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Single, biennials 10-100 cm tall. Distribution: European part, the Caucasus, the Far East. Contain mono-n seskviterpeioidy, flavonoids (including anthocyanins in Hx) glitsnty and higher fatty acids, aromatic alcohols and efnry established structure. Identified essential oil to 8% of the fruits of T. arvensis (Huds.) Link, fatty oil to 22.8% of the fruits of T. japo-nica (Houtt.) DC. Coumarins found to 0.3% in the fruits of T. japonica, poliatsetileiovye Comm., Saponins. Medicinal. Therapeutic action - astringent, anti-inflammatory, tonic - the fruits of T. japonica, a diuretic - the leaves Read more [...]
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How to build a fire in any weather without the aid of matches?

There was a time when many people go to nature, hiking, picnicking. In such situations, often resort to the help of fire, we make a fire. Bonfire - this focus, which can warm up and dry the wet clothes and shoes. Smoke from the fire protection from mosquitoes and midges. Going camping. Going camping, put in a backpack old newspapers, dry splinter, so you can build a fire in the toughest conditions. Grab a piece of birch bark, on the way it will fall a lot. We must also remember that helps ignite the fire thrown into a pinch of salt. Defending matches. To avoid problems associated with the Read more [...]
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Personal equipment: trivia

After we covered the basic equipment of the individual tourist (clothes shoes, bedding, backpack), will focus on a few selected items, the so-called little things. Let's not only sets the reader to the fact that this section will talk about minor things or even unnecessary. In the campaign is important, as we know, any little thing. So, the first such change - matches. Without matches can not pass any campaign. Loss of matches in any difficult hike - it is a hard case, and sometimes tragedy. Packaging and storage of matches in detail in the section "campfire in the rain," Read more [...]
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Under the constant gaze

One reason for the emotional tension in isolation is that people are always on the front of each other. "... One of the greatest torment, - said Russian psychiatrist Korsakov - is not able to be alone forever be under the eyes ..." 230 Conditions for the isolation of group R. Baird wrote: "People can work in perfect harmony with the light of the sun, when the labor absorbing their energy, and living conditions can move away from each other, if any random reason will cause their nervous irritation. Quite different case in the polar night. Go nowhere. All life is limited to four Read more [...]
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Passage ice slopes

On ice and firn slopes of up to 15 - 20 ° slope climbers climb in boots Bound Tricon. On the steeper slopes Tricon do not hold, and must wear a cat. Walking on cats requires a well-developed, flexible ligaments and muscles of the ankles, smooth movements, attention to every step. When walking in cats should be raised a few feet above and set them wider than during normal walking, not to cling to the teeth for the irregularities of the slope or his pants and socks. It should be possible to go more smoothly, keeping your feet on the ice sharp jerks, not hit the hardest cats in slope and tight Read more [...]
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Leatherman MUT in Omegatool

Description: Russia's first multitool Leatherman MUT obtained the exclusive distributor for information - LLC "OMEGA TOOL." Multitool designed as additional equipment and tools for maintenance of small arms the U.S. military units. Includes: a knife (blade - 7, 62 cm), a saw, pliers for cables, universal pliers with replaceable tips made of steel 154cm, pliers, punch, brass scraper to remove the sludge, a set of bits (Torx, Allen, and flat screwdriver cruciform), hammer, hook knife, belt clip, carabiner-opener, a cover for the type of vests razgruznyh Molle. Read more [...]
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Organization of tourist life. Halts and sleep?

Passage of a group of a particular route is not the goal. It is important not only to climb the route, but also get pleasure from it. The team leader should constantly monitor the well-being of children, time to stop the group on a halt to rest, to help children to organize accommodation for the full restoration of power. This is one of the components of the safety of the route. The first rest after a morning out on the route it is advisable to do in 10-15 minutes after the start of the movement. This so-called technological halt. The fact is that in the morning is quite cool and tourists Read more [...]
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On catchability

The main and the only criterion of fitness wobbler is its catchability. She, in turn, is determined only by his performance and attractiveness (shape, size, color) for a particular species of predatory fish. A good lure - is organized system in which all the parts have to work like a charm. Individual components (weight, size, color, number, and the number of triplets) are of secondary importance. For example, the lure is made of solid wood with a large proportion will be no worse than repeatedly ogruzhenny of balsa wood. The question is for what purpose bait was made, to whom and what the Read more [...]
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Novikov — Sharpening knives. Part 3. DMT-Aligner

Description:Nedavnopriobretennaya Sharpener DMT-Aligner. Peretochil all your knives at their favorite forty-degree angle (+ / - of course). Prior to buying troubled question - can securely grip the knife with a narrow blade knives with descents "from butt" and knives with a fat butt (around 5 mm). It turned out - easily. Read more [...]
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Necessity is the mother of invention

The sun's rays are on earth a lot of energy. Peak solar radiation falls on the visible part of the spectrum. In addition, the sun's rays contain invisible to the human eye shorter wavelengths of the ultraviolet range, has on all living deep specific effect. Their role in the life of nature - a special theme, and here we will not touch it. Much more important for thermoregulation-wavelength part of the solar radiation - infrared, or thermal radiation. For them, as for the visible portion of the solar spectrum, the air atmosphere is transparent, but the visual receptors, these rays do Read more [...]
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Food brown bears. Spring

Spring. Field observations in Tsentralnolesistogo Reserve showed that after waking up from its winter sleep bear until the day when he retires from the den is usually 5-7, sometimes 10-13 days. Coming out of the den, the animal lays near blind or circular path, the snow suits seasoning with litter from the needles of young spruce or gnilushek destroys rotten stumps, breaks off twigs of birch, aspen, mountain ash, bark from certain trees, etc. Most often the den he does not come back, and the "top up" at the time maturation, which may be several. They are arranged differently and are Read more [...]
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Mug or small Agrimony

Biennial plant height 50-180 cm, with spindle-shaped fleshy root. Stems are erect, thick, green or reddish, furrowed, much branched, pubescent with short papillate hairs, bent to varying degrees, with a mixture of iron, rare, mainly in the lower part, mixed pautinistoe pubescence. The leaves are alternate, large, shirokoyaytsevidye with petioles. Total inflorescence racemose; baskets diameter 1.5-2.5 cm, on short legs. Wraps slightly cobwebby. Corolla pinkish-red, with a purple tube. Fruits - brownish faceted achenes, 5-6 mm long, with a short crest. Blooms in June-August, achenes ripen Read more [...]
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Mosquito — Cx. (Sh.) torrentium Mart.

Range covers the Euro-Siberian subregion Palearctic-tics. Distributed from Leningrad to the Far East. In Kazakhstan this tends to form mountains. In the northern areas and the adjacent territory of the RSFSR is encountered. Detected at 2000 m n. a. m occurs in conjunction with Cx. p. pipiens in areas remote from human habitation habitats. Other information on its ecology Kazakhstan no. Very similar to the Cx. p. pipiens, therefore, the definition of this type should be treated with caution. With certainty can be established only on the structural features of the hypopygium. Read more [...]
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Mode and rate of movement

One of the most common causes of failure of mountain trekking and climbing is the wrong rate of movement. Fast and wasteful expenditure of force, improper load distribution in the time-that's shortcomings, the most common for novice climbers. When walking in the mountains, should pay special attention to the most technology step. Note should be placed on the whole foot, carefully choosing the location, feet are placed parallel to one another, the climber looks at his feet. The foot is placed on the whole foot as on the plains, and in the rise. The transfer of weight from one foot to Read more [...]
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Hygiene in the environment

What most of all (and rightly so!) Feared Robinson Crusoe? Disease and fire. About the fire in other Articles. As for diseases, they are much easier to prevent than to fight them. The human body is immune, that is, the ability to withstand some serious diseases. However, for example, of dysentery and malaria immunity does not protect. Sometimes the only way to protect yourself from the "contagion" in a campaign or expedition is personal hygiene. Sure means of protection against most pathogens - cleanliness. Wash hands, face, feet (and better all the body) as often as possible, Read more [...]
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Measuring the depth and fish finder Lot and sonar

For a long time the only angler aide in determining the depth and hints that it may be here fish, was the easiest item. Today, this situation is changing. Increasingly affluent anglers use fathometer. Its use has both supporters and opponents. In some European countries banned the use of echo-sounder for recreational fishing, and there is a reason. This exercise gets features some computer game in which the distance. between the fisherman and nature increases slightly. Quite a lot of people believe that "the display to stare at home." But, on the other hand, those who have once Read more [...]
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Marmot marmot — marmota menzbieri kaschkarov. The daily life of the seasonal

Behavior (habits). In early spring, even in the lower zone of the mountains, many animals come out of hibernation after punching a high (1-3 m) snow. On the western, eastern, and especially on the northern slopes at this time are more solid snow fields, against which darken bare outcrops, rock piles so large blocks - Corum. On the southern slopes at the time a lot (up to one-third of the area), thawed and some holes are already free from snow. The first one and a half weeks after hibernation marmots are relatively few active. Appearing in the morning hours, about 10, they mostly sit on the Read more [...]
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Bear Grylls: Man vs. Wild — Chinese jungle (Season 4)

Bear Grylls served in the SAS special forces is an expert on survival in extreme environments. In these films, he shows how to survive the dangers of nature itself. Bear shows survival skills are the most extreme way. Throw it out of a helicopter from a height of 2000 meters and in addition it has a parachute carrying only a knife and flint. He has to find food, water, direction, shelter. On the way Beara will rise: scorpions karakurt, cobras, rhinos, piranhas, sharks, elephants, bears, lions, and the unbearable cold and hellish heat. Bear Grylls faces extreme danger, he will hold the audience Read more [...]
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Geum city

Common names: clove root, podlesnik, vyvishnik. Description. Rhizome perennial herbaceous plant of the family of pink. It has erect stems 30-60 cm tall leaves are alternate, tripartite, serrated with stipules. The flowers are pale yellow inflorescences in the thyroid at the top of the stems. Petals obovate, with cuneate. Fruits - prefabricated tenacious achene. Rhizome has astringent taste and clove scent. Blossoms avens in May and June. Found in meadows, along rivers, in deciduous and mixed forests, steppe slopes near rivers. Often in 1-5 phytogeographical districts of Perm region. Read more [...]
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