The hunt for prey in the mountains

With great difficulty from the reserve of the Krasnodar regional public organization of hunters and fishermen Valery Umanets, its chairman, identified and realized my license for shooting an adult roe deerAs expected, it was released on the local huntsman Nicholas Vasilkova in control of a team №7 Goryacheklyuchevskogo hunting grounds in the district of Krasnodar region, where we had to hunt. I call up with the foreman hunters Vyacheslav Kucherov, raduyu that the license has been taken, and you need to determine where in the forest, in which Guy could be the coveted trophy, ask if possible, before Read more [...]
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In anticipation of the northern duck

October extinguished the riot of colors of the Siberian golden autumn. Rain, wind and frost knocked it off the trees the leaves, and if nature were felt in September, peace and contentment, it is now more blows sadness.Waterfront Tomsk region so that to guess where to sit Rest duck flock, almost unreal. But at heart always lives in hope: maybe the duck flies on Spassky lake? Floodplain lakes overgrown aloe water — telorez opened their mirrored expanses. Where allowed depth, he went under the water, and on the banks and melyam, remaining surface Read more [...]
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By grouse broods

Grouse broods need to look near the currents. A significant part of July to mid-August broods held not far from the former nest. If at the beginning of the season when hunting grouse, you can use a fraction number 7, the late autumn and winter go on the 4th and 3rd rooms. Characteristic the place of their stay in this time of year — old burning, deforestation and other open spaces with a thick, tall grass adjacent to the bush or forest. In late August broods to migrate edge of the forest adjacent to the moss berry bogs where cranberries are fed, and later cranberries. Read more [...]
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Feathered symbol of Tuva

South Tuva - one of the most beautiful places in Russia, there is a surprising combination of mountain and steppeLandscapes concise, we can say harsh, but having some elusive appeal. That is why I am very grateful to my friend – Doctor of Biological Sciences Professor of Krasnoyarsk State University AA Baranov, because several times he took me in his ornithological expedition to South Tuva.A kind of symbol of this country are stone gravestones hills pagan holy places - ovaa, Lamaist suburgans and, of course, a yurt. Flower of the South Tuva can be regarded as a tiny yellow iris, appearing Read more [...]
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Kuban hunting Imperatorckogo His Highness the Grand Duke Sergei Mikhailovich in 1900

(The magazine "Nature and Hunting", 1902) from the collection of Pavel Gusev. Beginning in № 9/2014Reaching for rocky ridges almost before the start of the Balkans, which are considered impassable hunters, we decided to make a halt. On our ridge… somewhere vybrelo 8 chamois; we have long had fun observing them binoculars.East wind today justified its reputation and the weather did not help: from Psebaya climbed clouds, in many places there was a rain, and We went around the fog.Gathered back. Serna moved to our ways and disappeared. Thus Read more [...]
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«Diana» in the Caucasus

Agnes Herbert (1870–1960) was born on the Isle of Man (UK).She passionately loved hunting big game. Among its trophies were the animals of Africa and North America: a rhinoceros and a lion, elk and grizzly bears, American black bear and the walrus, but the most first-class trophy was produced in the Greater Caucasus – Dagestan tour!We offer our readers an excerpt, which discusses how to Agnes produced round, entered the collection of the famous American hunter Kenneth Cech.Our lodge located in Dagestan with a distinct comfort and original beauty: imagine the comfort with which it was Read more [...]
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Valdshnepinoe gun Becassier

Hunting thrust - the most affordable among all kinds of spring hunting and autumn woodcock hunting can be successful only with the gun dog. If you ask me what I consider the most beloved hunting, the answer, woodcock spring-powered, because the most beautiful, and fall on him, because of a dog - because it is the most difficult.Photo: Mikhail Semin Under the terms of hunting woodcock shooting it is different from all others in that it not only requires special skills and experience, but also a special weapons and ammunition. This applies to the hunting of traction and a gun dog Read more [...]
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Red game

Legendary family BekasovoIn addition to snipe in the family also includes other great representatives of waders, familiar to the Russian hunter, woodcock, snipe, half snipe, snipe Asia. Photo: RON KUBE Game. Red game. Most probably the brightest Group hunting of birds in all respects. First, the difficulty of obtaining, as the beauty of the flight and the birds themselves, the complexity of behavior. All inherent in them: and power spring, and ritual fights and current missions in the entourage of beautiful cacophony of our spring, bleating snipe, woodcock horkane rumbling, discontented Read more [...]
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In birds trivia

September hunting season is in full swing. For most of us it was opened in August, but ask anyone, especially the owner of the gun dog, and he says that in September - the most interesting for hunting month.Show all cooler nights on morning dew falls abundant and there is heavy fog. But Here prigreet September sun, it shatters mist, obsohnet dew, wind rises and fly cobweb spiders is settled by air — a sure sign of the beginning of the Indian summer. It is believed that it is necessary to From 14 to September 21, but sometimes it comes a little Read more [...]
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Polar diet of meat or bread

The history of Arctic exploration until 1890 contains many examples of expeditions who died not from the cold and from hunger and scurvy. None of the Russian, British and American expeditions failed to avoid scurvy - the worst enemy of polar and therefore the problem of the Arctic diet has become one of the most vital for the next generation of travelers.Fridtjof Nansen, Norwegian polar explorer, scientist. At the end of the XIX century the cause of scurvy was unknown, and drawing of a polar diet is still going on trial and errors. None However, with by careful Read more [...]
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On the enthusiasm and enthusiast

25 years have passed since the time when I first, then still the Soviet amateurs continental pointers acquainted with the organization and conduct of complex tests and kurtshaar drahthaar. First there was the Rostov region - Nizhnekundryuchenskoe hunting, where they were held team competitions of our continental pointers. Judged competitions and Gisbert Relero Carl Susdorf, and they also showed the work of two of his dogs — Kurzhaar and drathaar. Sverdlovsk club «Drathaar» for participation in competitions not invited It was. Apparently, Read more [...]
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With continental pointers of the beast

First kurtshaar I had in 2001. By this time, my experience has been hunting for 17 years. By 2001, I had long been held and sufficiently experienced hunter. This is what determined the choice of versatile hunting dog - Kurzhaar.About the versatility of this breed I learned from books Oleg Malov. The last push to purchase the dog became a conversation with Vadim Zhibarovskim on display at the Queen. How is it posed Gaby, though aware that talking about it! Therefore, the use of dogs zverovoe was for me a matter of course. And over time, I can say that was not mistaken in this. Now I keep still and Read more [...]
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Backwater district

195 days in the winter may remain a dream brown bearsPhoto: FOTOLIA «Serious hunting is a true science. It all needs to be taken into account, taken into consideration to note for the future. In addition, each new day brings new knowledge of hunting, and each new — albeit vary — Episode gaining experience and skills increases». YM JankowskiOrganizations hunts I bear I engaged in For almost twenty years, but no matter how It seems surprising to me not managed to obtain any one bear. Bears I seen a lot. Not times I had Read more [...]
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Lunar Woodcock

Forgetting about the gun, I was watching the silent flight of a fairy, silver in the moonlight, and the birds, if not a dog - to let goPhoto: Mick Brennan As a child, spring — this is a holiday. You can wear even smelling the new rubber boots and jump through puddles, you can run a race for boats and high-spirited omnipresent Brooks…The air smells of a special — icicles, thawed snow honeycombed with dark edges and…waiting, waiting for something even obscure, but certainly good. For me, spring — double celebration. We leave the Read more [...]
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Geese Russia

From the collection of Pavel GusevSergey Alferaki in directories and encyclopedias listed as a scientist lepidopterist (Specialist butterflies), but for us, the Russian hunters, it is known as a biologist and hunter. As his famous ancestors Alferaki dedicated his life to the service of Russia.In preparation of this work includes all so far found in the Palearctic region breed of wild geese, of which within the Russian Empire had not yet met with certainty only goose korotkoklyuvy.Skip to the last «Geese Russia» I, however, could not, because of his occasional Read more [...]
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Home Smithy

The museum collections in Moscow and St. Petersburg are many hunting rifles 1740-1750-ies300 years Tula Arms Plant allows the Russian Army. Word «Tula» responds to the heart of the Russian people and cozy heat — intricate and honey cakes breathing steam Graystripe samovar, ready to warm bad weather strong tea. Behind these peaceful manner should not be forgotten the main purpose of the Tula land — be domestic forge weapons.[mkref = 2360]AT distant sixteenth century at the mouth of rivers Tulitsa like mushrooms in Russian Read more [...]
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Do not be afraid antique Mueller!

The first company, which we visited, was well-known firm RWS, based in 1896Photo: SHUTTERSTOCK In December last year, the company «Rosimpeks» for its dealers organized tour Germany Belgium. Our constant transport was comfortable bus, met us at Munich airport.The first good impression associated with hunting animals, which we saw in the first kilometers. It was Sunday, and twice we have seen companies that prey on birds «boiler». They were all in orange jackets or vests. An hour and a half, we went to Nuremberg, twice saw groups of deer, a Read more [...]
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Andrew Harvison, gunsmith

Narrow and corporate vicious circle of British arms companies producing weapons of high distinction. It would not be wrong to say that the history of all (or almost all) of the leading British arms companies has more than one decade or even a century, and that each of these companies differ, and continues to be different to the present day only her inherent personality, largely planted and predefined personality of the founder company, whether it's James Purdy, Henry Holland and Edwin Churchill.Narrow and corporate vicious circle of British arms companies producing weapons of high distinction. Read more [...]
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Uma deprived …

What kind of stories just does not happen with our brother-hunter ... But life is something she long. Long? But where much shorter. Just like finishing school, doing sports, going to come to college, he worked, married, divorced, engaged in science ... And have a pension looms on the horizon, fifties after all. And hunting, hunting, ... and replaced by replaced by a dog, there are new friends, have to bury loved ones, friends and acquaintances.And born chronicle of life. AND if we ignore almost everything that you live, the come to a surprising conclusion. The main thing is Read more [...]
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Reflections after the show

Part 2 I would like to say a few words about the exterior of Estonian hounds is not from point of view — good or bad. Estonian Hound — a relatively young breed, she is only 60 years (standard was approved in 1954). As you know, Commission approved standards on He recognized the existence of the breed breed several types.Most desirable are two recognized types — type of beagle and Swiss hound type. Naturally, the standard for rocks is, focusing on the These two types. It is intended that eventually they Read more [...]
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