Ship collective life-saving

Typical capacity of lifeboats from 12 to 90, in some cases up to 145 people. The lifeboat must meet all the requirements Maritime Register. Maintain positive buoyancy with full flooding, have an engine and auxiliary paddle, be colored in orange, possess a complete set of rescue equipment, etc. These include lifeboats, inflatable and rigid liferafts, rescue floating devices (Fig. 78). The descent of boats on the water are davits. LIFEBOAT OPEN.Made of fiberglass or metal alloys, often made of wood. Long open lifeboats ranges from 7.3 to 11.3 m Capacity - from 37 to 145 man.To increase Read more [...]
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The exhaustion

As noted, the curtailment of the flow of personal information important causes "informative hunger ", dissatisfaction which can lead to neurosis. Under group isolation when an information need can not be met through the communication channels, the person becomes a source of information. As a source of information man manifests itself only in communication. "In talking - wrote Stanislavski - you primarily look for in a man soul, his inner world ... In order to communicate, you must have something you can communicate, that is, above all their own experiences , feelings and thoughts Read more [...]
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120-km road

Night. Covered with stones river. River called the nameplate. "Schild, Schild ..." - singing on the rocks night water. "Schild, Schild ..." - anxiously respond sandpipers, awakened me. Schild comes out of this forest ... Tomorrow I'll join in a real forest, in the present taiga. Ahead for a long time will not be any villages. There will be people, not counting the two shepherds that graze in the twenty-five kilometers away collective herd telushek. Shepherds graze where recently Forest village. People moved out of the forest close to good roads, leaving Read more [...]
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Zopnik tuber

Perennial herb 60-120 cm tall with long roots, which are expressed tuberous thickening, which is popularly called "peanuts." Stems are erect, usually painted in purple. The leaves are dark green, glabrous or with scattered hairs, beneath lighter from bare to abundantly pubescent (sometimes only the veins). Lower leaves triangular-cordate, krupnogorodchatye at the edges, with long petioles, medium --ovate cordate, with the city-Chato-serrate edges, the upper - lanceolate, sharply serrated on the edges, sessile. The flowers are large, clustered at the tips of stems in dense whorls, Read more [...]
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Yellow ground squirrel or gopher-sandstone — citellus fulvus lichtenstein. Sleep

One of the important ecological features yellow gopher is summer and winter sleep, which lasts about eight to nine months a year, and it is peculiar to the whole area. It attracted the attention of many biologists and physiologists (Kashkarov and Lane Co-fencing, 1927 Kalabuhov, 1946 Bulls and Slonim, 1949, and others), in varying degrees, who described hibernation and explain this complex and interesting phenomenon. The complexity of it is above all in the fact that not all squirrels are equally and simultaneously respond to the changing environment, so not all look the same sleep soundly and Read more [...]
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Woodsmaster — Traps, trapping animals and birds

After the construction of shelters and water production, obtaining food - the key to survival. You will learn to set traps for animals and birds. Especially for the more intuitive learning process of making video there are traps in the stage of slowing down. Episode 5: Trapps and Trapping - Trap, trapping animals and Read more [...]
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Winter night in the woods

Many people are on duty or other circumstances have often be in nature, to spend the night in hunting cabins, huts, tents and campfires under the stars. This, above all, hunters, rangers, hunters, foresters, geologists ... They almost need to learn a lot and be able to arrange your life nemudreny best as possible under the circumstances. Proper rest in the "comfortable" conditions can quickly recover, protect yourself from hypothermia and many colds. Winter night in the woods in the open air, without exaggeration, can be attributed to extreme circumstances. If we can not exclude such Read more [...]
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accumulation of rock debris at the base and in the bottom. of steep slopes or on the sidelines, formed by the weathering of rocks and debris rolling down the slopes of the mountains. 0. most typical of young mountains (eg, for the Pamir and Pamir-Alai), where the process of breaking up rocks especially intense. Fragments by size 0. divided into large (with debris, comparable to the human body), medium (size of debris larger than the shoe) and shallow (less shoe with debris). The slopes are small pieces on top. of 0., large - at the bottom. The steeper the slope and the smaller 0., The more Read more [...]
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The importance of fire in the forest

An essential part of any expedition is the taiga fire. "... Fire - is the battery of vigor, energy and activity ", - as noted by a participant and leader of numerous experiments on the survival of V. Volovich. And a fire - it is warm and light, dry clothes, hot food, bottled water, protection from midges. Fire, necessarily bred every night, suddenly creates an atmosphere of comfort and coziness. Indeed, the rest by the fire can not be compared with the cold overnight. In wet wet weather fire from the category of comfort at once transformed into a means of daily necessities. Impossibility Read more [...]
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Subgenus Asdimogrhus Theob.

Ae. (Aed.) vexans Meig. Widespread within all areas of the Holarctic, except tundra, look. In the southern part of the range comes in the Oriental and Ethiopian regions. In the USSR extended north to the forest zone, although it is wedged on floodplains (Monchadsky, 1951). In Kazakhstan, the ubiquitous, reaching a high population in the south and in the north of the country. It should be noted in this mosaic of distribution, due, we believe, confined to certain environmental conditions. In the desert, semi-desert and steppe zones of the Republic of substantial warming of solar radiation Read more [...]
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Waybread - a perennial herb with a fibrous root system and short shoots outlets. Plates are simple leaves in outline or broadly elliptical, tselnokroynye with arcuate veins. Petioles very flexible, so the leaves good mechanical load: being pressed to the ground rails cars, bicycles, pedestrians soles, leaves remain almost intact. The plant lives up to its name: it grows on the edges of roads and paths, where there is less competition. Psyllium seed dispersal help of which the skin upon contact with moisture, covered with mucus, and the seeds stick to the wheels, shoes, animal paws. After the Read more [...]
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Vorobeynik drug

Perennial herb with a long woody, often twisted roots and densely leafy branched stems 30-80 cm tall leaves are alternate, lanceolate, hard, sharp, dark green above, paler below, sparsely prizhatoopushennye long and 2.5-9 cm 5-10 mm wide, with prominent veins on the lower side, the lower scale-like leaves. Flowers in apical short curls, racemose or umbellate located in the upper part of the stem, with much fruit curls longer. Calyx up to 4 mm, almost to base into linear white bristles share, elongating in fruit up to 10 mm. Corolla small (6-8 mm long), with broadly limb, yellowish-green or whitish, Read more [...]
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Veronica corymbose

A perennial herb with long, thin rhizomes and stalks of 8 to 50 cm Stems weak, ascending, rooting at the bottom. The leaves are opposite, linear or linear-lanceolate, up to 5 cm and a width of 5 mm, sharp, finely spaced, with teeth toward the base sheet and the glands under the teeth, sessile. Flowers in rare flowered brush, located in the axils of leaves (only one of the two opposite). Pedicels filiform, several times higher than a cup. Bracts lanceolate. Calyx with four lobes lanceolate, 2-3 times shorter than the corolla and boxes. Corolla pale blue or off-white, with pink or dark blue Read more [...]
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Veronica broadleaf

Perennial herb 30-70 cm tall, with a creeping rhizome braid. Stems erect or ascending, rather thick. Leaves oblong-ovate, cordate, with short petioles or sessile, almost amplexicaul from toothed palmate to crenate-incised on the edge (very rarely leaves almost entire). Flowers in dense brush 6-15 cm long, extending from the axils of the upper two to four leaves. Bracts pubescent, linear-lanceolate, pedicels equal or longer. Calyx of 5 (rarely 4) unequal share-linear-lanceolate to subulate, a fifth share is much smaller than the others. Corolla bright blue, rarely pink or white, with dark Read more [...]
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With husky on the trail

Than described hunting with huskies on the lead for a long time there is a hunt, in which the dog on the trail or the upper animal instinct finds and stops the vicious barking. The negative side of this hunt is that if the free search dog scares the animals and often failing to detain the animal, drove it too far. Therefore it is better to have two or three amicable huskies. It is important not to dismiss vain dogs, and keep them on a leash at all times, especially if the hunter pursues the beast on the trail left by the old bull. About identifying where you want to stay elk, hunter let the dogs Read more [...]
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The experience of survival in the wild. Part 1

And so I threw kamrados challenge nature, offered her Sigrun with me to the best of its rules. Unfolded a map and gasped what Mother Russia is a great country, but because in my possession was not more than 24 hours (a week working) pointed to a map of Surgut region, found a place on the satellite, opened myself to ask the square and began to collect belongings.Taking with me: - kamuflo (vest pants socks, top kamuflo on foot-and-sneakers, a skull-bandana) Backpack in general, that I do not need, but you never know ... so we have taken into the forest to wear an empty backpack ... black sports Read more [...]
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Thyme Marshall

Semishrubs height 10-25 cm Flowering stems covered with relatively evenly over all faces (pubescence hairs especially noticeable under inflorescence). The leaves are oblong-oval, oblong or lanceolate, 8-20 mm long and 1.5-10 mm wide, glabrous or sparsely hairy, margin only at the base with a few cilia, lateral veins inconspicuous spot glands are numerous, but very small and little noticeable. Inflorescence cylindrical, at the bottom of intermittent, hairy inflorescence axis. Pedicels hairy, almost equal to the cup. Calyx bell-shaped, about 2.5 mm in length, with five almost identical acute-angled Read more [...]
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Dryopteris stretched

Quite large, 30-100 cm tall, fern with infundibular arrangement of leaves with long petioles, with the deltoid or triangular-oval plates. Petioles shorter plates, with lanceolate or oblong-lanceolate, pointed, brown in the middle with a dark stripe membranous scales. Thrice pinnate leaves. Segments of the first order lanceolate, segments of order usually pinnate, often with many films from the bottom and glands, the third-order segments obtuse, apex divaricately-toothed, teeth long, turning into a long soft needles. Spores mature in July and August. Spread in Europe, except for the southern Read more [...]
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Orientation winter

Orientation in the ski trip is different. For example, in the tundra are often not familiar landmarks, which are so much in the middle lane. The flat tundra with many rolling hills, similar to one another, a rich network of small streams, hidden under the snow, a large magnetic variation, anomalies - all this is difficult to choose the right direction. It should be good to be able to read a map, to understand the uneven terrain. Useful, and the ability to walk in azimuth for tens of kilometers. As a rule, the tundra has to go on an azimuth of 30-40 kilometers, with a flat front invisible landmark Read more [...]
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The opportunity to get lost in the woods

Any, most harmless, walk in an unfamiliar area, especially in the woods, can have dire consequences. For example, a man went into the woods alone or with a friend and got lost, or simply they have any doubt that he is going the right way. If it was not very far away from populated areas, then, first of all, to stop. Do not try to look for the road, running in different directions. You only further confuse toward. Sit down on a stump and mentally imagine the entire route covered. Try to remember all the trails, nests, fallen trees, all of what you've been paying attention along the Read more [...]
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