On traction in Moscow

One of the most interesting and mysterious cases in my hunting life.Photo: Vladimir Motkova One beautiful spring day the phone rang, it rang my friend, Alex. We had once worked together. A nice guy, kind, sympathetic, too, a great lover of nature. In time I join it to hunt. After some time he realized that he killed for meat animal or bird is not for him.And with this conviction, when we were on the hunt, but was to keep me company while he enjoyed the contact with nature. I began to question him: «How are you, then do not call, which disappeared?» To which he replied, Read more [...]
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Secrets of tracking hare

Minimum noise during tracking even more important than camouflage clothing, as the hare hunter discovers the ear long before it sees. To get closer to maturation at a distance of a confident shot does not have to move the trail (and certainly not in a straight line), and bypassing the noisy places - present, branches, coarse stubble ...Photo g a f a k a s s i m / FLICKR.COM AT maturationWhen looking for discounts on complex twos, threes (rugged terrain, with little snow, thick grass) I pass first on one side of the track and then on the other. This allows you to go from the main Read more [...]
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On the Volga will be tested stool pigeons

Nizhny Novgorod Regional Public Organization Hunting Club, in cooperation with professional breeders stool pigeons and information support of "Russian newspaper hunting" and "Russian hunting magazine" sites and volgahunter ohotniki.ru, organize annual provincial tests decoy utok- "Nizhny Novgorod decoy." The tests will be held in NN meadows (in the oxbow lake adjacent to the Volga).Photo: Vladimir Motkova Preliminary date provedeniya- April 4, 2015 (subject to change due to weather conditions). Fees Participants Friday April 3 in the evening and the next day, on Saturday until Read more [...]
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This place we call simply Grove. From asphalt close and we often begin hunting day here. It rarely calls in, except for us, but this does not have to wonder. The fact that the marsh overgrown with alder and willow shrubs, cross reclamation ditch, who have mastered the beavers. Therefore, in the cold and have a chance to plunge to his chest or glubzhe.Plyus this is such a jungle that scour kilometer long and half a mile wide — not an easy. But we are fighting for the harmony of shapes and the hunt itself does not regret. The most important thing — there is always a Read more [...]
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Price shot

My friend Henry, an avid hunter and good shooter, actively hunted in the north, when they built the pipeline Urengoy - Pomary - Uzhgorod, traveled almost all the lands of Ukraine, and in recent years, despite his age, a passion for hunting tourism. The minimum area of ​​hunting grounds for the creation of hunting in Bulgaria is 75 ha, and hunting in the squad must not work less than 20 hunters. Vdel hunting Henry considered himself dokoy but once in mountains during sto- len from the mouflon he suffered a mishap about what he later recalled, Read more [...]
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Closing of mountain hunting season 2014

Closing actually managed to spend the last days of the year. For the week twice traveled to another Lasom ibex, nature and hunting grounds are completely different, both times decided the meat issue.In view of the fact that the male ibex involved in Gosnay " blue" I hunted fingerlings and Lasu battered goat. Places where we hunted quite unique when it teemed with game, but then mean availability was severely depleted. The specific protection for almost ten years, almost completely restore the population. The uniqueness of these places in a special microclimate, there is almost no precipitation, Read more [...]
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Long Hunt

It so happens that no luck, no matter how hard you try. Like a beast in the grounds there and do everything right and nothing comes out. Though you burst. It was a full moon, and most of the night we were looking for a fellow ranger boars. Bypassed recently planted peas and corn fields, overgrown with dandelion and grass meadows where day notice it fresh Poro.  Kaban, vanished into thin air. Only in the morning, already sleepy and tired, we came upon a small herd. Legs buzzed from a long distance. Relax and forget to check with the wind, we climbed the oak-covered vzgorok, which was deserted Read more [...]
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Three cock

In the city, at work, almost all ill. The epidemic is not different. It hooked me. With flowing streams nose, eyes watering. Thank God, no temperature. Well, is it possible in this state to go into the woods for a couple of nights? We need to rest in bed at home, warm, swallow pills, maybe by Monday oklemalas. But no. Spring is short and you can not skip expensive days are well in any way.Food in the forest on a Friday night. And it seems that as soon as I cross the ring road, as runny nose stopped, my head cleared up and it is easy to breathe. In general, I ran away from the disease, leaving her Read more [...]
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Spring motives

I love spring. And all that is connected with it. And even her expectations. Particularly acute wish to feel her coming to the last cold when the night is still frosty, and in the afternoon sun warms already.Today, these feelings were only memories. This happens every year, and always not enough, it is impossible to enjoy the full extent, so tired. Now the feeling of spring has become dulled, to give way to other feelings. So I, after a pause, I want to revive in your souls the feelings that arise in the run-up to the spring, and that come along with it, and which remain in the memory.Already dvadtsatigradusnoe Read more [...]
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Two stories about hares

On the hunt for a long time or stored large fortune, or, conversely, unexplained failures. Do I remember two very successful hunt hares.Photo: Vladimir Motkova HOLIDAY OPTIONFrosty, but it turned out to be snow-free November. Land zadubela huddled on the roads and paths in the rock rolls. That's when I invited friends to his dacha to drive birds. I must say that I have a cottage very close to Moscow, what some forty kilometers away, and there is not a lot of hares. But I really like that this time they will meet us.We drove seven people, three of them – without guns, plus Read more [...]
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Law on Hunting: can not execute the correct

Where to put the comma?Photo Anatoly Ugadchikova Currently, the value of hunting and game management potential of the industry to the economy and population of the Russian Federation are undervalued.Economic evaluation of hunting resources of more than 87 billion rubles. Hunting Branch provides more than 80 thousand permanent and temporary jobs. Annual tax deductions in the field of hunting economy account for more than 3 billion rubles. Commercial investment in the protection of hunting grounds and technical and hunting infrastructure (10.9 billion rubles) 5 times the annual government Read more [...]
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In the end

The last day of my hunting in Latvia. Hunt, I waited for a whole year. Three days swept dizzying kaleidoscope in an instant. Even getting up in the memory left in the business city, and it became a little sad, that all ended so quickly.It was late morning. Wind waves walking on the green carpet of grass rustled in the trees. High and the sun shone brightly. Burned yellow flowering rapeseed field. Nature stormed greenery and flowers. And surrounded by beauty, which will soon have to say goodbye, even stronger heart ached.We checked last ranger storage. Left behind expanses of meadows and fields, Read more [...]
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Memorable Shot

It seems recently that was when commodity shot moose and wild boar. Yes, a lot. The leaders in the pocket have always been licensed for different types on adult animals and up to a year. National Teams, but from their hunters. Other hunters fall into these teams. Hunting and weekdays. Over the weekend, organized by sports hunting licenses. And now another battue hunting for wild boar.Photo: Anton Zhuravkova The team now consists of people of different ages, of their position, the degree of knowledge of hunting and shooting ability, but your own.Seemed salaried worker. First of Read more [...]
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By frost and snowball for ducks

"The reader may already be bored with my notes; I hasten to reassure his promise to confine printed excerpts; but parting with him, I can not say a few words about the hunt." - IS TurgenevBy frost and snowball for ducks Rustled summer-autumn hunting waterfowl. After the Intercession in the morning off the coast of increasingly strong zakrayki form and is not always possible to get a boat on the open water. And the soul is asking to continue the holiday, and the legs themselves are my Verestovo lake. Ducks are not visible. Only sometimes croaking fly large flocks of crows. Read more [...]
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By the blue sea on the Ducato

Passion to change places a person lies in the blood. In the Middle Ages, people discovered new continents and countries, subject to this passion. Today to go for a few thousand kilometers, it is not necessary to be a hero or a traveler, it is enough to have a car ... So how, you ask, I should feel myself sitting on the right — navigator — place in the cockpit of a hefty six-meter «barn» FIAT Ducato, devouring kilometers of highway M4 «Don»? Yes, in the company of good travel companions, but in anticipation of hunting quail in Abkhazia? I'm just Read more [...]
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An hour before sunrise

The vernal pools from my steps blurred reflection of the sky and trees. Gusts spring breeze with the smell of pine forest is now nicer every air conditioner and air freshener. Cellular lost a few kilometers back. Now I'm really cut off from civilization, nearly a day. No, not at night. Before you approach a deaf singer will include navigation. With every kilometer the load on the muscles stronger their heats, but often halts. Backpack seemed heavier, the strap insistently put pressure on his shoulders, and get up when you do not want halts. What does it mean to lose shape overstayer house in winter… Read more [...]
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Dangerous picture

At the beginning of May, when the ice-Kiya been opened across the river, we have for many years taken the license and motor boats floated on the upper reaches of mine bears. Features of this hunt concluded that the spring sun first freed from the snow Only the southern slopes of the mountains. In the warmth of the sun warmed the budding green glade in the morning and in the evening went to feed the bears. Watch them could be from another snowy northern slopes and is a comfortable place for e vytselivaniya production. Every year, my grandfather, an experienced safecracker, I, the Read more [...]
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Grey Ghosts

Since the end of October were incessant rains. So limp that of viscous slurry sloshing was hard to drag their feet. But in early December, to install solar days, and immediately grabbed cold, pinning down the marsh and swamp water spills.I I hoped that the approach of wolves hear in advance: in a quiet evening it will give even a faint rustle of grass. Behind week River is well chilled, ice donkey and waters from shore to coast acquired trough-shaped form. To pass on the river this ice ungulates not risked.Frosts increased. The night sky was covered Read more [...]
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Cast Away

Our small, so to speak, a team of wolf several times in the new year attempted to adjust the number of gray predator. Unfortunately without success. But wolves in their criminal acts very successful - the number of animals in the area of ​​their efforts was a sharp decline.Local Kazakh hunters - activists asked by rangers to collect as many hunters to organize pens, promising at the same time to organize at least fifteen beaters. We relied on the weather forecast that promised every night from Friday to Tuesday snowfall.The first day has been planned in the area Ketmen corral, where a few days Read more [...]
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In November, a decoy grouse

Moist air is filled with the thick silence of the low and gray sky. Only occasionally silent ringing tit his lullabies fell asleep forest. Nature is tired from the busy spring and summer bright Listopadov golden autumn. More slightly and the off-season after long winter. By mid-November in the course of the decoy grouse weakens, and sometimes completely ceases, if the snow in the woods. In December podlety become more random. Windless days of the November I usually close the season with a buzzer. In such a time rarely get more than a couple of males. And today in the morning roosters are silent, Read more [...]
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