How to start a fire?

If announced a contest for the best tourist emblem, this logo definitely could be a fire. More than anything - a fire! In one edition of a solid, where all tourist cream wisdom and concisely stated categorically: "Fire - a device for warming the tourists, cooking and drying wet clothes," Even if you have a pragmatist, after reading this definition, can not feel the interest in tourism. Keep warm, cook food and dry clothes can be at home. Fire - it's more than fire. It is the center bivouac. Fire - this is the kitchen, dining room, living room. This dry clothes and hot water, Read more [...]
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How to make a fire. Travel Tips

Although the fire and is the first of other tourists, but by communicating with the other, it is necessary to take some precautions. Koster holds a potential hazard that could not remind myself for so long that forget about it. Now, an experienced traveler differs from beginner not that he ignores this danger, but on the contrary - the fact that it is being remembered and thus follow the precautions. What are they? The first thing that must remember the tourist: leaving the bivouac site, be sure to fill in the fire. One should not think that if the wood is burned, if the fireplace leaving only Read more [...]
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How to avoid instant death, or general scheme of action in the opening minutes of the accident

The first thing you should do people in trouble - is to try to calm down and assess the situation sensibly. Numerous cases of accidents show that very often the greatest threat to the victims is not the event itself, and its immediate and long-term effects, programmed wrong actions victims. Even the fastest, but the thoughtless actions and deeds are not only easier, but also aggravate the situation. For example, people caught in an avalanche and miraculously choose from snow, bustle and noise can cause even greater avalanche. Stampede of forest fires can cause injury and, as a consequence, Read more [...]
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In the Russian translation of the name of the mountain range of means "kingdom of snow." This is the great mountain system of the world, rise to the boundary between high and South Asia and separates the Tibetan Plateau from lowland rivers Indus and Ganges. Himalayas - the largest climate torazdel Asia. To the north of the predominantly continental air temperate, sub - tropical air masses. Therefore, the climate of the northern and southern slopes of the Himalayas is different. For the high Himalayas winds characteristic of great strength. Precipitation is a lot - in the eastern Read more [...]
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Hieracium gustotsvetkovaya

Perennial with stems up to 80 cm in height, covered with stellate hairs (poorly), glandular (single top) and dark simple 1-2 mm long, ground-creeping stems are long, slender, with 5-10 small leaves. Basal leaves among 6-8, spatulate and lanceolate, stem - 2-3, the leaves are bluish-green on both sides with bristly hairs (especially on the bottom of the main vein) and bottom with scant stellate pubescence. Inflorescence umbellate, lax, with 25-40 baskets. Wrapper leaves 5-7 mm long, with scant stellate hairs, sparse simple hairs and glands in equal numbers. Reeds Corolla usually with green on Read more [...]
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Hare tolai

Medium-sized rabbit, and looks like hare reduced body length 39-55 cm, weight of 1, 5-2, 5 kg of fur of different animals from living in different areas, but generally resembles a light colored hare. However tolaya fur has typical hare wavy tail are dark ears and feet long, about the size of even longer than the hare. The outer edge of the ear does not have a black border. Somewhat lighter colored winter than in summer In Russia tolaya area consists of a few isolated areas, occupying dry steppes and mountains of southern Siberia from the Altai to the upper basin of the Amur. In addition, can Read more [...]
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Group equipment: utensils for cooking

Among the subjects of group equipment also includes cooking utensils. With the exception of one-day trips, where decided to limit tea, hiking is recommended to take three different capacities, so you can simultaneously cook on the fire first, second and third dish. What kind of containers - pots, buckets or pots, depending on the size of the group. It is necessary that each person in the end had to 1.5-2 liter capacity china.If you decide to take a hike pans, preferably pick them so that they could enter into one another. These pre accommodate wire bow for hanging over the fire, or better, Read more [...]
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Gray groundhog — marmota baibacina kastsch. The practical significance

Gray marmot - A valuable trade animal, skins which are in great demand in the foreign and domestic markets. They are used (usually painted) on the collars, hats, coats, and to simulate a valuable furs, such as under a sable. Everywhere the people appreciated the fat marmot, especially in the fall, which has a good taste and medicinal properties against tuberculosis, anemia and severe injuries. Since 1966 began, centralized procurement of fat. Marmot meat fall quite tasty, but in Kazakhstan, used for human consumption is still relatively low. Quality skins adults and young animals in the autumn, Read more [...]
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In the footsteps of Bear Grylls: Chapter 5. Hawaii, Kilauea

Coordinates: 19 ° 25'' 00 "s. Lat. 155 ° 17'' 00" s. on Kilauea (translated from Hawaiian - "spewing strongly spreads") - active shield volcano on the island of Hawaii. One of the most active of active volcanoes on Earth. The youngest of the Hawaiian volcanoes. Located next to a much higher Mauna Loa. Part of the territory occupied by Kilauea, is part of the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. The diameter of the crater (about 4.5 km) is the largest in the world. + 5.1. To survive in the volcanic desert, you need to determine the direction of motion and always Read more [...]
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Food brown bears. Spring and summer

It is characterized by the beginning of violent herbs, and food supply increases significantly. Despite ongoing losses balances fat reserves at the beginning of this period, an increase in the total mass of the bears, especially the young and nelakti-ruyuschnh females. Large animals (usually males) move from spring habitats in space, densely overgrown by vegetation. Stops intensive hunting of individual bears in ungulates. We repeatedly observed the cessation of eating bear fell, they usually prefer to any other food. Perhaps this is due to the lack of vitamins in the body of the beast after Read more [...]
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one of the most common TV, especially in technically difficult mountain, ski and ski trips. In the open (in violation of the integrity of the skin) fracture of large bones (legs, hips, arms, shoulders), and fracture of several. bones may develop life-threatening traumatic. shock. For most fractures are characterized by the increasing movement of pain at T., warp, or shortening its unusual position as well as loss of function, for example. inability to walk on the foot ankle fracture (as opposed to ankle sprains), unable to use his hand. Swelling in the region T. - less characteristic symptom Read more [...]
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Features of the autonomous existence in different climatic zones

Survival to a great extent, as has been noted, depends on natural environmental factors that affect the human body. They, in turn, determined by the climate zone in which there was an emergency. Consider the features of human existence in the major climatic zones of Russia. Will not consider the area of the Arctic desert, tundra and forest-tundra and desert. In these zones, by chance people can not be. People living in these areas, where the population density is very low, taking the situation of autonomous existence for granted. Those who come to work in these areas, pre-prepared and Read more [...]
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The floods are mainly caused by three factors: heavy rainfall - either very long or short, but very intense, rapid melting of snow and ice jams, surges from the sea at the coast and estuaries by bulk strong wind or tide, dam reservoirs. Only in cases of dam ice dams and ground jumper in the upper river flooding can occur instantly. In other cases, there is more or less a reserve of time, allowing time to respond to the threat of flooding. However, in all cases during heavy spring snowmelt, prolonged bad weather, the ice flow on the lower river banks is better not to stop. It is especially Read more [...]
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Fish and fishing

Fish is a valuable source of food which contains proteins, vitamins and fats. All freshwater fish is edible, but some tropical species can be dangerous, stay away from electric eels, freshwater stingrays and piranhas South American rivers. Fishing conventional fishing accessories requires certain skills, but knowing their habits in nutrition and performing simple techniques described here, you may well succeed. For its size the fish can vary from small to such huge stickleback fish as a tropical Nile perch. They differ greatly in composition, mode and method of feeding. Different species feed Read more [...]
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Financial report

The financial report shall leader only if he gets to conduct a campaign some petty cash. If, as it happens, for example, on Sunday outlets, the campaign was conducted entirely by the participants themselves, the task manager much easier. He should just count the amount of the total cost divided by the number of participants, and to declare, but who should receive, if you create a save, or how much to make, if the resulting cost overruns. Small savings amounts that troublesome divide between the parties, sometimes you can just spend on ice cream or fruit water. If for campaign received petty Read more [...]
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Features guide in the forest

In early October 1936 a detachment of the geographer Krivolutskaya back Far Eastern taiga from the last route. Here, in the upper reaches of Selemdzha, autumn is already set to work in earnest, larch needles dropped on Goltz was snow, and small streams bound ice. Squad rise to the top of Turan, to the base of the party was no more than thirty miles, when the dog ran ahead of the detachment, paused warily sniffed the air, her hair on his neck stood on end. The dog did not bark at a meeting with the beast, but his whole appearance made it clear that there is someone in front. Alarmed by reports Read more [...]
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Experience winter brown bear

The well-being of the brown bear as a predator does not depend on the size and accessibility of its potential victims (ungulates), as he eats mostly vegetation. However, the winter growing season stops, and provide food only hunting bears in the majority can not, and paw at them in the winter cold. PA Manteuffel noted that particularly sensitive to frost a brown bear paw bare feet, which, lying in the den, pressed to the body, hiding in a thick coat. Bears rods that do not fit in the den and forced to wander through the snow, so much Frostbite currently legs, they fall off the claws and even Read more [...]
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Salsify Podolsk

Biennial plant height 25-90 cm, containing a milky juice, with taproot. Stems solitary, erect, simple. Leaves are linear, often folded lengthwise, entire, sessile. Baskets are rather large. Wrapper of eight leaves; bracts shorter than flowers or equal to them in length. All flowers ligulate, bisexual, yellow. Fruit - achene length of 1-2 cm with a short (3-4 - mm) bare and smooth nose and umbrella-plumed crest of hair. It flowers in May and August, achenes ripen in June and September. Eastern European-Asian species, its range extends to the steppe and forest-steppe region of Bessarabia to Read more [...]
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Equipment: quot;Taigaquot; tent

In taiga campaign if the opportunity treeless nights excluded when the number of groups of more than 8 people (9-12) convenient to use a very light hipped tent of thin fabric and without sex.Resting in a "Taiga" tent, her intensely heated by the stove, and if warm enough sleeping bags, then stoked all night.   Stingrays have a comfortable tent stitch of waterproof material (aerostat fabric, etc.). In this case, at the top of the tent to make a big vent for allowing the water vapor. The hole should be kept open as long as the oven is heating.     Read more [...]
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Elm grabolistny

Tree, reaching 25-30 m in height with 1.5 m diameter of the barrel, with a dense spherical or shirokotsilindricheskoy crown. The bark of old branches brown, cracked, young bare branches with red punctate glands, often with wing-like outgrowths of cork. Buds ovoid or oval (generative subglobose), up to 6 mm, apex obtuse with red-brown scales with a torn wide beloresnitchatym edge. Blooms in late April and early May, is pollinated by insects. The fruits ripen in June. It is widespread in the southern half of Europe, the Caucasus and Asia Minor. In Russia, in addition to black-earth zone of European Read more [...]
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Site "Survival in the wild nature", glad to see you. If you come to us, it means you want to get complete information about survival in a variety of extreme conditions, in emergency situations. Man, throughout the development, sought to preserve and protect themselves from the various negative factors surrounding it - cold, heat, hunger, dangerous animals and insects.

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The Survival in the wild nature - how correctly to behave, it having appeared in an emergency situation. Ability to find a way out from any situation: to kindle a fire, to put traps, to prepare food, to arrange dwelling and a lodging for the night; to learn to knit knots, to clear water, to be guided by districts, correctly to choose equipment, a knife. Also you can download directories to tourists, encyclopedias survivals, video Bear Grills to Survive at any cost (Man vs. Wild).