it, and you may be wondering.I wanted to answer the question, and dashed off a response to the whole article. Read it, and you may be wondering.The Internet vstechayutsya questions such as: «The question may seem naive, but why Aboriginal deer? ... What is necessary for migrations --- well 10, well 20, plus the dog ..»I'll try to clarify the situation. But I do not know very much, and it is not a specialist in this matter. Therefore, I can prevent a lot of mistakes, and ask me for it not to judge. Read more [...]
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Fall 2012. Home.

1st of September. Zero hours, zero minutes. Out on the porch, he breathed deeply already frosty air. And ... sick.Ill somehow at once. Immediately he passed rasslabuha summer. Barbecue-alcoholic spirit flew away from the body and place it firmly took heady scent of autumn.Autumn came sharply. Yesterday it was warm and smelled of summer, and now the thermometer zero.Frosty night air invigorates, prevents sleep. And I imagine the bull running through the woods. Steam comes out of the nostrils. The crackling goes through the woods.He roars! Roars! And seeking a meeting with an opponent.Yeah, it sucked Read more [...]
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Capercaillie on vyletku

At night the moon shone and twinkled different stars. At dawn, the sky clouds ran, everything is clouded and began ...By ten in the morning heavy rain soaked us to the skin literally. I can not go back, because we have set the time and place of meeting at the far cordon with Pasha. No cellular and radio have forgotten to take. Now cancel the hunt late, advance only forward.Terribly disappointing have missed two woodcock and grouse noise. In the afternoon the wind rose. In the lead sky gaps began to appear and the rain to subside, leaving a drop. The September sun shone gleaming wood. Fun zachirikali Read more [...]
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The good morning

Six o'clock in the morning. Nasty squeak alarm pulls me out of the arms of Morpheus. I'd like to sleep, but the cold showers and hot coffee mug help to wake up. What I have planned for today? It is necessary to check the two bait, so to come back into the far corner, where I did not go this year for foxes. It is 80 kilometers in one direction. And we must go back to the hour – He promised to help his wife with the housework. In my head quickly earned a calculator: leaving in fifteen minutes at the first point at 7:20, 40 minutes to reach the bait, check the camera, and scatter nakrohu mashine- Read more [...]
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The draft executive order on the approved strategy

The draft executive order on the approved strategy GOVERNMENT OF THE RUSSIAN FEDERATIONORDERfrom             Number 1. To approve the enclosed:Strategies for conservation of rare and endangered species of animals and plants and the development of ohothozyaystvennoy in the Russian Federation for the period up to 2030;Action Plan to implement Strategies for conservation of rare and endangered species of animals and plants and the development of ohothozyaystvennoy in the Russian Federation for the period up to 2030.2. Read more [...]
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Night Events

I clearly remember in the largest room of our house (we called her room) at the round table is the calendar - 1968.When I came to his senses, the sun on the horizon, and dark winter is very harsh.Photo: Sergey Sorokin In those snowy, Burano and winters are often canceled classes in schools. Houses burying in snow on the roof. In my village, the doors always open inwards - it is clear why.***We are a family sculpt dumplings. Dad, as the strongest kneads the dough, the older brother with my mother over the meat wisely. And, I «run errands» - «Bring, bring». Read more [...]
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Chilling fear

Alexeitch, which had long been licensed for wild boar, try as he might, he could not close it. All the vast field was still good, ahead of the schedule of the farm, he traveled up and down on his new "Ural" with a sidecar. But as luck would have come across some pig with piglets. Decent cleaver was not among them, which greatly irritated Nicholas begins to despair. Finally, to the end of September, luck smiled at him, and one of the fields he found zhirovki big game, trampled a large plot of state-farm oat field.A successful discovery immediately raised his spirits, and he briskly Read more [...]
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Lazy spring

Vёsny are different. Late and early, in bright sunshine and gloomy autumn, kisnuvshie by heavy rains, and even sultry heat of what happens out of season. But this «sleepy» spring that seems to be on the one hand and the sun spoiled, and other snow fell asleep quite a while already happened.March went well though and it was a spring month. But what about the talk in March, mid-April in the yard, and bird feeders at the small fry that is suspended from the walnut bush near my house early in the morning to fuss. Here and woodpeckers and jays, bullfinches and tits, sparrows and magpies. Read more [...]
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Funny or curious?

Tell a Friend at the meeting about his latest hunt, I called her a stupid. But he listened to me, did not agree with this assessment: "It is not stupid and funny, well, at worst, funny ..." Photo by Vladimir Motkova The first chance to enter the game introduced me halfway from the train stop to the forest hut. In the Basque opened a small river – a third of a hectare – stretch of water formed in front of a beaver dam. It was hoped that the ducks find you here.On this occasion, expressing his attitude to the opinion of the redundancy livestock beavers and harm caused Read more [...]
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After dinner, when all discussed, we were getting ready for bed, our room came the huntsman Mironych. "In the deaf Lake tomorrow does not work, the guys that came," - he said. We had known for years, so I knew right away he was talking about. A few years ago, came to the August Mironych hunt, I saw an escort service black Volga. Clearly, some arrived «cone»And, judging by the way the bustling aides and others, it was clear – not small. Well, of course, blind lake, despite all the protests, was declared closed. It is famous for an abundance of ducks and popular.Not everyone out Read more [...]
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In solotchinskih meadows

XIII All-Russian competition spaniels commemorating BE Vagina, by field and marsh game took place in the first half of June in Rybnovsky region Ryazan region in the floodplain of the Oka, near Solotcha. Photo by Oleg Leus Date spanielistov in these places have become a tradition, this year they celebrated a quarter-century.At the end of the 80s RosOkhotRybolovSoyuz organized spanielistov Union Conference, the main result of which was the establishment of contacts between the fans of these dogs from different regions of the USSR. In order to strengthen these ties in Ryazan spanielisty Read more [...]
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«United Russia» proposes to allow yourself to leave the weapons found

Member of the State Duma Committee for Security and Anti-Corruption Ilya Kostunov («United Russia») Is preparing a draft law on amendments to the Federal Law №-150 «On Weapons». Lawmaker proposes to introduce a rule that has found a weapon can after the date of issue to him the ownership and after some time to regain his find legally.The current law deprives the finder and the Interior Ministry who has provided weapons citizen any opportunity to get a weapon found in the property, and the weapons - whether it is at least a rarity "Sauer" - Waiting for disposal.Also, Read more [...]
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In Riga caught walking around town boars

Riga Mayor Nil Ushakov shared the joyful news — caught by forest pigs, which for several months as if nothing had happened walked on one of the sleeping areas of the capital of Latvia.«Thanks to the heroic actions of employees of the municipal police and professional hunter, this group of forest pigs, brazenly terrorized civilians, was arrested today near Mežciems». — written policies to Facebook. Riga Mayor glad that soon Yugla sleeping area and nearby areas can live in peace.Neil Ushakov said that the detained «two adults and 12 young offenders law and order».He Read more [...]
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For the first time in the history of the Arabs return of illegally exported from Kamchatka gyrfalcons

In July this year in Kamchatka from Arab countries planned to return to the first batch of rare vultures that have been caught illegally and sold on the peninsula on «black» market in the Arab world, REGNUM correspondent was informed in the Ministry of Environment of the region.Other details in the department have not yet reported. «It is planned to return to Kamchatka gyrfalcons. Subsequently, this action could become a regular». — the ministry said.Meanwhile, as found out the correspondent of IA REGNUM, 8 birds planned to return from the United Arab Emirates. And Read more [...]
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