Theres an invisible poison sting ruin threatens

Spruce forest was so thick that his shadow did not grow grass. Only here and there, in the old rotten stumps and trunks, fallen storm could see the moss and lichens. It seemed that in the dark shadows of spruce forest hid all the bad spirits. There was a smell of damp and fungi. Through the thorny branches hardly crept young hunter. The first time he found himself far from home and far behind her. He was not lucky naporovshis of acute limb, he hurt his leg. For a long time had to go for the sunset. There, far to the west, was the river, on the bank of a settlement of his relatives. From Read more [...]
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The storm and cold

Storm in the mountains - a wind of great strength with sharp gusts. Storm may be snow and snow-free. Even in canyons force storms not only very noticeable, but it makes sometimes take drastic measures of protection. The greater the height, and the lower the temperature, the greater the force of the storm, the greater the danger. Severe frost in calm weather is transferred more easily than the weak cold strong wind. Often without snow storm rages in a very clear day. Then the bottom of the gorge, you can see the storm raging on the mountain tops, the so-called "flags", or, as Read more [...]
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The plant is dangerous for white sheep

Once in a very long time ago it plant with small yellow flowers first found among the heather. It is well named - "growing among the heather," or, as it is called, perfoliate Hypericum (Hypericum perforatum). Why this plant is made menacing name? If St. John's wort is found in pastures in the mass or falls into the hay, it causes toxicity in animals whose fur is not painted. At the beginning, when they noticed a strange phenomenon, it explains the influence of supernatural forces. Magical properties associated with St. John's wort it "wort." If you look at the light Read more [...]
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The main problems of the insurance. State-of-

As already mentioned, the insurance is currently the first place among all causes of NA in the mountains (22%). On the one hand, this is due to some lag domestic production of means of insurance for mountaineering and mountain tourism, and on the other - a lack in the literature that promotes the latest methods of insurance, real characteristics produced sports equipment, the maximum allowable load in the insurance and self-insurance. As a result, many athletes lack understanding of the risks posed by non-compliance with the basic rules of insurance. Very useful in this regard are regularly Read more [...]
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The feeding behavior of the brown bear

The study of the formation of eating disorders is essential to identify the characteristics of an adult animal nutrition. Food-getting response to certain types of food can be configured very easily and can be traced in the future without significant change attitudes. However during ontogeny originally developed food-getting patterns are changing, depending on the environmental conditions and the age of animals, which determines their ability to getting and feed intake. In ontogeny eating behavior improved in the direction of minimizing behavioral acts and general motor activity, ensuring the Read more [...]
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Milfoil, purple loosestrife, or gravelly

Green perennial herb 30-160 cm tall with one or more simple erect stems. Leaves lanceolate, entire, toothed on the edges, pubescent (especially their lower side), with dark punctate glands on both sides of the leaf blade. Baskets are usually numerous, poluyaytsevidnye, 4-5.5 mm long and 3.5-5 mm wide, gathered at the tops of the stems in corymbose inflorescence. Wrap imbricate, three-row, wrap the leaves are 2-3 mm long and 1.5 mm wide, broadly, yellowish-green, with prominent midrib, margin membranous, yellow or yellow with a brown border. All the flowers in a basket white, edge - lozhnoyazychkovye, Read more [...]
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That controls life of the forest?

Sun - The universal source of energy to sustain life on our planet, but only autotrophic, that is green, the plants can use its energy directly. However, the intensity of sunlight falling on a territory, not a constant in the Northern Hemisphere, the maximum solar radiation in the summer months, at least - for the winter. Its strength varies depending on the altitude of the sun and the atmosphere. Peak radiation during the day falls on the afternoon. If the tree is not always enough light, it produces less and less nutrients, and finally they become so small that it has to go to the harsh regime Read more [...]
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Taxonomy of a beaver

Modern beaver is the largest member of the order of rodents (Rodentia) of the Northern Hemisphere. It belongs to the suborder and family Sciuromorphae Castoridae, now has only one race. For the period from the Oligocene in the Tertiary to Quaternary Holocene noted only 23 kinds of this family. 21 of them are kind of related to the Tertiary. In the Pleistocene in the northern hemisphere there are only 5 genera, including giant otters Trogontherium kind in the Palearctic genera Castoroides Paradipoides and in the Nearctic. In Holocene in the temperate zone of the northern hemisphere is found Read more [...]
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On Lake Manych-Gudilo

Great, and lake Manych-Gudilo. It is a far-glory of his generosity, the beauty of his unkind disposition. Still, the lake is almost Sea, situated among the arid steppes of Kalmykia. Its water bitter-salty depths greater coast low. And there on the lake island ... Small, flat, barely visible from the water, the islands on the lake Manych-Gudilo virtually impassable from the abundance of them arranged on bird nests. Live here side by side, and gulls, and ducks and herons and spoonbills. But the 'royal' bird islands, pelicans. Next to these giants of herring gulls seem smaller lake, Read more [...]
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Survival for pilots — Survival in the Arctic

Russian Armed Forces - the military organization of the Russian Federation, is designed for the defense of the Russian state, protect the freedom and independence of Russia, one of the most important instruments of political power. What should a person, will the fate of being one on one with a severe nature, away from populated areas, in the forest, the mountains or the desert? What must be done to save lives? How to signal distress get water and food, When supplies run out, how to make a fire in bad weather, build shelters from materials to protect from the rain, cold or heat of the sun? Read more [...]
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Signaling mirror or heliograph

Signal mirror, or as it is called in the literature - heliograph, which literally means "writing the sun," explains its purpose. It is estimated that the brightness of the light signal light spot at the angle of the sun at 90 ° C is nearly 7 million candles. The flash signal mirror on a cloudless, sunny day shows up with a plane flying at a height of 1 - 2 km, a distance of 20 - 25 km, and in some cases - up to 40 km. Signal mirror can give a signal, not only during the day but at night the moon is full and even in foggy dymke.Izvestno many types of signal mirrors, including the recently Read more [...]
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State hunting in Russia on the eve of the Great October Socialist Revolution

As a result of the industrial boom of 90-s of the XIX century. concentration of production and the labor force in Russia has increased, and the process has accelerated the growth of capitalist monopolies, especially after the industrial crisis of 1900-1903,. During this period, that is, at the turn of the XX century, Russia entered the highest and last stage of capitalism - imperialism. But education, capitalist monopolies in Russia combined with the remnants of serfdom. In addition, Russian tsarism and capitalism were in financial and economic dependence on foreign capital. However, a large Read more [...]
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Speckled ground squirrel

Status. Rare species with suboptimal degradable, declining numbers and declining habitat are vulnerable to factors otnosheniiyu biogeotsenologicheskogo human or nature. Distribution. The area covers the southern part of the mixed grass steppe and forest-steppe zone of the northern part of the subzone feather grass steppes of the Russian Plain. The east boundary of reach right bank. Volga River, in the south - to the latitude Kamyshin the west follows the line of Dnepropetrovsk - Millerovo, in the north - to the Oka-Volga watershed. In ranneistoricheskoe time (Holocene) speckled ground squirrel Read more [...]
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Annuals and herbaceous perennials 5-200 cm high. Propagation: All. Contain flavoiondy, izotiotsnaiaty and higher fatty acid established structure. Allocated to the fixed oil from the seeds of 37.2% A. sagittata (Bertol.) DC, mustard oil. Detected alkaloids, coumarins, saponins, vitamni C. Medicinal. Therapeutic action - fever, detoxification - the seeds of A. pendula L. Indications - diseases of the digestive system: the diseases of the digestive system - Supervision. Part A. pendula, hernia - A. sagittata, diarrhea, colic - Hopes. Part A. glabra (L.) Bernh. (Syn. Turritis glabra L.); Read more [...]
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Small Multitool Leatherman Squirt PS4

Description: I'm pretty easy on the Tools group of this size. But things change, and at the moment this is my constant multitool addition EDC knife. Of course it all depends on the task and should be taken in proportion. But for me personally in the city, that's enough. Also make tools just feast for the eyes. Read more [...]

Fire: fuel, methods of incitement, site selection, types of fires

A fire pit should be open, but at the same time protected from the wind. Would be the best forest glade with any natural obstacle - a large stone mound of soil - which can cover fire from strong winds and act as a reflector of heat. You can not hold a fire directly at the trees, especially dry, and in conifer saplings, fallen trees near the rubble, dry grass, moss, reeds. It is dangerous to make a fire on the moors. It's easy to let fall by a campfire in the spruce forest. Therefore, a fire pit, as well as the space around a meter and a half clear of dry grass, pine needles, moss and twigs. Read more [...]
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Shooting with the skins of birds and a way to store the removed skin to manufacture stuffed

To shoot with a dead bird skins must have scissors (split), medium size, always with one blunt and the other pointed end, a narrow sharp scalpel or knife, two - three different sizes forceps with blunt ends and one tweezers with sharp edges. Bird should try to bring to the place shooting skins in such a way that the feathers were wrinkled and transfer, to get blood, feces, etc. For this shot, if they bleed, sprinkled potato flour. In the throat of a beak put cotton or dry moss. Feathers gently corrected and bird dipped upside down in a paper bag, which is carefully placed in a bag. Before Read more [...]
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Self-rescue without equipment

Self-rescue without equipmentAuthor: Cheurin GS Format: pdf Size: 1.4 MB Year: 2001 The book tells about the experience of survival of indigenous northern peoples, ancient techniques and traditions of many peoples of the countries of the CIS. According to the approved concept, the security is not primarily equipment and pre-treatment, and obsheniya culture with the world, which allows us to prevent the emergency situation. In the case of extreme situations call for action in the absence of a pre-prepared equipment and medicines. We also consider the interpersonal problems that arise in real Read more [...]
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Sea hunting. Detachment pinnipeds

Under the sea mammal hunting means harvesting of marine animals - pinnipeds and cetaceans. The skins of some marine animals of the order of pinnipeds used fur industry, so these animals are included in the fur resources of the USSR. Cetaceans skins are of no interest for the fur industry. Pinnipeds - close to the beasts of prey of the order, but differ from them in adaptation to life in water. Trunk they torpedoobranoe, fur short or absent, legs - similar to the fins flippers, which contributes to the rapid movement of these animals in the water. Some species of pinnipeds, when moving on Read more [...]
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Salt, spices, herbs and nutritional supplements

The absence of salt and spices food deprives the usual taste, and this is especially true with the need to use non-traditional types of food, the salt, pepper, vinegar, mustard, or help to overcome prejudice, and sometimes disgust for what to eat, not to die of hunger. Where do we get these so often necessary, additives, without which the food is fresh and unappetizing? Black salt Among the indigenous population of the Kostroma region to date There is a strange custom - production and consumption of so-called black salt. For its preparation take coarse salt, add soaked in water, rye bread, Read more [...]
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