Hunting as a way of life

Hunting - it's not just entertainment, as many young cohort identified themselves as hunters. No. Hunting - it is rather a way of life. Mate, if you want a friend, hunting is a must. Even if for the rest of your life hunting you never find yourself in a critical situation. When a person who has renounced all vain, earthly, gets into a special world where all laws are very survive This parallel world, you must know a lot. We need to learn the rules and methods of hunting, you need to find a place where going to hunt: forests, fields, mountains, swamps Read more [...]
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My love — Abkhazia

Every hunter dreams of ever fall into their hunting Eldorado - a country where the game departs from under every bush, where the rivers are full of fish, amazing beasts roam the forests and on the road to the hut is fried skewers and served on the table fine wine. English Setter Dick - the first ring in the middle age group, ow. HW Kvitsiniya.Foto author In the nineteenth century was the edge of the Colchis Lowland and Malaria godforsaken swamps. Then people have mastered these lands, drained swamps, planted fields and planting vineyards. However, the migration routes Read more [...]
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Symphony hunting with hounds

Photo: Alexey Petrov More recently, a hunting rifle fond of hounds almost every other hunter Central Russia. Not it was, perhaps, no a village where you do not would meet walking across master's or vyzhletsy vyzhlovki yards.Today, times have changed, but from autumn autumn, with the first days of the opening of hunting season hare, sent to hundreds gonchatnikov cherished copses, and Ravine gully — drive and oblique Ghosn enjoy their dogs, whose voices for true gonchatnikov at all times is the best music. No Read more [...]
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From Italy with love

Every year on the arms market trends appearThe head of the company Fabrica D'armi Pietro Beretta SpA Signor Ugo Gussalli Beretta (Ugo Gussalli Beretta) demonstrates the novelty firmy.Avtor picture: Fedor Pershin It happens that the importers of weapons offer new products manufacturer, but more often they are pleased with the potential buyer of the novelties of the known weapons manufacturers.That's Company Beretta, a year ago, will present at the Court A customer self-loading semi-automatic 400 Hplor in July brought together dealers and in the Read more [...]
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As King

Hunting big game in Europe has always been considered a royal fun. But today, in Spain, anyone can visit this royal hunt after spending two days as in the past, they carried out the Habsburgs and Bourbons - monarchs predecessors still alive Juan Carlos I. Every year this attracts hunting all the more Russian hunters. The article, which is offered to your attention, written largely inspired by the stories of our compatriots. Of course, every trip abroad requires certain physical abilities of a person. But Even if you, dear readers, do not plan to future continue to hunt outside Read more [...]
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Excerpts from the book Edward Foa "big game hunting in Central Africa".About half past six production already in split, was taken to the camp, and we began to prepare from it «biltong» (jerky). At eleven o'clock the night lions, smelling the smell of fresh meat, rolled a huge "live" close to our camp, but soon went away. As soon as the camp drifted off to sleep, when suddenly someone shouted: "Litumbui, litumbui!" — so the local dialect called large ants scavengers. Attracted by the scraps of meat and traces of blood, remaining near the camp, insects, dense rows flooded our camp. Read more [...]
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Bad boar

True say beginners luck. Not always, of course, not all. But some lucky somehow, and more than the others.Hunting boars is considered one of the most dangerous, so well-organized economy at driven hunt wild boar with fire low platforms. We bought in the village for a long time unoccupied corner house young family. It is quite nice people. It shows how they sank with interest in country life.Natasha - was the name of the spouse - passionately began to cultivate the land. Often come to us with questions and for advice. The beds, planting, landscape, seedlings ... All Read more [...]
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CZ550 — Czech contradictions

Probably no other rifles, speaking of which have expressed so much controversy. If you sum up the opinion, it appears that the rifle CZ550 very good, but with modesty addition, for the price.Shutter CZ550 dismantled: lugs, extractor, firing pin spring and drummer. What is a CZ550? AT based on its well-proven millions of repetitions of the slide design of military rifles «98 Mauser». AT Brothers Paul and construction William Mauser was obvious findings, makes it truly outstanding engineering achievements. But there and it something Read more [...]
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Broken Spear

«Do I understand correctly that for Masai warrior, morals, there is only one hunting — on lion?» «Yes, to become a real man, a warrior, you must obtain a lion». «A Other animals, such as leopard, hyena, buffalo or an elephant, they do not are in comparison with lion?»  Leo is very wise and dangerous animal, it is superior to all the animals, and to show real courage and strength of a warrior to kill the lion. Get antelope - is nothing. It is necessary to kill the king of all the animals of the world - a lion! Read more [...]
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With all neighborhoods falconers came to look at the wonderful bird and admire the famous throws without a missPhoto: Fotolia The day was unsuccessful. Ducks on the oxbow not it was, but with coast of rose gray heron. Andrew let carat. Heron and yelled hoarsely I flew away. Saker easily overtook her, but not to attack such a whopper and decided, I will do it a few laps, he returned to Andrew dissatisfied.Ending. Beginning at №11 / 2010More in This year, with Andrew Carat not I hunted. However, studies with saker not stop. Read more [...]
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Fox trail

The hunt for a red, beautiful, spectacular, one of her graceful gait on a white canvas of snow that costs! Fotolia In early November, having no particular time, I decided to walk to surrounding area of ​​the village to look for birds. Snowball only teased, poparhal and light frost was covered in puddles Ledkov. Rustling on the eve of the wind died down.My path led by thick and overgrown with willows weeds banks of a small river Olkhovka. Given that these conditions, shooting is «short-circuited»The first round in the trunk standing «korotkoboyny». Read more [...]
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Three in one

Applying DEPOSIT trunks of various lengths and gauges, you can hunt with a gun on almost all types of game, at any season of the yearOnce the first Russian saw a gun with three barrels, he called it a tee, and no one from the countrymen on this issue did not occur broke. In We always like now we have more serious problems.Since the end of last century, began to spread on the tees world, appearing first in Central Europe, or rather in Germany Austria. It's connected with Hunting and national characteristics hunting traditions of these countries. Read more [...]
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Pamir trophies

First there was a smooth road. And then began the dusty serpentines. I was attached, encouraged self-sharp poluvydohami poluvykrikami; finally ran out of gas and got off the bike ... I looked up and saw a billboard on the side of "Pass Ak-Baital - 4655 meters." Well, finally arrived!However, after a hundred meters turned out that this is not the highest just on Pamir, but and all the continents of the mountain saddle height, I have yet to take — billboard standing in front of the rise. Another three hours to loudly and anxiously beating in ribs heart Read more [...]
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Shotgun power

Many of our readers probably have not had time to participate in discussions about the "power and killer" of various firearms. Not only beginners, but also experienced hunters often ask such questions. And we will try again to address this "eternal theme" ...Gunshot systems, there are many, but it turned out that the progress in the arms was actually the last two centuries has been grandiose. Some others took turns shooting system — They changed their principle of operation, the method of ignition, calibers, ammunition, gunpowder… And now, in an era of relative stagnation in the development Read more [...]
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Lucky day

The schedule in the "field" is simple: you need to get through the dark, hearty breakfast and outPhoto: Shutterstock Fate gave me my companions the opportunity three times different years to visit Peninsula Taigonos — one of the last bastions of wildlife. Those were the days before limit-filled work. We made our way on animal tracks, spent the night in tents or beside bonfires. Not fall in love with the nature of this severe, but amazingly beautiful land, it was simply impossible. The aim of our field work was to develop methods Read more [...]
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Hunting — a beautiful lesson!

Shoot necessary with a cool head, absolutely calm, and I learned to be sofile photo Dmitry Meshieva Dmitry Meskhiev — famous film director, actor, producer, chairman of the Union of Cinematographers of St. Petersburg, Honored Artist of Russia. Filming location of several of his films («Women's Property». «Mechanical Suite». «American». «Butterfly's kiss») Meskhiev chose the picturesque Pskov region, where he spent his childhood and where is near the village of Taraskina Novorzhevsky District is its hunting «El Read more [...]
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Vienna rarity

At the beginning of the production of weapons-butts made of different species of fruit treesPhoto: Yuri Shokarev Semyon Pluzhnik Weapons, which came to us from the Middle Ages, can tell us a lot of interesting things. However, the surface is just a small part. Read information «encrypted» at decoration, materials and technology is not easy.It was hunting a single-barreled flintlock with an amazing finish. Round the entire outer surface of it is decorated with gold and silver, decorated with images of tulips and vegetative curls. On the key-board Read more [...]
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Queen forests

Hunters are well aware that in many places it is pine, along with birch and aspen, a tree-pioneer4900 years of age of the oldest extant copies of the spinalis pine growing on the eastern United States. Photo: Peter Zverev The main coniferous tree in Eropeyskoy part of Russia is considered to be evergreen pine. Many Russian landscape painters chose it for his paintings, to show the beauty of Russian fairy-tale forest.Endurance pine amazing. She grows in the loose sands and on the most meager soils. Pine climbs high in Mount it among the last trees that penetrate tundra North Read more [...]
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New Italians

1.5 million euros invested company Beretta in Research and development work in 2009 (despite the crisis). Photo: Vladimir Tikhomirov. On the eve of the exhibition «Arms and hunting» two major Italian companies Beretta and Benelli have arranged a holiday for Russian dealers and journalists, organized a presentation of the new weapons.Hunting and sporting rifles of these companies have a global recognition that achieved through significant investments in research and development of new designs, materials and technologies. In our country, hunting rifles these Read more [...]
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Great draughtsmen …

Charles Marion Russell$ 10 000 paid for a painting Russell Prince of Wales. This is the highest price for a painting, obtained by American artists in the XIX century. Charles Marion Russell was born March 19, 1864 in Missouri. His family lived in the small town of Oak Hill (Oak Hill), located almost the precincts of St. Louis. Charles, as a child, loved to listen to stories of her grandmother Lucy Russell Bent on Her brother, the famous frontier adventurers.[mkref = 880]Probably under the influence of my grandmother's stories and a desire to have Charles, Read more [...]
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The Survival in the wild nature - how correctly to behave, it having appeared in an emergency situation. Ability to find a way out from any situation: to kindle a fire, to put traps, to prepare food, to arrange dwelling and a lodging for the night; to learn to knit knots, to clear water, to be guided by districts, correctly to choose equipment, a knife. Also you can download directories to tourists, encyclopedias survivals, video Bear Grills to Survive at any cost (Man vs. Wild).