Law — the taiga. Chapter 6

It all ended so well that I do somlel and fell into a nightmarish dream, which, thank God, I could not remember. I remember that there was someone popped in French and I could not finish the phrase to the end, and kept repeating "donc ... donc ..." It is not really awake, I realized that this was not a dream, it's reality daveshny cries of crows and looked at him with longing - it's not on my gut whether he flew. Though why gut, because they peck your eyes first thing. Likely, wolverine, wolf, or somebody stole his prey, and now he turns again in anticipation pickings, vulture Read more [...]
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Chastuha podorozhnikovaya

Near the arrowhead meets another plant of the same family - chastuha podorozhnikovaya (Alisma plantago-aquatica). It is much more common arrowhead. Flowers are also collected in high inflorescences with whorled arrangement of twigs, usually many whorls (5.6, sometimes up to 10), they are a little closer together. And branches in whorls of 3, and 6-9. The flowers are pale pink, petals twice as long as the calyx, three of them, a cup is almost invisible during flowering, but remains in the fruit. Leaves, like the arrowhead different. Lower - floating, sessile, broadly, the other raised high Read more [...]
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Hazards to lightning

Linear lightning Due to the fact that lightning is characterized by high values of current, voltage and temperature of the discharge, the effects of lightning on a person usually ends very serious consequences - usually death. From a lightning strike in the world at an average annual kill of about 3000 people, and there are cases of simultaneous destruction of several people. Lightning is the path of least resistance. As well as between the object and the high thundercloud distance, and hence the electrical resistance is less, the lightning usually strikes the highest object, but not necessarily. Read more [...]
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Only the application of cats allowed climbers to climb steadily up the steep ice and firn slopes. Most convenient desyatizubye cats, consisting of two parts and made of high quality steel (Fig. 3). Weight of one pair of 1-1.2 kg. One tooth cats in endurance tests should support the weight of 80 kg. Figure 3. Cats The teeth of cats should have a tetrahedral shape. The thickness of the base - 8-10 mm, length 40-50mm, the two middle teeth slightly shorter (3-4 mm). Read more [...]
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CAREX L. Rhode — Sedges.

Herbaceous perennials 5-120 cm high. Propagation: All. Contain alkaloids and 0.8% in S. michellii Host, monoterpenondy, karotnnoidy, phytosterols, flavonoids, quinones, tsiklitoly, glycityl, and phenolic acids, esters and other aromatic Conn., higher fatty acids and fosfolnpndy established structure. Marked fatty oil to 10.3% of the fruit Passy Schreb, essential oil. Found seskviterpeioidy, leucoanthocyans, polysaccharides, vitamins B, C, H, PP. Medicinal. Those p an e VTI tical th action - arterio-and-venoras stuff, uterotonic - Hopes. CS brevicollis DC. in Lam. et DC. (State registry. Read more [...]
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Campanula patula

Perennial herb 30-70 cm tall, with a thin spindle-shaped root and erect branching stems, slightly ribbed. The leaves are alternate, basal and lower stem, oblong or spatulate, 3-6 cm long, crenate, the upper and the middle of the stem-lanceolate or linear-lanceolate, acuminate, entire or slightly serrate, sessile. The flowers are large, up to 3 cm, on long stalks, gathered at the tops of the stems in loose paniculate inflorescences. Calyx obconical, naked or rough-pubescent, with long-pointed teeth and strongly rejected, sometimes denticulate at the base. Corolla purple (there are individuals Read more [...]
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Building a shelter in the winter woods

Little to build winter shelters. Just make a reservation - all options for the forest (taiga, mountain taiga zone). The tundra is getting tougher. If the fire can not grow (because of the mask) and temperatures up to -15 - 20, fit for a group of one-sided shed or snow trench for an individual. Snow shovel to the ground, on the edge is sealed to the bottom-fir twigs, mat, sleeping bag. Top - cape, sprinkle edges with snow on top of snow and you can insulate. Inside - a candle. On the one hand - on the wall of blowing snow, head to the entrance. Construction time - 20 minutes. In order to Read more [...]
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Mint water

Perennial herb with long creeping rhizomes. Stems erect or ascending, 20-90 cm tall, branched, glabrous or with sparse hairs. The leaves are ovate or elliptic, 2-5 cm long and 1-3 cm wide, serrated at the edges, sometimes grayish of pubescence, with long petioles. Inflorescence capitate, short, often almost spherical or oval, composed of false whorls, which are located on the top of the stem or on short stalks in the axils of the upper leaves. Cup is 1.5 times longer than the peduncles, point-glandular, tubular, with 13 prominent veins, five long linear-subulate, pointed teeth, the base expanded. Read more [...]
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Blueberries ovalnolistnaya Splayed branched shrub 1,6-3 m high ribbed branches. The bark is light-brown, flaking films on young branches greyish. Leaves oblong or okrugloyaytsevidnye, pointed at the end, at first subtle, then leathery, margin entire, pale green top, bottom gray. Single flowers are formed at the ends of branches, bloom early, along with the leaves. Prodolgovatoovalny, 4-6 mm long, corolla yellowish-green, often with a pink tinge. Globose blue-black, with well developed bluish waxy coating edible berries to 1 cm in diameter, ripen in August - September. Common in northern Primorye, Read more [...]
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Bitterling creeping

Perennial herb 15-70 cm tall with a very long (up to 6 m) taproot and numerous long (up to a meter or more) root suckers. Stems are erect, ribbed, much branched from the base, arachnoid-pubescent, rarely glabrous. Leaves entire, hard, oblong to almost linear, edged up from pinnatifid, sessile. Baskets oblong-ovate, spreading the total collected in racemose-corymbose or paniculate inflorescence. Involucre oblong-ovate or ovate, 10-13 mm long and 5-8 mm wide, leaves wrappers slightly deflected, 3-4.5 mm long, with a filmy appendage, often ending in a small island, short hairs. Flowers pink, Read more [...]
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Bell krapivolistny

Perennial herb 30-100 cm tall, with thick fibrous roots. The stems and leaves are covered with stiff hairs. Stem erect, reddish, with sharp edges. The leaves are alternate, unequal-at the edges, the lower cordate-ovate, with long petioles, upper triangular-cordate, oval or lanceolate, sessile. The flowers are large, located on one or 2-4 in the axils of the upper leaves. Calyx obconical, blackish, with triangular sharp teeth. Venchikdlinoy 25-50 mm, blue-violet or almost white, shallow divided on rejected blades. Fruits - hanging ovoid capsule, dehiscing three holes at the base. Blooms Read more [...]
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Bear Grylls: Man vs. Wild — West Pacific (Season 5)

Bear Grylls, a brave expert extreme, again leaves for the adventure in "Man vs. Wild", has won millions of fans around the world. As part of the series "Life on the edge" to air out the fifth season of the hit show about survival, we can make a dangerous and exciting journey with Behar on the new routes. Taking a minimum of equipment - a flint, a flask of water and a knife - Bear voluntarily puts himself in the position of a lost tourist. He must find a way to civilization and reach out to people alive and unharmed. Take a Tour of extreme survival in the new season of the Read more [...]
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If applied should fulfill the general rules. The first step is to expose the wound, torn clothes or shoes at the seams, lift the wounded part of the body (such as an arm or leg), putting it on the roll of clothing, wounded in the chest and leaned against the plant any subject, before bandaging his wounded arm bent at the elbow joint and foot - to straighten. Dressing should not be too tight or too loose, should not crawl and unwind. Bandage held in his right hand and the left hand holding the bandage and straighten bandage him to lay evenly, without creases and wrinkles. Bandaged limb to Read more [...]
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In the CIS countries live or occur during migration of 12 species of geese and geese. The most famous big goose hunters, which is known throughout Bean. The CIS 4 subspecies inhabit this goose: western tundra, also known as the European Bean, East Siberian tundra bean goose, taiga bean goose and sometimes flies to us korotkoklyuvy Bean. All of these subtypes differ among themselves Bean mostly color, beak, and unit size. The largest, taiga, bean reaches the weight 4, and sometimes 5 kilograms. Weight korotkoklyuvogo Bean is typically less than 3 pounds. The female is always slightly less Read more [...]
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Average gopher — citellus intermedius brandt. Homes and temporary shelters

This gopher settles in holes arranged quite primitive. Only during calving in one burrow lives with female offspring, and at other times, each animal has a separate hole, which serves as a protection from adverse weather conditions and predators. Most of the normal timed to the opening, and some shelters are under bushes and rocks, so completely invisible from the outside. On open gravelly slopes emissions of land from small holes. Only in a few cases, they reach a large diameter (2-3 m), but their height does not exceed 25-30 see Average gopher relatively rare burrows with vertical speed, Read more [...]
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As the correspondent of KP to survive in the forest

Can we really survive in the forest, being there without equipment, food and water? The correspondent of "Komsomolskaya Pravda" decided to check yourself for strength and went on three days into the forest with a knife and a magnifying glass.Eight people on the Dead Man's Chest - In this region only a distant plane ... - I hummed to himself, returning to the office with the next job. Already at the entrance to the editor of a dreamy reverie I threw voice editor: - come from? And now guess where you're going tomorrow? - Probably in Bali? - Hopefully I uttered. - You're Read more [...]
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Ant hill in winter

Well, that did not in the winter, of course, but in the forest, in a large, multi-year anthill? ...Thaw - in December in our area now and then it does happen. Shines low winter sun. Softly whistling bullfinch on the tops of trees. Occasionally proshurshit the snow forest mouse or vole.On the sparkling snow glades smerzsya top crust crust, beneath-emptiness drifts slightly settled and separated from the snow crust. It is transparent, like glass, hanging below her big heavy drops. Nagneshsya, look close, and through a drop of a blade of grass, small particles are different, that lie at the Read more [...]
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An example of tactical rescue plan

Consider the example of making a tactical plan for the case, which requires the involvement of several departments and carriers of attraction. Information is obtained: 14/VII during the descent from the summit of Acute Ivanova (4 people) party Petrov broke at 18.45 in the "red" and the policeman received a head injury, and multiple bruises. Wanted: a doctor and a means of transportation. Scheduled group is supplied equipment. Message is received by emergency radio 14/VII at 20.00. Assess the situation and opportunities of acquisition and ensure spasotryada. Based on this evaluation Read more [...]
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European wild ginger

Zimnezelenoe perennial herb with creeping rhizome and braid creeping rooting branched stems. The leaves are of two types: membranous, ovate, acute, folded lengthwise, normally developed - dlinnochereshkovye, kidney-shaped, dark-green, glossy, paler below, both sides covered with small bristly hairs, the leaves green winter, persisting until mid-summer of next year - up to 14-16 months. Flowers solitary, drooping, on short stalks, develop in the leaf axils. Perianth campanulate, up to 9 mm, trifid, with triangular-ovate lobes. Stamens 12. The flowers are pollinated by ants and flies. Fruit Read more [...]
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AE Berman Young Tourist. Overnight in the forest. Part 14

Us again twelve. We went down to the lake. The rain is coming. The ground under their feet wet. Stop at the edge of a large spruce. Spread a plastic wrap and put it in the chain of backpacks to everyone the bag was easy to find. And the rain, too, will lay plastic wrap. But first we'll get tents, axes, pots, buckets, pots, hooks campfire suspension products. Kohl outlined a campfire, campfire identified three in command of two chefs and campfire. But you and I and Andrew go for shelter from the rain stock of firewood. Now, nine people are busy staging tents: two with axes prepare and Read more [...]
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Site "Survival in the wild nature", glad to see you. If you come to us, it means you want to get complete information about survival in a variety of extreme conditions, in emergency situations. Man, throughout the development, sought to preserve and protect themselves from the various negative factors surrounding it - cold, heat, hunger, dangerous animals and insects.

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The Survival in the wild nature - how correctly to behave, it having appeared in an emergency situation. Ability to find a way out from any situation: to kindle a fire, to put traps, to prepare food, to arrange dwelling and a lodging for the night; to learn to knit knots, to clear water, to be guided by districts, correctly to choose equipment, a knife. Also you can download directories to tourists, encyclopedias survivals, video Bear Grills to Survive at any cost (Man vs. Wild).