For the wild yak in the Himalayas

For the past half century, the army of teenagers read and reread this British writer, who calls the guys in the exotic world of nature and dizzying adventure.Preface Alexander ChegodaevaIt all started with Mayne ReidFor the past half century, the army of teenagers read and reread this British writer, who calls the guys in the exotic world of nature and dizzying adventure. Among the works of Mayne Reid has a film series: «Hunters for plants» – "Sliders on the rocks." By the power of the imagination novelist two Germans, a botanist and a big game hunter, and, of course, the ubiquitous Read more [...]
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Boots on birches

So come November ... Forest almost dropped leaves. Only here and there a green dress flaunt tree. Hunting migratory birds ended. But there was another interesting hunting on a feather - chuchelenie. This hunt for the "natives" of our forests and fields - grouse.PHOTO SHUTTERSTOCK.COM Teterevyata finally faded and size equals the «the elderly». Broods long since disintegrated. Birds huddling flocks and are selected the edge of the forest, close to the swamps and garnished grain fields. Attempts skrast they almost always inconclusive, Read more [...]
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The Arctic Circle

This trip to the Arctic took place many years ago. But hunting and experience gained at the time, very useful in the follow our complicated lives. We realized that the hunt in the north requires special training. The North does not forgive any mistakes or laziness. The Arctic Circle there are no trifles. ILLUSTRATION OF THE ARCHIVE PETER ZVEREVA We have several years cherished dream to visit White Sea, and Finally everything We coincided Historically, and we were ready to go. AT Moscow relatively warm and Kandalaksha snow already «on postoyanke». Read more [...]
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In the spring goose

The main task - to get closer to the birds of the arrow on the transfer distance gunshotPhoto: Fotolia Spring! FROM how impatiently waiting for her hunters to enjoy after a winter lull pictures reviving the nature on spring hunting. Before the opening of hunting for several months, and they are already beginning to prepare and ammunition to discuss plans for the upcoming hunt. AND the closer the start date of the spring season, the expectations more Fever.In the Arkhangelsk region, where I I live and hunt, open spring hunting only waterfowl Read more [...]
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Symbol Suhl

The quality, accuracy and reliability of German products have long been a benchmark for customers worldwide. It is recognized as the German manufacturers of hunting weapons. Today, one of the leading ones in the "German Damascus" is a firm Merkel, this year celebrated its 115th anniversary.It would seem that the technical progress made great strides forward, but quality soldering trunks requires an approach developed at the distant past. Rank «German Damascus» also in medieval town of Suhl has acquired, located near the Thuringian Forest. Arms production Read more [...]
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Along with the winter streams kurtshaar

We will talk about mink and hunting, maybe not quite familiar to hunters having setter. "Gotcha," to me this animal for the first time not in the hunt, and the exam in biology when applying for the Biology of Moscow State University. There I was with my "mink" well managed! But the hunt ...At the time, hunting for furs was possible only by agreement with the procurement agency. Several times I have concluded such an agreement: Renting protein and foxes. But the mink ... I have not even seen, although their sledochki meet regularly along small rivers in «his» grounds. Only hunt with Read more [...]
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Imperial Bear

In the dead of pre-winter November 13, 1862 meeting of the Moscow Society of Hunt made a decision: to ask the emperor, on the occasion of his stay in Moscow, to take part in the hunt, if we can impose more bears or moose in its immediate vicinity.Not a simple task put in front of the younger members of the Moscow Society of Hunt. Not in the short term to find a den with a bear is lying. It is necessary that the animal has been in foster condition: to him because you will not climb, do not look around – good to know ... And not far away from the railway lodge was arranged.It was something Read more [...]
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The first sports

C ancient times, not to lose accuracy in shooting, hunters shooting at objects thrown in the air and flying birds (pigeons, sparrows, quail). Subsequently, these became known sedimentary shooting, when used as a target birds produced from the baskets or boxes, called cages.Athletic gun MP-109 is one of the best guns, created in our country. It gathers the best design solutions. C ancient times, not to lose accuracy in shooting, hunters shooting at objects thrown in the air and flying birds (pigeons, sparrows, quail). Subsequently, these became known sedimentary shooting, when used Read more [...]
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Morning field

Early morning of September endowed with a certain absolute power, the beginning is already host to a nearby district. Scarlet stains on the east and abundant dew dropped out explicitly testified about the birth of a fine clear day that falls at the beginning of the Indian summer. With a friend Basil slowly puts on hunting «armor». My kurtshaar and drathaar partner poskulivat anxiously, hurrying us so as quickly as possible to end the preparation for top hunting.But on the horizon began to emerge poppyhead heavenly body. How to overnight converts Read more [...]
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I’m in the spring forest …

I stroked the bird on the grayish-bluish sides, brown wings, steel-gray neck and died away in delightPhoto: Oleg Panteleev In the nose hit the smell of spring. Yet thawed ground, freezing crisp ice at night puddles. Frosty nights and tart freshness of the spirit of last year's rotting grass. I'm breathing, I pulled a forgotten flavors and could not breathe. Today is the last day of April, and in front, I had two days to get capercaillie ...It is a bird of my childhood. The most mysterious of all. There capercaillie visited, along with various ducks, geese and hazel, when Read more [...]
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Black Duck? (Turpan)

Not many hunters known black duck, because not many hunters have to live in such places, where they are found. It is remarkable that in the notes of the hunters, even those like Aksakov does not meet the description of scoter. Probably as Aksakov, and other hunter-writers did not see the big lakes, such as those which, for example, you might say, is dotted with Shadrinsk district of the Perm province, did not see why Turpanov.ILLUSTRATION OF THE ARCHIVE PETER ZVEREVA Shadrinsk county found the lake, such as the Mayan, with up to 40 miles in circumference; such as lakes, circle Read more [...]
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Hunting Marquis puddle

(From the collection of Pavel Gusev)Rare spring mallard not arrive first or immediately after the merganser. Illustration: Crowe. Markizova pool is a bay, protected from the winds three sides by rolling wooded shores, and by the sea — Kotlin Island. By the southern shore, from Oranienbaum to Sergius alternate open, part rocky space relatively small areas of liquid rushes. From Sergius — already solid reeds, with small breaks.Spring fairways first opened at the old village on the north and the village EMELYANOVKA on the south side. Read more [...]
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Ignite charge!

It would seem a simple task ignition of gunpowder charge for many centuries does not rest gunsmiths. And today in this direction are constantly going ...Capsule to dulnozaryadnym muskets. A characteristic feature of the structure is cross-shaped petals, convenient for quick manipulation capsules. Initially, the ignition of gunpowder charge in Firearms produced using pieces of smoldering coal, a little later — a red-hot iron rod. Around the 1370-ies begins to apply the wick — slaboskruchennoy cord from hemp yarn impregnated with a solution Read more [...]
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Saffron milk cap

After the shot Ginger and Zenta race sailed over the bird, together apportirovaliPhoto: SHUTTERSTOCK Shepherd Emelja brought them caught the fox. We agreed on a price, and a young one of the scrip shepherd moved into my hut. Two weeks before that I whelp setter Zenta.Of the six, four puppies died. Milk from mothers had enough. I He hoisted to her fox. Priemysh immediately reached for breasts. Zenta sniffed it and I growled. I He stroked the dog caressed. She calmed down, made a Ryzhik suck. He smacked his sweet, snorted with pleasure and, after eating, Read more [...]
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Journey to the headwaters of the Nile and the study of its sources

(From the collection of Pavel Gusev)Illustration from the book Since the sources of the Nile to the not yet succumbed yet none of the researchers, the I have not had the courage to declare openly about my intent, but I firmly resolved or solve this difficult task, or die over it.Map of the Nile Basin to travel SU BakerFrom his early years hunting for wild animals in tropical countries, I accustomed to all sorts of hardships and exposure to nature, and because when I I am looking at map of Africa, I was seized with a hope Read more [...]
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Golden Dog

Vyzhla - one of the oldest breeds of dogs bred in purity.This breed is considered one of the healthiest in the world. They have some genetically caused disease, but the list is shorter than the other. In Europe, there is a problem with hereditary glaucoma, but so far in Russia, we have not heard about it. Esche some 10 years ago, the name of this breed of dogs caused surprise and confusion even among experts and handlers of our country, Who is this — hound or a setter? Years passed, and now vyzhlu learn not only the dog handlers, but also «ordinary users». What Read more [...]
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Sheer luck

Villages along the road flashed one after the other, like each other like twins. In early 2009, I had a chance right after the New Year to go to the Tver region for hunting. Even before the celebration, in December, we agreed with our friend Yury that after Christ will gather to visit him to try his luck hunting. Yura log house in the best traditions with Russian stove and bath. All this splendor is in Sandow village, an old Russian settlement where around as the eye can see, stretch endless fields, dense forest and abandoned villages, which are Read more [...]
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To see the snows of Kilimanjaro

Our choice of Tanzania was predetermined mainly by the legendary Ernest Hemingway.Photo by Leonid Sonina.V 19th century buffalo were up to 35% of the biomass of large hoofed animals of the Black Continent. As soon as the top pick was held, further technical preparations have gone without much difficulty. We, the three hunters from Russia, has been selected firm with holdings in continental area, and Located closer to ocean. As we planned to Serious production animals, after detailed discussions with our wishes hosted by the duration of the tour has grown Compared Read more [...]
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Invisible northern shaft

I remember the fall flight of ducks in 1983 at the beginning of October in a hunting economy of the Tver region, where hunting came very high Soviet functionaries. Photo by Sergey Loseva.V any case, Duck Hunt necessary disguise. Many of them were already stuffed plastic Italian production, causing a healthy envy Hunters who are easier. I shortly before this has got stuffed duck production Omsk tire factory. AT those days this was a great success, because that was sold at the us hunting stores, stuffed ducks could be called very conditional. On it Read more [...]
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Weapons and ammunition for the driven hunt

Driving hunt hoofed popular not only in Russia -in many European countries battue hunting are centuries-old traditions.Piercing bullets for special container "bullet" shotguns produced worldwide. In the smooth barrel in the the initial stage of the shot soft lead bullets significantly change its original shape. AT less change the original dimensions of piercing bullets Container «packing». Of course, the developers knew the bullets «disease» his inventions and to some extent found «medicine»Preventing deformation even in gun. Read more [...]
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