The trick in a hut

Somewhere in the early nineties, happened, I looked in the spring - usually on holidays in May - at Uglich, a relative of my wife, hunt grouse currents. Places there are very picturesque: hills covered with pine forest, lovely birch and aspen forests with tremendous meadows, and on the high bank of the river - frozen pine forest, as if admiring the wonderful spring floods.And how amazing is this hunting out of the hut. If you sit and tracked down the birds do not now, but in the far-distant past. One on one with nature, to listen, peering, and most importantly – is expected to meet with his Read more [...]
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Farm Dog

Lying on the bed near the stove and listen to the rumble intermittently pans in the kitchen, my friend in a constant hunting wanderings Sasha Alexeev. The furnace was just gaining momentum, heat pours on the spartan one-room hut of our eleven beds - based hunting, buzzing. The author with captured wolf. We had a great exhausted from today, went into the woods without skis, passed a lot - and the snow was not too little – so we dragged spruce-fir, lit the stove, and I'm through discontented mutterings Sashka went to bed and fell. And now I am lying in sweet slumber, listen Read more [...]
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Gifts Caucasus

The hot August day. Night at the base of the valley and an early exit in the mountains - my first visit to the Caucasus for the mountainous hunting. Despite the experience of hunting in Tien Shan, Pamir, Altai and Sayan, Caucasus has been for me a great mystery. According to reviews, and articles, I realized that in the Caucasus to go harder than in the Tien Shan. Pamir I have not even discussed because talking about the complexities of moving the I Pamir altitude of 4500-5000 m above separately.Horn adult male Caucasian tur not will impress any hunter's trophies. The first Read more [...]
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In the den or the first Bear

Part 1: The characters in the stories Vitaly Stepaniuc, of course, do not always fit in the "official" rules of hunting and city views on the ethics and culture of getting game. But here we must remember that a villager in previous years saw hunting as a particular asset in his farm. And life in the "bear corner" runs by its own rules, and sometimes not very clear "correct" the hunter (Ed.).I have always, especially for youth, dreamed to get a bear den. Then I have not read well-known authors of the early twentieth century bear hunting. Just had a great desire and expertise was not. The first bear Read more [...]
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In the den or the first bear (part 2)

Everything happened in the year 91, I was out of work and time to hunt was enough. For days wandering through the woods, covering the distance from the village. Slides to Third Creek, Black River. In one of the weekend for me and my brother in law I joined Anatoly Makarov with his worthless dog Martha. Hysteric it made the first host Vlasov Erast H., then he persuaded me to help get rid of it. So the Russian hound and got only.That day in December, most likely it was in the «Introduction»We returned at dusk, tired home, and three kilometers from the village, stumbled upon a completely Read more [...]
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8 Pasta-caliber charged elk

Cannelloni or manikotti - word until recently unknown to Russian human ear, is now the pasta is not a gimmick, and can be bought in the nearest supermarket.Since we have a hunting site, then these obzovёm makaroshki in our opinion, is hunting. «Pasta 8-gauge»I'd better not come up. Next to the photo, for the scale is chuck 12 gauge.For this dish we need:1) A stack of cannelloni 250 g. (25 pieces).2) Stuffing.3) Onions 2 pc.4) Few mushrooms.5) bechamel sauce.6) Parmesan cheese7) Tomato sauce8) Salt9) Spices The basis of meat, of course – elk. For stuffing will not stop, you can Read more [...]
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Happy spring

Why are we all about hunting, but hunting ... However, what neither begin to speak or write, be sure to get about hunting, it is very large, it takes place in our lives and leads to many of the events and the understanding of their own place in this world. That's the story, seemingly not at all about hunting, but by and large do not care about her ...Boris Sokolov Ilya Magrychev. Spring of 2013. There are a great many reasons to love life. One of them is that sometimes as if by themselves are entertaining line up the chain does not imply not planned events that do not get tired Read more [...]
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Uzbek plov in Russian. Pilaf elk.

Quiet! Quiet! Do not scream. I understand that no one Uzbek did not think instead of gentle, mutton fat, used in the preparation of pilaf lean elk meat. But I came up with such a bad idea.«Again, these burgers! Well, as you can! Would you even … pilaf cooked!» (Rewrite phrases from famous film).The main thing that scares me – would hate to pieces of moose meat were pilaf as foreign bodies. That is, I want them to chew on, and it was not necessary, then picking his teeth with a toothpick (you sorry for details).I have to say that the elk I pilaf add first time and therefore Read more [...]
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Shulyum of woodcocks

Immediately say, that there is no clear opinion in cooking shulyum. Just plenty of recipes and reviews.Some do not see shulyum without pshёnki. I tried – did not like. Others prepare it with potatoes. Still others are prepared exclusively from barley. The fourth use lentils. Fifth nothing but the game is not added as a «garnish»Neither potatoes nor pshёnki or barley or – Th – st.But still, the total of all the recipes there. This is undoubtedly the use of game. In particular – birds. There are, however, believed that shulyum made from lamb, but, in my opinion, Read more [...]
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Cabbage soup with meat-rich spring drake

Today we will prepare the real soup of sauerkraut. As in Russia, the meat in the soup was present every day - the meat soup commonly called rich.On the occasion of the completion of the spring hunting season beef brisket safely replace a drake. It will only get better! So, we will need 800 grams of sauerkraut, a couple of carrots, two onions, parsley root and, ideally, a few turnips. I could not find them, so did without them… Oh yes… What would really be the name «rich soup» take more ceps. Dried naturally.Let's start with the preparation for future welding scham. To Read more [...]
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The hunting instinct

The third generation of the Korean KIA Sportage had finally turned the once robust and confident "rascal" in the glamorous "SUV"Dynamics, passion, even rage shows estrerer new Sportage, developed by German experts led by by Peter Schreyer. But on the machine and surprising Now you can enjoy, going on Zaimka far, where, as a rule, are hideous road ...Long familiarity with one of the so-called improved versions KIA Sportage, appeared on Russian market Last year, left a pleasant impression, especially considering the fact that the Park Read more [...]
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Grouse stewed in sour cream

There comes a time to one of the most beautiful and romantic hunting. Grouse hunting with Pishchik. And if you're lucky, you can use this recipe. You will not regret.Take grouse and if they have long gathered dust in the fridge to soak them in water a couple of hours.Mode bacon into small cubes:And shpiguem their carcasses, pepper and season with salt:Then fry the grouse until golden brown over high heat:Stuff them in a pressure cooker or in utyatnitsu:Fill soup somewhere on third and simmer on low heat for about an hour ... Near the end of cooking, when a part of the broth has evaporated, add Read more [...]
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Elk. Corned beef

Meat elk are exempt from living. That's right. It is difficult, of course, but better.Solim ONLY coarse salt (rock). You can not use the sea.We put in the refrigerator. You can put the oppression of a couple of days. It is no oppression.With yoke is preparing a week or 10 days. Without oppression about 2 weeksthat's ready trёhlitrovikprosolki in color change and give the meat juice (brine)Smell and taste amazingly delicious. As an appetizer just gorgeous Soloninko.Now just waiting for-a…Someone might ask: «How much salt should be put?» Sam always rolling in salt so as usual Read more [...]
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Cooking wild duck

Photo: Mikhail Semin At the height of the season of duck hunting. Many hunters in refrigerators are trophies. However, many do not know how tasty and properly cook a duck or other game. And try because of it distribute production familiar to not mess around with the birds themselves.I even know a lot of hunters, which categorically prohibit the wife bringing home such a production, from which the house dirt and feathers. Nevertheless duck can be prepared very tasty. During the years of hunting trips, we have worked a few recipes for venison, one of which I want to tell. Let's start Read more [...]
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Without a piece of bread — all longing

Again weekend. In everyday life I managed to go on the hunt, but without result, so did not change the tradition, decided to once again something to cook on the weekends game and a game. Today I would like to share with the readers of the second and the last device in addition to Multivarki that I learned in the kitchen - a bread maker. Without salt, no bread - half lunch. Photo: Mikhail Semin I use it since 2006. It has become a habit to bake their bread in the hunting trip. Accustomed and friends, who immediately understood the smell exactly where is my food. It is the only instrument Read more [...]
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The hunt for the giant Kamchatka moose

From the first day of our hunting in Kamchatka, we camped, we began studying the monotonous surrounding biogeotsinozov, and there were quite a lot. Floodplain forest, consisting mainly of thickets of alder, willow and other chapyzhnika. Tundra, forest tundra areas, and in fact the big wastelands and large groves of birch and larch.Marshes - hummocky heavily flooded areas, small lakes, swamps and natural dry hummocks covered with juicy berries.Marie - tall, bushy field between mixed forests; mixed forests, consisting mainly of poplar, larch, birch, alder.Old women - old river beds, with virtually Read more [...]
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For grouse on larch

It is hard to imagine a Russian forest without capercaillie. Even harder to Russian hunting without hunting Moshnikov, and probably can not be Russian hunter, passionate and affectionate Russian Russian forest and hunt, for which the hunting of capercaillie would not be so anxious alluring and desirable. By these words it is difficult to add anything. Hunting for capercaillie, primordially Russian hunting, I think, will always stand in the front row of all the hunting revered writers in Russia. In this article I want to share the experience of hunting for capercaillie on larch. It addresses primarily Read more [...]
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In search of a champion

Through the efforts of the Kazakh autfitterskoy Prohunt company and its permanent leader and my friend Nurlan Kikimovu my third year manage to get on the hunt in the foothills of the north-western Tien Shan in the south of Kazakhstan. Produced in the past year in this mountain range Kara Teke gave hope to find the notorious Central Asian ibex championship trophy this season. I recall that for many years the champion of the size of the horns of 152 cm, a native of Kyrgyzstan. :) I am a patriot is not haunted, and four years with varying success looking for the monster in our country.Capricorn males Read more [...]
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In the wake of a bear …

Bear in Central Russia lies in its den in the middle end of October, approximately about 26 (st. St.) In October (the day of St. Demetrios); before that time, he falls very rarely. Accuracy of definition of this term is checked by myself, by numerous observations on the life of a bear in the period before maturation.T. I.Danchurova. Bear on oats (2007 g). This is a normal period, causes normal conditions affecting Bear lives. As soon it violated the right conditions so delayed and period of maturation.We assume that the bear, looking for a place in the autumn Read more [...]
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African podranok

Drebezhaschy knock on the glass scared, swept past early morning dreams. «Good morning, wake up," -razdalos somewhere on the border of waking and sleeping. I reluctantly opened my eyes. The darkness, pitch-dark around. I still dreaming? The knock was repeated again, louder and more insistent. No, it's not a dream. It Imani. Shaking off the remnants of slumber, I loudly thanked for reveille darky maid shuffled getting around in the morning hunting lodges. Feeling on the bedside phone, I looked at the clock – 5 am . It's time to wake up.Reaching groping in the dark to the door, I parted Read more [...]
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The Survival in the wild nature - how correctly to behave, it having appeared in an emergency situation. Ability to find a way out from any situation: to kindle a fire, to put traps, to prepare food, to arrange dwelling and a lodging for the night; to learn to knit knots, to clear water, to be guided by districts, correctly to choose equipment, a knife. Also you can download directories to tourists, encyclopedias survivals, video Bear Grills to Survive at any cost (Man vs. Wild).