By way of life pike has some similarities with pike. He's as ferocious predator, the second year is not giving no quarter even their own young. Having an elongated snout and a narrow mouth, it feeds on small fish: roach, bleak, Leucaspius, loach, gudgeon, golavlikom, dace, small ruff, perch and carp. Walleye like clean, fresh, oxygen-rich water. It is more common in unpolluted rivers and flowing lakes. Obviously, for it is very favorable to the regime of the reservoir and water channels. Walleye avoids heavily overgrown areas of shoreline, preferring areas with sandy-rocky bottom and deep Read more [...]
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How to make fire by bow-shaped spindle

Let's say you go for a hike or nature and are fully confident that equipped with everything necessary. Unfortunately, you realize that you forgot the matches! The ability to make fire by friction can save your life in a situation of extreme survival. This article provides a detailed description of one of the most interesting and complex methods of making fire with bow-shaped spindle ("Indian Violin").TrainingFind tinder. As a rule - it is dry, fibrous, flammable materials by sparks (lint from clothes, feathers of birds, fine wood shavings, dry moss, shredded fibers dry plants, Read more [...]
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Naked into The Wilderness — Making a bow and arrows

In this video series family McPherson introduces basic skills of survival in the lap of Nature. In this series John from school board draws graphs and charts explaining the viewer physical laws and the basic rules of making a bow. After that is taken for making arrows. Episode 2: The Primitive Bow and Arrow - manufacture of arrows and a Read more [...]
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I was not supposed to survive — Kidnapping in the minefields

"I was not supposed to survive" - documentary series, which tells about the people who found themselves on the verge of certain death, for which the encounter with death became a crucial episode in the biography, and the ordeal - the beginning of a new life. You will learn about the miraculous powers of the human body that are manifested in the extreme conditions in which a person is on the verge of death. Learn about the mistakes committed by people who, being in despair, for whom death was the best way out of a terrible nightmare. Episode 5: "The Rape of the minefields" Read more [...]
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What was in the reeds. Chapter 6

And so it went. I left before dawn and returned after dark, in the direction of the rag-tag tried not to look, even though the harm they still were many. That Nina, Tatiana again potsapaetsya and ricocheted from Tanya gets me - why these vshivachey brought along. Oleg then handle my hatchet deserved break, but it still will cartridges from my backpack potaskivat when I was there, and then the cartridges at a premium. I was surprised - the hell he wanted them? Raven, perhaps, in a camp fire? Later turned out that not only the crows. In general, we have turned to them a classic case of Read more [...]
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What are the tents

Modern tents leave no stone unturned in the firm opinion that the use of the tent you are doomed to binding inconveniences such as constant moisture whether from rain, or from condensation marred the life weight in a backpack, a broken or twisted frame after a simple trip Pro ... it's all you can start to forget. Like a bad dream recede into the past dull canvas gable houses ("coffins"), giving the market a spacious, light and bright dome tents. Now the domestic and foreign firms offer a stunning selection of tents for all types of active spending time in the open air, but to all Read more [...]
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Weasel family. Badger

Badger has a clumsy, wide body, an elongated head, short legs. Body length of an average of about 70 cm (old males sometimes reaching 90 cm) tail - 25 cm hair on the back and sides rough, high, bristly, silvery-brownish-gray color, casings - lower and rare blackish color but lighter head. On either side are two black stripes. Badgers are found in all regions of the European part of the USSR, Siberia, the Far East, except for the northern territories. These animals are found in nearly all the countries of Europe and in much of Asia. The main areas of distribution are: the European part of Read more [...]
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Water barriers

Mountain rivers repeatedly blocked the way tourist groups. At times, they even made a raging torrent experienced hikers up on further travels, sometimes forcing them to wait for day, two, three. But not all have the courage to turn back time to wait. And then there is an accident ... Features mountain river due primarily to its power source (melting snowfields and glaciers). This affects the following characteristics of the river: 1. Change in the power flow. In the upper reaches of the power flow, and the depth of the channel is relatively small. The bed has an abundance of large Read more [...]
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Rhode SWERTIA L. — Swertia.

Herbaceous perennials, 10-150 cm tall. Distribution: European part (east), the Caucasus, Western and Eastern Siberia, the Far East. Contain xanthones, alkaloids and 0.4% in the underground. h S. iberica Fisch. S. et Mey., flavonoids to 5.2% in the stems, leaves and flowers of S. iberica, carbohydrates and established structure. Found coumarins, triterpene sapoiiiy. Medicinal. Therapeutic action - stimulating appetite, anthelmintic, tonic - Hopes. h S. obtusa Ledeb., S. perennis L., wound healing in veterinary medicine - S. iberica. Indications - diseases of the digestive system: the Read more [...]
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Universal quot;snastochka-trapquot;

Author of the "trap" of Moscow angler Pavlov. The design is different from most of its counterparts miniaturization and reliability. It should be noted that it is effective at catching on as a 'soft' bait of any configuration, and when fishing on natural baits. When fishing on natural bait preference should still give uzkotelym fish. Snastochka ideal foam and "fish" and to silicone vibrohvostam (Fig. 85). It captures and holds them tightly at all loads. So the author is not accidentally called her "a trap."'Small fish"Impaled thus becomes interesting Read more [...]
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Types of tents

Types of tents to the destination. The starting point in choosing a tent is its purpose. I would point out a few basic classes: - Tents for tourism of the ordinary - a tent for tourist rallies and marches weekend - tents for trailering (camping) - tents for winter and extreme hiking - tents "special purpose." Our goal - to select tent just for tourism "Normal difficulty", so describe the other only in passing. Tents tursletov and PVD - is the so-called tent old type - dvuhskatki with awning. It is a simple tent, which are still in demand due to its price. Ridge tent for Read more [...]
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Tree of Death

Early on in the colonial wars of troops of the East India Company met with one of the oldest types of chemical weapons - poisoned arrows, spears and clubs. Mysterious poison for arrows intrigued conquerors, and in the middle of the XVII century. Dutch instructed botanist H. Rumpf reveal their secret. Thanks to Mr. Rumpf of upas, trees giving poison for arrows, began to spread the most incredible rumors. This happened because the Javanese was much more profitable to frighten Europeans than to reveal the secret of extraction of juice Anchar. Therefore, Mr. Rumpf warned that closer to the tree Read more [...]
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Orientation on the trail

A man whose work is closely related to nature, usually of particular visual acuity of observation and memory, learns to detect invisible to other features of the surroundings. Signs by which he reads Nature, called tracks, and the man himself - a tracker. Techniques sledopytstva fluent in taiga hunters, desert shepherds, herders, guards. The doctrine of the tracks is called trassologii (from the French word «trace» - trail) And examines the origin of the various signs and change them from various causes, the rules of discovery and exploration. Trassologiya distinguishes three groups Read more [...]
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Thermal state and water-salt metabolism at high ambient temperatures

In humans and other mammals advanced body temperature is kept constant through the mechanisms of thermoregulation, which ensure normal functioning of the organism. Increased body temperature leads to significant shifts metabolism and function of organs and systems. When the temperature of 2 ° is there are significant abnormalities in the cardiovascular system and a noticeable decrease in performance. Raising it to a 4 - 5 ° and more incompatible with the life of the organism. Interest is the relationship of body temperature to changes in ambient temperature. The experiments were performed Read more [...]
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Mullen mealy

Biennial, sometimes perennial herbaceous plant from 50 to 160 cm, with spindle-shaped root. Stems are erect, ribbed, branched, like all plants, hairy tiny grayish stellate hairs. The leaves are ovate to oblong-lanceolate, basal and lower stem with short petioles, mid and high-seat, beneath densely pubescent, obtuse or acute, crenate on the edge. The flowers are collected in bundles of 2-7, which at the tips of stems form a branched inflorescence-pyramidal panicles. Calyx deeply dissected into five triangular-lanceolate lobes. Corolla yellow, with a diameter of 2 cm, rotate, slightly irregular, Read more [...]
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Rhode ARCTIUM L. — Mug.

Biennials and 200 cm high. Distribution: all regions except the Arctic. Contain seskviterpeioidy (including seskviterpeiovye lactones), di-and triterpenoids, flavonoids and 18% in the leaves A. lappa L., lignans, phytosterols, carbohydrates to 21% in the leaves of A. lappa, acyclic poliatsetilenovye Comm. (Including sulfur), and phenolic acids, higher fatty acids and aliphatic aldehydes established structure. Highlighted the essential oil to 0.2% of the Subtitle. hours and tannins to 8% of the leaves of A. lappa, fatty oil to 21.4% of the fruit of A. minus (Hill) Bemh., rubber. Detected Read more [...]
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Steppe marmot

Status. View, the state is due to the measures taken or because of natural population trends is safe, but is not subject to industrial application and for its populations requires constant monitoring. Distribution. At the beginning of XX century. was widely distributed in most of the steppe zone. The range extends from Podolia in the west to the left bank of the Irtysh in the east. By the middle of the last century due to plowing of virgin lands and unregulated fishing area was divided into separate isolated settlements that are confined to the "inconvenient" land and protected conservation Read more [...]
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The final emotional stress

During long trips submarines we have noticed that for 2-3 days before the sailing sailors became fussy, emotionally strained. They all thought that over time has slowed. There was a hurry as fast as possible to get to the shore. Emotional tension during the final period of the job and can clearly be seen in astronauts during the flight. V. Sevastyanov recalls that a few days before returning to Earth "originated something on the brain all, most would end the flight, would rather have on the Earth. Waiting for the end of the flight times were very slow. Mood deteriorated" 316. Read more [...]
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The conservation of life in a shipwreck in the ocean or the sea

Disaster in the world's oceans can occur for various reasons. This collision of vessels, and hit the reef, and the result is a severe storm or typhoon. This can happen during a fire in a collision with a stray mines during World War II. Modern maritime statistics relentless - every half hour SOS alarm sounds every day and killed at least one vessel. But it happens that over the vast ocean distress and airliners. In this case, the passengers of the aircraft have very little time to leave the cabin, as the aircraft afloat from 10 to 25 minutes, depending on the design and type of aircraft. Read more [...]
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That the horizon

Our hero Tom Sauer participated in the transatlantic rowing race has experienced many adventures, just not feed a shark and, to cope with all the misadventures, like in the movie, dressed in a tuxedo and had a couple of cocktails. Transatlantic rowing race Atlantic Challenge Race, from 1997 is held every two years. The race starts in the Canary Islands. Passing about 3000 nautical miles, participants will finish in Barbados. The race involved nonprofessional athletes, but without the semi-training (this is at least) there is nothing to do. Son Derk Sauer - the founder of our publishing house Read more [...]
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