Parakeet, or marmot — marmota caudal and jacquemont. The daily life of the seasonal

In the lower zone habitat in the northern slope of the central part of the Kyrgyz range (1200-1300 m above sea level. m) Long- marmot out of the norm after hibernation in mid-March (Kuznetsov, 1948). At this time, still a lot of snow and animals in the first week - and a half little active. At sea level. Most Shirkotiya (lowlands Kalinin district of Kyrgyzstan near the border with Kazakhstan) Woodchucks in 1941 to 25 March was little activity, although it was eating food, as evidenced by their fresh droppings around burrows. March 30, these animals were fed for quite some time in the bush Read more [...]
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Kite flying, flags and signals

Let me mention one more children's entertainment to serve as a rescue, - the air snake. Frame made of several thin plates, it is necessary obtyanut light paper, cloth, or polyethylene, and now hovers above the forest visible from afar kite. If the tail of the snake tie colorful strips of fabric or foil, it will become more noticeable (Fig. 37). You can also advise near the camp, on top of free standing or rising above the woodland trees, flags hang lights, made of colorful pieces of fabric, from rip tents, clothes (Fig. 38). Ideal for such flagpoles flags signals can serve the state Read more [...]
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Jujube, yuyyuba

Prickly green tree or shrub up to 3 m in height. Branches spreading, angular-twisting, naked, red-brown, with paired spines and thin olive-green, two-row leafy shoots. The leaves are ovate-oblong or prodolgovatolantsetnye, 2-5 cm long, leathery, glossy, dark green, margin denticulate. In June - July, there are small greenish-yellow star flowers in dense inflorescences klubochkovidnye. In August, the fruits ripen - globose, 1 - 1.5 cm in diameter, red-brown shiny drupes powdery sweet pulp. They are tasty, nutritious, and are used as a tool against gipertonii.Rastet on dry, sunny gravelly and Read more [...]
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Introduction. Furs USSR

Soviet Union leads the world in the number of fur-bearing animals, the size of production and procurement of their skins and furs for export. In the Soviet Union there are more than 130 species of game animals. In the far north is produced valuable kind of white fox fur in Yakutia, in addition to other types of fur - silky dark blue proteins, taiga rivers Lena and Vitim, and trades on the Kamchatka Peninsula, along with ermine, squirrel, fox, etc. most valuable fur-Barguzin and Kamchatka sable. In the Khabarovsk and Primorye territories, except sable, fox and other fur skins, pelts harvested Read more [...]
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Rhode LUNARIA L. — Honesty.

L. rediviva L. — Herbaceous perennial up to 100 cm high. Distribution: European part. Contains higher fatty acid established structure. Allocated 24% fatty oil NZ seeds. Flavonoids are found.

Medicinal. Therapeutic action — a diuretic. C o Punishment — diseases of the nervous system: the epilepsy.

Environmental significance. Ornamental. Needs to be protected.

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If you get lost in the woods

Experienced people, months living in dense forests, working in them at different times of the year, they know that the forest is a huge living organism, negligence and does not forgive mistakes, respect and knowledge. And to feel in the woods, "his own man" needs considerable training, for how many poor people brought their own ineptitude! Meanwhile, trouble can be avoided if the main thing to learn the nature of jokes does not like. Take one of the situations. The man was alone in the dense taiga forest. He needs to get the most water, food, arrange accommodation, navigate, and find Read more [...]
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A. oxycedri (DC.) M. Bieb. - Shrub 2-30 cm high. Distribution: Caucasus. Flavonoids (including anthocyanins), higher fatty acids and 15% in the fruit, as well as phenolic acids established structure. Allocated fixed oil to 49% in the fruit. Alkaloids found 0.7% leucoanthocyans, saponins. Medicinal. Indications - symptoms and syndromes: the cramps - leaves, stems, infections / infestations: the abscess - fruit. In the experiment, the water extract exhibits antiprotozoal activity. Read more [...]
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Hunting in the feudal society. Part 6

In European Russia in the XVIII century. greatly flourished hunting court to which public funds were spent on a significant scale. Under Empress Anna, who loved hunting and good shot with a rifle and bow hunting imperial staff consisted of 175 people, among them many foreigners rangers-treated per year from 80 to 300 rubles, while the Russian rangers were paid a total of 27 rub. 44 kopecks. Court hunting cost the state about 70,000 rubles. a year later - by Catherine II, even more (for example, in 1779 - 81 286 rubles.). Landlords increased their hunting grounds by the areas which resolved Read more [...]
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Surviving in cold water

In April 1912 the giant airliner, en route from Liverpool to New York, collided in the Atlantic Ocean with an iceberg and sank. It took only 1 hour and 50 minutes as rescue ships, taking a distress signal had already arrived at the crash site. They boarded the people on the boats. But none of the 1,489 passengers trapped in the water, died. Of the 720 killed in plane crashes American airliners over 10 years (1954 to 1964), 71 people fell victim to the cold water. During the Second World War, 42% of German pilots who were shot down over the Arctic watershed, died of hypothermia in 25 - 30 minut.Izvestno Read more [...]
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How to sew a bag with his hands

Your love our children a bright fancy bags, backpacks, hand made. They can take a walk with them can ride a bicycle while his hands are always free. In order to make yourself a backpack you need is your imagination and a little bit of effort. And of course the need to pick up the fabric and make a pattern. To create a backpack you'll need: a plain dense material lining, padding polyester, zip - rifles, textile tape strap, velcro, zip - zip. Getting Started. 1.Iz dense fabric kroim two main parts with seam allowance of 1.5 cm We should have two rectangles with rounded corners at the top. Read more [...]
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How to get out of the swamp?

This can happen either in the swamps, or after heavy rains in the forest or other open space. This can happen after a severe drought when surface water evaporates and only the groundwater, which is often hidden under a layer of mud and unnoticed, such swamps are very dangerous, because the depth of them can be very large and out of it is almost impossible. Likely to be pulled into the swamp rises in the summer and autumn, the winter is practically no such as frozen surface layer, so that it becomes very strong and go under it is very problematic. Therefore, it is in the summer and autumn periods Read more [...]
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Hovering helicopter and rescuers to descend the rope

When hovering at low altitude is not possible, no steeper slope of 60 °, and the flight conditions allow, lowering rescuers and equipment is carried out on the rope with a winch. However, this method is not safe, the rescue operation is preferable to landing on the intermediate landing. When descending a rope to rescuers wearing a gazebo, his backpack he carries himself. Mechanic opens the door, and the work is done in the following sequence: 1) rescue, catching lanyard loop, sits in the doorway of helicopter; 2) He picks his arbor for shotgun cable on the winch and remove the self; Read more [...]
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Kulik — forty

Large sandpiper with a contrasting color of the plumage. Head, neck and front part of the back black with a greenish metallic sheen. The back of the back, upper tail and the whole lower body is pure white. Deployed on the wings of a large white mirror. Orange-red beak, legs reddish-pink, eyes red eyes. Winter attire differs only in the presence of white on the throat. About the size of a pigeon. Body mass of adult birds is 480-520 g, wing length - 240-270 mm. To nesting areas Creakle and restless. Habitat and way of life. Inhabits low-lying parts of the coastline, and, occasionally, the Read more [...]
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(French for horizontal, from the Greek. Horizons, b. Deaths horizontos, letters. - Bounding) curves for Geography. map connecting points of terrain with the same height above sea level and give an idea of the relief of the earth's surface. G. is a section of the projection area uronennymi surfaces given height. When you create topographic cards intersecting horizontal planes carried at regular intervals in height, called vertical interval, to the paradise strictly conditional map scale (the larger the scale, the lower the height of the section), and the resulting steep section line projected Read more [...]
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Group equipment: first aid kit

Going camping, should carry a first aid kit. Of course, on Sunday you can go hiking and without any kits, just as we do, for example, going for mushrooms. Still, even in this case it is better to bring a simplified set, for example a couple of bandages, potassium permanganate, streptotsid. For longer trips as the presence kits should be considered mandatory. For a group of 6-10 people to go camping for 1-2 weeks in a first aid kit should include: sterile cotton-100g, sterile bandages, 5 pcs., Wide band-aid-1 coil, iodine capsules-5-10 units ., potassium permanganate, 10 g alcohol medical-200g, Read more [...]
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Gray groundhog — marmota baibacina kastsch. Nutrition and how to quench thirst

Dining gray marmot in general, but especially in the territory of Kazakhstan, not enough is known (Korzinkina, 1935 Aizin, 1943 Afanasyev, 1947 Zimin, 1953, Ricks, 1956). In the Kazakh uplands (mountains Koshubay, Temirshi, watches), according to the analysis of 40 digestive tracts and eating marmots, collected by us in the places of their feeding at the height of 1000-1300 m above sea level. m (all data end of June - beginning of July), is characterized by eating their food almost exclusively succulent herbs, with a predominance of legumes (Kapitonov, 1967 c). The bulk of the stomach contents Read more [...]
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Hunting with decoy

Hunting with decoy based on podmanivanii fox. Hunter beckon her, imitating Piscu mouse or rabbit cry grasped. Are made of two wooden decoy tubes that are inserted into each other. The inner tube has a half cut lengthwise papilla with a groove to which primatyvayut thread two thin metal sculpture. The bottom plate (a long and narrow) is a vibrator, and the short - pitch control sound. To improve the tone of the sound controller, omit below, shortening the amount of this sounding-plate vibrator. To get a sound like a squeak mouse to abruptly blow a few times a decoy with a more narrow side. However, Read more [...]
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Food and Water

Water The ability to carry and purify water is vital. You can live for about three weeks (max) without food, but people have died in less than one day without water, and three days is considered tops. The US Park Service, for example, started demanding every backpacker going into the lower Grand Canyon in summer carry at least one gallon of water per person in summer. They did this after several members of a church youth group died when their leader and several teenagers became deranged by thirst and walked off the side of a cliff. They had been walking in 100 + degree heat with no water for Read more [...]
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Four myths about knives survival

Myth 1. Why drag yourself to the large knife when chopping wood have an ax and a saw? Fairly traditional small knife. The truth is: Axe, exactly like a saw, a separate subject, which is quite significant. In addition, over all did not hang heavy and bothersome. Therefore, these items usually are laying (backpack, etc.), and not always with them, and require additional time to bring them into position. And, when it comes to survival, when there are serious problems with equipment, most often a complete or partial lack thereof, where the person has to rely on the fact that when it is - then Read more [...]
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Site "Survival in the wild nature", glad to see you. If you come to us, it means you want to get complete information about survival in a variety of extreme conditions, in emergency situations. Man, throughout the development, sought to preserve and protect themselves from the various negative factors surrounding it - cold, heat, hunger, dangerous animals and insects.

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