On Friday, August 8, near the village of Vedrovo Vologda region and the region in the midst of meadows turned the camp participants - started the regional competition huskies for waterfowl. There were hunters and breeders for this day for a long time and is not easy. Photo by M. Cousin The idea of ​​holding such events belonged Yaroslavl hunter, breeder Russian-European Laika Ivan Osipov, and Vologda and District OOiR long and actively making emphasis on freestyle trials huskies eagerly supported the initiative. And in Friday began to gather participants Read more [...]
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Second Life

Hunting dogs are amazing and being grateful. The hosts - hunters waiting for the start of the season, to drink the cup that the experiences and feelings of the game moments.Often produced animal is not important in this process. Exciting time pursuit or a meeting with the beast, even if not dangerous, but the lodge makes the heart beat quickened. Passion is fueled by the passion of the hunter dogs and vice versa. And you're looking for adventure, but they are waiting for you and you can tell lie in wait.The season started well. Bunny multiplied in the grounds, and a fox on the contrary reduced. Read more [...]
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Notes valdshnepyatnika

Last autumn hunting season for woodcock I waited impatiently. What will it be this year, what will be the weather, where the flight will keep the birds - all of these issues arise for certain at all hunters with a gun, which of the many hunting valdshnepinuyu chosen long ago "sick" and it is not going to recover.That year I had, in his own way, an anniversary: ​​exactly 40 years ago, my mentor hunting VI Silkin invited me to go hunting with his English Setter to Rome approached woodcock. By that time I already had some hunting experience – independently fitted out bullets, bad shot on Read more [...]
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A late holiday

Abnormal dawned summer of 2010, which brought record heat and, as a consequence, severe drought and forest fires, which covered the central regions of the European part of Russia. Photo: Victor Lukashou In this regard, the long-awaited opening of the hunting season for game birds in the Moscow region came very late. Although, in my opinion, the hunt would be open and the first Saturday of September. Not afraid to do the same in Vladimir, Tver, Kaluga regions bordering the Moscow region.But officials suburbs existed a special look at this issue. Scalded milk, they began to blow Read more [...]
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From concepts to certain

Back in 2001, was an attempt to improve the existing "Regulations for the test pointers dogs swampy meadow and field game", adopted in 1981, it does not respond to a number of issues that arise during the examination Pointing dogs in the field. Very often they are baffled young, novice judge experts.As time passed judges luminaries who with enviable objectively judged in Field of nedetalizirovannym «Regulation» all of the seven graph and might explain why the dog, for example, in the awarding of the diploma of III degree was given 17 points for flair and not Read more [...]
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Liver in hunting

Immediately after the successful hunt for wild boar, elk, deer hunters are preparing fried liver. This is a quick, tasty and nutritious meals can be prepared in different ways.Of all the methods of preparation I want to recommend the three most interesting, in I think the recipe. First – March Large pieces of liver, 200–300 g pushed onto oshkurennye and pointed diamond-shaped stick-twirling a length of about 1 m. On a piece of the liver make cuts that are sprinkled with salt. Stick stick by the fire with a slope – pieces of the liver must be within 20–30 cm from the Read more [...]
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The nose is sensitive and impeccable …

The workers depend on the quality of a gun "equilibrium" between her nose and her head .... Pointing dog, this powerful olfactory apparatus is not able to show the power of their intuition without certain mental qualities - sufficient initiative, activity and determination. Just because of the lack of quality of some cops – «famous noses»It is known for its range and prichuivaniya «dead» (usually unproductive) stands are almost always baffled when meeting with this game.The far postHow many times do we hear about the dogs, stopping young partridges as much as 100 m, Read more [...]
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Grace time to

On the table in crystal chandeliers lit candle. Her light shines cozy meal with appetizing baked carcasses woodcock carnations sandwiches with foie valdshnepinyh giblets, Temryuk bottle of wine and two glasses with ruby-colored drink.Photo by Victor Gulyaev Tatiana sat opposite and with genuine pleasure relishes me personally cooked game. Without false modesty, I listen to the praise of his culinary delights. Remembering her daughter – Godmother to the autumn holidays invited her to come to Moscow to see the capital city, and I can not wait to talk about the events of the Read more [...]
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The first hunting snow

My holiday fell in the middle of November. And somehow all at once went wrong. Various circumstances prevented me to go hunting, and almost the entire first week I squandered it from Ryazan to Moscow, on the contrary.All this time I called up the local boys, enthusiastically listening to their stories about hunting. By Wednesday to settle the case, and at four o'clock in the morning I went out to the car. And this is the first  joy in the streets in large flakes snowing. Familiar to me the road leading to the village, covered with snow, just a white cloth. Dressed quickly, ran to a friend Read more [...]
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Theoretical Standard

90 km / h - a speed can develop greyhound catching the beastPhoto: Eugene Buslaev The editor of the magazine The Rider & DriverYour Majesty!I am pleased to respond to your request and provide you with some information regarding my quest worthy of greyhounds.Yes, there is a standard, According to we try to keep the breed, but so different available our disposal manufacturers on what it requires to be standard that the achievement of the ideal seems quite impossible. Lack of greyhounds, which are at least approaching this ideal is the cause of dispute Read more [...]
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Hunters born

Winter. Off-season. I sit at the computer and lying next nine kurtshaarenok Dani. Today twice went with her on a snowy meadow, and she rushed at least one hour of virgin snow. Oncoming! How will her fate hunting? What is it out?A must-have for any sporting dog is to feed a trophy water. Is not my first setter dog, have the experience and education nataski Irish Setter, and Kurzhaar drathaar two-siblings. Continental had a lot of diplomas, repeatedly became prizewinners at contests and I'm Irish not exhibited because of lack of While personal Read more [...]
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Factory Samokrutov

The newspaper, like a bonfire on the hunt, you inflames, it never ceases ending the dispute between supporters and factory self-loading cartridges. The first exit at the shooting range with a new gun – shopping single-barreled gun MC 20-01 delighted: factory cartridges, bullets and shot charged Poleva container comply with passport data rifle. At the same time there was a question whether sold in stores of the factory parts to assemble cartridges, its characteristics exceed those available in the factory. And there was this question not just.The same exit to shooting a gun my friend, Read more [...]
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These hounds are born rarely. It had everything: instinct, Paraty nestomchivost mind, pozyvistost. She was in an elite ranger dog hunting estate, so almost did not visit exhibitions, competitions and tests, although it had excellent pedigree, dog deserved.«Peremolchki» — break impact on voting trail in the rut. «Zarev» — bright gon «by sight» after rising to a hare maturation. «Paraty» — the ability of the hound to chase the beast, not letting rip away. Starting to drive on first Read more [...]
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Cut off!

That was the name of the story of Vasily Shukshin, where local peasant Uel visiting colonel by speaking about a bunch of nonsense, deny that anyone in their right mind is simply not able to - how in the XXI century to prove that the earth is round ?! It is this story I remembered when I read «Reflections on the hunt» Mr. Bonch-. And now in order, and I quote: «Hunting, colleagues on hobby, – this is not a sport. This passion usually coming by blood or acquired, but more often – Fashionable and «Useful» business get-together»… In the first part Read more [...]
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«Elm» strong roots

On the massive hunt is issued to local residents about 100 sezonokPhoto: Alexander Grishin Ability to create private game farms, which appeared every person by the law «On the hunt ...»Nevertheless generates an alarm. Would not that familiar from childhood lakes, flood plains and woods will now be «lordly sanctuaries»Where they can hunt only visitors from the city and where the locals living here for centuries, hunting will be prohibited?Observing the way there and developing private farms in Central Russia, suggests that without a fully-fledged partnership Read more [...]
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With a gun?

Anatoly Gulyaev («HORN» № 6, 2010) responded to the comments by Yuri Alexandrov («HORN» Number 45, 2009) recommendations on the use of guns on all hunts, in particular, on his advice to pay attention to the gun with a muzzle cylinder devices, for which someone goes to the shortening of the trunk. Gulyaev a solution seems unacceptable. What he wrote about his experiences, raises no objections – there all right. Except for one detail: while criticizing the opponent, it is coming from their own views on what is a good gun fight.He overlooks the fact that not all hunters Read more [...]
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As I walked for three rabbits

December last winter hunting season turned out to have little snow and relatively warm. For its pervopolnoy vyzhlovochkoy Russian hound us almost daily visited lands and learned the tricky science of hunting oblique. Photo: Mikhail Semin And today, rising up early and went out into the yard, he felt that day will be able to: evening shallow snow cover sprinkled with fresh newly-fallen snow, the air was soft and quiet. Most weather for the rut.After a quick breakfast, I quickly put him to his hunting rifle LUAZ, termosok with coffee, put your beagle named Shumkov –  and Read more [...]
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Payment for passion

In winter work in beagle dogs is particularly difficult and requires a lot of physical effort. Drive for the whole daylight fox or hare may only well-trained, properly grown, physically strong dog. And if the hound still prohibitively nepozyvistaya viscous and then work it can continue to deep darkness. Ghosn — is genetically fixed way of working hounds, which is persecuting beast constant returns to vote (as opposed to the Huskies, who cast a vote only when stopping the beast).Of all breeds of hunting dogs hounds at work Gon is the most challenging, requiring Read more [...]
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A duck on the south not in a hurry

Abnormal phenomena in nature still left their mark on the flora and faunaPhoto: Sergey Fokin As if yesterday was bustling, open or not to open the hunt for summer fires, and has already come winter. But we are a long time will remember our autumn hunting.After the brutal summer heat, fire and finally the long-awaited autumn grace. In Moscow and in other regions of the opening of hunting and conversations were not conducted. I recognize that in the Tver region hunt supposedly open to September 1. All meals. August 28 I was in his beloved village. Yeah, Vidocq her, I tell you… Read more [...]
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Pozdneosennyaya shooting ducks

In recent years, in the middle lane due to the warming of duck hunting delayed until mid-November, and even laterThe days are getting shorter, it dawns late in the evening at the beginning of the seventh already deep twilight. Of course, with stuffed hunting may continue throughout the day, but it's still morning and evening sunset –  the most productive hunting. And here comes to the fore the ability of the hunter to make an accurate shot in low light conditions.Such an axiom that the best way to get to shoot on a light background of a sunset or sunrise, of course, correct. But does the Read more [...]
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