Domestic non-communicable diseases

Diseases of the digestive system. Gastritis - acute inflammation of the mucous membrane of the stomach. Irregular feeding, poor quality food, greed by eating food, especially the bones, hit in the stomach of some medicinal poisons, infections cause acute inflammation of the stomach. Disease accompanied by anxiety after eating a meal, general lethargy and vomiting - first food, then mucus and bile. Gastritis usually occurs simultaneously with enteritis (inflammation of the lining of the intestine). The reasons for it are the same stimuli, as well as worms. As a result of inflammation of the Read more [...]
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Rhode ARALIA L. — Aral.

Herbaceous perennials or shrubs up to 7 m high. Distribution: The Far East. Contain mono-, sesqui-n diterpenoids, triterpenoids to 14.7% in A. elata (Miq.) Seem, (among them triterpenoid saponins), phytosterols, flavonoids (including anthocyanins), carbohydrates and nitrogen Comm., acyclic poliatsetilenovye Comm. (Park, Kim, 1995), phenolic acids, higher fatty acids n H efnry, aliphatic hydrocarbons, aldehydes, and other aliphatic and aromatic Comm. established structure. Highlighted the essential oil to 2% of the Subtitle. Part A. continentalis Kitag., fatty oil to 27.9% of the seeds A. Read more [...]
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Determination of the time by the sun and compass

Time the sun and compass determined following method. Measure azimuth on the Sun, for example, that it is 90 °. Sunin the East - 90: 15 (15 - twenty-fourth part of a circle - the value of the rotation of the Earth or the apparent displacement of the sun for 1 hour) = 6, 6 + 1 (Daylight time) = 7; time - 7 hours (Figure 47). Azimuth is 180 °, the sun in the south - 180: 15 = 12, 12 + 1 = 13 hours. Azimuth 270 °, Sun in the west - 270 15 = 18 18 + 1 = 19 hours. Read more [...]
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Rhode TRACHOMITUM Woodson — dogbane.

Herbaceous perennials and 120 cm high. Distribution: European part (south). Caucasus, Western and Eastern Siberia. Contain cardenolides established structure to 0.5% in T. sarmatiense Woodson. Medicinal. Indications - cardio-vascular system in diseases of the heart and blood vessels - T. lancifolium (Russanov) Pobed. Toxicity. Toxic: T. lancifolium; exhibits insecticidal activity: T. sarmatiense. Materials. For the manufacture of canvas, ropes: fiber stems T. lancifolium, T. sarmatiense, Lifebelts (packing): seed (flying detachment) T. lancifolium. Melliferous. T. lancifolium. Read more [...]
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Tagetes (marigolds)

The great Swedish botanist Carl Linnaeus, first proposed to give all the Latin names of plants common in the so-called binary nomenclature prichlos very difficult. Binary nomenclature includes two names - generic and specific. Genus - a group of related species of plants, united by a common origin, similar in structure. There may be a lot, but sometimes does one species (genus v.takom case called monotype). The generic name of a plant something like our family - such as family Ivanov meets old cornflower, then the names will match the specific name, specifying what kind of cornflower (or any Read more [...]
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Crank from the bottom of the reservoir

One of the most effective methods of fishing crank - is speed wiring on the bottom or near the bottom of the reservoir (Fig. 70).Wobbler bury sharply, making it a steep dive and go to the bottom of the arc. When he reaches the bottom, rotating coil stop for a few seconds - a fish begins to emerge. Then retract lead to action, and bait dives, touching the bow of the bottom. In some cases, cause the lure to dive, only raising spinning up. Wobbler can be conducted in steps and at a considerable distance from the bottom. Basically, catch pike at a depth of 4 meters - a kind of a bust. Pike Read more [...]
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How to heat the water from the snow

To heat the water from the snow should be quite a bit: the snow, dishes, fire source and free labor. Fill bowl with snow, ramming it in tighter. Put the bowl on the fire and ... Snow does not melt! He slowly mokreet, darkens, but does not melt in a hurry - too much air in the snow. Any way that would help the process, more ramming snow spoon. First moisture will be completely absorbed by snow, but it will take a little more time and a pot zapleschetsya water. The hardest thing so far. Now we are waiting ... most tiresome. Gradually pour the snow into the pot. Once it is dissolved, flinging Read more [...]
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Compass and how to use it

It's not hard to lose the orientation of the debris of dead trees in the forest thicket overgrown with thick bushes, where the untrained eye everything seems monotonous green chaos and difficult to distinguish conspicuous terrain and the dissimilarity of the situation. Astray've both beginners and experience tells taezhnikam. In such cases, people will start trying to mind a variety of ways of orienteering. He recalls how on the countries of the world are building their dwelling ants, and where abundant stands resin on the bark, and which side of the trees are covered with thick moss. Read more [...]
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Cold steel shock-crushing type

Let's start with the bad: the weapons under Russian law allowed for circulation in the country. But despite the ban, it is widely distributed and used. These are numerous varieties svinchatok, brass knuckles, a club and telescopic batons, say, weapons, perfect for the street. Governmental Attitude shock - Blunt Weapons is understandable, because in contrast to the knife can not be used as a tool, it is only a weapon with all the ensuing consequences. But here we must not forget about certain tactical advantages provided such weapons. It is a highly selective, they can easily injure the Read more [...]
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The essence of orienteering

Ability to navigate the terrain to the representatives of various professions and to all travelers. It's a complex science, but often from the skill life depends. "Oriented" - literally means to find the east (from the Latin «oriens»), which in ancient times was considered an important aspect of the horizon - here comes the sun. Orientation, or the orientation of the field, is the set of activities designed to determine its location (station point), the direction of the meridian passing through the point and the direction of travel. Guidelines called geographic objects used Read more [...]
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 Snow blindness, or snow ophthalmia - a kind of a burn of the conjunctiva and the cornea by ultraviolet rays of the sun reflected from the snow crystals. Very often it occurs in the spring, during the "aurora snow" when the reflectivity of the snow cover increases. First, you will no longer distinguish the difference in levels of the surface, then there is a feeling in the eyes, as if under the eyelids got fine sand. By evening cramps become unbearable. Inflamed eyes, swollen eyelids, and a person is truly blind, becoming surprisingly helpless. What was not treated in the past ophthalmia: Read more [...]
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sudden brief loss of consciousness due to insufficient blood supply to the brain. It may be due to the strong emotional experience - excitement, fear, fear of (so-called. Psychogenic 0.), Severe pain, with mountain sickness (altitude 0.) thermal stroke and other disease states. Loss of consciousness at 0. preceded by weakness, dizziness, nausea, ringing in the ears, dark or flickering in the eyes, the patient turns pale, his face appears cold sweats, loss of consciousness and begins falling. Bessoznat. state lasts from several. s to several. min after recovery of consciousness for some time Read more [...]
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Chapter 19. Wreck

The mother of all headaches. - Sandman before the storm. - Beat with a sledgehammer. - Spasplotik. - To the ground. - Reed sailed. - Kos. - My nails to the ground. - Fuss on the shore. - "Afghan", the killer and benefactor. - Tent and sleeping bag. - Alive will be - I do not die God of mercy, acts of God was not, but sleep also was not special. Instead a drowsy woodiness. Deep sleep came only at dawn and two hours later I woke up choking himself snore. Never snored, and then on to you. But - before you snore. At first sight, the world was full of headaches, and I - Read more [...]
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Bear with cubs

Female aggressiveness depends, as noted above, the age of the cubs. When they are quite small, it is in danger of leaving the den, not protecting them, and for the most part is not returned. As the cubs grow up maternal instinct increases and reaches a maximum yield from the den of the family, especially in the early days. Female catches on all who approach cubs, so early in the spring meeting with the bear family are most dangerous. Be among the most dangerous bear and Miedwie- zhatami. So before you go, you need to, but possible, to understand where the bear cubs and where, as close Read more [...]
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Food in the jungle

Despite the wealth of fauna, provide themselves with food in the jungle by hunting much more difficult than it seems at first glance. It is no accident African explorer Henry Stanley wrote in his diary that. But with the help of a makeshift fishing rod or a network can successfully supplement your diet with fish, which is often full of tropical rivers. For someone who was one on one with the jungle, without interest method of fishing, which is widely used inhabitants of tropical countries. It is based on poisoning the fish with vegetable poisons - rotenone and rotekondami contained in the leaves, Read more [...]
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CALLA L. Rhode — Calla.

C. palustris L. - Herbaceous perennial to 30 cm high. Distribution: European part (except the south), West n East Siberia and the Far East. Detected alkaloids, flavonoids, saponins, carbohydrates and fatty acids. Medicinal. Therapeutic action - laxative - fruits, diuretic - Hopes. hours, expectorant, diaphoretic, detoxification, analgesic - Subtitle. hours Statement - diseases of the digestive system: the hypofunction of the stomach - Subtitle. h, kidney and urinary tract: in anuria - Hopes. hours, pain, headache - Subtitle. hours, symptoms and syndromes: with ascites, edema, hypoxia, fever Read more [...]
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Buckthorn (Olhovidnaya) — Frangula Alnus Mill.

Tree or shrub 1.5-2 m leaves are alternate, thick, obovate or elliptic, entire, with seven to nine pairs of ribs slightly curved, dark green, glabrous. The flowers are small, inconspicuous, with five petals, arranged in three to five in the leaf axils. Fruit - berry spherical diameter of 8 mm. Unripe fruits are red, ripe purple and black with two or three-shirokoobratnoyaytse prominent flattened seeds. Bark almost smooth, dark brown or gray, with whitish longitudinal lenticels. With slight scraping visible red layer. Plant is found in the undergrowth of mixed and deciduous forests throughout Read more [...]
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Braided line (quot;braidquot;)

At the current fishing Russian market, surpassing line, firmly taken its place, and found fans braided cord. Variety of companies that produce these products is large enough. But is great variety of cords themselves, if they have any differences, and if so, what?Ask yourself these questions and armed with a stereoscopic microscope (magnification up to 100 times), I put the following visual inspection of fishing ropes: «Spider-wire fusion fluo »,« Spider-wire braid »,« Maxilon »,« Gorilla »,« Fireline »,« Vexter »,« Power pro »,« Evolution ». Omitting the question of the chemical Read more [...]
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Blind loop

Suppose that on the end of a rope tied fixed (nezatyagivayuschayasya) loop (See, eg, p. 20). Then with the help of the loop can form a so-called dead loop. Anglers are deaf loop for easy tying lures. It needs to have a fixed loop through the eye of spinners and stretch in the front of us to the near side of the spinner (Fig. 1). Then the front side must pull down (Figure 2 and Figure 3). This loop easily undone in reverse order. Sometimes called birochnoy loop, as it is used to capture and store items with a hole.   Read more [...]
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Mullen black

Biennial or perennial herbaceous plant height of 50 to 140 cm stems are erect, branched above, often blackish-red at the base, cylindrical, above-striped ribbed, sparsely pubescent with branched hairs. Leaves cordate-oblong, green above, glaucous below usually through pubescence, basal and lower stem - to the plate 15-30 cm long and 5-15 cm wide, the edges dvoyakogorodchato-toothed, with long (20 cm) petioles, upper -lanceolate, crenate-toothed edges, subsessile. The flowers are collected in bundles of 5-10, and the beams in turn form the apical inflorescence, rather dense brush. Bracts linear, Read more [...]
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