Yves brittle or Rakita

Large tree 15-20 m tall with a broad crown and gray bark with deep fissures. Bare branches extending at right angles, slightly drooping, very brittle at the base. Flower buds separated from escaping, lanceolate, uzkotreugolno-lanceolate or conical, with the tip of a straight or bent down to escape, with distinct lateral carinae, and 7 (9) mm long. The leaves are ovate-oblong or ovate-lanceolate with long pointed tip, margin glandular serrate with coarse and uneven teeth dark green above, below pale green or glaucous, yulye, only slightly pubescent youth and somewhat sticky. Earrings on long Read more [...]
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Annual fragrant plant height of 25-100 cm, densely leafy. Stem erect, ribbed, brownish or purplish-brown, naked. The leaves are alternate, in general outline broadly ovate, 2.5-10 cm long and 2.5-4 cm broad, three times pinnate, lateral segments 2-3 (5) on each side, their petioles broadly edged, pointed end slices quickly. Baskets are spherical, on drooping stalks 1-3 mm long, form a common loose, broad, densely leafy paniculate inflorescence. Marginal flowers in a basket for women, with filiform tongue, median - bisexual, bokalchato-tubular. Fruits - flat achene. Flowers in July and August, Read more [...]
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Without a shadow

One day in early childhood, I read about a man who disappeared a shadow. This tale struck my fancy, and then I warily glanced at his shadow - Intact if not behind it from where I was. But the shadow was behaving as it should, is not following me through the fields and roads dark silhouette with a net sticking out the side, becoming the end of the day, when sun bow down to a close, surprisingly lanky. Even sometimes prevented him from working, when accidentally falls on insect, which is going to take a net, it immediately gets scared and fly away. We have to always remember their shadows come Read more [...]
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Why do we go to the woods

Gathering. It was the only way of obtaining food for our ancestors. Later he added the hunting and fishing. Today, the gifts of the taiga - mostly curious addition to the table. However, having lost the original meaning of the main source of food, wild plants and animals are becoming more attractive amateur collection, production. Of course, is important, and the utilitarian aspect of getting different forms: an abundant harvest of pine nuts, berries, mushrooms, garlic and bracken can significantly supplement the family budget. Professionals engaged in logging for commercial purposes, Read more [...]
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What was in the reeds. Chapter 13

I sighed deeply and began to struggle on. I only just left. At one point stumbled noisily splashed under the feet of water, and for the wall of reeds, close to the amazement meters in four to five, with a sudden grunt and squeal escaped herd of wild pigs and went smashing reeds. Automatically, I frantically raised his gun, but where could I send him? Is that in the sky. Well wall around, and what's the use to shoot if I do not see a damn thing, just stand and listen to the lapping of this is removed, and the sound of crackling. That's really a pig. So after all human and a heart Read more [...]
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Spotted a bruise or Rumyanka

Biennial plant with a single erect sturdy stem height (20) 30-60 (80) cm long, bristly hairs. Leaves are numerous, from the bottom of lanceolate to linear below inflorescence, sharp on both sides and so bristly grayish or grayish, the bristles are sitting on large tubercles, middle leaves 4-6 cm long and 0.5-1 cm wide, basal leaves are stored in the part time of flowering. Inflorescence dense, spicate, up to 30 cm, formed with short curls, bracts linear-lanceolate, not exceeding the flowers. Calyx almost to the base of the five-lobed, with linear acute lobes. Corolla tubular-campanulate, 12-15 Read more [...]
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Wealth and poverty

At noon, under the canopy of tropical rain forests gloomy and stuffy, damp and quiet. Green shade hides the brightness of colors, and continuous chaos of overlapping branches and aerial roots to the extreme narrow view. It seems that the climate and the abundance of vegetable can provide a comfortable life and feed the countless hordes of creatures, but they are not visible. You can spend a whole day in the pristine jungle and did not see any animal larger than a mouse. Them and do a little bit here. Especially little larger. By weight, the animals are only 0.02 percent of the total biomass Read more [...]
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Noxious plants

The article warns that poisonous plants can cause many fatalities. But the warning is not the main goal, the main thing is that many of these plants are subjected to persecution and extermination. Cultivation of nightshade, Spring Adonis, belladonna, valerian, dogbane and other medicinal plants justified in practice and is one of the ways to save them from destruction. If the benefits of medicinal plants is obvious, it is much harder to convince that need to protect the flora and poisons that are not drugs and, at first glance, nothing but harm, do not bring. However, myths, legends suggest Read more [...]
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Veronica stretched

Perennial herb, grayish due to a short straight hairs with numerous shoots 15-30 cm long flowering shoots upward, barren-recumbent. The leaves are 1-2 cm long and 3-8 mm wide, oblong-lanceolate or lanceolate-linear, with cuneate base, crenate at the edges, with short petioles. Flowers in dense racemes many-emerging from the axils of the upper two to four leaves. Bracts linear-lanceolate, slightly longer than the peduncles. Calyx divided into five linear-lanceolate unequal shares, two anterior lobe twice as long as three rear, of which the average is even shorter, usually less noticeable. Corolla Read more [...]
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Urtica dioca

Perennial plant of up to 1.5 m, with strong roots and long horizontal rhizomes. Stem straight, simple or branched, square. The leaves are opposite, ovate-oblong, margin coarsely toothed, with petioles, covered, like the stem, stiff stinging hairs containing formic acid and hurts when you touch them. The plant is dioecious. The flowers are small, with a simple four-membered perianth, gathered in large numbers in the intermittent spike inflorescence, male plants inflorescence erect, in female-hanging. Flowering and fruiting throughout the summer. Common in Europe and Asia, is brought to the Read more [...]
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Parakeet, or marmot — marmota caudal and jacquemont. Moult

Information on this Groundhog molt based on watching 32 of his skin with the Kyrgyz and Talas Range and 88 from other parts of the range. This marmot molts once a year. Molt, including changing horny layer of the epidermis and hair, begins about three weeks after the release of animals from hibernation and ends two weeks before the occurrence of it. In the lower zone habitat (1800 - 2300 m above sea level. m), it takes about three months polovinoychetyreh, and in the upper zone (2800-3300 m above sea level. m) of the week and a half or two more passes. Judging by the small number of skins Read more [...]
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Traps for people and animals, crossbows

Deep pits with sharp stakes at the bottom, covered with a thin layer on top of branches and grass and hidden under the greenery, alert crossbows on the trails and incident logs with sharp thorns - this is an incomplete list of things that can happen in the virgin taiga even today. Such traps are built for different reasons: need of food getting in this way, unwanted intrusion into its territory of foreign hunting, poaching - as rare and valuable animals killed for hides, horns or tusks. Keep from falling into a pit trap or quarrel in a difficult, unfamiliar terrain can only marginal Read more [...]
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Tips fishermen

It happens that the sunken part of the line above the float clinging grass, twigs, roots and prevents hooking fish. To avoid this, a scaffold should be greased by the end of the rod to the float. Fishing line wound around the motoviltse rod, to protect against accidental outburst during transport attach rubber band widths up to 1 cm, cut from child dummies (pacifiers). In this moleno and insert the hook under the gum. The hook is not tupilsya, after catching his sting should wear vinyl chloride segment isolated from the mounting end provoda.Tonky bamboo rods for added strength should soak hot Read more [...]
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The use of ropes

Moving a dangerous place, the climber must secure a successful and safe progress on this site. Climber uses for this own equipment and, above all, a rope. The main purpose of the rope-Saving: to keep from further disrupt the climber falling. Alpine climbers rope protects life. Without mastering the technique of rope can not perform any complex climbing, you can not even provide training and training sessions on the rocks and ice, you can not learn the technique of climbing on rocks. From the first day learning the basics of climbing to familiarize with the safety of a rope. The higher Read more [...]
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The sex ratio and age deer

The life of animals is natural communities within the strict framework of the sex ratio and age groups. Changes in environmental conditions or shooting, aiming at the removal of any one group, will inevitably lead to a change in the number of animals (population). The ratios of individual groups of animals and limiting the population density of roe deer in summer habitats support some intrapopulation factors. Such factors include the relationships that arise within a single family, as well as in the aggregate of all individuals living in the area. In fact, how do you explain that some plot Read more [...]
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The overall strategy of survival in the mountains

As mentioned, the overall survival tactics in the mountains directly depends on the vertical zonation, that is, on how high the accident occurred. In the highlands of the victims will face some of the same problems as in the high latitudes - lack of food of plant and animal origin, low air temperatures, the presence of snow cover, lack of fuel for fires and other emergency Belt forest provides about the same possibilities for survival as the taiga, etc. However, there are pure mountain hazards such as life-threatening, the victim of the accident and of themselves can be the cause of the disaster. Read more [...]
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The life of a polar bear

After polar bear was chosen as one of the symbols of the Winter Olympics in Sochi, it is easy to understand: we are waiting for a surge of interest in this mysterious beast, surrounded by a halo of rumors and speculation. Perhaps someone - even happen to see him in his natural habitat. How does the act face to face with the owner of the Arctic? All imagine what it looks like white polar bear: it is quite large creature moving on all fours, weighing half a ton, with a developed, right - did titanic muscled, well-armed with tooth and nail. The king of the North. This killing machine. But how Read more [...]
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The family of mice. Hamster

Hamster has a short, dense body length of up to 35 cm (tail - up to 6 cm). The coat is soft, thick, reddish-brown and black on the ridge on the casings, with two white spots on each side. Hamsters live in all regions of the European part of the USSR to the south line of Yaroslavl-Kirov - Perm, in the Kazakh SSR and Western Siberia. In the North Caucasus produced a relatively large number of small blackish hamster skins are valued much lower skins Hamster. Outside USSR hamsters are found in Czechoslovakia, Poland and Germany. Hamsters make their homes in the fields, gardens, melon fields, Read more [...]
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The cat family. Manul

Manul - Medium-sized cat with a tall, thick and soft fur. Body length of 40-65 cm, tail - 20-30 cm Manuli live in southern Transbaikalia, in the Altai region in Kazakhstan fur of these animals - reddish smoky shot with silver, sometimes with narrow dark transverse stripes and dark belt on the ridge. Manuli also found in Turkmen and Tajik SSR, their fur is colored reddish color with a reddish tint and a very rare dark transverse stripes. Outside the USSR Man'ula found in parts of Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, China and Mongolia. Manuli inhabit the mountain-steppe, steppe and desert Read more [...]
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Gray groundhog — marmota baibacina kastsch. Distribution and abundance in Kazakhstan

Outside of Kazakhstan in the north lazybones was common in the steppes of Trans-Urals. Currently, he remained there only isolated settlements in the southern part of the Chelyabinsk region - Bredin-Soviet, Kizilskoe, Poltava, and Varmenskom Kuyurgazinskom areas (Schwartz, Peacock, Daniel, 1951). In this Kustanai region animal found in the northern regions - Fedorov, Mendygarin-Soviet and Presnogorkovskaya (Sludsky, 1939 Tkachenko, 1959). In the North-Kazakhstan region it is found in the area Presnovskom (Tkachenko, 1959). Next, the northern boundary of its distribution goes to the lake. Selety-Tentiz Read more [...]
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