Rhode AURINIA Desv. — Aurina.

A. saxatilis (L.) Desv. - Herbaceous perennial, 15-30 cm high. Distribution: European part (south-east). Contains phytosterols established structure. Medicinal. Indications - kidney and urinary tract: kidney disease, diseases of the respiratory system: the lung diseases, infections / infestations: in rabies, diseases of the skin and subcutaneous fat: with freckles. Read more [...]
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Xylophaga like poison, bait and food

In different parts of the world, some fishermen use of native plants (roots, leaves, juice, etc.) for fish poisoning or intoxication that it rose to the surface where it can then be easily assembled. Most of these plants native to southern and tropical climate and geographical zones. For example:derris shrub and tree Barrington - from Southeast Asia to Australia desert rose - Africa and the Arabian Peninsula juice Assaku bush, shoots of many species of vines and Timbo lonhokarpus, tree roots brabasko - South America ptitsemlechnik and goat's rue Virginia - North Amerika.Na same territory Read more [...]
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Body wolverine massive, clumsy, with strong semi-finger-walking, limbs. Relatively large paws armed with large pale yellow claws. Covered with long, shaggy hair tail shorter than the head. The head is large, with small rounded ears, neck thick pack. Body length of about 70 cm wolverine, tail - 18 cm, height 40-45 cm at the shoulders and weigh up to 32 kg. The trunk is covered with thick, long, shiny dark brown fur and a hard, sometimes black. Animals rarely fall lighter color. On the sides of the body, from the shoulders to the tail, pulled usually clearly visible broad band ("breeching"). Read more [...]
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Wild honey plant

Many wild plants are essential food for bees, good honey plant, are rich in nectar and pollen. Promotes sustainable honey collection Longer flowering wild plants growing in different ecological conditions of the relief. The same type of plant in the southern slopes of the hills bloom before, than in the north, in the mountains before, than in the lowlands. In this regard, the bees can collect nectar longer. Especially valuable natural spring honey plants: willow, currant, mountain ash, cherry, maple, cranberry, blueberry, bilberry, birch, alder, elm, poplar, aspen, buckthorn. Of herbaceous Read more [...]
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What was in the reeds. Chapter 5

I filled the bag remains biscuits, packed the same bag of salt and a bottle of pepper, poured water into a liter flasks and zavilsya the steppe for the day. Found a place where the channel wider and smaller, undressed, chest-deep in the water to the other side. Vodicka somewhere degrees for four or five, not more, as the skinned body, but it is a good thing, I will only spirit soar, and all sorts of nasty things fly off completely human society. I even hummed to himself a German march, and the wedding march - what could it be? After the break with this skotobazoy my heart was somehow easier, Read more [...]
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Varieties of this kind of breed group formed the basis for the formation of our country of the same breed, standardized in 1951 under the name Russian spayiel (Fig. 115). The small size, enabling the dog to carry in a bag, the original appearance, a large hunting passion and gentle, easygoing nature spaniel won wide popularity. Without making posts, spaniel aggressively seek out and expels any game distance rifle shot from the hunter and conscientiously tries to drag the dead bird owner. In otemistyh rich lands hare spaniel used as a beater, and often half-circle, and even circle this Read more [...]
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Hunters sometimes called little weasel ermine, and if have mean resemblance of these two animals, of course they are right. Weasel like ermine, has a long, slender, very flexible body, with a small head. Similar color and fur of these two species, except for the black tip of the tail in winter ermine, weasel occurs in only in exceptional cases. But, of course, known to zoologists are significant differences in the structure of the body, and the way of life that distinguish friend another of the smallest members of the family Mustelidae. Weasel inhabits the entire country with the exception Read more [...]
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Water and thirst

The presence of water on hand at any time perceived by the majority of modern people as a matter of course. We are so used to our tap water, they rarely think about the water until some drought is forcing input control its flow. However, a person who tries to survive in the open sea or after the flood, although surrounded by water, may have a burning need for water to drink - and there are many places where there is no clear but the rain access to water, but ... Water is always necessary. The basic elements necessary for survival, it is the food, fire, shelter and water. Their priority may vary Read more [...]
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Kalina forked Shrub to 2, less than 4 m in height, with a fork vetvleniem.Gladkie reddish or grayish-brown branches upward. Young shoots are yellow with stellate hairs. Thin okrugloyaytsevidnye leaves obtuse or narrowed in short cusp at the base neglubokoserdtsevidnye. Leaf margins nekrupnozubchaty. Top leaves are dark yellowish-green, bottom light, with very prominent veins in autumn become purple-crimson color. As a young man leaves entirely voylochnoopusheinye. Blooms in late May - June. Sophisticated, umbellate inflorescences panicles reach 8-10 cm in diameter. Outer flowers are white, Read more [...]
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Useful Tips

In favorable conditions, such as the estuaries of Azov, Astrakhan ilmenite or in the deltas of major southern rivers, reeds occupy large expanses of water. Within these thickets lost hunter easy. I installed on my rifle is removable, waterproof compass, and often only use it to choose from a cane captivity. Until this little upgrade many times and had long wandered. As we said in the bush tough aquatic vegetation grows well any animals. Including the one that can hurt the hunter. For example, some bacteria (?) Cause inflammation in the ears, which are then classified by doctors as otitis. Read more [...]
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Types of temperaments

Especially emotional development is closely linked to the physiological characteristics of excitation and inhibition that occur in the brain. In the study of conditioned reflex activity in animals Pavlov identified four main types of the nervous system. These types differ from each other based on the strength or weakness of the nervous processes, their balance or imbalance (ie the predominance of one over the other), mobility or inactivity. Classification of the types of the nervous system, developed by Ivan Pavlov in a study of the brain of animals, mostly coincided with characteristic temperaments Read more [...]
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The smell of fresh cucumber

The famous humorist, legendary Flemish Til Ulenshpi gel sitting in the tavern and did not order anything. Suddenly tavern owner approached him and demanded a fee for just that he inhaled odor roast. Eulenspiegel kept his head and paid him tinkling coins thrown into the air. Still, the delicious smell of the human diet is of great importance: it increases appetite and improves digestion. How fragrant spring first greenhouse cucumbers! Le when many cucumbers, the smell is not so subtle. Now cucumbers everywhere prevalent. Meanwhile, their homeland - a distant India. In the old days, when Read more [...]
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Proper organization of the movement

Now let's talk about how to go on a hike. Contrary to the opinion of many, it is also necessary to be able to. Here are some practical tips. While driving is not recommended to sing. The image of the tourist, fun walking with a backpack and provocative singing the song, created by men, not knowing tourism. Real tourist never sing on the go. Song knocks the breath, so once it becomes harder to go. What famous tourist song? They sing in the evening by the fire, when all things are over, there's no hurry and have time to sit quietly and look at the stars, at the flying sparks Read more [...]
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Theres an invisible poison sting ruin threatens

Spruce forest was so thick that his shadow did not grow grass. Only here and there, in the old rotten stumps and trunks, fallen storm could see the moss and lichens. It seemed that in the dark shadows of spruce forest hid all the bad spirits. There was a smell of damp and fungi. Through the thorny branches hardly crept young hunter. The first time he found himself far from home and far behind her. He was not lucky naporovshis of acute limb, he hurt his leg. For a long time had to go for the sunset. There, far to the west, was the river, on the bank of a settlement of his relatives. From Read more [...]
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The storm and cold

Storm in the mountains - a wind of great strength with sharp gusts. Storm may be snow and snow-free. Even in canyons force storms not only very noticeable, but it makes sometimes take drastic measures of protection. The greater the height, and the lower the temperature, the greater the force of the storm, the greater the danger. Severe frost in calm weather is transferred more easily than the weak cold strong wind. Often without snow storm rages in a very clear day. Then the bottom of the gorge, you can see the storm raging on the mountain tops, the so-called "flags", or, as Read more [...]
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The plant is dangerous for white sheep

Once in a very long time ago it plant with small yellow flowers first found among the heather. It is well named - "growing among the heather," or, as it is called, perfoliate Hypericum (Hypericum perforatum). Why this plant is made menacing name? If St. John's wort is found in pastures in the mass or falls into the hay, it causes toxicity in animals whose fur is not painted. At the beginning, when they noticed a strange phenomenon, it explains the influence of supernatural forces. Magical properties associated with St. John's wort it "wort." If you look at the light Read more [...]
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The main problems of the insurance. State-of-

As already mentioned, the insurance is currently the first place among all causes of NA in the mountains (22%). On the one hand, this is due to some lag domestic production of means of insurance for mountaineering and mountain tourism, and on the other - a lack in the literature that promotes the latest methods of insurance, real characteristics produced sports equipment, the maximum allowable load in the insurance and self-insurance. As a result, many athletes lack understanding of the risks posed by non-compliance with the basic rules of insurance. Very useful in this regard are regularly Read more [...]
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The feeding behavior of the brown bear

The study of the formation of eating disorders is essential to identify the characteristics of an adult animal nutrition. Food-getting response to certain types of food can be configured very easily and can be traced in the future without significant change attitudes. However during ontogeny originally developed food-getting patterns are changing, depending on the environmental conditions and the age of animals, which determines their ability to getting and feed intake. In ontogeny eating behavior improved in the direction of minimizing behavioral acts and general motor activity, ensuring the Read more [...]
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Milfoil, purple loosestrife, or gravelly

Green perennial herb 30-160 cm tall with one or more simple erect stems. Leaves lanceolate, entire, toothed on the edges, pubescent (especially their lower side), with dark punctate glands on both sides of the leaf blade. Baskets are usually numerous, poluyaytsevidnye, 4-5.5 mm long and 3.5-5 mm wide, gathered at the tops of the stems in corymbose inflorescence. Wrap imbricate, three-row, wrap the leaves are 2-3 mm long and 1.5 mm wide, broadly, yellowish-green, with prominent midrib, margin membranous, yellow or yellow with a brown border. All the flowers in a basket white, edge - lozhnoyazychkovye, Read more [...]
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That controls life of the forest?

Sun - The universal source of energy to sustain life on our planet, but only autotrophic, that is green, the plants can use its energy directly. However, the intensity of sunlight falling on a territory, not a constant in the Northern Hemisphere, the maximum solar radiation in the summer months, at least - for the winter. Its strength varies depending on the altitude of the sun and the atmosphere. Peak radiation during the day falls on the afternoon. If the tree is not always enough light, it produces less and less nutrients, and finally they become so small that it has to go to the harsh regime Read more [...]
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