Her Majesty bullet

"The bullet - a fool, the bayonet - well done" - popular wisdom says, echoing the famous words of the commander Alexander Suvorov. But how true these words are taken out of context, really? The hunter must be fully confident his arms, and the bullet must confidently and effectively hitting game.Handguns appeared on Russia in the second half of the XIV century as arquebuses. AT whole, this point it began its rapid development, realized in muskets, pistols, and guns. There were also rapidly developing cartridges. But bullets themselves for Read more [...]
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As you know, if zastrekochet forty or circling in the sky, a heart-rending cry heron or in treacherous voice will give jay, the beast - run away, the bird - fly, or they bated that can ever find them. Hunter in such cases rely on bushmeat nothing.PHOTO SHUTTERSTOCK.COM But there are no rules without exceptions. Once in September hunting with I had an experience that can be called just the exception to the rule.That September day was overcast. Sometimes small-broke drizzle. The wind blew. Ducks to We had already passed its «Universities»: They know Read more [...]
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Hunting traditions: Past and Present

Traditions die and are born slowlyWhat saves the day is that the vast majority of hunters – normal people with the moral norms of normal people. Besides, everyone has a sense of ownership, so hunters lands usually behave in a businesslike way, in accordance with the established in the area hunting traditions.Local traditions often differ from the existing written laws, because poaching in the country has become a mass phenomenon. But it is a massive poaching to irreparable consequences for the environment does not. On the contrary, the stocks of most species ohotfauny in most parts of the Read more [...]
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Air syskar

On the morning flight of doves to feed the fields I was late. While riding in a taxi to Yangi ditch, solar disk in all its glory appeared over the mountains. In Uzbekistan, the most common landscape — deserted. The most common sand, clay, stone and solonchak landscapes, which are characterized by drought­resistant vegetation. Flocks Cesar reconnaissance aircraft flying parallel to the road, then and then fell into the my field of vision. AND at them, and I have been in the direction of movement south to the foothills. After Read more [...]
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Hunting volley

The whole history of mankind is connected with the desire to improve the weapons, make it stronger and more destructive. It was necessary for hunting and for war. AND Today these goals are moving scientific and technical progress, without simply there would be very concept — «civilization development».One of the ways to increase the firepower of weapons has always been is to increase the number of trunks. This principle seems hopelessly outdated today, but just on first and most cursory glance. Such «anachronism»As hunting shotgun Read more [...]
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In the swamp stunted pine trees were damaged by ground fire. Some of the trees dried up, others are just recovering from burnsRestless inhabitants of these places - forest skates, and yellow citrine wagtail, all at once became concerned when I walked near their nests hidden in sedge tussocks. Who was the height of the brooding clutches of these birds - the end of May. I got this bog to see the osprey nest, according to many of my friends, is located near one of the lakes. Jack found. It was on the only dry tree among green pine trees low, very large, but very long-time injured by fire. Photograph Read more [...]
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Bokflinty Izhevsk and Tula gunsmiths

Photo by Mikhail Semin With what gun to go hunting? The Russian hunter does not arise such a question ...Of course, with those with whom he goes to all hunting. This is the gun used to say about the unforgettable Ostap Cherries: «The best gun — yours. All other logs». In this article we will focus on modern rifles Izhevsk and Tula gunsmiths with trunks connected to the vertical plane. On the so-called bokflintah.Guns Izhevsk Mechanical Plant Modernization of the well-known hunters of the older generation IZH-12 led to the birth of the IZH-27. Since the Read more [...]
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The brave Breton

2011 gave me a surprise. A friend of mine called and said that any Russian with a difficult to pronounce name inquiries about nursery Pointing Dogs in Holland and asks local hunters to help him get to the Breton epanolya.On a hot day, dogs need a short rest after each hour of work. This unknown Russian wants red-white dog to work, and not on sofa.It took quite a lot of time spent on correspondence between Moscow and Holland before Gina (Gina De La Cour des Perdrix), black and white bitch, went to plane «Aeroflot» at Moscow. Twelve weeks Read more [...]
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Weapons extreme expeditions

I must say that in contrast to the travelers in the tropical belt of the Earth, preferring heavy weapons high damaging effect, pilgrims in northern latitudes selected weapons of medium and even small caliber.Karl Hauptmann gives a guarantee of 15 years. During this time the company takes all the claims, resolves all problems, moreover, is ready at any time to buy back their weapons.  Expedition workers constantly moving in space all the time fell under different conditions and therefore got more experience than sedentary industrialists and trappers. The mobile nature of their Read more [...]
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Reflections after the show

Part 3Experts at the exhibition. From left to right: JB Sokolov, VP Sipeykin and OV Komarov. As mentioned at this ring was also attended by two exotic for our time Polish Hound dog breed, both owned by E. Jankowski One of these hounds vyzhlets Bassoon, exhibited earlier 11th National Dog Show of hunting breeds Tula region He received the highest score exterior «excellent». After careful study of the standard for Polish hound the same estimate bassoon gave our committee. The highest score in her age group («very good») Also received Read more [...]
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Baboon-Anubis — our mirror in Savannah

Part IBaboons - The most numerous and the most adapted to life in the savannah monkeys of Africa. They are distributed from Ethiopia and Somalia (in the north), the whole of East and Central Africa, in the south up to the Cape of Good Hope. At the same time, they live quite comfortably in tropical forests (West Africa), and in the semi-deserts (in the north). Our hero - Anubis baboon, or olive baboon (Papio Anubis). The area it captures completely the whole of Central Africa. This is a relatively large monkey, the body length of up to a meter and a weight of 15-30 kg. Males are much larger than Read more [...]
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Vyatskaya five days

In spite of the unusually hot summer, fires and red tape with the opening of hunting, oats in the fields still somehow got up and call the huntsman: "Come, license in hand, bears go well" dispelled doubts that the hunt can not take place.The first, unsuccessful, leaving the bear a year ago showed that this hunt must be treated thoroughly and slowly. And here I am in a distant Kirov region. Ahead of five days of hunting, and comfortably in the storage shed about four o'clock in the afternoon, I sat down to watch my chance.It was a clear sunny day, and despite the strong wind rustling in the trees Read more [...]
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Shooting. Tips from the

It should be noted that the views of "presence" in this material specialists often do not fall into one "channel" the basics of shooting in flight, which gives sufficient ground for the development of creativity and productive bench disciplines of shooting hunting.Photo by Anton Zhuravkova I would like to warn that their «revelation» It should not be taken as a strict «guide to action». Why? Do not need to explain to those who engaged in small business, there is no need to open «All Maps», Publishing «teach-yourself book»Who else Read more [...]
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Trumpet call

Trees standing in autumn attire, and the forest-colored yellow-orange colors, fascinated eyes. Here in the mountains, we have one goal - to take the deer out of the pipe. This hunt is unusually interesting, and the days spent in the Altai Mountains, a long stick in the memory.In terms of trophy hunting deer are the most significant in the red deer ter­tory of Russia.Photo SHUTTERSTOCK.COM Hong marals here around mid-September to mid-October. During the rut after sunset and before sunrise can often be heard the roar of the deer, the sound of which is quite peculiar. This Read more [...]
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Long before whelping, I noticed in the behavior Zhulby any unusual strangeness of concern early, causeless tiredness vyzhlovki "Who would not so tired her a place - I drove bothersome doubt - in fact just finished the winter season, the first month of intrafamilial it worked smoothly in deep snow."It was painful to watch, when exhaling the last puny strength, she bulldog tenacity step by step riving breast snow furrow, eagerly snapped hot mouth frosty air, and still drove an invisible rabbit, with the voice drove, though tired, has changed beyond recognition, though not his frequent peremolchkami.With Read more [...]
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Munchausen was not lying …

If you ask me, whom I love more than to hunt, then without hesitation I say - on the bird. And any. Landscapes Russian plain low-key, but amaze hunters. Good spring hunting woodcock. After a long break, it symbolizes the grand opening of the season, and Busty extracted a small bird on a late supper tasty unusual. Following — and goose, and grouse.The two-week period allowed runs rather flies imperceptibly. Summer lasts long tedious wait. Autumn opening — This, of course, a special event for anyone who has at least some relation Read more [...]
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Large maneuvers

Well, that's died down in the Rostov steppes and ravines shots of participants of the tenth tournament varmint hunting, dedicated to the memory of V. Sletov. Two days of almost 30 participants, divided into 5 classes, fought for numerous prizes tournament. This child's play — blow bubbles. But how best to determine the direction of the wind? Most of the participants were in individual class, but participated in the tournament four teams: the Moscow club «Safari»Team MOOiR team sports club «Moscow» — «Russian bears» Read more [...]
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Bear Fever in the Wild North

Wild coast of the White Sea - a good place for hunting: people a little, but a lot of abandoned villages. In one of these and I happened to be with my friends.When falls raspberries, blackberries, blueberries, cranberries, cloudberries, Bear is switched on dairy ovsy.Nablyudatelnye hunters argue that it is not each variety of oats bear will eat. All the days we spent in hunting geese and for an evening of fun by going to the hut.One evening to We arrived fishermen who lived in Forest hut right on beach, kilometers six of us. It Read more [...]
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Woe onion

While the plane taxied to the white beaches of the island in the Gulf of Usam Uellbelav, I looked out the window and saw smoke rising above the firs from our new camp.Photo: SHUTTERSTOCK.COM On shore were two 16-foot aluminum boat with motors in 40 horsepower, surrounded by sacks bait and barrels of fuel.The full moon had just appears on sky, illuminating a deserted beach, which I patiently waiting for the boat to come and take me in camp. Everywhere wolf tracks. Jody, my guide says that wolves like to run on sand. I think Read more [...]
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Browning B725 — grandson of «legend»

John Browning (left) with an automatic rifle M1918 own design in his hands.Perspective and tech model Browning B25 has attracted the attention of gunsmiths, and in the second half of XX century. Many weapons company in various countries let her up and create their own models based on it. Generally produces refinement, improved weapons technology, there is an interesting innovation.For example, in the last decade of the twentieth century. Company Browning International S.A. He offered one of the most famous of their innovations — Rifling Back-Bored. This is a good solution has been used in Read more [...]
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Site "Survival in the wild nature", glad to see you. If you come to us, it means you want to get complete information about survival in a variety of extreme conditions, in emergency situations. Man, throughout the development, sought to preserve and protect themselves from the various negative factors surrounding it - cold, heat, hunger, dangerous animals and insects.

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The Survival in the wild nature - how correctly to behave, it having appeared in an emergency situation. Ability to find a way out from any situation: to kindle a fire, to put traps, to prepare food, to arrange dwelling and a lodging for the night; to learn to knit knots, to clear water, to be guided by districts, correctly to choose equipment, a knife. Also you can download directories to tourists, encyclopedias survivals, video Bear Grills to Survive at any cost (Man vs. Wild).