How to identify wolves and wolf dens

Wolf lair can be found in the following locations. 1. Where wolves live in the summer in the past and where it is often seen wolves. 2. Where you are or have seen the cubs in the past, given that the wolf, usually annually schenitsya in the same places. 3. Where often heard the barking and howling of wolves cubs on dawn in August and September, as these months are systematically wolves howling at the dawn of a den about 10 minutes with breaks, and the wolves chorus raise shrill barking, whining. 4. Where wolves attacking livestock in the summer of last year, but rarely closer 5-7 km from the Read more [...]
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How not to insure

The top Selegrad (III B) is characterized by a 45-meter rocky couloir slope of 70 °. It starts right from the debris, which was compatible with the pedestrian trail, and requires the climber once the full impact and focus on insurance. Sports groups harkovchan led climber K. It was his first guide to "three", and going to the couloir, he did not hesitate (leadership commits), came forward. I wanted to go fast and without loss of time. Hiding group under an overhanging rock peak and making sure that the stones of it will not reach his comrades, K. soared. Security ropes dragged Read more [...]
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To the delta of the Volga and beyond

I have a three-day trip to the Kursk region has been assembled backpack with diving equipment, when an old friend called me and offered to go to Astrakhan. Twice, in May and June, I was in those parts, but can you refuse such an offer?! And I went to this fish eldorado for the third time. In Astrakhan, we cordially welcome an old friend of Lt. Col. Victor M. Border Alex Polishchuk. He recently received a new assignment, and now with no less success than the smugglers in the Volga steppes, catching poachers in the Caspian Sea. Half of the day went to the arrangements for the meeting of the Read more [...]
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Hieracium collina or deceptive

Perennial with dense, slightly izgibistym stems, up to 60 cm (often multiple stems), covered with bristly hairs, especially at the bottom, and the stellate and glandular (more abundant in the upper part). Leaves oblong or lanceolate, acute, on both sides with simple (top bristly) and stellate hairs (top poorly, moderately below) basal leaves 3-5, stem - 3-7. Inflorescence lax, umbellate-paniculate, of 10-35 baskets. Wrapper leaves 7-8 mm long, narrow, sharp, gray with dense stellate hairs, with simple hairs and glands rare, centered at the top. Stigmas yellow. Blooms in June-July, fruiting Read more [...]
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Yellow Devil

Young SIRF feared nobody. And whom to fear if nature has given this large forest fly-zhurchalku unusual dress! If what the artist put SIRF near feisty wasp, and looking at her, held a small brush on a black body flies bright yellow stripes, exactly the same as that of a wasp. SIRF, completely defenseless, did not have to hide from the sharp beaks of birds, and of the terrible jaws of predators, dragonflies. Noticeable even from a distance black and yellow pattern, as if copied from zhalonosnoy wasps baffled every lover eat insects. And wasps in the woods all feared: who has ever experienced Read more [...]
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Group equipment: Other equipment

Each tent needs a flashlight. If the light only when you place it at night, then one set of batteries last for 6-8 nights. But in the cold or moisture will discharge faster. But for the "eternal" electrodynamic flashlight ("bug"), and they are not needed. Along with flashlights and candles are taking. Along with candles to take a candlestick - suspended or screwed to the bar tent. You can make it out from under the metal boxes of film 2> <8. Three of these caps are connected "whatnot" with chains or soft wire. The middle floor is cut from the center to Read more [...]
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Gray groundhog — marmota baibacina kastsch. Reproduction and growth of young

Adults Baibakov, tend to live in shelters in pairs (female and male). With them are profit animals and young, born last year. In the spring, we met five to six young in age for the second year in a hole. In the summer, more than two such animals in a shelter we have never seen. Sometimes come across single males. They settled separately, apparently due to an excess of males in the population. In 1957, produced 14, and in 1958 - nine of these animals. They were exhausted and bitten and largely led a nomadic life. These animals are often, but unsuccessfully tried to enter the home, full-time Read more [...]
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Rhode SEMPERVIVUM L. — Young.

Herbaceous perennials, 10-60 cm high. Distribution: European part (south-east), the Caucasus. Contain flavoiondy, coumarins, and phenolic acids and fatty acids established structure. Marked tannins. Detected alkaloids, catechins, and organic acids to 9.7% in oversight. h S. caucasicum Rupr. ex Boiss. Drug (S. tectorum L). Those therapeutically effect - a diuretic, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, improving hearing - Hopes. hours, wound healing, anthelmintic, expectorant - leaves, antipyretic. Indications - kidney and urinary tract: in diseases of the urinary bladder, cystitis, hematuria, Read more [...]
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Gardening tools — axes

Something like trying to make and Russian firms. For example, one of the models looks like a rectangular plate, sharpened on three sides, mounted on a steel pipe and fitted with a rubber grip. Is a cross between a bilateral ax and something resembling the original model throwing ax Hunter company produces "NOX". This all-metal ax with pads on the handle of the delta - wood. The blade is sharpened on both the front and on top of the plane. At the butt is a ledge, sharpened screwdriver. A small ax, thanks to the specific form of the blade is suitable for cutting and chopping strokes, Read more [...]
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The taiga is found one of the largest species of fox - red fox, or moth (body length of 60-90 cm, weight of 10.6 kg for males), characterized in bright red color. Like the wolf she avoids deaf taiga forest, preferring sparse forests in farmland, rich upland game and rodents. In spring and summer, foxes get into the tundra reach coastlines, where foxes are competitors. Foxes live in the forest-steppe and steppe zones, in the deserts and semi-deserts. The most characteristic feature of foxes can be considered its bushy tail, which it acts as a rudder, making sharp turns during the persecution. Read more [...]
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Food in the Arctic

It must be remembered that the energy cost of the organism in the Arctic winter are essential for human life support in autonomous existence. Low temperatures in themselves violate the balance between spending energy and education. Even for short periods of cold, oxygen consumption increases by 2.5 times, which indicates the activation of metabolic processes in the body. The level of daily energy expenditure in the Arctic increased by about 20% compared with the performance of the same work in a temperate climate. It is therefore necessary not only to have shelter from the cold, but also to Read more [...]
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Fishtotter — this is not a cake

Some of the famous masters of fishing said the fisherman, like the hunter is given the right to kill. But it is worth while still torment. After a wounded rabbit cries, cries quite dead deer, and fish are silent. However, if they had a voice, then perhaps he would have touched even stones lying on the beach ... Deep in nature observation and beliefs also have local anglers' live fish home wear can not - will not be caught. " To deliver sentient beings from unnecessary suffering angler should have fishtotter - simple beater, which strike at the head of large fish. For this purpose, Read more [...]
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First impressions of the knife Strider SMF

Description: Just could not resist to play with my new Strider :) Sharpening factory is pretty good, concave slopes. From different sources of information about Reza Striders came very controversial and many reviews were not in favor of the Strider. Therefore I cut them a little bit and see what's what. Read more [...]
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How to pull a splinter?

Splinter is one of trouble, familiar to many. If you get a splinter hand, try to get rid of splinters as soon as possible so that it did not go deep into the soft tissue and not to provoke their purulent inflammation. But small splinter sometimes extremely difficult to pull out. To do this, dip the needle in the usual alcohol, iodine or ignited the flame of a match. It disinfects it and not allow pests to get inside your body, which could lead to various diseases. Then sanitized needle remove a splinter. No need raskovyrivat wound itself, it can lead to painful effects. It is best to catch Read more [...]
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Features cooking of wild plants

To maximize the preservation of nutrients, in the manufacture of food from wild plants must comply with the following rules. 1. It should not be long in the open chopped greens. 2. Green plants need to put cooking in boiling water, cook with the lid closed. 3. Young greens cook for 10-15 minutes, grasses mature plants - 15-20 minutes. 4. Fragrant plants should sauté or add at the end of cooking. Harvesting plants drying and storage for future use. Plants spread in a thin layer or tie into small bundles. Materials containing a lot of moisture (berries, fruits, roots, rhizomes) Read more [...]
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Technique cross-country skiing in the forest

Ski trips in the sparsely populated taiga are very similar to their own circumstances with the campaigns conducted in the Far North. However, there are some differences, which are discussed below. Group equipment. Tent can be made more lightweight than hiking in the Far North. Comfortable, warm tent for a group of 10 - 12 people are made of one layer of fabric &andlaquo, Cape "(thin brezentin), Fig. 12. At the entrance of one cloth covers another and so the "door" is always close by itself, without passing into the cold air. When installing the lower parts of the walls of Read more [...]
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European euonymus

Extended to the south-west forest and steppe zones of the European part of Russia, in the mountainous regions of the Crimea and the Caucasus. Outside of Russia is growing in Central and Western Europe, the Balkans and Asia Minor. Most often found on the edges, clearings and sparse undergrowth of oak, pine, beech and mixed forests. Tall shrub, sometimes a small tree up to 7 m in height. Young green branches on the four sides are covered with brownish nodules cork, why are four-sided. Elliptical light green leaves are arranged on small stalks and bottom of the veins with short pubescence. It Read more [...]
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Equipment in the field camp

Campaign can have beneficial effects on the human body. But it is very important to evenly distribute the load during the meeting. During the trek, alternate load and rest. In this article we will talk about how to organize a campaign? Remember that the average distance which doctors recommend take place during the day - about 25 miles. The weight of the backpack should not be more than 25 pounds. Campaign should be carried out with not very hot weather - at the beginning and at the end of the day. In the afternoon to arrange a long otdyh.Razbivat camp to dark. Better to go to rest and Read more [...]
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In the 14th century physician Odo of Maine, said: "The fact that" Elenium "Greeks," Elne "is called, the doctor devyasilom calls, and the plant is known to anyone." Indeed, elecampane is stored at a glance. Of the nine species found in Central Russia, we are only interested in one, but the most famous and largest. In July, his huge, sometimes up to 2 m stems with large, numerous baskets of yellow flowers visible from afar. Elecampane (Inula helenium) can be found in meadows, glades, shrubs, especially in humid areas. Very ordinary plant for chernozem zone and Read more [...]
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Economic evaluation of the role of the beaver

As the growth in the number of beavers has serious opponents of land considered useful addition to the above qualitative and environmental analysis proves conclusively contribution beaver as edificator environment, to the possible economic evaluation of its activities. It should be noted that this is associated with large? difficulties, not least because that assessment of natural resources is not a single methodology. In addition, planning and economic calculations have not yet oriented to the conservation of natural, resources. Therefore consciousness threat of depletion, and in the very Read more [...]
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