Does the chance of a wounded animal?

Everyone knows the expression of the hunter: "Took two ducks, and five hooked". That is horrible, I'm such a good shot and not found or not caught, let it be worse. That's right, worse. Because almost every wounded animal doomed to a painful death. And the duty of every hunter to make every effort to get this difficult trophy. Not going this time to talk about ethics and rules of shooting, and want to cite examples of meetings with the wounded survivor, but still eventually run into aghdasi.Does the wounded animal a chance to survive, because he has nowhere to turn for help, but I want to live Read more [...]
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Unusual craving

Along the road, trying to hide behind the rare electric fence posts, bristly christinae slouch sparse forests of Suzdal: Sokolovsky, Burakovsky, Drobniewski, Lalika. Road hare confused the padding slides along soaked lowlands and dives into the pine landing overlooking otlozhenii to an abandoned peat quarries. photo: Dmitry Kashirina Long untilled field richly covered with weeds and high grasses. Swale overgrown with aspen and alder rough, rests against the village Travniki. For Andreyevskiy the hill between the dark-brown bristle brushwood the sun goes down. Natives and purple, Read more [...]
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New to spring hunting

Spring is coming, open hunting, and anyone who is seriously preparing to devote himself to the awakened passions, will try to fill this gap of knowledge and lack of skills, before heading into Michael Semin WOODCOCK – TROPHY No. 1The first hunt for most beginners will be thrust woodcock. How not to describe the flight and song of the woodcock, but while your eyes will not see, as from the forest on the logging pulls-billed, reddish plumage in the light of a dying sunset woodcock, you won't understand and won't like this excellent in all respects hunting.Rarely Read more [...]
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What is the English setter we need

In an interesting, one might say revolutionary times we live in. Some, perhaps, going to take to the streets with the slogan "Deutsch — Drahthaar uber alles!" (German drathaar everywhere!) Others argue for field-trilogie competitions. Photo By Alexander Field In one, perhaps both groups are United, by their opinion, all you need to do so, as in Europe! We have done a lot in Europe: spent shock therapy and «the grabbing» in the result of the rich becoming richer, poor poorer.He entered the exam as a panacea to break through the poor and the Read more [...]
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With the dog on the corncrake

July 25, opened the season summer-autumn hunting with gun dogs. One of its main objects — the corncrake. One of the hunters familiar with that lean buff-red bird! How to say in his time, the classic hunting literature S. T. Aksakov: "the corncrake is the name and hunting book; Dergun, Dergach — here is the Russian folk name". Exactly and very rightly observed, since from the moment of arrival in places of nesting grounds and up to the Petrov day in meadows, fields, on the outskirts of Bolotin and near the rivers you can hear it creaking «jerking».This representative Read more [...]
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The announcement

Part 2. A young dog decided to coach at marsh fowl. In this case, for achieving its own, firmly learned skills in the swamp before moving to the training announcement, it is absolutely necessary to achieve the same solid mastery of the skills and when to report work in the forest for grouse, the white partridge, the woodcock.Photo Natalia Ilina The next step — review stand. The best time for this stage of training — July, when young and black grouse hide reluctant to climb on wing. Ptarmigans are almost always running, kuropas easily raised Read more [...]
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Two is better

In the development of the theme of the article Alexander Kosulnikova want the discussion to highlight some aspects of pair work two cops.Photo By Nikolai Sorokin I believe that with a sporting point of view to determine the best simultaneous test of the two cops is more correct. Our national system of competitions of dogs with single triggers,  my opinion, in this is less effective.In the illustration, we describe conditions held by Russian rules in may this year of the two-day competition of the regional cops.During the evening of the first day of testing Read more [...]
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Near our town there is a good training field — he was an Intern all of my spaniels. I came with the young dog in late may. On one side of the field — the forest, far ahead — new neighborhood, right — a farm and a small herd of cows, wandering for the evening milking. In the middle of the field — the ravine, the dam and a small pond,  top — the swamp, and from our side — island of small trees. In the island lives our educational corncrake Chaliapin, classical singing which we enjoy for fourteen years, with those Read more [...]
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Diamond woodcock and other mysteries

Tells me somehow Cerimovic Nizami Guliyev, the owner of a Russian Spaniel, field winner dick ITCOS 5286/11: "What you write about bears? Wrote about spaniels". Well, dear Nizami, Cerimovic, wrote. And by this opus I congratulate all the fans of ushastik, the exhibition celebrated the thirtieth anniversary of Podolsk section GREW.In the evening Sunday 26 April 2015 Lvovich invited me to Lucy hunt valdshnepy traction. Went for Vosanibola that Lord of the Yaroslavl earth. This is Vosanibola, where is the famous agricultural enterprise,  which is Read more [...]
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The answers of natascia

Interview with Leonid Vashchenko.Photo provided by Igor Panayev 1.Leonid tell us a little about yourself and your acquaintance with the breed the BrittanyHunt long ago – hunting experience more than 35 years. During this time he held different dogs. I had jagdterrier, Greyhound, drathaar, shorthaired pointing dog, pointer and English setter. An expert of the first category working abilities and conformation to the FOZ, an expert on working qualities of their dogs KSU grade cast.My acquaintance with the dog Bretons took place in 1996-97. It happened thanks Tomina Natalia Alexandrovna, Read more [...]
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Pointing to compete

13-14 June 2015 for the first time in Russia have been integrated competition continental pointers "CIC" - "UNIVERSAL - 2015".Photo Alik Fatkullina The purpose of these events was to demonstrate the successful work of Pointing Dogs as a versatile assistants hunting and also check indicator balanced temperament, their ability to train and pin with host, the have nervous system reliability, ensuring success practice and the main use of dogs hunting.«KIL» MOO spend Club «Hunting and Dogs» together with EKOO Read more [...]
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Announcement - a kind of "report" of a gun dog hunter game found. What is this innate quality of the dog purchased nataska, or the result of a regular hunting with a gun? The most complete analysis on this subject held Alexei Liverovskii.Photo by Dmitry Kashirina His article «Announcement» It was published in journal «Hunting and hunting» at 7 has a number 1967, but It has not lost its relevance Today. We publish this material the consent of the magazine and We congratulate him with the editorial staff 60-year Read more [...]
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Miracle Yudo

Sometimes you look at the dog, and do not look at that. And you see her working abilities, surprise and delight there is no limit. And do not forget about the tail in two rings, and about the kind of unsightly, and it becomes more expensive all breed dogs, bringing you joy and pleasure in the hunt. Throw hunt as quit smoking, many are trying, but not all turns out. But I like a man strong-willed and I determined, after twenty years of tobacco quit (smoking, of course). FROM hunting as it was much more difficult. Over the years it has become a part of you, Read more [...]
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Dog lesson

Claim elderly hunters that the village Vsegodichi Uvod River, near the city of Kovrov, anciently called because of the richness of the floodplain every game. And Kryachkova, Nearest village, with a sense named. And the name Teterino, the village that a little further away, on the same says. Random names of the people does not happen. And though they say now experienced that game after the reclamation has become much less on I think that if somewhere and you can successfully hunt in Kovrov area, the only there.Snipes, mallard, snipe, teal, and other unknown game, suddenly Read more [...]
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According to grouse kurtshaar

Hunting for grouse with a setter can rightly be attributed to the traditional Russian hunt. In my opinion, to understand what is a setter dog, in order to fully enjoy the beauty of hunting with her and appreciate the work of four-legged friend, you must at least once to go on the hunt with a gun on the black grouse. Yes, it is for grouse! I assure you get with what incomparable pleasure, and the work of the dog lead you to the indescribable delight! Well, now all in order. By the beginning of the summer hunting season would do well to make an exploration lands in the presence of Read more [...]
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Russia views

In Crimea, July 12, 2015 in a picturesque place near the city of Sevastopol took first interregional exhibition of hunting dogs of all breeds, the main organized by the Regional Public Organization Dog "Kennel Club Hunting" Sevastopol "in Sevastopol and the regional society of hunters and fishermen. To my embarrassment, I (primarily as an avid fisherman with Crimean experience) first came to This area of ​​health, and recent times and extreme relaxation residents hero.Lake Gasfort (former flooded quarry) is located between the highway Sevastopol — Read more [...]
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Looking harlequin

Interesting meetings in the exhibitions are hunting dogs, like everything is clear and obvious. Regulations of all specified and will not be nothing remarkable, but in 2015 I had the opportunity once again to come to work on inter-regional exhibition in Staraya Russa Novgorod region at the invitation of a passionate lover of hounds, especially Russian piebald hound, Anatoly Vasilyev. Staraya Russa This year, 18–September 20 celebrated its 1000th anniversary, and at the time of visit to the city by the President of Russia VV Putin It tried to establish order — Read more [...]
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Saving Private hunters. The expert opinion of the expert in the case A.Dovydenko

Dear readers. The editors published a series of materials (see below links) relating to illegal hunting, which occurred on 6 February 2010. Recall the essence. Alexander Dovydenko hunters saw out of the woods at the garden of the partnership "Glider"Located in the Dmitrov district of Moscow region, a group of people went snowmobiling and sleigh. They are boxes with hunting dogs and moose carcasses on which hunting is permitted only until 31 December. Dovydenko decided to detain the men, but they tried to escape. Bundled expert opinion at the preliminary hearing 09.10.2013, Judge Naplёkova Read more [...]
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Hunting adventures of Russians in Louisiana

From 15 to 24 November 2012, at the invitation of the company Riceland Custom Calls (short RCC), the manufacturer of exclusive-sounding decoy goose and decoy duck from Louisiana, a group of five Russian hunters and enthusiasts of hunting with Manco composed by Igor Babayev, Dmitry Kurochkin Alexander Curls, Vladimir and Yevgeny Suchalko Pominova hunted geese and ducks in a hunting paradise, which is southwest Louisiana. The beginning of this story put the visit of American hunters in the Tula region in mid-April 2012, after which an article  "Jess! Sir! (Or American Gusyatnikov Read more [...]
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Questions inexperienced drathaarista

My friend started a puppy drathaar. He experienced breeders, but the cultivation, education and nataska a gun he had to deal not. Therefore, keeping in mind that for many years I was involved in the work on breeding dogs in MOOiR, but having an exaggerated opinion about my experiences with drahthaar he plied me with questions about this breed.Unfortunately, these questions are often put me stumped.  The fact is that the idea of ​​drathaar I developed during the Soviet era, and they relied on dog breeding mooirovskogo.My friend is also retained in memory drathaar that time, that is, the Read more [...]
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Site "Survival in the wild nature", glad to see you. If you come to us, it means you want to get complete information about survival in a variety of extreme conditions, in emergency situations. Man, throughout the development, sought to preserve and protect themselves from the various negative factors surrounding it - cold, heat, hunger, dangerous animals and insects.

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