Kuban Bay

As a rule, get raccoon dog is not difficult - it is produced during the hunt for other fur-bearing zvereyili coursing fox and hare. At the end of the sixties far we, brothers Semenov, Oleg, me and Nicholas, to join the hunt father — Hunter to the bone. Our first hunt was held with Russian piebald hound Era, accidentally fell to the us in the hunt.One weekend my father took us on a c island among ponds. Oleg as a senior, he was already about nine years, one­stvolkoy 16 caliber and the dog got into the reeds in Seredka island and we Batya Read more [...]
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Sad thoughts borzyatnika

We all love our dogs, and that love can make us blind, making no visible flaws their dogs. But, as said SA Geker: "A true hunter - a slave of passion as an artist must bow before all the best, whether it's me, if someone else, to borrow, to maintain and, if possible, improve!"Many breeds of dogs in the world, but none can compare with the Russian Borzoi. It is not only the most beautiful and high-spirited hunting dog. It merged the grace and nobility, phenomenal agility and desperate courage, strength.Unfortunately, I have to say that nowadays these qualities almost nothing left. Having been in Read more [...]
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Near Moscow Eldorado

It took almost half a century, but the memory stores the impressions about the trips for the summer holidays in his native village near Moscow. After the station bustle, bustle in the train and dusty district bus got out at my stop and stood stunned pure pine air, birds singing and the smell of strawberries. After all life in the capital seemed unusual. Photo: Mikhail Semin According to cool a winding forest path out on the sun-warmed wide field. From year to year there were planted winter rye. Above his head hung a huge blue sky, on the sides went from one end of the green wave. Read more [...]
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Four-legged intellectual

Long-term observations of Turkmen greyhound basins showed that these long-legged with intelligent eyes and a long-eared companion who was amazing inherent intelligence, astonishing memory and intelligenceOne day, while hunting in the evening our driver brought to the camp two years hound his companion. Just the thing: sending in the way darling of the family, the house she had forgotten to put on a winter blanket. As the weather was quite cool, I hurried to hide Akgusha (the name of the dog) small blanket. Deciding that tomorrow is another day, all went to bed. But the calm did not last long. At Read more [...]
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Horta Greyhounds

When you start to get acquainted with the work of dog handlers, is considering the origin of Horten, you will know that they offer a variety of versions. The basic version, as in the case of the Borzoi, four.Horta hounds could not be better suited for baiting beast under steppes of southern Russia and Ukraine. Photo: Anna Shubkin When you start to get acquainted with the work of dog handlers, is considering the origin of Horten, you will know that they offer a variety of versions. The basic version, as in the case of the Borzoi, four.When you start to get acquainted with works Read more [...]
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On grouse with kurtshaar

Hunting with a dog - this art in every sense of the word, as any art so well that it is necessary to constantly improve. Grouse - one of the most favorite objects of my hunting during all seasons. The beautiful and majestic bird, encouraging and inspiring the soul and hunt for it! Of all hunting for grouse August is the easiest and least time-consuming, yet its complexity and nuances it contains.Photo: Mikhail Semin With liner bird takes off literally from under their feet. I raise his gun, and at this point with an interval of 1 second from the first take-off, before the shot Read more [...]
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Archery hunting rifles — a fascinating sport

With the advent of missile weapons men began to compete in the art of marksmanship. In our time, a special flavor and popularity has shot shooting at flying targets. The first such competition was held in England in 1793. Humanity has passed a long way from Neanderthal to Homo sapiens today. In this long process of the special role played by hunting. She gave food and clothing, to protect the hearth from predators and aggressive neighbors. For this man was forced to build weapons. The first were the sling and spear.The next important stage in the development of man came with the appearance of the Read more [...]
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About Pyzhi. And not only.

The "horn" published an article by A. Yarkov "A little more about Pyzhi" in which he talks about the independent gear cartridges using bulk wads. Photo: Victor Gurov AT «HORN» published an article by A. Yarkov «A little more about Pyzhi»In which he talks about the independent gear cartridges using bulk wads. In this article he puts forward a number of provisions which, in my opinion, can lead readers, especially novice hunters to the wrong conclusions.Yarkovoy Alexander writes: «… and do not exaggerate if we obtyuriruyuschee value wad? No more Read more [...]
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Year partridge

Gray partridge has long lived in our area. Severe winter snow thaws, starvation, granular fertilizers and pesticides, as well as numerous press predators and hunters greatly influenced by the density of poultry. However, the natural fertility allows you to quickly make up for the loss. Partridge prefer open spaces with grain crops. On one field is usually kept one, rarely two broods.Partridge prefer the seeds of meadow grasses, but the case will not give up wheat, rye, oats and barley. Hens sit on the nest closer to the summer, and they manage to avoid spring burns. Chicks well tolerated bad weather, Read more [...]
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Kursk touring

Late fall. November. We are moving from weaning to weaning. And at the edges dubnyachkov Kursk, in the bush thorns, we hope again to see the work of dogs woodcock. As it takes a bird!Late fall. November. We are moving from weaning weaning. AND by Kursk dubnyachkov edges in blackthorn bushes, hoping once again to see the work of dogs woodcock. As it takes a bird!His eyes again and again want to see the white marble of our pointers through a blue haze of wet branches with thorns rare coins copper sheet. Ahead collapsed with baggy log belonging to his arms Read more [...]
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Help the dog for injuries on the hunt

Dogs are more often sliced, lacerations (broken glass, cans, lids), chopped (nails, barbed wire), bite (caused by wild animals), rarely gunshot.Photo Fotolia Dogs are more often sliced, lacerations (broken glass, cans, lids), chopped (nails, barbed wire), bite (caused by wild animals), rarely gunshot.Any wound is dangerous on two factors: bleeding that can lead to death, and the possibility of infection infection. Bleeding distinguish jet (the most dangerous) and drip. In most cases, cut of the dog clutches during rapid running. For first aid pet first need to soothe and tuck. Read more [...]
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At competitions Moko «German Kurzhaar»

"Well, when Friday begins on Thursday," - I thought, turning off the computer in the office working. Day off tomorrow approved by management and labor week end for me the day before. Quickly leave things in the car, I did not start his delaying in the suburban field where tonight to take place the opening of the complex events «Universal Pointer 2013»Conducted Mokoena «German Kurzhaar».Moko – Dog is the interregional public organization created in 2011 and brings together owners setter breed German kurtshaar. The organization is a serious, has a direct partnership Read more [...]
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Commemorative hunting

The middle of the hunting season. Snow lies on the margins steadily, but not so much that it made it difficult walking. In the lowlands, where the vegetation is thick, it is hung on the bushes and reeds on the hills it was blown by the wind.Photo by the author The middle of the hunting season. Snow lies on the margins steadily, but not so much that it made it difficult walking. In the lowlands, where the vegetation is thick, it is hung on the bushes and reeds on the hills it was blown by the wind. the wind, which was the night before the hunt, Peremel and all traces of the fields. Read more [...]
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Five minutes

Five minutes. Just enough time for the bond required to settle accounts with the hare.Now therefore. We went with Constantine drive. We chose a place passage to all visitors, because there is not who does not show his nose right now. According to them empty. And to us at the time.We passed more than one kilometer and that's raised our gonchuhi hare zalilis. I Coast (Veps) promised that when he comes from the village of the Vologda, that I did take my hunting rabbit show.Well, we got up to move right. And my buddy is soundly, absolutely. And a shot rang out first. I look at each other and see the Read more [...]
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The ability of the dog to understand the animal tricks made hunting with Karan is very interesting, as is often the beast under him went on circlesOnly good dog will give you the opportunity to experience the hunt ... The famous Karai II Zhulisa. Photo: Dmitry Mikhalevich.Convinced with hunter cops, I I am trying to understand the charm of hunting hounds, but vain: not a dog worked. What at the forest is very dry, then it is wet, then the weather is hot, and the cold. I think: who needs such capricious on working dog? That was until I I Read more [...]
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Pointing and decoy birds

It is known that scientific and technological progress - a phenomenon the inevitable, but not always, and not always useful. However, nothing can be done - that is the reality. Today, one of the victims of this progress have become a hunting ground where constantly there is a reduction in hunting facilities - game.Photo: Mikhail Semin MORE KABANOV – Fewer birdsIn this case, the author, as an interested party, legashatnik is referring to the bird. For those who regularly visits with the setter in the grounds, it is no secret that every year there are fewer and fewer great Read more [...]
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The Smell of Fear

Some of the professional hunters remarked casually that the wild animal feels not only the usual odors, but also some non-material originating from a frightened animal - something like bio-field. Predators as if guided by him in the search for the victim, and herbivores such an animal are not afraidIs there such a thing really is and how widespread – I can not say, but which-what observations show that more likely than not.Hunt, I raved about since childhood and reread several times the available books hunter-professionals, relating mainly to big game hunting in Africa, India and Southeast Read more [...]
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Two meetings

The beginning of spring, a slight lull. Weather reminiscent of late autumn. That minus, then plus the thermometer. One day, the snow, the other clear. A change in the weather. How strange, but the weather brings back memories of the pleasant moments of the past season.One of the outputs of the beginning of November, he went to a place where there was no shelter nearby. And the dogs would not find the fox. Logging road went into the forest, skirted the swamp, crossed streams and leads to the cherished mane. Snow fell on the eve not deep. Small minus invigorating, fun and easy to follow. Smychёk Read more [...]
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The October quail

For the second year, for some reason it does not reach these places. Only a few individuals come across while hunting in the marsh and meadow game in the northern and eastern suburbs. Some things were better with quail in the south of the Moscow Region in Kashira, Zarajsky and silver-Prudskoy areas. But even here, the number of quail was much lower than previous years. In these areas, quail concentrated only on certain small areas Nekos or overgrown with weeds, previously plowed and then abandoned fields.It ends the first decade of October, when our small company kurtshaaristov decided to re-visit Read more [...]
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With a thermal imager for ducks

Buy good, already proven decoy hunting very difficult. A really well-run duck rare, and hunters with them, as a rule, do not leave.Photo: Mikhail Semin Demagogy. 1. Based on a deliberate distortion of the facts impact on the senses, instincts and lacking in consciousness of the masses. 2. The arguments or claims based on roughly one-sided interpretation of what Mr.(SI Ozhegov and NJ Shvedova. Dictionary of Russian language.)I take up my pen vouchsafed revelation Vladimir Rodchenkova titled "Spring hunting with electronic decoy." I am sure if the author did not consider that its Read more [...]
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Site "Survival in the wild nature", glad to see you. If you come to us, it means you want to get complete information about survival in a variety of extreme conditions, in emergency situations. Man, throughout the development, sought to preserve and protect themselves from the various negative factors surrounding it - cold, heat, hunger, dangerous animals and insects.

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The Survival in the wild nature - how correctly to behave, it having appeared in an emergency situation. Ability to find a way out from any situation: to kindle a fire, to put traps, to prepare food, to arrange dwelling and a lodging for the night; to learn to knit knots, to clear water, to be guided by districts, correctly to choose equipment, a knife. Also you can download directories to tourists, encyclopedias survivals, video Bear Grills to Survive at any cost (Man vs. Wild).