Fragrant perennial herb with dereveneyuschim rhizome. Stems are erect, robust, 40-120 cm tall leaves are alternate, up to 20 cm, pinnate to oblong-lanceolate segments. The flowers are orange-yellow, tubular, clustered in inflorescences baskets to 12 mm in diameter, which in turn form a common apical corymbose inflorescence. Marginal flowers in baskets for women, median - bisexual. Fruits are oblong-ribbed achenes. Blooms from July until autumn, fruits ripen in August-October. The plant has a wide distribution, exciting, many regions of Eurasia and North America. In our country, this is a Read more [...]
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Survive in extreme conditions — Extreme landing

Survive in extreme conditions (Surviving extreme weather) The transfer of "Surviving in extreme conditions (Surviving extreme weather)" tells the story of how people were able to survive, finding themselves in dangerous situations. Reconstructing the actual events take place on the road leading survivors and people will answer the question - was this the only way. Series 2: - Extreme landing Story of a man trapped at the three-kilometer altitude and skydiving. Download: letitbit.net Read more [...]
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Survival factors

From what and from whom the successful outcome of the forced autonomous existence? The answer to this question will determine the minimum required knowledge, skills, items of equipment necessary for a person in the autonomous existence to sustain its existence. First of all, success depends on the person who is in this situation, his personal qualities and abilities. And first of all - the ability to survive in the environment. Survival - competent, clear action, active, purposeful activity aimed at the preservation of life, health and working conditions in the autonomous existence. Read more [...]
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Study the population dynamics of a beaver

The main cause of the damage caused by beavers some sectors of the economy, the lack of timely information on the population of beavers undesirable from the point of view of human creation and a very rough idea of the number of animals. But it was not always so. There are reports that in the Middle Ages were able to pick up even herds suited beavers, predominantly black (data from A. Stanislavsky a manuscript in Latin on 1229 g - op. by-B. N. Scaloni, 1951). Probably in a similar state of the economy, the industry was in medieval Russia. For his part, Jean and 3. Vdovinskie obviously Read more [...]
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Stages of psychological adjustment

Effect of stressful factors in humans overvoltage condition - stress. Stress - an integral part of life, is dangerous only distress, when the body does not have time to recover. The most important problem of extreme conditions - adaptation. Psychological studies have identified a set of three basic reactions in the process of adapting to the new conditions, describing their general adaptation syndrome. They are: anxiety phase, phase resistance, phase depletion. In primary mental stress in the first hours and minutes of an accident or disaster, and getting into an extreme situation Read more [...]
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Spearfishing in the reeds

In an environment of submarine hunters still tense debate about the so-called "right" of hunting. Part of our community believes that this should be called hunting only that which involves a deep and prolonged diving. They are a hunting call "hunting in an adult." Proponents of this position, as a rule, people are not poor, who can afford to ignore the next few small rivers and go hunting for long, deep bodies of water. Including a "-hill", on the marine and ocean hunting, which usually presupposes a deep dive. For a hunting gear and weapons should be the best Read more [...]
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Some features of the orientation of the various environmental conditions: in the desert

Flat terrain, bright contrasting color of the vegetation, the monotony of the landscape orientation difficult in the steppe. The main and most reliable reference points are the stars in the steppes. The Moon and the Sun. Kind of reference can serve also interesting plants compasses in North America - sylphium, and in Central and Southern Europe - lettuce or wild lettuce (Fig. 74). If Lettuce grows in damp or shady places, leaves it on the stem are in all directions and serve reference can not. If lettuce growing on dry or Public nezatenen-dimensional place, it leaves on the stem facing Read more [...]
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75th kilometer

Before meeting with me and bears my faithful were still far away - from the train station, where I left the train, to the new parking lot on the river separating us in a straight line only seventy-five kilometers. In puppies still had time to grow up, and I had time to think about how to behave if a visit to us a little too curious Bear. In myself I was sure - no, I do not strushu not run away, do not give up the minor puppy at the mercy of wild beasts. And here is how to behave in my four-legged friend? Here, I could still doubt - it all happens, and there are cowardly dogs, which clattered Read more [...]
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Signs of improvement in the weather

Pressure: Within several. days increased slowly but steadily or quickly enough - in this case PA improves long. Temperature of air winter when the winds from the south-west to north-east is significantly reduced, and the transition from the northeast to the northwest changed little, in the summer such change often precedes P means. Low temperature-ture (when the cold front), increase the daily volatility of-ry. Wind: South-west or north-easterly change in the north-west, is more impulsive (which indicates the passage of atm. Front). 0blachnost: advantage. variable, sometimes the sky can be Read more [...]
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Z. latifolia (Griseb.) Stapf - herbaceous perennial to 60 cm high. Distribution: Eastern Siberia (Dauria), the Far East. Contains steroids, carbohydrates and phenolic acids established structure. Found pectins, higher fatty kilosty. Medicinal. The therapeutic effect of the diuretic - Subtitle. hours, stems, fruits. Indications - diseases of the digestive system: the diseases of the stomach, liver - leaves, cardio-vascular system in diseases of the heart and blood vessels - the leaves, diseases of blood and of blood: for anemia - Subtitle. hours, stems, fruits, kidney and urinary tract: kidney Read more [...]
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Selection and development of the route

Once the campaign has set a goal, and composition of, comes the next stage of training - the choice and development of the route. The easiest way is the case with short hike on their land. For starters, you can take advantage of special guides, which recommend routes already developed. Our various central and regional publishing houses are now more or less systematically produce such literature. As an example, you can specify the book "Moscow Tourist", which prepared the master of sports and Thomas B. Myasoedov Pakhomov (MA, Physical Education and Sport, 1972) See references on Read more [...]
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Who are you?

All before the throne of Lake Superior, I knew almost by heart. From the forest villages, inhabited by shepherds, I sailed on the first boat. The boat left at the end of the lake, on the shore of a small bay overgrown and hardly noticeable on the trail going to the far taiga lake, which Peter and Basil called top. Old, long hozhennaya Forest track passed a clearing and made its way cautiously between two gloomy firs. These ate always seemed to me the gates of the forest. I usually stay here, smoking and then moved on through the thick spruce blind. Spruce ended, and very soon hung Read more [...]
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Sakhalin brown bear

Brown bear inhabits the whole of Sakhalin, and the Kuril Islands in the group - Paramushir Iturup and Kunashir. Brown bear - is the largest predator, living in the forests of Sakhalin. His weight may not exceed 600 kg. The powerful front legs equipped with long claws, have great destructive power - hit the front paw is able to kill the bear range, tear the edges or broken skull cow. Bear teeth can bite through the shotgun barrels. With apparent massiveness, the bear - the animal is very "agile." In the snatch it reaches a speed of 50 km / h, and from a place. At the bottom of the Read more [...]
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Body rudd quite high, slightly compressed laterally, covered with dense, tightly seated scales. The head is small, the upper mouth, spit. The back is dark brown with a greenish tinge, sides yellowish-gold, silver-white belly. Dorsal and pectoral fins are gray with red ends, pelvic, anal and caudal - bright red. Rudd in appearance like a roach. Distinguish from roach rudd can be facing up mouth strongly retracted dorsal fin, as well as more vibrant body color. Some superficial similarities it has with the ide. Rudd - inhabit the undergrowth. Therefore, it is plentiful in areas of standing Read more [...]
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Robinson Crusoe. Polar experiment continues

The second season of Robinson Crusoe lives. Twice she gathered those who want to test themselves in the harsh environment of the northern summer. Age tender infant, but the experience gained by its organizer Petrozavodsk club "Polar Odyssey" - is costly. Meals, transportation, security, telecommunication, health care, pre-selection of participants - this is not a complete list of concerns of the organizers of this, it would seem, at first glance, simple measures. After all, as they think they are ignorant of the problems of the people? Once the food, housing and other benefits of Read more [...]
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V. alopecuroides (L.) Yakovlev - herbaceous perennial 50-100 cm tall. Distribution; European part (south), the Caucasus, Western Siberia. Contains alkaloids to 2.5% in oversight. h, flavonoids (including biflavonoidy, isoflavones), anthraquinones, and higher fatty acid established structure. Allocated fatty oil. Triterpenoids found. Medicinal. Those r a n e a r ch e s to e of action - wound healing, analgesic, tonic - Subtitle. hours, a veterinary anti-parasitic. Indications - infections / infestations: the anthrax, diphtheria, venereal diseases - Subtitle. hours, diseases of the digestive Read more [...]
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Rhode TANACETUM L. — Tansy.

Herbaceous perennials, 10-100 cm tall. Propagation: All. Contain seskviterpeioidy (including seskviterpeiovye lactones), mono-and triterpenoids, phytosterols, flavonoids, coumarins and other heterocyclic Comm. pnrana group, carotene-ids, piklitoly, carbohydrates, acyclic and heterocyclic poliatsetilenovye Comm. (Including sulfa conn.), And esters of phenols, phenolic acids and fatty acids, fatty alcohols and their glycosides established structure. Highlighted the essential oil to 0.2% of iadz. Part T. boreale Fisch. ex DC, tannins to 3.7% of the blossoms of T. vulgare L., rubber. Detected Read more [...]
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Travel stoves

At long travel treeless usually take with them the stoves (such as "Bumblebee" or "Tourist"), with a margin of petrol in cans of 5 or 10 liters. Gasoline stoves were the most common among tourists and mountaineers. Stoves like "Bumblebee" are vertical, and type "Tourist" - a horizontal layout. Stoves like "Bumblebee" has several versions: • "Bumblebee" with a volume of 0.65 liter tank and a 1 kg; • "Bee-2" weighs 1.5 pounds, has a reservoir capacity of 0.74 liters, slightly more power and more stability (large area of the Read more [...]
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Herbaceous perennials, rarely single, biennials 10-100 cm tall. Propagation: All. Contain glyukoznnolaty Mr. izotnotsnanaty established structure. Allocated fixed oil to 22% from seed R. amphibia (L.) Besser Mr. R. palustris (L.) Besser. Found alkaloids flavoiondy, saponins, vitamin C. Medicinal. Therapeutic action - anthelminthic - Hopes. h, the seeds of R. amphibia, R. palustris, diuretic - Hopes. Part R. amphibia. Indications - infections / infestations: pulmonary tuberculosis, trichinosis-Hopes. hours, in veterinary medicine with smallpox in sheep - R. palustris; hypovitaminosis: Read more [...]
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Rhode POLEMONIUM L. — Cyanosis.

Herbaceous perennials 8-100 cm high. Propagation: All. Contain triterpenoids (including triterpene saponins), phytosterols, flavonoids (including anthocyanins), and phenolic acids established structure. Medicinal. Those p an e vtich e e velocity action - expectorant, sedative - Subtitle. Part 1 of P. coeruleum L. (State registry. 2000), the leaves of P. caucasicum N. Busch, Subtitle. hours, wound healing, anti-hypertensive, hemostatic, antispasmodic Veterinary - Subtitle. Part P. coeruleum. Indications - diseases of the cardiovascular system: hypertension - Subtitle. hours, cardioneurosis, Read more [...]
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Site "Survival in the wild nature", glad to see you. If you come to us, it means you want to get complete information about survival in a variety of extreme conditions, in emergency situations. Man, throughout the development, sought to preserve and protect themselves from the various negative factors surrounding it - cold, heat, hunger, dangerous animals and insects.

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The Survival in the wild nature - how correctly to behave, it having appeared in an emergency situation. Ability to find a way out from any situation: to kindle a fire, to put traps, to prepare food, to arrange dwelling and a lodging for the night; to learn to knit knots, to clear water, to be guided by districts, correctly to choose equipment, a knife. Also you can download directories to tourists, encyclopedias survivals, video Bear Grills to Survive at any cost (Man vs. Wild).