Sly Beavers

If the beaver dove, loudly slapping its tail on the water, so he raised the alarm relativesPhoto: Ilya Lipin Beaver – cautious and at the same time curious animal. He emerges from home somewhere near the shore, without raising any waves. He sees everything that is happening around; and just looking around, he is sailing on.HUNTING WITH APPROACHAlready dusk when, trekked through the thicket of bushes, clinging to the shore of a small pond wetland forest, I finally got to the water, breaking the 10 meters of felled trees, old stumps and snags, which hides beaver burrows. More Read more [...]
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On the revision of the rules of the test pointers

In the magazine "Hunting dogs" number 2 in 2001 published an article by E. Smirnova, "It's time to take the next step," dedicated to the revision of the "Regulations for field trials cops" and followed by the author of the proposed new draft of "Rules". Photo Cowgirl Jules / FLICKR.COM The need for such a revision has been discussed in Within 10 years, and it is apparently not doubt. Naturally, this revision should be acquitted and It does not change the fundamental approaches tested in the for a hundred years.The need to revise «Regulation» E. Smirnov Read more [...]
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The first gun selection

All weapons from all over Moscow came together on straw lodge. I remember the "fart" in a case with two pairs of shafts 12 and 16 calibers for 3500 rubles. (Co-op in those days cost from 7000 to 12 000 rubles.). I remember a number of "Browning Auto-5" with polichokami 750 rublesThe first gun. It was every hunter. I remember how bought his first gun. It and now I have. The first gun I gave my parents when I came back from the army.I hunted up to the army. And in the army happened. I hunted with a single-barreled gun IL-17, IL-18, shotgun TOZ-BM and paternal IL-58. These were 16-caliber gun. I decided Read more [...]
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Find and foundlings

I am very familiar and convinces dog lovers: do not give the puppies without pedigree "bottle", nothing good will come of it.Photo by Sergey Gulyaev Autumn 1983 was warm, but on November 18 the first day of my vacation, the wind blew, heavy snow fell, hit frost. I'm sorry, I did not take a vacation before: there is still a month of hunting and dogs have to work hard because of the deep snow and frost. But «Hunting Forest captivity»: Together with each other to drag through the deep snow in the hope to get fox. Dogs, and mine, take a turn on the hunt, that each of them Read more [...]
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On scerni

Hunting as a sport, as a process of getting game has become now in central Russia during a meeting of friends, feast in furnished lodges, and the concept of "hunting" with its necessary attributes - knowledge of the habits of game, habitats, the process of tracking and production - reduced times for shooting from the towers, vehicles and snowmobiles that is unworthy of the amateur hunters.His impressions of the past summer and autumn season at the marsh and waterfowl I want to share with your friends by amateur hunting, which mined the duck or the corncrake is not the main, but the coveted trophy Read more [...]
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About dogs without documents

Photo: Anton Zhuravkova AT «HORN» I read the article Lada Ponomareva «About the dangers and benefits of purebred dogs», A biologist by training, an expert on Borzov, in which it evaluates the article «Prohibition of hunting dogs without pedigree». Because the  I am the author of this article, I hasten to answer, so as not to be misunderstood. And now the rest: Lada respected, well, where did you get that I'm struggling with the pedigree dogs? In my article about this is not a word, in fact, I've seen wonderful working qualities of purebred Read more [...]
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To bring a pet

It was like a premonition that something was wrong when he heard an unexpected call from Krasnodar. Picking up the phone, barely make out the quiet voice of Sergey: Hi, we did not become Mamba, I shot her, - he said in a whisper. — How did this happen? — I asked, but no reply followed only short beeps reminded me of the end of the connection. Apparently, the stress was very strong, and about what happened in Sergey simply details I could tell.He was a sporting dog breed Pointer Kurzhaar on Mamba nickname. She knew the owner from hint Read more [...]
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In the twilight

Forest River slowly carries its dark waters, rounding the hill, covered with sparse fir, to deepest lake without a name. Tourists do not go here. And mushroom without seeing.In nizinke during eroding, the river is dammed natural relief. The coastal sedge visible feathers mallard. But there own ducks — someone disturbed their usual mode dnevki. Must be elk wandered the shore.  Two hunters — two shadows are not disguised, the open water. Mushka not discernible either in the water or in the sky — the sun disappeared behind the tops of dense spruce forest. Why wait for the hunters? Read more [...]
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Centuries-old traditions with a modern twist

Bialowieza Forest - the relic forest in the center of Europe. Until now, the memory vivid memories: the snow-covered trees, a herd of bison in the meadowPhoto by Andrey Akimov Bialowieza Forest — relict forest in the center of Europe. A unique place. Last time I was there fifteen years ago in the winter. Until now, the memory vivid memories: the snow-covered trees, almost impenetrable forest roads on which we UAZ hardly get to foresters, a herd of bison in the meadow, Soviet-style hotel without hot water… And so — a new meeting.Central closed entrance barrier Read more [...]
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Shower for Bear

One day, I was lucky enough to visit the Sayan Mountains, and one of the most remarkable on this trip was a journey through the taiga river Kazyr. It began in the village Zharovsk, where my friend and my Reddy - Irish setter - accompanied by three rybinspektorov two motor boats sailed up the Kazyr.Our companions had permission to fish a single network. Water Kazyr crystal clear, and it can be seen at the bottom of each stone. Beach is steep, the gently sloping sandy beaches, and along the shores of the incredible beauty of the autumn forest. Away from the mountain tops to the loach. From halfway Read more [...]
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We are preparing for the opening

At the completion of the bird world. Four waders herbalists, desperate cries distills my dogs for a walk just a few hundred meters from the house, found peace - chicks on the wing. In meadow and field roads meet young and old lapwings, absolutely not afraid of the machine. Particularly striking is the increase in the family Corvidae. Young crows, having a form of sick, disheveled, as if wet birds sitting on wires and trees and continually Gulden, begging alms in adults. Chicks early mallard broods have reached the size of adult birds.Photo by Anton Zhuravkova Not far off the opening Read more [...]
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First Hunt, the first gun

Sometimes I think I was born with it already, and sometimes that's what I absorbed ...When lying on a hospital bed, listening to stories of gray-haired hunters, ecstasy and living with a slight tremor in his voice telling hunting stories, I, thirteen kid, I wanted to evening stories about hunting does not stop.And when in the House all were asleep, I lay on my back, was himself walking with a gun (always with «vertikalkoy»!) For cleft Maliki steppe. And waiting for this happy moment caused boundless sense of happiness. But, unlike some  guys, I have not had a Read more [...]
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A little more about Pyzhi

He pulled me to one of his articles to say that, in my opinion, the option holder with bulk wad has a right to exist. Shutterstock Photo He pulled me to one of his articles to say that, in my opinion, the option holder with bulk wad has a right to exist.But there was a major specialist  and bitterly criticized («HORN» Number 10). Nevertheless, for a long time come to me seditious thoughts on the subject, and do not exaggerate if we obtyuriruyuschee value wad? No more than any of its cushioning properties are important, and the role of the obturator is more appropriate Read more [...]
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Hunting Marshal Chuikov

'41 Ago I was fortunate to meet with the renowned warlord hunting. While Marshal VI Chuikov served as Chief of Staff of Civil Defence. He was then 69 years old.In late September 1969 I, the chief of the Office of hunters hunting-trade economy, caused by the first deputy chairman of the Council of Ministers of the Buryat Republic, VI Dubrovsky and instructed: «Travel to the area and podyschu Mukhorshibirsky three sites in the forest for battue hunting deer — high officials from Moscow arrives». I went in with the district Muhorshibir hunters GM Kurenkov found three places for pens Read more [...]
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Wild boar at the damage

Always said that the hunt for prey attracts me in the least. But the off-season. The license price is acceptable, but for the right to have its serious passions. And how can we give up, if offered?Photos Vladislav Sasova However, oddly enough, from my hunting entourage I was enthusiastic about the news, only one Alexander, and the remaining bees swarming, sauna built, the fish is caught, the heat, the wife…Oh, that's that, and heat — it's really a nightmare! And so many gadflies and horseflies I do not remember at all. So force yourself to bypass the field along the Read more [...]
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Wild boar with a approach — first experience

To be honest, stories about effective boar hunting with the approach until recently perceived by me as interesting, but far from the realities of hunting stories. My skepticism was based on the certainty that the wild boar hunt can be a shelter or with a towerIn summer, the son found on the Internet is quite an attractive proposition to hunt deer in Belarus, and in early July we went to Vitebsk region in the hope of at least partially realize that beautifully offered our Belarusian counterparts. Greeted us quite welcome, accommodation and hunting are also consistent with the stated in the invitation. Read more [...]
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What awaits the Russian hunters?

Interview with the Director of the Department of Hunting of the Ministry of Russia AE Bersenyev (2010)— Anton E., our conversation is appropriate to begin with the issues of concern to many hunters who believe that the transfer of hunting grounds to legal entities, including private users, will lead to the infringement of the rights of hunters, especially local, hunted here from generation to generation.Now many who criticized the earlier society of hunters once again turned to face them, believing that the best of a bad society, guaranteeing hunting than good private sector, the screener Read more [...]
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Will grains boar?

The title of the article there is no error, as it goes about fractions as such, but of a completely different phenomenon - a feed-baits for wild boars, moose and bears.Pellet — This naturally squeezed cake from the products of the brewing industry; It contains scum malt, barley and oats.I first encountered the phenomenon of grains on one of the major Russian breweries.The production technology is briefly as follows. For beer production using malt quality, which soak for several hours in special boilers heated to 80°Held several degrees of clean water. Different types of beer and wort Read more [...]
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Build quality

Photo by Anton Zhuravkova First, I want to express my solidarity with the author of a small article about the caliber 7.62x39 SA Smirnov and added that this cartridge, as I understand it, was designed as a universal killer of people, and we say that it does not kill animals. Not for nothing on the arms of some South Asian republics flaunts «AK»It's about something said…But I wanted to talk about guns. Guns I began to wonder when he decided to buy a universal gun for hunting way not to have rifles. I thought for woodland suitable semi-automatic 20 gauge with interchangeable Read more [...]
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Gifts of Kuban

After reading a student "Notes melkotravchatomu" EE Driyanskogo and saw in the movie "War and Peace" hunt Rostovs, and I could not imagine that fate will bring me to the hunter-borzyatnikami and even more so that I would become a party to hunt rare today. Photo by Natalia BUDYCHEVOY Andrei Vasilyev, a real enthusiast, who managed to unite almost all lovers of greyhounds Kuban, knowing my passion for taking pictures of different hunts, invited me to exciting «event».— From his pack of greyhounds, — he said, — be sure to come Konstantin Read more [...]
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Site "Survival in the wild nature", glad to see you. If you come to us, it means you want to get complete information about survival in a variety of extreme conditions, in emergency situations. Man, throughout the development, sought to preserve and protect themselves from the various negative factors surrounding it - cold, heat, hunger, dangerous animals and insects.

Site structure "Survival in the wild nature" is simple and logical, selecting a specific section, you will find information. You will find on our website recommendations and practical advice on survival, unique descriptions and pictures of animals and plants, turn-based scheme to trap wild animals, tests and reviews of travel gear, rare books on survival and wildlife. The site also has a large section devoted to video on survival survivalist-known professionals around the world.

The main theme of the site, "Survival in the wild nature" - is to be ready to be in the wild, and the ability to survive in extreme conditions.

The Survival in the wild nature - how correctly to behave, it having appeared in an emergency situation. Ability to find a way out from any situation: to kindle a fire, to put traps, to prepare food, to arrange dwelling and a lodging for the night; to learn to knit knots, to clear water, to be guided by districts, correctly to choose equipment, a knife. Also you can download directories to tourists, encyclopedias survivals, video Bear Grills to Survive at any cost (Man vs. Wild).