VIP-poachers could not sue stubborn hunters

Dmitrov near Moscow court refused to consider a criminal case against Alexander Dovydenko hunters. In winter 2010, he held his VIP-poachers with prey, after which he was charged with abuse of power. The servants of Themis decided that the submissions contained too few specifics. However, investigators and prosecutors do not intend to give up, they have appealed the decision.The investigation against Alexander Dovydenko engaged in nine different investigators SU RF IC in the Moscow region prosecutor's office refused three times to confirm the indictment in this case, the last time — in October Read more [...]
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Features half snipe hunt

Mid-October ...  Meadows and meadow marshes, so please you in summer and in September, snipe, grouse and corncrake, emptied and look sad. Sedge and marsh grass turned yellow and withered, willow and alder have dropped browned leaves that covered bekasinuyu «mud» colorful carpet.But do not despair! There is game that will please both you and your dog. it – a tiny jack-snipe, does not want to even leave the swampy grassland. It will allow you to extend the hunting season for swamp game. Half snipe, we will not meet with the opening of hunting, because it is the north, tundra Read more [...]
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Gifts outgoing autumn

Mid-November, rainy night to heat the furnace in the country, I glance over his hunting diary. Memorable day for me, on November 14, four years of my dog, kurtshaar Ada, and the fourth field is said legashatniki.Photo: Mikhail Semin More little over a week, and it is possible to sum up the pen for the season. But since there is still time, I remember the brightest moments of our hunt.The beginning was a little crumpled, throwing for new lands in search, as always, pristine land, did not bring the desired result. No game was, but in an amount no more than «home» a corner. Read more [...]
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Match pointers

In Ketovsky District Kurgan region in Utyatskom hunting farm passed 5th complete contest Pointing Dogs. The competitions are organized in the framework of the planned measures Kurganskoyi Sverdlovsk regional hunting organizations, with the participation of the Association "Deutsche drahthaar" and held August 11-14, 2011.In Ketovsky District Kurgan region in Utyatskom hunting farm passed 5th complete contest Pointing Dogs. The competitions are organized in the framework of the planned measures and the Sverdlovsk Oblast Kurgan hunting organizations, with the participation of the Association «Deutsch Read more [...]
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It could happen to anyone

Photo by Mikhail Semin It could be anywhere, but it was on Ascherinskoy Creek. Yesterday, here in this backwater took  entry of a couple kryakush. My Russian Spaniel Aytos, as always, beautifully made further supply of willow thickets  the opposite shore.During 6 years of hunting with him, I scared nabalovalsya: do not even look where falls broken game. My business — «drop» a bird on the ground. Clever Aytos find himself and will give up… But today hunting, it seems, has not worked, not only for lack of prey, and all without a shot. Place in a Read more [...]
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As the face was Bushuyka

Who is Bushuyka? Vyzhlets Russian hound. No. This is a horse, not a hound. "Bucephalus".Snow fell today, I do not tell you this. And the beauty is what !!!In the forest you want. A climb through the snow, not has sat down, not hunting. But in such circumstances, there are pluses.Foxes.Beautiful, hard climb through the woods and across the fields. And rub serdeshny of villages and towns, poor thing. And then there's frost with fluffy snow. Hare hard working dog. Here we are with another long-standing, lathered in the nearby village of foxes drive. The village three kilometers of soil. Read more [...]
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The trick vyzhletsa

The hands have moved in the afternoon. Sasha on offer to make a halt and dine all silently agreed and walked him to the place of bivouac. C seven in the morning, we, the six hunters were chasing hares for the November woods, under Shatura.It was relatively warm and dry, fresh wind drove the clouds and blue sky increasingly shine through the gray and gloomy clouds. Glittering after yesterday's rain drops in pushing up the sun bright lens hanging from the needles and leaves of trees.From the ground up steam. The amazing beauty of the woods here. It somehow reminded me of Karelia. Conifers in lichens, Read more [...]
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On the distribution of the fraction in the debris field

As you know, the sharpness of each pellet is uniquely defined by its kinetic energy. Because individual pellets as a result of a number of reasons have different airspeed, their kinetic energy will also differ from each other.If we shot at a target of any material, toughness is not your hardness fraction (wood, cardboard, packs of dry or wet paper, clay and similar materials), you may find that pellets are introduced at different depths. It is believed that the sharpness of the fraction decreases from the center to the periphery. But is it always, and in this connection?Average values ​​are Read more [...]
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Taming gun

I leaned back against the birch and outweighed "Iz" on the other shoulder. Twenty-five kilometer raid and shoulders, is already beginning to go numb for a little backpack, it is a palpable sense of the belt "the twenty-seventh." Oh, an easy odnostovolochku to stop now ... but why not try? In the ninth year of the safe is one miracle Yudo, though not elegant "eighteen", but 2.7 kg in any less than 3.5! The mid-nineties, and we with the executive director of legal agency, where I work, go to buy cheap gladkostvol. Our work, although not associated with banditry, but far from the Read more [...]
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Test the dog

Photo: Sergey Fokin(Sting – sting, Stinger - stinging)Early in the spring of 1997 my wife came to visit a girlfriend, she was holding a knitted red cap. The cap that–something was moving and pitiful food.- Lord, what is that ?! – We both cried.- Take your puppy, his mother (bitch pervorodka) refused to feed them!We saw a completely black, small, no larger than a gopher eared creature. It was the Russian spaniel. Such pathetic, so unhappy and apparently starving to death. Well, how can we give up?So in our family has a new baby. Eat More, he could not, as I remember, it was poured Read more [...]
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New bullet for guns

Bullet "Nikko" refers to the hunting ammunition, namely bullets for smoothbore shotguns for shooting big and strong on the wound of the beast. Bullet Lead, Co-molded, has a spherical head part with compression rings and stabilizers on the skirt, hollow inside. The essence of the technical solution lies in the fact that the bullet having great weight head and good formability, in contact, it has a high destructive power at a distance of up to 120 meters (more not shoot.)Compression ring at the bottom of the hemisphere, to prevent breakthrough of powder gases, increasing the compression Read more [...]
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Thinking is never harmful

Making purchases, we are all to some extent guided by familiar names and brands. The titanic efforts made by companies - manufacturers to form the image of their products, gains fame and prestige, was not in vain.Photo by Anton Zhuravkova Choosing from two models of guns that have the same design in principle and similar technical characteristics, we are willing to buy products of well-known manufacturer. What compels us to make a choice in his favor?BRAND AND ADVERTISINGThe world's most famous arms rifle companies such as «James Purdy». «Holland-Holland». Read more [...]
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Myths and legends shot shot

Among the hunters and shooters in the popular literature for decades go hunting myths about the phenomenon of shot firing, having little to do with real processes proisohdyaschimi in the trunk and beyond.Misconceptions about the impact of changes in individual performance conditions loading on the parameters of the shot the shot, the initial velocity, the quality of the shot talus: the uniformity and accuracy, consistency battlefield and out, assigning individual elements of the smooth-bore cartridge does not allow to realize fully the opportunities provided by modern gunpowder and accessories Read more [...]
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Nitrocellulose gunpowder.

Gunpowder is propellant. The main type of explosive transformation - burning not passing to detonation. Powders are easily ignited and burn parallel layers, allowing a wide aisles to regulate the formation of powder gases and control the phenomenon of shots.Nitrocellulose powder – officially recognized by the internal ballistics name, they are also smoke-free, they also colloid. Gunpowder is plasticized cellulose nitrates of various origins of cotton wool, virgin pulp from wood, crushed parchment and viscose filament to sliced ​​paper. This is the main reason for different qualities Read more [...]
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Please help me, «theoreticians»

The article Anatoly Gulyaev "On wedging fraction" (EGR №9 2013), I was horrified to find that "... finding an optimal weight ratio of powder and shot, you can achieve 100% accuracy. This makes it possible to shoot (my italics) fox, hare 60-70 meters, while hunting in the fields ... not bad at all. "And I like «theorist», Floundering in their own and other formulas, I can not imagine under any such proportions can hit the fox and the hare to 60-70 m. Prompt, Anatoly. You also have, probably, on this account their secrets, so kind!I do not ask for themselves, but for many, many people Read more [...]
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Reflections after the show

Every well-trained hunting dog pedigree (be it pointer, hound or Laika) is beautiful in itself: it pleases hunter gives him the opportunity to experience and enjoy with nothing comparable in its inflame emotions.On a photo — Estonian Hound breed champion FAGOT 1580/08 Tregubova NA The twenty-first of June this year, took the 122-th Moscow exhibition of hunting dog breeds. I have worked on her As an expert on ring Estonian hounds. The exhibition was held in Park at MSU Lenin Hills. On ring, in addition to the author, the experts worked Read more [...]
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The maximum pressure in the shotgun

The maximum pressure (Rmah) propellant gases in conjunction c muzzle velocity define indicators of quality shot for shot scree - sharpness, uniformity, consistency and accuracy of the battle to the extent, as far as it can depend on the cartridge. It determines the service life and reliability of the operation of the gun.There are two official measurement method Rmah:Piezo - based on the piezoelectric effect. Upon compression some crystals on their side surfaces a potential difference proportional to the compressive force. They are manufacturers of ammunition and weapons in most countries;kresherny Read more [...]
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About dampening properties wads

In this article, I want to touch on one small question: what are the dampening properties of plastic wads containers, and whether they have all these properties.As far as I know, pyzhami container engaged Michael Blum, and probably he himself was given the name of the part of the wad, which is located between the bottom of the container and collar obtyuriruyuschey of the wad.Well, Mikhail called her as Blum – somehow it was necessary to call it. But later this title has become axiomatic, not giving anyone the possibility of doubt viciousness name. All subsequent hunting literature directly Read more [...]
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It is better to know your weapon

Modern hunting in most cases linked to the small hunting rifle, one of the basic means of production animals and birds, which in itself requires the hunter to certain technical knowledge and training. In unskilled hands, it presents a danger to the owner or to others. So, the training of hunters is a very serious matter, and of course mandatory.Alterations of military weapons, whether they place on the hunt? This is evident from the practice of developed countries, which have not always gone through all kinds of prohibitions, and the way of preparation of highly skilled firearm Read more [...]
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Uniformity of the talus

As you know, the uniformity of the scree along with the sharpness and accuracy of fire is the most important parameter of the shot the shot. Unfortunately, until now there is no clear way to outfit cartridges that provide the desired uniformity. Many authors share their techniques developed in the course of hunting or shooting practice, for which they thank you very much. However, the establishment of appropriate algorithms, leading to the desired goal is still far away, but I hope that it will eventually be reached.At one time, for a 100-longitudinal target was established mathematically reasonable Read more [...]
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