The lower punch

In the first half of the XIX century in many countries is a real breaking stereotypes. From the old, and all the usual flint hunters and the military went over to obscure the cap, put on even more obscure rod.35% sostavakapsyulnoy mixture used at the end of the XIX century, was mercury fulminate. Epoch capsule weapons swept the world in the the end of the 1820s. Before this capsule were known quite successfully applied for about a decade, one way or another incarnation. On seemingly uncomplicated device capsule systems require two essential elements — Read more [...]
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Holland from Chanel

History of Holland and Holland began back in 1835, when company founder John Harris Holland left the tobacco trade and devoted himself completely to the hobby - sport shooting, hunting, and production of high-quality hunting weapons. In the 20s of the last century it was introduced self-opening mechanism that makes it easy to open and close the gun when reloading. Initially, the company was called «H. Holland», Guns were ordered from various artists, which at that time there were many in London, according to the sketches of Harris Holland. Even then, the future maestro Read more [...]
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«Smith and Wesson» — a revolver Russian hunters

"Revolvers - for inspection." The landing party on board the cruiser "Rurik" Taku, China, 1900 GV hands of the sailors, "Smith and Wesson" third sample. Smith & Wesson — this phrase emanates from something magical, a favorite weapon of the police and the militants, the famous gun-times winner of the legendary Russian-Turkish… A stage in the life of our country is connected with this wonderful system. But it is not only famous for its military past «Smith & Wesson», Remained forgotten pages of its history as a hunting weapon. And no matter where in the world, Read more [...]
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7.62 mm or 9?

I read an article by Mikhail Ivanov «About threaded cartridges» In response, I quote the author: «In many ways, I agree, but what's the bet».Michael is right that even now, a poor hunter for most weapons available 7.62mm — Just look at the prices in shops. Who is this «is to blame»? Of course, the manufacturer.Yes, we had cheap 9mm carbines. It HPE-103 and «Saiga-9» chambered for 9H54. Who can not see them in stores. «There is no demand» — as stated by the manufacturer.There are two reasons. First — neraskruchennyh 9mm, Read more [...]
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«The less restricted the rights of the consumer, the more he can buy weapons for their security under the law»  Turygin Yury Anatolievich - executive director of the nonprofit organization "Union of Russian gunsmiths," winner of the RF Government in 2004 in the field of science and technology for a complex of works to improve the efficiency of small arms.  How the Union of Russian gunsmiths? How it all began?In 1993, on the initiative of General Director of "Izhevsk Mechanical Plant" Chuguevsky Vasily Sergeyevich was a meeting of directors of the enterprises engaged in production of weapons and ammunition. The meeting came to the conclusion that it is necessary to create Read more [...]
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Balkan Mauser

"Mauser" - words known to every hunter. Weapons of this system was manufactured in many countries. Alone among them is Yugoslavia, which was able to organize production of excellent hunting rifles, has been recognized in many parts of our planet.30 countries were armed with their armies Mauser rifle. Kingdom of Yugoslavia hunting weapons commercially produced only private «Armory-cartridge factory AD» at of Uzice (Thomas). After World War II «Thomas» It became the state military munitions plant «First Partisan» (PUF), and from the time Read more [...]
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Six lines «Krnki»

For today's man the word "Krnka" - a mystery, at best, it is associated with a rustic vessel for milk. But some half a century ago it was different. For the Russian hunters "Krnka '- a whole era. But let us all about it, how it all began ...«French snuffbox». One of the most common networked world rework dulnozaryadnogo Weapons Snyder's system, is very similar to Krnka system. Even heard rumblings gun and rifle firing at Sevastopol, the Russian troops heroically resist the English, French, Italian and Turkish invaders. Any war accelerates armory thought, Read more [...]
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«Small caliber» in Czech

Photo by Aleksey Klishina  Weapons chambered caliber .22LR stands alone in modern chain hierarchy threaded systems. The archaic method of ignition, light powder charge makes it similar to the famous Flaubert systems, has long sunk into oblivion.Once extremely entertaining and training cartridge found a second wind now. Now the weapons under a wide range of sports, hunting, and even combat systems. One can argue endlessly about the place of small-caliber carbines and rifles under the weak cartridge in the full range of hunting weapons. You can recall about love him poachers Read more [...]
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Weapons under the black powder Read article Eugene Baranov «I'm hunting for a shompolkoy!» . The correct article. But I would like to extend the range of weapons and talk about the weapon under the black powder as a whole.At first glance, there is little difference between modern weapons and arms for black powder. Especially that of modern weapons can shoot cartridges with black powder.But there is a difference. The pressure in the barrels. In black powder is much lower than that of smokeless. Therefore there is no need to make the barrels of stainless steel or steel them.On the global Read more [...]
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Grow to his guns

There was even one subscriber and regular reader of your weekly newspaper published and volume, beautifully decorated log. How cool is that every Saturday, and "Russian Hunting Newspaper" postman brings it on Saturday, I again and again dipped into the world of my hobby, a world where the written word, illustrations and wonderful pictures intricately resonate with the world almost physical feeling of being with a gun Outdoors. Reading and viewing them is not only morally and aesthetically enriching, but also bring in the treasury of knowledge and experience something new, hitherto unknown. Let Read more [...]
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Mauser M03

Mauser - The word known to all thanks to two products: the P-96 pistol and M98 rifle. The famous gun - "Comrade Ma uzer" - we will not touch. But the M98 system, as the most frequently produced and copied, do not go around attention.Today vengeance advertised «ergonomic grip» Mauser. Indeed, the relief on the insert forearm and pistol grip, and also on the tide it quite comfortable. Brothers Wilhelm and Paul Mauser born in a large family. Work they started aged 14 and 16 years, at the time of the creation of the legendary Read more [...]
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Cmertonosnoe rotation

Mnogostvolka rotary unit stems from the XIX vvek on the "ship of the desert." The appearance of a firearm, even primitive and weak, marked a huge technological leap. Its production required a knowledge of different fields such as metallurgy, chemistry (alchemy), ballistics, mechanics. The further development of the weapons industry has itself pushed forward the research areas.In those early years of the war was in a particular region of the world all the time, but not only for the war needed better weapons, and it was important for hunting. Hunting was not just fun, it's hard to Read more [...]
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Wound Ballistics

When it comes to the shooting, the rifle is worth three thousand dollars and expensive optical sight sometimes cost less than a bulletWhen behind a potential trophy is another animal, such a situation, the best option — wait. Shooting First of wildebeest can be hit and second. When the second beast depart, aim as shown in Fig. Not try to get in spinal cord. In Many animals have a hump the withers, so to determine exactly where the spinal cord is almost impossible. Esli bullet fail, the nothing else matter. If a bullet Read more [...]
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The phenomenon of return

The recoil movement of the barrel and related parts in the direction opposite the movement of the projectile during firing under the action of the pressure of powder gases. Movement in the direction opposite to the direction of movement of the projectile begins simultaneously with the start of movement in the gun. By and large, since the beginning of the movement of the striker firing mechanism.Photo: Anton Zhuravkova The shape of the curve changes the speed of return without a muzzle brake follows the shape of the curve changes the speed of the projectile.The impact of the recoil Read more [...]
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Travel weapons

What tourist weapon preferable rifled or smooth? Arguments in favor of one or the other lead easily. Preferably, of course, the combined, but in our case, when the acquisition rifled barrel very difficult for the population, the palm has to give smoothbore options.Photo: Anton Zhuravkova In this situation, one should pay attention to the store, a native of Tula KBP, gun “Lynx-K”. Thanks to the original “breechless” arrangement with a moving trunk, it compares favorably with most other guns close class in compactness and weight. Although insufficient margin Read more [...]
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Choke World

Today we know a lot of great cold steel produced in India, but that's about gunshot systems associated with the region, accounts for much less hear. At its core are the products of British arsenals or late Afghan copies of European weapons.Illustration SHUTTERSTOCK.COM The story began with the photos wonderful dulnozaryadnogo rifled guns — .507 caliber hunting fitting (12.9 mm) manufactured in the best European traditions on the highest level. Shotgun with capsule shock lock on style performance fully complies with the middle of the XIX century. Read more [...]
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Operation rifle

Acquired rifles. Not the least played the violin in the transfer of authority for registration of the police in the police department. According to information available to me, give rifles to "ground" the district police station, where the smooth-bore weapon. This will further facilitate the life of a hunter-Muscovites.Photo: Anton Zhuravkova First I took melkashku TOZ-78, b / u true, but in excellent condition and has optics. Rifle is very happy. The only drawback seen – magazine catch. Too it is available, when wearing gloves, you can lose the store. From time to take the Read more [...]
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How many guns you need a hunter?

Dear Editors, I really liked unfolded on the pages of your newspaper debate about how many guns you need a hunter. I myself have never engaged in hunting, but discovered it fascinating side, thanks to your publications. And even began to prepare for the delivery of ohotminimuma the district society. Soon, inevitably raise the question of buying a gun. The law "On Weapons" allows the hunter to have five guns. But do as much? How many guns do you need a hunter? Or only one? Sincerely, Boris Morozov, 50 years old.Photo: Anton Zhuravkova Dear Mr. Morozov!There are opposite views on Read more [...]
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On the pool for gladkostvolki

Recently, a bullet to the rifle bullet seriously pressed to gladkostvolke. Now everyone knows, from which to shoot wild boar, elk, bear ... The data on energy in joules, in kg / m many obscure and bullet for shotgun - uncivilized, is out of date. In response, someone snaps timidly trying to explain it somehow did not really look in the woods of Central Russian Army man with a rifle.Photo: Anton Zhuravkova Taking advantage of the incompetence of the potential buyers, the market continues to grow arms, little use for hunting large animals. The debate in the press, slowly but still Read more [...]
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Misfire should not be

Often she tells people about how lucky he - took aim at the bird, beast. Only after all the stress, prior to this long-awaited MIGU, he heard a shot, instead of a dry metallic click. Misfire!..Photo: Anton Zhuravkova And then followed a lot of details, but almost never the hunter did not explain why it has happened what should not be. Okay, I flew a duck. And if the wolf is gone, which is not one day tracked down and surrounded by a team of associates at a cost of a lot of work? In this case, very difficult to justify a misfire.And, of course, should not be misfire when hunting Read more [...]
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