CZ550 — Czech contradictions

Okonchanie.Nachalo in № 11/2012Photos Anto Zhuravkova The barrel carbine CZ550 all models produced by cold rotary forging with four rifling right. AT Depending on the model, its length is 520, 600, 610, 635, 650, 660 mm, and is considered a standard length of 600 mm.Sometimes we hear complaints that the trunk is strongly heated and the point of impact moves. AND This is not surprising. For hunting requires a comfortable, fit for long wear weapons, and want not want, reducing weight, you have to sacrifice in first thickness of the barrel. Read more [...]
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Absolute accuracy

The story of the famous brands in the world of optics and the legendary Swarovski crystals one can not begin to describe the multifaceted personality of their creator. As for education and vocation violinist and as a design engineer, Daniel Swarovski nevertheless primarily famously gave the world talented fake diamond.In 1949, the company SWAROVSKI OPTIK KG presented binoculars in which used lenses provide high image clarity. A subject of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, the future brilliant inventor born in Georgiental village that nestled on mountainous north Bohemia — Read more [...]
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The shoot larger animals?

In the midst of the hunting season for ungulates. Someone has managed to go hunting and come back with a trophy worthy and someone went several times and came back with nothing. And not because of bad luck. It often happens: you went to the beast you took careful aim, shot, hit, and the beast was gone. This means that the shot not what you need. Here are a few examples from the past seasons.Photo: Anton Zhuravkova Hunter from the tower from a distance of 50–70 m shooting a wild boar. Weapons – carbine «Elk» (chuck 7,62h51). The bullet gets wild boar in the Read more [...]
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Operation scopes on rifles

His first carbine ("Saiga") cal. 7,62x39 I have gained in the early 90s. The rifle was equipped with a telescopic sight PO-3.5. Rifle was necessary to me as air; for about thirty years, I have dealt only with wolves and foxes, and how I got them, I do not remember. Leave took only in the winter - January, February, hunted one, as they say, samotopom, and only occasionally to gather additionally brother helped a wounded animal or a wolf caught in a trap.Frustrated hopesAnd the long-awaited weapon in my hands, and even with optics – My joy knew no bounds. In Moscow store «Protection» Read more [...]
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Do I need to lubricate, not to miss the mark?

The presence of a rather large number of rifles in the hands of Russian hunters, a variety of ammunition used by different weapons to hunt conducted gave rise to many questions, mostly related to the efficiency of use of a particular type rifles.Photo: Anton Zhuravkova And just recently the press has become the armory raises questions about the safety of rifled barrels, the extension of its effective life. The problem of preservation rifled barrels have always existed, and at different times has been addressed in different ways.This question is very important, since the effectiveness Read more [...]
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Attention hunters and citizens owning firearms!

In accordance with the decisions of the Supreme Court (case number AKPI12-1427 on December 6, 2012 and the case number AKPI12-1428 of 27 November 2012) The persons in possession of a firearm, with the extension of the permit for possession and carrying of firearms to provide the internal affairs bodies a certificate of passing the training and acquisition of skills of safe handling of weapons is not required.In accordance with the decisions of the Supreme Court (case number AKPI12-1427 on December 6, 2012 and the case number AKPI12-1428 of 27 November 2012) The persons in possession of a firearm, Read more [...]
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Oh Henry!

"Explore the postal wagon, awakening from hypnosis, he jumped out to the mound with the hard drive in hand and took an active part in the game. John Big Dog, sitting on the tender with coal, made a wrong turn itself into a shot and the conductor slammed his trump card .45 ..." - O. Henry. The roads that we choose. «VULKANIK» It was the first.Himself gun is extremely interesting. This is the first weapon with a lever mechanism and a tubular magazine rifle. Recharging his arm made a similar bracket Henry, but under one finger — Handgun this system looks quite logical. Read more [...]
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Polymer alternative

The heating rate and the depreciation of the trunk, the accuracy, recoil, muzzle velocity and weight of ammunition - all of these characteristics can be improved thanks to the plastic sleeve. More precisely established modern polymers.At a recent in US SHOT Show, one of the largest exhibitions dedicated to arms, the company PCP Ammunition tucked in his belt and critics competitors: they were able to create a non-metallic sleeve chambered 7,62h51mm and outfitted it high bullet Sierra MatchKing HPBT.In addition to a cartridge assembly weighs third less than in the same brass Read more [...]
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Undeservedly forgotten 9,3h62 Mauser

"By all accounts, this cartridge had a satisfactory ballistic characteristics that make it suitable for a variety of hunts .Horoshy patron, but no more. Here, perhaps, and all you can say about him. " This feature gives the patron 9,3h62 Mauser in a recognized classic book "weapons and ammunition for African hunts."Photo: Anton Zhuravkova Since its inception in 1905 until the end of the 1960s, when there were problems with the acquisition of both filled with ammunition and components for its self-equipment, this cartridge was considered truly universal and rightly enjoyed among Read more [...]
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With carabiner «Leopard-1»

In 1978 it realized an old dream of mine to purchase rifles. It was a shotgun, "Leopard-1".The passport was written that shotgun for hunting medium-sized – saiga antelope, deer, wolves, musk deer, marmot, etc. But my first shot ... was on the boar. It so happened that I was forced to shoot the wounded animal, helping hunters armed with rifles. The shot was loud, wild boar fell on its side. I measured the distance to the dead animal – 170 steps. When viewed from the boar turned out that my bullet hit exactly at the neck under the ear. Everyone was surprised that the bullet weighing 3.5 Read more [...]
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Turkish contagion

Recently, it becomes very tedious in okolooruzheynom space hype Turkish weapons. It turns out very interesting picture! Turkey - a country which has no weapons of tradition, unable to produce a firearm, even for their own army suddenly beat out in leaders for the production of hunting rifles. Fiction does not happen – A number of European producers to increase the competitiveness of their weapons have found an easy way out – to shift production in the backward countries with cheap labor. The fact that this quality is lost one is not particularly interested in, and now the Turks began Read more [...]
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Three Frankotta

Brand «Auguste Francotte» is well known to many lovers of hunting weapons. The company has more than two hundred years. During this time she had ups and downs. But at any point in its history, one thing remained unchanged - the excellent quality of manufacture of hunting rifles.Photo by Alexander Anikin «Frankotty» used in pre-revolutionary Russia a special love. They hunted thousands of Russian hunters, and the older generation of fans skeet in high esteem were big box-gun from this company.In pre-revolutionary Russian directories gun shops, from the company Read more [...]
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Cossack trigger

By chance we came across the original vintage photograph of the Terek Cossacks, which we reviewed Cossack rifle XIX century - the same znameniituyu "chernolihovku." Talking about the Cossack weapons is endless, this theme is extremely interesting, with many blind spots for modern researchers. Due to historical and national features of arms Cossack troops were very flexible.Cossacks treat irregular army divisions and armed themselves. That weapon with which the Cossack went into battle, it was his own. With him he had fought and hunted .... In the mass villagers were rather poor, and people have Read more [...]
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«Numbering 2»

Last American inventor Hiram Berdan on open spaces of the former Russian Empire became a household name. "Berdanoyu", "Berdan rifle" is now referred to any old gun. A device for zeroing rifles «Berdan number 2». Once upon a time it was different, in the end of the 1860s Russian rifles «Berdan systems» It was ultra-modern, and their appearance determined the further development of weapons systems around the world.V1866, the Armory Commission GAU Military Department of the Russian Empire decided to use a system of Henry — Peabody as Read more [...]
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Legendary trehlineyka

When my hunting experience was approaching to five years, I started thinking about the purchase of rifles. My work allowed to drive around several gun shops in the day and "monitor" arms market. In addition to being able to read something in periodicals and books about weapons. I started to lean toward the idea that I need to have a rifled barrel caliber of not less than 7.62 at the most common in the Russian bullets. This 7,62h39 and 7,62x54R.Photo: Raspberry Eugene Having read about the poor quality «conversion» weapons, in particular, that under the trunks caliber Read more [...]
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Beware — the gun!

"How many times told the world," and we all make the same mistakes, forgetting that we have in hand the object of increased danger - a gun! Almost every room read: it was shot, was shot there. The list is not reduced.Bugs on the hunt very much: it is not clear visible shooting target shooting on the water, the inability to use the guard and others. These errors were always – and thirty and forty years ago. But especially this phenomenon has spread in recent years, become a hunter when it became very simple: pay the money, got the ticket, bought a gun – and you're a hunter.Previously, Read more [...]
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Shotgun Count von Shlaberndorfa

The story began unexpectedly. Department of Cultural Heritage of the Ministry of Culture of Russia offered to one of the authors of this article to examine some samples of ancient hunting weapons for their attribution.The impact of the hammers is framed in a dragon's head, podsterzhniki executed in the form of a cat's head. Carver found a compromise between decoration and functionality. Perhaps the most impressive of which was a huge hunting «Sauer». And it was not the usual mass of hunters «perelomka», a More dulnozaryadnoe with capsule Read more [...]
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Toys for men

In the previous issue we restricted ourselves to review classical clumsy knives. And no wonder - because the original knife and "born" in such an incarnation.Folding Knife gangling loses in all respects except one - wearing comfort. Folding knives entered everyday life much later, in the Middle Ages, according to at least Europe. Some authors, however, argue that the Chinese and immediately ahead of the Europeans in the same way as a gunpowder, paper and porcelain and many more things objects of daily use today.But not in the championship Read more [...]
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Two in one. Made in Russia

Have a hunting rifle and does not have on its optical sight in the narrow circles of domestic owners of long guns considered almost in bad taste. In the old days scopes most of us were not available and were the object of desire of dreams.The sight was very demanding the position of the eye relative to the eyepiece. In previous years we have had no sight of division Types and brand, His Majesty was just an optical sight and All this was said. Farther — and darkness Legends about «between the eyes on eight meth­moat». Informed Read more [...]
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Frosty history

It is known that hunting for moose refers to battue hunting, where success depends on coherence rangers, beaters and shooters, huntersHunter's team it may include up to fifteen people. Often, due to lack of hunting rangers team has to include in the beaters and their comrades. And from the shooting line, straddling a senior forester, it requires strict adherence to discipline, including silent stay in your room, camouflage, shooting only in designated gamekeeper sector presence on the room to the team of senior huntsman of cessation of hunting and a ban on the shooting of any other animal, or bird, Read more [...]
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