Kuban autumn

On September 27, Kanev district of Krasnodar region took interregional exhibition of hounds "Kuban autumn." The uniqueness of this project lies not only in the fact that today it is perhaps the largest platform for professional assessment of dogs breeds of hounds in the south of Russia, but also in the principles of the organization, linking private funding and enthusiastic community whip. The idea of ​​the event was in the air from year to year. On regional exhibition in rings on different reasons (mainly because of the lack of interest of the owners) Read more [...]
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Hunting animals in private ownership

In the early nineties in our country has radically changed the economy and all the content of life. There are new opportunities for business, including in the field of hunting and hunting. Photo: Peter Zverev Part one.In the early nineties in our country has radically changed the economy and all the content of life. There are new opportunities for business, including in the field of hunting and hunting. In addition, the steel much more accessible hunting in other countries. It is clear that for the coming hunting fun it is paid, and for the host country – complex, but effective Read more [...]
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The Lord of the Mountain Spirits

10 years in prison sentenced a Chinese made Themis two herdsmen in Xinjiang for killing caught in the trap of snow leopardsOn the planet there is no so many predators that specialize in production exclusively mountain animals. TO so «narrow specialists» include the snow leopard, and in some places — leopard puma.Our joint expedition of biologists from the Central Research Laboratory of the Russian Federation and Glavohoty The Biological Institute of the Academy of Sciences in Novosibirsk arrived Kosh-Agach district of the Altai Mountains. The Read more [...]
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Thorny digger

In ctolknoveniyah porcupine predator beast and needles as the defending side often comes out the winner.Fossils of the family dikobrazovyh known in Europe since the Oligocene in Asia - from the middle Pliocene, in Africa - from the beginning of the Pleistocene. All kinds dikobrazovyh grouped into four kinds: long-tailed porcupines (Trichys), tussock porcupines (Atherurus), landaki (Thecurus), porcupines (Hystrix). Major Asian porcupine can effectively apply themselves in soft dusk upcoming southern night, and when barely daybreak, suddenly announced in few meters Read more [...]
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Exciting arms of Nepal, or mountain hunting in Dhorpatan

Photo: Konstantin Popov Nepal. Something fascinating and alluring there this word. AT thoughts there is an image of Chomolungma, or as it is called Nepalese Sagarmatha — the highest in the world's giant snow-covered mountain tops on the conquest of the dream of thousands of the most experienced climbers.It was Nepal somewhere is a mystical kingdom of Shambhala, to that the powers that sought the secret passage. A yet it — the birthplace of the Buddha, a place of pilgrimage for millions of believers.But Mountain Read more [...]
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Forests, fields, Czech Republic and Hungary

Polyakov Pan, Pan Sinitsyn, I congratulate you on joining the ranks of hunters Czech Republic! For the accuracy of the translation can not answer, but I think something like that told us the representative of the local authorities, shaking hands and handing out laminated cards with our names.A piece of yellow plastic in hand, something similar to the card after maintenance, giving us the right to try to experience the happiness of hunting in the Czech Republic.This trip we (I and Alexander) had planned for more Kyrgyz endless tea. After an extreme, rest the soul asked. Of course, the rest should Read more [...]
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Into Somalia

(From the collection of Pavel Gusev) Our return to the camp that day was truly triumphant. Residents of both villages went out to meet "frinzhi" - white hunters Europeans.Count Joseph Potocki (1862-1922) - a Polish aristocrat, landowner, big game hunter. In 1895 he made a hunting safari wilderness Somalia. Camel caravan was divided into 4 groups: — which transports the water, the second — food supplies for the team escort; third — our own reserves; fourth — tents our personal baggage. Each group was a separate colony, and Each Read more [...]
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Bear Hunt

Sitting down, I looked at the area in front of me. Right in front of me rose the great mountain ridges, covered with a white cover on the tops of snow that sparkled in the dazzling sun. Illustration from the archives of Peter Zverev Sitting down, I I surveyed the area in front of me. Right in front of me rose the great mountain ridges, covered on tops white cover of snow that sparkled in the dazzling the sun. Boca them were covered with black bristles places coniferous forest, sometimes lighter spots and deciduous forest hay meadows between them, the bottom Read more [...]
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One and a half kilometers

I wonder how the people in the army runs? The canvas boots, helmets, and even if a gas mask and fasten? I, as not to repay a debt homeland terribly worried for some reason this question. According to dzhipiesu moose was something about one and a half kilometers.Judging by the tracks of the dog, elk stops just a couple of minutes and continues to move briskly on the route known only to him. Once again, I console myself with the thought that Canadian boots more comfortable tarpaulin, and the absence of helmets with some other crap makes it easier, I decide to accelerate. Especially that a frozen Read more [...]
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Baked ham of moose

Everyone knows that the main problem in the preparation of an elk - elk that was not hard. The problem I have decided for myself this weekend. And I would like to share with you my discovery.Besides, I have another problem. I have a small freezer in the refrigerator. Total 145 liters. A possibility to have a separate freezer to store the game there as a small apartment. And output: At B E N I N A moose meat!Benefits:1) releases the freezer; 2) The meat can be stored for a long time in a normal refrigerator compartment3) the meat is tough!So, take the meat of mooseMine, cut into not thick, but the Read more [...]
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In the forest, with a camera and a gun

I remember the year 2006. Same as December - no snow. Early morning sunrise. I pass koryavenko hut on the edge of the village and enters the realm of the forest.Forest all wet, but in the sky visible gaps, flying among the clouds in the wind. God willing, today is a day without rain ...Under a spreading Christmas tree I pick gun, a snack and as usual do not forget to whistle in a decoy.Suddenly quite near a loud response cockerel. It sits very close to the Christmas tree vooon and certainly sees me, do not fly up, respectively. But then responds another. And further...The point is getting better Read more [...]
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Declaration of love

The sudden collision of high elephant raises his head and trunk, trying to catch a scent and to assess the degree of danger40 km / h speed of attacking an elephant. He is able to catch a horse galloping. Photo: FOTOLIA. Since I can remember, I always wanted to be a hunter. AT our family there was a cult of the St. Petersburg hunting.When in visit friends came to his father, then all the talk revolved around dogs, guns, ammunition and other hunting «nonsense». Even when his father at home, with childhood on women of our house I I Read more [...]
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Africa. Now with a rifle …

Georgy Rogozin Thanks for organizing an exciting adventure ...Part one. Hunting or what Limpopo :-)Airport Johannesburg met smart football symbols of the past holiday. No unnecessary vuvuzelas are still sold at every step, but the sound is not published and therefore like the ridiculous plastic horns, the purpose of which became totally incomprehensible… Rather, clearly organized customs formalities and now I shake your hand to George, the man who knew only virtually on the report on the Hanse. The first Russian PH looked exactly as I imagined people like profession :-) tanned, powerfully Read more [...]
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In the wake of a bear …

Hunter, go to the bear hunt without an experienced leader and without the necessary knowledge, and with only one desire to kill the beast, almost always serve pitiful plaything in the hands of our quirky salaried worker and will return home empty-handed. (From the collection of Pavel Gusev)KK Fleury. "Bear". From the collection of GDM. Hunter, go to bear hunt without an experienced leader and without the necessary knowledge and with only one desire to kill the beast, almost always serve pitiful plaything in the hands of our quirky and salaried worker will Read more [...]
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Bear «on the issue of»

I remembered this bear hunt in the den after read the new rules of hunting. Now such hunting is recognized as a crime. In Russia, for centuries it took on men den clumsy. This often took a spear to bear ... Raid. AS Stepanov (1858-1923). Paper, water-color. In my long life I have hunting came to the firm conviction that the most interesting and dobychlivye hunting evolved impromptu. So it was in this case ... is distilled three Japanese car from Vladivostok «in the countryside, in the wilderness in Saratov». Sam was driving a tow truck Read more [...]
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Old Bear

He was really very old, but still able to do a lot of trouble for agriculture and livestock is very dangerous for people, picking berries in the tundra. The bear got into the habit to walk at the village dump, located near the village of Tilichiki, but due importance to this one did not give.Photo: fotolia.com Bear hunting takes many years. I am not a professional hunter, I am a hunter and amateur long been working at the airport FSUE «Cor AP» aircraft.Born in Olyutorskii area of ​​Kamchatka Krai, a childhood having constant communication with the tundra, knowing Read more [...]
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On roar in Latvia

Dissatisfied grunt, autumn fattened snipe rose heavily from the hollows and reluctantly dispersed in intricate zigzags, flew away from the hunters that came their forests. It was a cloudy, gloomy day. Above ground rolled heavy gray clouds. The wind rustled in the trees, tore them with foliage, yellowed by the first of September matinees. Hunters crossed the field and sat on the edge of the road at the time of blackened logs, forgotten once here loggers.Relax after a long walk, both were silent. Finally one of them, a stocky man in his fifties with a weather-beaten face, veiled grayish beard, said Read more [...]
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Wolves in Kazakhstan

It's been more than a month, as the hunting season ended in 2013. He was extremely successful. Returning from a vacation, an effort of will held the week at home, but when the weather forecast showed a sunny clearance, after five days of snowfall decided to go, come what may. The truth at the last moment, drew trip to the capital, but managed to turn around for the day. Night flight, a couple of hours to pack and leave at four in the morning in the direction of hunting Dardamty, in the company of hunters and Zheka. The first one hundred and fifty kilometers of roads clean glass for Kokpek better. Read more [...]
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He looked at the feast of wolves

Today warmer and the thermometer outside + 4. A strong wind. Good weather for hunting with the approach. Catching up on the forest, she came to power lines and came across wolf tracks. Gray held here yesterday, because the day before yesterday it was snowing. I went on their trail ....A lot of moss swamps overgrown with pine trees wolves pretty low natropili and up and down. Apparently someone did on the hunt.I got up on the wolf trail and went. Along the way, on the edge of transmission lines up Kosachev I turned and took a picture of a couple of holes, if they can be called today. Perhaps grouse Read more [...]
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Winter wolves

With the wolves in my life had rarely encountered. Actually, even quite often.When I was five or six years, I first heard about the wolves by his mother. We lived then in the village. She once had to walk in the summer to get from a neighboring village on a country road. And as if she had met the wolf. How many stories house, fear and reproach to his father that he met on a horse. I remember well.According to the accounts of villagers in our area especially wolves rampaged during the war. Intermittent cattle, there were attacks on people. As a child, it was in the early 60s, I'll lend a hand witnessed Read more [...]
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