Tales of the Red Forest

I had heard about the "Red Forest" from friends of hunters and hunters. "So it's a former royal hunting Kuban!" - Prompted me. - Go and look at the forest and it is a miracle of nature. " Initially, in April the southern forests were gloomy, bare and uncomfortable. Hunting land "Red Forest" was part of the Krasnodar lesoohotnichih economy which was subordinated Glavohote RSFSR.The main difference from other European deer subspecies — education «Crown» on the ends of the horns. The area of our Russian hunting concepts, was small — five Read more [...]
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Notes huntsman

It is bad when a good hunter bad dog, even worse, when a good dog is a bad hunter. Hunting since childhood, I've seen a lot of hunting dogs. There were unreliable, and those with whom it was possible to put up on the part of the hunt, and some left in the shower nonvanishing good memory of me. Russian hounds in Unlike other hunting dogs that may be pursued by the beast followed with voice, have a particularly strong and sonorous singsong voice.Photo Ekaterina Smirnova I I appreciate it on a par with happiness from meeting the prettiest and my Read more [...]
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The birth of passion

Asu-Bulak village is nestled in a narrow valley, the middle of which ran smartly nestled cherry creek. On the one hand we hung over the village mighty old mountains. I, a resident of the Kazakh steppe feather grass, they seemed no less Elbrus, but if less, then the beauty certainly not inferior. It was here, at Ust-Kamenogorsk, in the twenty years I went to school hunting. The colony of marmots are always a few guards, which give the appearance of danger to know about it to your relatives. At one landing at I lived with a neighbor Shreds wife, Masha, a beautiful dark-haired Read more [...]
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In an old Opel Frontera, descended from the conveyor at the beginning of this century, my old friend goes on the hunt until now. And the risk of climbing at such a distance, where most of his comrades-in-arms come on "Nivas" and UAZ.And despite the advanced age SUV leave it is not going. For him, this car is not Only an integral part of the equipment, but Even the mascot: in his first trip to freshly bought the car filled up my friend hardened bulls in alone, without beaters and desks­ners. AND Indeed, with Since then, rarely it remains Read more [...]
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Trophies of ice water

All dives only vertical - horizontal no deep dives, it is very dangerous !!! We have always been drawn to Winter pools, ice-free. It seems to be the same cold, the same fresh air as in the forest, but floating water, sun ... And road to him, waiting for a trophy, a feeling of weightlessness, which gives immersion ... Alas, these places in the winter is very small, Basically, all under the ice.Winter spearfishing and distinctive demanding. Pick the perfect outfit: suit tepid, from 9–10 mm neoprene, three-fingered gloves, thick neoprene socks Read more [...]
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Not a penny, but suddenly hit the jackpot!

In late September, I was walking along the shore of Cuban women. Kubinka we, in the Perm region - a small river, which runs from west to south and merges with the river Elankub and then flows into the river Strezh.Photo USFWSAlaska / flickr.com (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0) On Strezh we Katya (West Siberian husky) no ducks and found We decided to look for them Kubinka, well, and if is not there, then maybe even shot a grouse. A coming on field raise Chernyshov. Although it oh how difficult, since from the coast to the Cuban women The most ringlets Read more [...]
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Sinister ramp

-So 1000 kg weight at body width up to 7 meters dotigaet largest tropical ramp, called the mantle. With this cute tiny girl I met last spring while in nyryalok Barents Sea. Then, Katya, already quite advanced divers, there was a tragicomic case. On depth of more than twenty meters she saw a five-kilogram crab taking his shell, but something frightened, was imported, rose from yl bottom, and taking off «looker» I was at the behind her.He tightly gripped the hose regulator, cutting off her air supply. Replacement mouthpiece Read more [...]
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Delicacies from elk

Unleavened dough for future useFirst unleavened dough kneaded without soda (!), And then burnt dry baking soda mixed with the remaining flour and stir into the mixture in the still fairly soft dough piece. After the dough is fully will incorporate all the flour, knead the dough by hand to continue for another 5—7 minutes. The finished dough is placed in a sturdy plastic bag, inside oiled with vegetable oil. Such assays are well conserved (for 1 week in a cool place) and its quality during storage will continue to improve.TO «hunting liver» put on the table a simple familiar foods: Read more [...]
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Duck in pechechke

Greetings to all, wishing, as always, great! Brothers, your attention - not quite "healthy" food with a view to nutritionists, but the food And this from the right ingredients.Of «incorrect» we make up fat. So if someone wants – It can clean it up, of course, but I can not vouch for the outcome.And another thing: a recipe for RUSSIAN FURNACE. Naturally, everyone will be able to repeat in the oven, but for this you need to know your oven. To know and love.Now – the classic question: «And whether you like a duck as I love her ?!»Let's see.At the autumn hunting Read more [...]
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In the current

In the current hunt at dawn usually out of the hut, which is being built in advance. Illustration of a collection of GDM The first attempts of the current appear in late winter with a deep and still does not start to melt snow and in the absence of even a hint of spring. However, in the internal rules of life have occurred grouse change, they do not hold a mixed flock of conducting together daily schedule.AT the end of February, and at the beginning of March The middle lane of the European Union, where usual decent grouse, often have to see a group of roosters Read more [...]
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How to quickly save the meat for beer

Well, it happens that a little bit is not designed, and you put a little more excitement in the fact that you can eat until the next hunting - 3-4 dnya.Chto do with this mountain?1. Very simply and quickly (especially in summer these things useful, everything is perishable) saline.Cut portions. For example, such.But if you have a supply of the large intestine, can pieces and more.In this case, I want to make faster, faster to msyao prosolilos podvyalilos and faster.Pour salt into a large bowl or basin huge and enveloping msyao salt on the surface, shake off the excess.With a large rock salt accustomed Read more [...]
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Dishes woodcock

The bird is small in size, the weight of the carcass about 300 woodcocks recommended basically toast.Woodcock wineIn a skillet heat the oil, put the plucked, gutted and stuffed with bacon woodcocks. Fry on all sides, pouring the sauce in which they are fried. Cooked poultry pour a glass of dry red wine, then pull out a skillet and cut into two parts. Lay on the deep-fried croutons, pour over sauce and serve.GAME feathers in clayCarcasses gut, not plucking feathers, inside put a little oil or fat, salt and sew threads or blades of grass. Stuck to the clay and put on the coals. When the clay is dry Read more [...]
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Assorted pens

I want to offer you one of the favorite dishes of our hunting company. "Assorted pens" simple to prepare, nourishing, tasty and flavorful dish that can rightfully occupy a place of honor on the holiday table !!!Take the meat of wild boar, roe deer, moose, add (sprinkle) quite a bit of salt you can add chopped parsley, onion, dill - in general, to taste. Another clean 6-8 potatoes, 3 onions. Preferred soy sauce (which is why we have a little salt it in the beginning)In a bowl Multivarki add 50 grams of butter, spread the meat, then onions, then potatoes. Add the spices and herbs to taste.Right Read more [...]
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In the summer, boars

More recently, the wild boar is quite rare in the forests around Moscow, tending to more southern regions. More exotic sea was in the northern areas. Soon meet in Vologda bear footprints and very clumsy than see transitions boar.But by the time I mastered hunting rifle, wild boar obzhil Vologda forests, surpassing in terms of hunting not only bear, but the elk. Plowed forest clearing, plow up the soil at the roots of the oil made mushroom pickers cautiously circumvent the spruce undergrowth where were animal tracks. Damaged crops caused annoyance fair villagers no longer count on a good harvest, Read more [...]
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At about six, when burning the whole day at the zenith of the sun finally rolled down, we again climbed the mountain. Sitting on the warm rocks, I and my companions Jason Zolo, began binoklevat overgrown bushes and trees valley that stretches well far below our feet.In the evening, when the animals come out only after a day of crepe rest in the shadows of time hunting remains a bit. And we must spend it wisely. There is no longer possible, as in the morning, leisurely wander through the bush, looking in the logs and plains game. Who better to wait for the beast in ambush, or, as we climb higher, Read more [...]
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Attacking wolves are very well coordinated joint hunt, in which the functions of the individual members of the pack are not only separate, but coordinated. Breaking one by one, they cover the hunted animal from different sides, and finally surround it. Often part of the wolf pursues the beast, and the other is trying to intercept or lies in an ambush on his way. Evenk Chapogir old man was awakened by snarling dogs. «Probably the deer came close to them». — he thought. He listened. From the dogs in a tent heard a Clicking typical deer hooves. He calmed down. My wife slept. Read more [...]
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From hunter to the nature of custodian

In recent years, society has the wrong attitude to hunting and conservation. Due to a sharp statement "green", the hunters are represented cruel and senseless killers. But is it really? Known catcher animals, zoo founder Carl Hagenbeck wrote: "Every true hunter - each of wild nature and its inhabitants." The life of John Hunter only confirms these words.John Alexander Hunter – One of the most famous Russian readers for hunters in Africa who has lived a long and adventurous life. An avid hunter and connoisseur of nature, he has collaborated with many of the Zoological Museum of Europe, and Read more [...]
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Hare to suit every taste

I would like to bring to your attention, ladies and gentlemen, a few old recipes of dishes from the rabbit, prefacing them some kind of reference, characterized by a very legible attitude ancestors to this sweet animal. It was believed that the best hares – mountain, to those that are found in low-lying areas, and, moreover, in the marshy. Rusakov favored over Belyakov regarding fat content and size. The best times to hunt hares in the ancient sources referred to the period from September to March.Consequently, the existing in modern Russia the terms of hunting is quite linked to notions Read more [...]
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Partridge in oranges

The recipe is simple and fast. The picture in fact everything that we need.Partridges pluck, singeing and cuts the length and breadth:Fry them in vegetable oil, and fast heat until golden brown.With orange rind cut off:Cut it into strips and scalding to remove the bitter taste and zest to make softer.Oranges cut into slices.Now the whole thing we are going to put out. We spread the bottom of the form grapes.Then we place the bird and oranges.Blanking of all this again, grapes and top zest. It seemed to me that a lot of zest to put it is not necessary.Form close suёm top foil in the oven at 200 Read more [...]
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Large kudu

"For ten days we hunted large kudu antelope, and I have never seen an adult male. There were only three days, because from the south, from Rhodesia, the rains were coming, and not to get stuck here, we had to drive at least until Handeni before they begin. "Ernest Hemingway. "Green Hills of Africa"Over the past decade, a growing number of Russian hunters come to Africa to hunt African game. Shaking in the climb up the broken serpentine "cruiser" I overcame the same thoughts ... Short hunting is already drawing to a close. Unlike the olden Ham I left I had a day less, Read more [...]
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