During the spring the north

That's over spring hunting in the suburbs. Ten days - a short time to meet the needs of the hunting passion and in communion with nature. Having met in late April, to exchange experiences and to discuss the results, we decided to extend the hunting season for himself by throwing himself in pursuit of walking to the North in the spring.By current center Kosachev teeth rode a large wolverine. Oh, that's what scared the current! That's who is not I gave a performance watch! Phoned with old friends, I asked for them to hunt. They gave the go-ahead, and immediately Read more [...]
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Aviary champions: thinking out loud

Currently, widespread competition huskies for captive-stool species. It is a wild boar in a cage, a badger in a cage, a bear on a chain. At one event can be identified: AFC alone, two AFC pair work, three kinds of single drive, two drive pairs (four dogs). In the future champions, who worked in pairs, become 'just' in the champion, since place in the genealogical documents for long recordings there.Photo: Anna Yeremenko In fact, such competition is a clean sport.And the title of the PP (field winner), IF (field champion), AFC (absolute champion of the field) should be considered Read more [...]
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Short-eared Owl

Eared owl - a bird of open spaces and even in the forest area only nests in meadows or marshes. She prefers to stay longer on earth, but spends the night in the trees during their winter migrations.Field and adjacent meadows - everything is now overshadowing the dense undergrowth green shoots. Somewhere among the grass disappeared hushed skylarks and yellow wagtails. Steel seamless and elegant lapwings, of which there were many in the early spring. The sky is clear, moreover, was nearing sunset and nothing interesting is not supposed to happen when the field over a calm decided to fly the crows. Read more [...]
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Ten Days That Shook the …

Federico, standing at the foot of the slope on which we have to climb, and looking at his watch (it they altimeter), suddenly asked what we have more options. What options? Throw all crazy about five o'clock home, sleep for three hours, the Scourge back - sheep waiting for us. 150 adult males weigh kgmogut bighorn, while females do not weight greater than 70–75 kilograms. Beginning of the story is available hereYet what? I I take «Blaser» — from it rather, — I climb up, the ram descends, if you're lucky. AND all. More Read more [...]
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Woodcocks country soul

In late autumn, when most of Russia is already covered with snow, we are breaking the Caucasus Mountains, were in a country where there is no winter. It Abkhazia. Woodcock is very comfortable, because the birds do not see snow at all. Nature Apsny — as Abkhazians call their country — gorgeous. AT a small country there are mountains with alpine meadows, dense forests and Coast with exotic palm trees, eucalyptus, magnolias and citrus. The closer to the sea, the mountain forests are becoming more luxurious.Initially, maple, and then Read more [...]
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Incredible shot

To carry out a census of sable and other fur-bearing animals each year in the taiga thrown dozens of field teams of hunters region's most experienced hunters and employees of research institutions. Each unit was delivered helicopters strictly to a particular point and usually in one and the same time. PHOTO SHUTTERSTOCK.COM Krecké Left FIR­Cheek to its exit from the spurs of the mountain range to the Middle West Kamchatka lowland, the helicopter dropped us off at the end of February. The weather was beautiful, just suitable for our work. The weather was sunny Read more [...]
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I know a red gait …

The more you study the form of a predator, so paradoxically, appears longer secrets and mysteries. However, in this lies the true interest of knowledge for anyone in love with wildlife.April 2009. Suddenly risen morning storm spoiled the first day of spring hunting. I I walked, dragging their feet on snow, along the ditches of the gross the perimeter of the old peat bog; from noisy water rose a couple of mallards, but because of the close alder, row dragged on I think the beach, it was difficult to discern.Suddenly I was startled crows cawing gray sitting on alder Read more [...]
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The man with the copper head

This story has been heard for a long time in a remote Siberian village, in the upper reaches of the Lena River. Even then, it has become a local legend, overgrown with superstition.The photo Polevikov rare moments of rest before the next march in broskom.Ekspeditsiya Buryatia ohotustroystva conduct.  Similar «horror stories» boasts here every village, and always will be wishing they had to tell the man. So tenacious and legends reluctantly debunked even with the apparent unraveling.Two students hunters who came to in practice Gospromkhoz Read more [...]
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Weapons proper hunter

With special feeling reminded me a single-barreled gun IL-18E 12 gauge - a simple gun: a bed of painted birch, metal surface without engraving and inlay covered usual burnished. It was not even new, and got from the previous owner, the caretaker at the farm. But that meant nothing to me, because it was my first gun.The convenient location of the locking lever and safety button has a positive effect on safe handling weapon. With this gun and associated the first hunting and entry into ohotobschestvo and first extracted duck. Sorry for the template Read more [...]
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Muzzle taste of 2013

The exhibition, held annually at the Gostiny Dvor, called the armory, although its title ARMS & Hunting, laid a double meaning. At first glance, the exhibition this year is no different from the previous ones. Stands global brands were wonderful weapons and rifles rifles, shotguns and hunting guns for self-defense, and optical sights bullets, knives, Accessories. AND All on high level, but… Nothing radically new.One of the intrigues of the exhibition this year was dulnozaryadnoe weapons. Of course, examples of these systems have been presented and in Read more [...]
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With Franchi Affinity pheasant

Go on the hunt with a new gun - it's always the unknown. How does it show itself? Moscow region, Noginsk district today pheasant hunting decoy. It seems that it's easy hunting. Issued Aviary birds are not fluent in unfamiliar territory, and the dog will be easy to find them. However, it is not exactly. Due to the ignorance of pheasants immediately choose secure a booth and thickets Hidden there. Pointing Dogs will have to work hard to catch them faint smell of ...The history of entry into FRANCHI Beretta. Italian Luigi Franchi arms company formerly located in Fornachchi Read more [...]
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Frustrated expedition

In 1840-1880 gg. in the Russian activities on the development of high-latitude Arctic lull. Once in the 1838-1839's. AK Expedition Tsivolki the New Earth ended in failure, the Russian government refused further funding of polar expeditions. However, this does not mean that Russian scientists have finally abandoned the research. Since the second half of the XIX century have shores of Novaya Zemlya intensified their activities Norwegian industrialists. Became clear that the settlement of Novaya Zemlya Russian subjects. During this period, it was proposed several major expeditions Read more [...]
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All through the barrel

Today in Russia there was a legal framework unprecedented: at the official level permitted turnover of copies and replicas of ancient weapons dulnozaryadnogo without compulsory licensing authorities of the Ministry of Interior. And I decided, without bureaucratic red tape to buy a gun and so feel the charm of hunting right. Buy a real antique ancient weapons comes from the XIX century is not like. First, it is significant money, and secondly, shoot it dangerous — These guns are designed to weak ancient gunpowder and no metal fatigue repealed. And the Read more [...]
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Zverovye hunting

Late autumn came in the steppe. Hunting of the pen over. Can I still had sailed Psyol, walk through the partridge, but "ate", sated by the hunt, who sent me, and I think Don in this field Ugodnik Nicholas, the patron of those who are on the way. Driven hunt are popular everywhere, whether it's taiga forests and forest-steppe. It was: in the summer of quail, snipe, then snipe, half snipe, and finally, on the the first chills, sypanul Lord woodcock (woodcock He is responsible for — divine bird). Chamber, intimate hunting ended, it is time to remember friends Read more [...]
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Dog on spring hunting

Long-awaited spring has come, and with it the time to spring hunting. Some dream come at dawn to watch the singing wood grouse or black grouse fighting out of the hut, others - to hear the cry of geese approaching your batch or decoy ... but my favorite is the most poetic, sung in verse and prose hunting evening cravings.Spring presents the trophies which will be remembered for a long time. I like to spring hunting. It has everything: babbling brooks, discordant birds flying with different sides of flocks of geese, ducks, flowering primroses, not comparable what spring Read more [...]
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The night Watch

In school, my father would sometimes take us to the little brother Romka on summer vacations in reindeer team. Mother was not too early, so we all school years lived in a boarding school, and if the shepherds did not have time to come for us to thaw, we stayed all summer in the village with distant relatives.PHOTO SHUTTERSTOCK.COM In May, the children visited the parents of other children from neighboring brigades. And then on the reindeer, we get to the herds. Sleds gaining a lot. They traveled in herds of reindeer with overnight stays, though their overnight stays and something Read more [...]
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Riddle Meffert

Holding the gun, on a subconscious level I feel that there something was missing. That is, it is possible not just to understand ...Comoros cylinders on who put on the trunks. By the center of «the bottom» an opening through which the needle passes, igniting the charge. Beautiful patina 16 caliber barrels of Damascus steel, superior nut locking system reliability, exquisite fit all parts, gorgeous engraving say that the rifle in front of me the highest distinction. Confused by the presence of the cleaning rod, fixed below block trunks. This breech-loading Read more [...]
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Italians in Russia

It so happened that the first weapon of mark "Beretta", came into my hands, the gun became the post-war issue. The purity and elegance of its decoration designs produced when a strong impression and gave rise to the interest in weapons of this Italian company.435 million euros — annual turnover «Beretta». Information from hunting rifles «Beretta»As the weapons company, appeared in our country is about early 2000s. Today, a variety of models and widespread and hunting sports products manufacturer that is hardly surprising, Read more [...]
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With stuffed for grouse

Autumn firmly come into its own. The sun rarely pleases us with its warmth, increasingly fine autumn drizzle of rain, sometimes turning into ice pellets, and even sleet. It has long been flown to winter wood pigeons, grouse, corncrake, rails,, snipe, and only occasionally in the wet mud to raise the cases of one or two half snipe. Patience, endurance — the main components of hunting with grouse stuffed. Hunting gun dog is getting poorer, woodcock flight ends and upland game has a lot more cautious and not holding rack, soaring on inaccessible Read more [...]
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Pin Lefoshe

Sometimes in the middle of the hunting equipment, you can see the strange sleeves. At first glance, they are fully consistent with the modern, but there is no Donets capsule nest and sticking out the side of a strange pin. Few today know what this extraordinary device.Curl on trigger guard became an ornament characteristic of European hunting weapons. The first appeared in the cartridges 1500s and immediately found the widest application in Army and hunting weapons. For loading the cartridge open, the powder is poured into trunk and Castle on Read more [...]
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