Do not repeat my mistakes

I am writing this article for the right of hunters who like to hunt not for a piece of meat, although the latter is over does not happen, but for the excitement and anticipation of the beast, for the beauty and shot in difficult conditions. Purpose of the article - to correct these hunters do not repeat my mistakes.Photo: Mikhail Semin Huntsman put numbers in the field. In the distance, about one and a half kilometers away, he could be seen birch, there was resting bull elk stag trophy. I was penultimate, the beast will go to me, along the ditches, the place clean, the room on Read more [...]
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Golden autumn

The wheels knocked at the joints, wagon rolling from side to side, past the open door slowly drifted bushes, glades, that flashed home the last village.There were two: I shrouded with a backpack and a shotgun and a wife with a big basket, glad that I traded my hunting trip with her to pick mushrooms. Try to give up his wife and come back a hundredfold!The road went downhill, twice moved deep ravines on the flimsy bridges, fortified unthinkable backups, which ran along the bottom of streams.The road was narrow gauge and built it at the end of German prisoners after the war ...Aspen stretched, wrapped Read more [...]
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Selecting a rifle: Hunter tips

Photo by Anton Zhuravkova The first thing a novice hunter faces after receiving the ticket and a license for the purchase of shotguns, — is the question: how to buy a gun. The first gun, of course, is not acquired for all the hunting life. But I would like to make the right choices, which make real the right hunters, and not just the arrows to for years to come by the way «first» It added the word «his».Buying your first gun is usually remembered for a lifetime. In the past, the novice hunter took the usual way: single-barreled gun (mostly IL-17) Read more [...]
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Saving Private hunters. The expert opinion of the expert in the case A.Dovydenko

Dear readers. The editors published a series of materials (see below links) relating to illegal hunting, which occurred on 6 February 2010. Recall the essence. Alexander Dovydenko hunters saw out of the woods at the garden of the partnership "Glider"Located in the Dmitrov district of Moscow region, a group of people went snowmobiling and sleigh. They are boxes with hunting dogs and moose carcasses on which hunting is permitted only until 31 December. Dovydenko decided to detain the men, but they tried to escape. Bundled expert opinion at the preliminary hearing 09.10.2013, Judge Naplёkova Read more [...]
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The first field tests of Aytos

Aytos, black and piebald Russian Spaniel, has grown over the winter, stronger, although still remained a puppy. Spaniels - Dog maturing, many are beginning to work in an adult as early as 6 months. Sergei Dushina, owner ROS Greta – mother Aytos – a friend, a doctor, a chess player, an avid hunter, and just a wonderful person devoted.Spring came of 1997. Together with the melt water floods otshumel April. The long-awaited May painted shades of emerald countryside. Bird cherry, white as fresh newly-fallen snow, the whole week to lure even cool, but the real cold and frost on the ground, Read more [...]
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Poz-Container choke

Choke regulate patterning using a fraction of felt or wood-fiber wads, which poured shot. Hunters often ask: how to behave in a fraction choke using a wad-container? Consider a container as a delivery shot to the goal. Due to what it is incremented accuracy?Fraction and move the container in the trunk of a monolithic mass, and it simply has to be crimped by a narrowing, ie shot sheaf formed taking into account the restriction. This is the ideal. But in practice, there are a lot of questions. In theory: by reducing the load on the roll, due to lack of pellets worn in the projectile Read more [...]
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Steel, lead, periodic table

Photo:  History of steel shot has its origins in the 40s of the last centuryThen the American scientist Frank Bellrouz published the results of studies that the main cause of population declines of ducks is not hunting, and getting the lead pellets with food in the digestive tract, leading to death or if the ducks still survived violations at the genetic level, impair reproductive function.Hunters challenged the results of the research, arguing that they would not have seen the dead and dying ducks in such quantities as to what said Dr. Bellrouz and colleagues. Read more [...]
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Selecting an agreed fraction Theme of this year 150. The fact that the gun «loves» Not every shot, argued in an era of capsule gun writer «Notes of a rifle hunter» Orenburg province»Hardly understanding the issue.The essence lies in the fact that «agreed» shot in the choke minimally reconstructed avoids further deformation and gives better scree. The first scientific study of this law were published in 1886, the captain of artillery NA Chizhikova.But the story is not the purpose of the question, because the focus on the last known study by engineer V. Flat Read more [...]
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My English guns

Periodic publication "HORN" about "the lost" hunting weapons, usually affect the times when there was a shortage of any, not only good-quality guns. Today, the category of almost ranked as classics: IL-54, IL-26, IL-58, IL-12, TOZ-25, TOZ-BM, etc., guns largely mediocre, and only because of the the ratio of money and the difficulty of acquisition, won in the pre-reform era relative popularity. Not wanting to not only offend, but also somehow infringe upon owners of domestic rifles, immediately I recognize that the Soviet, and now Russian, weapons peculiar to a sharp fight, relative Read more [...]
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Sporting and hunters In the pre-perestroika times power has stimulated the development of many sports, including shooting. Interest in them in touch with the state defense of the fatherland. Shooting cultivated in schools, universities, sports clubs, and it gave tangible results. For a long time from the lips of fans will not go shooting the names of our shooters, multiple winner of the Olympic Games, World and European Championships in bullet and clay pigeon shooting. Nawal crisis in ideology, education, science, culture and the economy has not spared national sport. But the commercialization Read more [...]
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With one gun from summer to autumn More recently, a member of the factory for firing a gun close range from the setter could only dream of.«People» IL-27 rifle, guns choke / poluchok, and other weapons, including foreign, acquired to the commission, it was often choke Drill. So sporting dog owners solve their problem simply: Down 5–7 cm trunk and appeared excellent maneuverability shotgun shooting snipe, grouse, quail.Turned sort «summer» rifle shooting stuff in the early opening of the summer-autumn season in Peru and the opportunity to unburden himself of autumn woodcock Read more [...]
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When the gun ceases to be a gun …

Photo: Anton Zhuravkova The motivation for writing this article is a relative short period of time to communicate with the Internet.  The computer seems to me, the thing is equally potent and dangerous. At least in the subject line of the secondary market turnover of weapons under a barrage of rave reviews that the owners of some models of guns, whether trigger TOZ BM, Sauer, and so on. N, the farther the more you feel the need to acquire such a rarity.There are signs of zombies. And sometimes a frank rubbish, called in the past Sauer to be a buyer, for a price many times Read more [...]
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The Ministry of Russia held talks on cooperation in the field of restoration of the wolf population in Sweden

During the meeting the parties discussed the terms of cooperation in the framework of the project «Protection of species at risk» Working program of the Russian-Swedish cooperation in the area of ​​environmental protection for 2011-2012.The talks were held under the leadership of the Russian side - Director of International Cooperation Department of the Ministry of Russia Nuritdinov Inamova, with Swedish – Head of the Environmental Protection Agency Sweden Helen Vic Lindal.Today in Sweden there was an adverse situation with a population of wolves, recorded a critical reduction Read more [...]
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Kurgan Avenger

Modest Kurgan businessman Vyacheslav Bobkov in the Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection of the Kurgan region known person. For four years, he is haunted by the officials, distributing the wealth of his native land – hunting, care «users» most eligible trans-Ural forests. And once I did not try to negotiate with stubborn: and attractive benefits promised, and threatened with death - and he does not give up – sues and wins.Here only «Matchmaker and brother»Since 2008, Vyacheslav and he tried to participate in tenders for the provision of Read more [...]
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Hunters again checked the operative search group

From August to September this year, the region hosts an annual preventive operation «Hunter». It is timed to coincide with the opening of the hunting season and is aimed at the prevention, suppression and detection of crimes related to violation of rules of hunting, poaching, illegal possession, carrying and use of firearms.A total of 736 created special operational-search groups from among the police and senior specialists gosohotupravleniya. Within «Hunter» tested in 1595 and 4474 hunters parking the car. For violation of rules of hunting detained 87 people. For violations Read more [...]
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Sergey Donskoy said that increased penalties for poaching does not bring the expected results

High levels of poaching persists despite the toughening of punishment for violations in the environmental field, the head of the Ministry of Natural Resources Sergey Donskoy."Unfortunately, the measures taken, including the toughening of administrative and criminal penalties in 2012-2013 is enough. Although there were quite taken serious measures. We know that every year in Russia revealed about 50 thousand. Violations in the use of protected areas"- Said S.Donskoy Vladivostok on Monday at the opening of the All-Russian meeting of directors of protected areas.This situation, according Read more [...]
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In the Tula region hosted the first festival of hunting

The first regional festival of hunting took place on the territory of the Museum-Estate of Leo Tolstoy in the village of Nikolskoye-Vyazemskoye. As noted in the management of the press service of the government Tulskots area, the venue chosen by chance, as being in his family estate, the famous writer loved to hunt.Member of the Federation Council of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation, the representative of the government of Tula region Yulia Veprintsev spoke at the opening ceremony welcoming rechyu.Ona expressed confidence that the festival will become a traditional holiday hunting Read more [...]
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Industrial hunting inspectors are already in the nine municipalities of the Komi Republic

 In early October of this year, industrial hunting inspectors appeared in Sysolskiy and Udorsky areas. Production hunt inspectors also act Knyazhpogostsky, Kortkerossky, Syktyvdinsky, Ust-Vymsky, Ukhta, Ust-Tsilma and Koygorodsky areas.In total in the country to date, there are 28 people with the status of production hunt inspectors. In addition to state inspectors Ministry of Natural Resources of the Komi Republic, they are deployed to combat poaching.  «With the creation of the institute of industrial hunting inspectors in the Republic of Komi have additional capabilities in the Read more [...]
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In Primorye, will hold mass vaccination of wild boars

Wild boar this year will plant mass of swine fever in Primorye. It is planned to be vaccinated at least 2 thousand animals, reported in the Primorye branch korr.TASS ANO "Centre "Amur tiger"."It is mandatory to carry out vaccination and wild boar against classical swine fever. We plan vaccinated at least 2 thousand individuals"- Said the director of the branch Sergey Aramilev.The vaccine, as in previous years, will be added to the feed during the winter feeding ungulates. "Foods will spread only after the end of the hunting season under the strict control, including Read more [...]
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The hunting season opens in the Lipetsk region on November 1

In the Lipetsk region from November 1, 2015 opens the autumn-winter season of hunting for fur animals 2015-2016.Terms hunting hare hunting grounds in the Lipetsk region are set to November 1, 2015 by January 31, 2016; fox, raccoon dog, muskrat, water voles, American mink, marten (wood, stone), the European beaver, weasel, polecat forest, with affection November 1, 2015 on February 28, 2016.In the exercise of hunting, the following rules of acceptable production of fur animals: hare – 1 specimen for one day of hunting and no more than 2 individuals throughout the season per hunter; marten Read more [...]
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