Audible alarm

Provide audible distress, there are special fireworks firecrackers, which are triggered by a - 10 s after actuating. Signal such firecrackers can be heard at a distance of 6 - 8 km. Sound "supplements" are provided with some flares. Usually this is whistling or howling, which runs all the time, until the indicator light signal (see missile warning combined. Sound whistle can be heard for at least twice as far as a scream. And even three times if using special signaling whistles. Attract the attention of rescuers can rhythmically sounding shots. !Audible distress is Read more [...]
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Alder or white

Distributed throughout the forest zone of the European part of Russia and the Caucasus. Lodges on the banks of rivers, but often goes to the high places. Growing rapidly, especially in the first years of life, but short-lived - lives up to 50-60 years, often giving place in stands of spruce or pine. Small tree with ribbed gladkokorym light gray trunk and narrow crown. Broadly on the edge biserrate leaves, dark green above, paler below by dense pubescence. Long bloom before leafing. Mature seeds from cones poured fall. Cones are usually collected for 8-10 pieces. When cutting wood and bare Read more [...]
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Hieracium Karelian or mnogozhelezistaya

Large perennial 60-130 cm tall with a strong furrowed densely leafy stems, sparsely pubescent with simple and glandular hairs, reddish at the base. Basal and lower stem leaves by flowering absent; skripkovidnye middle cauline leaves lanceolate, tapering to the lower base expanded, upper - half, with simple hairs. Inflorescence paniculate-umbellate, with 5-60 (usually 20-40) baskets. Legs baskets with abundant glandular hairs. Wrapper leaves with heavy pieces of iron, without simple hairs and stellate hairs or with few hairs and scattered stellate fuzz. Seeds are pale brown, with a smooth surface. Read more [...]
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If you decide to buy a bouquet of summer to your friends you will definitely see this plant. Asparagus adorned bouquets from the time of ancient Greece. In the first century AD, the Greek philosopher and historian Pliny wrote about the custom of giving the asparagus as decorating the newlyweds. In asparagus thin, almost transparent twigs, covered with the finest oblong leaves, and closer to the fall, decorated with small bright red berries. What do you think the leaves are actually thin shoots emerging from the axils of leaves whorls. And these same leaves must also see that it is not so easy. Read more [...]
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Dishes from dogs and cats

In most Euro-Amerikan countries (with the exception of some immigrant communities) the dog is man's best friend, and this has a purely negative attitude to the fact that in many Asian and Latin American countries sobachatiny eating and active struggle of the French sex symbol Brigitte Bardot previous years and numerous animal advocates for a ban on the attitude to the dog as a food source. The activities of Ms. Bordeaux in his new role gained prominence when she founded the organization animal rights activists called on football fans refuse to visit the World Cup in Seoul, Korea, if not legally Read more [...]
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Gray rat

Status. Regular, widespread, numerous synanthropic species. Distribution. Earlier, the source area of the rat was limited Primorye, Amur and Northeast China. In human settlements or adjacent to spread almost universally. In placing exhibits the well-known features: the northern areas all year round is held in homes, in the middle latitudes of Russia in summer evicted in natural habitats, usually in flood plains, and in the winter returns to the home, in the south is home to year-round dwellings. Distributed throughout the Saratov region, but the extent of the population of different regions Read more [...]
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Oleaster Thorny tree up to 10 m high, sometimes shrub with silver lace crown, trunk and branches are covered with a dark reddish-brown, shiny bark, and shoots and buds, silvery scales. The leaves are alternate, linear or lanceolate, 3-8 cm long, 0.4 to 1.8 cm wide, gray-green on top, bottom, silvery-white scales of covering both sides of the sheet. In June - July, there are small, silvery outside, inside the yellow flowers that go to 1-3 in the leaf axils. The flowers have a very strong, spicy flavor. Fruit - a single seed oblong drupe up to 1 cm with a silver-white, sweet-powdery edible pericarp. Read more [...]
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Gear: Backpack

Usually in ski mountaineering expeditions use V.Abalakova backpack design. Backpack and capacious enough at the same time does not interfere with the hands with ski poles. The size of its easy adjustable tie straps (textiles). Tightening belts and straps Clip buckles, which can be used without removing the warm mittens. Backpack has three convenient pockets. They can fit all your personal belongings, (except for the warm jackets and sleeping bags). In this case, they are always at hand, to get them, do not disassemble the pack. To protect items from moisture conveniently put into the Read more [...]
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Dangerous ice

Most people are on the ice, turning water to cut his way. Or going for ice fishing. In a stable cold weather, when the temperature does not rise more than minus five degrees, safe pedestrian movement is a single thick ice four to five centimeters. Vosmisantimetrovy ice can carry two people standing nearby, 12 - 14-inch - five to seven people. Autumn ice is safe for one person at a thickness of not less than 10 centimeters. The most durable transparent ice with a bluish or greenish tinge, with no air bubbles formed in the frosty, windless and rainless weather. During the thaw, frost, Read more [...]
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Food plants

In a world of few places where you will be away from any kinds of plants - shrubs, climbing or trailing plants, flowers, herbs and lichens, which can provide food. In Europe alone, there are 10 Company edible plants. The only thing that you need to use them - is to know what is what and where to find them. Some, but edible, have low energy (nutritional) value, so you know what the most nutritious plants, especially of the widespread and growing all year round. In addition, learn which plants are poisonous, so avoid them. Plants contain important vitamins and minerals, they are rich in proteins Read more [...]
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Fishing equipment, winter road

In the bitter cold, when blowing snow, sour cream from the ice north wind begins to stick to the lashes, and my back feels every gust of wind, the angler involuntarily comes to mind is the following: "Well, what I came here? Would sit at home watching TV, it's so warm ... " Of course, not every visit similar thoughts. This is more typical for beginners, is not well equipped and lightly dressed. Trifled with frost, so freezing and cold - the constant companions fishermen podlednika. How do get rid of them? What does it take to angling fish granted a joy, not catarrhal diseases? Read more [...]
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Fish with a sail on his back

Grayling ordinary, or European, (Thymallus thymallus) and Siberian grayling (Thymallus arcticus) - two species, representatives of which can fall prey to domestic fishermen. Them in only ichthyologists and naturalists. Angler usually does not pay attention to small differences in the size of the mouth or in shades of body color. Siberian fish more varied, more likely to change the color intensity depending on the habitat. Grayling - a fish very beautiful, and in his appearance especially noteworthy huge rainbow fin, rising on the back, like a sail. He has a purple color and decorated with Read more [...]
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Find us on the Chukchi

Marshy tundra Lower Kolyma, where, as the old-timers claim, some water in the summer is maybe more than sushi, caught my attention after watching a short documentary film shown on television. It was called simply, "From field diary Andreeva ornithologist." Maybe someone of the readers a chance to look this simple, but done with great love for the northern nature film. Nachinaetvya he show tundra bird's eye: green, blue-spotted countless lakes. And over them smoothly flying swan couple. I do not know how much it could to remove the operator, but the illusion is complete, and if Read more [...]
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Features mode and order of movement: the trajectory

Line of movement in the winter travel is more straightness than hiking or water. In many cases, you can lead the way straight through the frozen swamps and ponds. However, to build a simple hike only in azimuth should not. Better use of by any ski or convenient to move the sleigh road. In the absence of trails or roads can move along the track, woodland, river beds. We must always remember that it is easier to go there, where the snow is less deep. Read more [...]
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Exposing Robinson

"The Life and Strange Surprising Adventures Robinson Crusoe, a sailor from York, who lived twenty-eight years, all alone on a deserted island off the coast of America, near the mouth of the Orinoco River, where he was thrown shipwreck in which all the crew, except for him, died, outlining his unexpected release by pirates written by himself. " The book, such a long name, written by Daniel Defoe, appeared in England, April 25, 1719. Since then more than two hundred and fifty years, but to this day, children and adults in all countries of the world eagerly read this novel. The basis Read more [...]
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Biennials or herbaceous perennials, 40-300 cm tall. Propagation: All. Contain coumarin to 10.3% in the underground. Part A. gmelinii (DC.) Pimenov (including in H-and furo-coumarins pnrano) chromophore, flavonoids, chalcones, mono-n seskvnterpenoidy, fitosternny, makrotsik-cyclic lactones, carbohydrates, phthalide, and 8-lactones (Le, 1998) , phenolic acids and fatty acids established structure. Highlighted the essential oil to 3.1% NZ fruit A. anomala Av.-Lall., fatty oil and 40% of the fruit of A. sylvestris L. Found poliatsetilenovye Comm., Vitamin C. Medicinal. Therapeutic action - Read more [...]
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Equipment: sledge

Using sleds, under favorable conditions, can go through the plains and mountain valleys sloping distance much greater than if the pull weight on your back.   Hoping for deep powder snow, sleds have to increase the height to 30 cm (the limit), track width of this should fit the width of trails. But with such ratios size sleigh obtained unstable: they are often on the go over on its side. At these sleds need to have the goods as low as possible (thin layer). The load with the fit, the sledge has to make long - 2 meters or more.   Increase stability by reducing sleds reach Read more [...]
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Elm smooth

A tree up to 35 m in height and a trunk up to 1 m in diameter, with a dense oval crown. Trunk with brown-gray bark, peeling thin rhombic plates. Buds lanceolate (generative - broadly), acute, up to 10 mm, with yellow-brown dark rimmed scales ciliate on the edge. The leaves form a "mosaic": the difference in size and the length of the stem, they are located in one plane, not obscuring each other. Blooms in mid-April, pollinated, like all kinds of elm, insects and even considered a honey plant and the fruit ripens in late May. Widespread in Western Europe (except the Mediterranean), Read more [...]

Edible mushrooms

So, with a little understood poisonous mushrooms. Perhaps in the future, I will cover this topic in more detail, talk about toxic substances in mushrooms and the symptoms they cause, perhaps it will be interesting to someone. Of course, there is no universal prescription where to go, and where to gather up a lot of mushrooms. However, taking advantage of my advice, you're all the time in the spring and the autumn will be with mushrooms. Which, in turn, will help you to survive in difficult conditions. As I said, the mushrooms grow almost anywhere. The timing collecting mushrooms can be Read more [...]
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Dry the meat

I will describe here a little experience in making homemade "dried" meat for hiking. I do not know about you, but I was a little bored good old stew. All of these searches for "correct" banks (known as "Beef Stew", not "beef stew", GOST, not the ending period - a subtle hint to withdraw from government reserves) with the obligatory "full-scale" test ... Still a lot of weight, a little meat, lots of fat (sometimes malosedobnogo) and water. In short, I began to look for a replacement. What do people go? Basically it is this: Canned meat, summer Read more [...]
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