Powder in a modern cartridge wads

All located between the charge of powder and a projectile called powder wad. The shotgun cartridge for the analysis of the properties of the powder wad and their influence on the parameters of the shot makes sense to consider a separate shutter and actually wad as a compressible element.The polyethylene powder wads – PCs and containers biorientirovanye wads (BIOR) are one-piece construction of the shutter, the compressible element performs the same tasks as traditional wads in the embodiment of the container for the shot. Depending on the purpose cartridge container may have a different design:Being Read more [...]
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Shotgun in Russia

In this article I would like to consider how the shotgun is necessary to Russian conditions and the place can take the weapon in the arsenal of Russian hunter.Pump systems reload weapon shop has long been known. Homeland pump action gun shops is North America. It is in the United States and Canada, such a system reload has been widely used, including hunting.Just need to say that the era of pump action in Russia was over pretty quickly. Russian hunters and conditions of our hunts to some extent different from the US. Our hunters in a relatively short period of time and crossed the pump-action, Read more [...]
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Secret huntsman Frost

When hunting in a snowy forest trunks shotgun constantly clogged with snow. And why not just head and share our hunting fraternity to fight this scourge!The usual ramrod folding hunting is not always convenient – and the size and weight of the required items can be burdensome. Alternative classics have – flexible squeegee called «proheavy». Such a ramrod can often be seen in the store. Photo: Yuri Maximov Who paper balls stuffed chokes who pulls a condom on the barrel who collapsible cleaning rod in a backpack is one who, at the risk of frost leave the skin Read more [...]
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Shotgun with character

MC 21-12 ... I should elaborate on this gun on this type of hunting weapons. I know him thoroughly, using three decades. Few people in Moldova still has the experience. It's not bragging. This application for the accuracy of this article. Other hunters, of course, also was not kept on the stove, but I was still conscious, and to experiment with him, wanting to know it thoroughly. And all I could, but it's a lot, read about it, analyzed.Photo: Rafael Mukhamedshina Shotgun worthy. But ... This is «but» Article will be. The gun was created in the 60s. Designer Nikolaev. Read more [...]
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Nutromer measuring choke and the transition cone

Many rooms "horns" drew attention to the need for hunters to know chokes and characterization of the transition cone of his gun. It is especially recommended to those who own equips cartridges for optimum results on various types of hunting. Recommended in the hunting literature "classic" method of using paraffin embedding and subsequent metering blanks is not always convenient.I propose, it seems to me, a simple and affordable way.To measure the caliper is made of two identical shaped plates as shown in Fig. To avoid scratching the barrel plate is better to make a soft metal or plastic (for me Read more [...]
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Snipe — my choice

He writes you a permanent your reader Paul cannabis. Hunter and taiga men I have experienced in hunting weapons understand well. I love a good domestic gun: IL-57 (produced in a limited series in the late 1950s - approx. Ed.), IL-26, TOZ-25, IL-12. My favorite IL-54 serves me faithfully for many years. Tells about all the virtues of this gun will not - it's all written before me. One thing I know for sure: Izhevsk legend IL-54 — Russian is the best shotgun serial production.The last few years I spend a vacation on the hunt in the Arkhangelsk region. The main object of hunting - the moose. Read more [...]
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Tulku 20-gauge

Despite the fact that I had become a hunter is predetermined (all the men in our family were hunters), my path was not quick and easy. Shotgun entrusted to me in 18 years of commercials preceded this binge reading anything that contained the slightest mention of procuring game, starting with Mayne Reid and ending Aksakov. Another two-year practice of trap shooting in still existed at the Palace of Pioneers, where I was a kid took the elder brother, and, most importantly, communicating with them, as an adult hunter who often visited the house of his friends, discussing plans for Read more [...]
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Firing a bullet from a gun bench MP

Athletes stendoviki who have completed active performance in professional sport, and just fans of workout on the bench with a familiar and adjust the MC, will give a head start with the shooting game is not only hunters with mnogozaryadkami Italian and Belgian production, but will take to compete with the owners of rifles at firing a bullet in the small and medium-sized (up to 100 m) distance, and a rather high stopping power of bullets 12 caliber is no need to talk.Photo: Rafael Mukhamedshina When driven hunt for elk, wild boar, passing, usually in the woods, shot almost eliminated, Read more [...]
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Watched dvuhstvolku chose shotgun …

The newly revived the theme selection of hunting weapons and appeared unbiased string of pump action models. Hence, "the process has begun," will be the new, albeit sharply divergent views for the benefit of readers like hunters and gun manufacturers.RELIABLE «SAIGA»ABOUT «Saiga» the findings are predictable, supporters of classics usually emotionally abused her and owners. Only emotion is hardly constructive criticism, and they appear in the disputes in the absence of arguments on the topic. We have no facts, figures and issues, then it is taken seriously, especially by Read more [...]
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How to get rid of misfires?

Misfire is always a feeling of disappointment, at the climax could negate many duties, preparing for the hunt, the work of the whole team. There are plenty of cases when a misfire with tragic results. It's hard to do something, if a misfire has occurred at the time of throwing an angry beast. And indeed pitiful hands, poking around with a gun in the hunt.So, analyze the causes misfires. They can also refer to the cartridge, and to arms. In what may be to blame for a cartridge? At the bottom of the trough liner, which most often occurs because of the pressing capsule «Barclay» without Read more [...]
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Pay tribute shotgun

Doleyu fate of my hunting pilgrimage had begun, and is still going on with a shotgun 12 gauge IL-58m №V01014, given as a gift for his birthday. Since 1975, it serves faithfully at the year-round hunting ... I have on my account production of proteins and grouse (fraction №6) to boar (bullet Poleva) and only two misfires caused by the use of the old caps. The basic object of hunting — dabbling ducks (early season roll №6, at the end of №3).Trunks (Chalk poluchok) length of 730 mm can reliably hit the prey at a distance of 50 meters. Further, not required, and all the rhetoric about Read more [...]
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Shooting on short

For the bulk chores I kept postponing equipment cartridges, is not "broke" Friday - the last day before the opening. From early in the morning I went through their reserves – all were in abundance but a fraction. Rather, there was a large – a fox, a hare, and that's fine, a duck, a single gram. Houses began to ring up friends. Finally, one friend replied: Yes, but small, probably «six». I always hit the duck «Quartet». But there was no choice, we must take.Charging cartridges, shot put grams less than the norm for four to five – there is so much in charge Read more [...]
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About MC 20-01 and its lesser Bratz

Deciding to go hunting, I went to look for the start of some plain ruzhetso and bought MC 20-01. Beautiful to look at, multiply charged acceptable to the novice hunter price ... Well ... ... I Went targeting holders fitted out himself without a passport overstating recommended batches of guns ...When checking the sharpness combat instructor sighting dash once said: «More gunpowder!» In the end, these words were heard: «Hunting is not suitable ...» Several frustrated, going home ... He began to think that the same ... At the very beginning the instructor said, «We currently Read more [...]
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Black powder

Previously, it was a lot, was a gunpowder "Bear", "grouse" numbered 2, 3, 4. A particularly valued the so-called Selective Low smoke gunpowder. Previously, rural hunters from their berdanok 32, 28, 20 gauge shot metal cap sleeves "Tsentroboy" and only black powder and beat any animal from the hare to the moose and birds - from quail to the capercaillie. They did not recognize the smokeless powder, and for some reason, a large-caliber guns, ranging from 16 gauge and more. Now, especially in the countryside, complete breakdown, unemployment, and who works, wages are not received over the years. That Read more [...]
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Sectional bullet

Recent historical data show that the knights and cuirassiers abandoned their underwear iron not because of the appearance of a firearm, and because of the emergence of new technology in the forging business. Arrows powerful crossbows are manufactured with three- and tetrahedral tips. They punched bibs adventurers on the roads of war for a hundred-meter mark.     Why not use modern rifles old recipes? Put a star rod inside a lead bullet and get guaranteed weapons against predators! Arguing, Bernikov OA came the idea of ​​creating a new rifle bullet having a high penetrating Read more [...]
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Tricky chok

More recently, the vast majority of Russian hunters did not thought about the question, what choke to give preference to a particular hunt. Options in massively let the rifle had two: the right (bottom) barrel had choke - poluchok and the left (top) - choke.Photo: Anton Zhuravkova Although, of course, there were exceptions. Thus, for example, had a gun barrel with ported cylinder / choke and choke with an average porting / poluchok, but, again, the vast majority of models of hunting weapons of mass production were produced with such option choke as choke / poluchok.It should be Read more [...]
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Preferring mostly running hunting during which a gun all day has to hold in their hands, all my life I enjoyed the easy shotgun. By practicing, however, from time to time and such hunting is shooting ducks from a boat with a porch and a stuffed during autumn migration, I came to the conclusion that the semi-automatic, too heavy and bulky to roam the woods and fields with a dog in a boat I give me some advantages: sometimes after a long lull in the raid stuffed suddenly just two or three or even more flocks, rapidly following each other at intervals of a few seconds. A good shooter with semiautomatic Read more [...]
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Fit the box on the arrow

Successful shooting fast-moving targets can only be sufficiently comfortable bed, the size and shape of which correspond to the physical data of the arrow and shoot style. With this box when the gun vskidku immediately falls on the target. Photo: Anton Zhuravkova Simultaneously tselyaschiysya eye hand without any effort on his part is on the line of sight. If after vskidku there is a need to send the gun to some other point, for example, changed the direction of flight of a bird, then the comfortable bed this can be done, guided only by muscular sensations. Finally, in a comfortable Read more [...]
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TOZ-87, thinking out loud

Shotgun TOZ-87 - the first serial semi-automatic, which uses the vapor-automatic principle. And it is the only domestic semi-automatic, which uses the principle of a gas operated as automatic short-stroke gas piston rod. file photo edition Feature TOZ-87 is that the function of a rifle grenade in the shop performs a venting system shotgun. Holders, magazine spring and plunger located inside the gas piston rod, gas piston and gas chamber. A similar design has neither a home nor a semi-automatic import.The decision to combine in a single unit and a gas grenade Store node positive Read more [...]
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Tula chokes

The origin of the so-called "Tula choke" - not a secret. His appearance was caused by the development in our country shotgun. As you know, sports shooting from shotguns, especially shooting at a round booth has its own specifics. This is due primarily to the nature of the purposes for which the shooting athletes. Photo: Anton Zhuravkova Targets appear for a short time at a constant distance, and the task before the shooter shot talus cover them. Therefore, in contrast to the fairly universal guns for hunting, specialized guns for round stand designers strive to optimize the ballistics Read more [...]
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