Tree up to 5-10 m tall, often multi-stemmed, like a shrub. The trunk is covered with brown-brown cracked bark, branches, ash-gray, smooth. Awkward young shoots covered with yellow lenticels point and have a rare fine pubescence. The shoot ends thin sharp thorn. Leaves elliptic or lanceolate, located opposite or beams, thick, almost leathery, upper side shiny, bright green, with the bottom - matte, with sharply protruding midrib. From 3-4 years old pomegranate tree begins to bear fruit. Flowering begins in May, and then the grenade is very beautiful. Reddish skinny cup with several triangular Read more [...]
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Annuals 5-40 cm high. Distribution: all regions except the Arctic.

Contain flavonoids, phytosterols, and phenolic and higher fatty acid established structure. Allocated fixed oil to 20.8% of the fruit V. arvensis (L.) I. M. Johnst. Found coumarins.

Drug (V. arvensis). Therapeutic action — sedative — leaves.

The experiment has antigonadotropnym action. Materials. Make-up (as a blush) dye (red color) — Subtitle. Part V. arvensis.

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Pilgrim on the Volga. Chapter 2

Let's start this way: It was a warm, sunny, quiet, but otherwise remarkably lousy day. I was winded in Moscow, and then publisher, which I translated novel, faded, apparently, in not paying for the previous two. YCL Rabotnicki in Grobin their soul. Business in Russian. The country seems to have rolled to the devil - with flies into civil war. My favorite is also faded in the summer, and what's this scent in love. I used to really love a lot of fed. It is now somehow obsoh, and so it's time. But this is the way. Yes, even in this ambal train. Also ... love. All stuck to Read more [...]
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Magazine Rybachte us» № 1, 2010

Magazine "Rybachte with us" - the undisputed leader among the fishing publications with the largest circulation in its niche - 117,500 copies - and constant tendency to increase circulation. The focus of the magazine - information about fishing all kinds and forms, directions and features, tips for beginners and professional secrets. Apart from the fact that our readers will learn about fishing and recreation in the world, they also learn about a huge experience of Russian fishermen. The magazine "Rybachte us" Readers will find up to date information on new products manufacturers Read more [...]
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Overcoming simple water hazards

On the simple parts of the river, where the flow rate is low - up to 2.0 m / s, water depth is not above the knee, width not exceeding 25 m, the bottom is sandy or rocky (small stones), view, gentle, and even more so when the place crossing fit well stuffed Trail (not to be confused with animal track to place watering), the crossing of wading encouraged to organize a rope without insurance. These include fording column or range in which both moves all group, or a substantial part of it. Exploration paths are the first participants in the fords. However, pre-team leader should make sure that in Read more [...]
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Forced starvation

It is known that man for a long time can do without food, while maintaining a sufficient level of physical and mental activity. The lack or absence of food is not as dangerous as the lack of water. In the absence of food the body after appropriate adjustment begins to spend its internal resources. They are pretty impressive. Thus, a person weighing 70 kg has about 15 kg fat (141 thousand kcal), 6 kg of muscle protein (24 thousand calories), 150 grams of muscle glycogen (600 kcal), 75 g of liver glycogen (300 kcal). Thus, the body has an energy reserve of about 166 thousand calories. According Read more [...]
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Overnight winter

Snow sheds, caves, hollow, niche in the roots of trees vyvorochennyh - is not home for the traveler who is lost? Find a suitable niche tightly utopchite it snow. At the bottom lay a dead wood - what it is, the heat will be your "feather". Sleep on it harshly, but warmer than the snow. Preparing a bed for the night, get entrance to a snow cave. Prevent cold air penetrated as little as possible, the inlet should be minimal. Preferably at night to cover it - the best plastic wrap. If your backpack there are two or three packages of tear along the seam, tie the corners - that curtain. Read more [...]
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Rhode MEDICAGO L. — Lucerne.

Herbaceous perennials, single, rarely biennials 10-100 cm tall. DISTRIBUTION: All regions except the Arctic. Contain triterpenoids (including triterpenoid saponins) monoterpeioidy,-dy carotenoids, phytosterols, flavonoids (including ieoflavonoidy, antopiany, catechins) pterokarpany, kumestany, alkaloids, non-protein amino acids and other nitrogen Comm., Tsiklitoly, carbohydrates, and coumarins (El-Khrisy et al., 1994), sulfur Comm., phenols, aromatic and fatty acids, esters, aliphatic hydrocarbons, alcohols and other aliphatic Comm. established structure. Allocated fixed oil to 7.6% of the seeds Read more [...]
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Total chill

We really are often faced with hypothermia in field conditions, and in the real city life. Especially now, exercising in the pool, after 4-5'''' Eskimos have a desire to keep warm. And very often, the term implies an indefinite stay warm people quite certain amount of alcohol, as well as whether to restore its thermal balance? How to prepare yourself for the possibility of cooling? In general, what is hypothermia and how to save a person in an accident when he was a long time in cold water? First things first. Talking about the impact of cold on the human factor, it should Read more [...]
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Noxious plants

Hemlock, poison or milestones. Perennial height 70 -130 cm club neobraznym rhizome, hollow, multi-chamber, with transverse partitions inside. Leaves are large, pinnate. The flowers are small, white, in a cyme. The whole plant, especially the rhizome, has the smell of parsley or celery. Widespread in marshy river banks, low-lying marshes and swampy meadows throughout the country. Hemlock - the most poisonous plant flora of Russia. Toxic substances are found in all parts of the plant, especially in the rhizome, they cause severe poisoning, 50% of deaths. The poison acts quickly, the Read more [...]
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In the footsteps of Bear Grylls: Chapter 3. Costa Rica

Costa Rica - one of the smallest countries in Central America. Located at the narrowest part of the isthmus connecting the two continents. In the southwest of the country is washed by the Pacific Ocean, north-east, the Caribbean Sea. The coastline stretches for 1'' 290 km. Costa Rica - a country-reserve (total reserve is 74), where a riot of wild flora and fauna surrounded by mountains and the ocean. The main attractions of the country - national parks, mountains and underwater caves and waterfalls, scenic mountain and river valleys, volcanoes. Protected areas cover is about 25% of Read more [...]
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Naked into The Wilderness — The construction of shelters

In this video series family McPherson introduces basic skills of survival in the lap of Nature. In this video, John and his friend Jerry explains the basic rules of building a long-term shelter, what material is best to build. For the construction of this home needs a lot of time, but in the wild - the construction of asylum is the key to human survival. Series 1: Primitive Semi-Permanent Shelters - construction of sheltersDownload:letitbit.net Read more [...]
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Myotis water

Status. Normal, relatively sedentary species. Distribution. It inhabits the forest and forest-steppe zones of Europe - from the Mediterranean to the south and almost to the Circumpolar in the north, to the east extends across the Urals, lives in Western Siberia (to the lower river. Irtysh), in the Caucasus. A brief description. The body length is about 40-60 mm, length of the forearm 36 -42 mm, weight 10.6 g Ear medium length, tragus does not reach half the height of the ear, hardly narrowed to an end. Facial "mask" almost naked, with a pinkish skin. With claw foot about 60% of the Read more [...]
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Rhode KOELERIA Pers. — Legged, or Koehler.

Herbaceous perennials, 25-60 cm high. Propagation: All. In K. cristata (L.) Pers. discovered flavonoids, saponins, carbohydrates. Medicinal. Therapeutic action - healing wounds - C. cristata. In the experiment, C. cristata, leaves K. pyramidata (Lam.) P. Beauv. exhibit antifungal activity, leaves K. pyramidata - antibiotic. Stern. For cattle, horses, sheep, deer: C. cristata environmental significance. Ornamental: C. cristata. Read more [...]
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Bear Grylls: Man vs. Wild — Escape to the Legion

Bear Grylls served in the SAS special forces is an expert on survival in extreme environments. In these films, he shows how to survive the dangers of nature itself. From generation to generation the tradition of romance French Foreign Legion, a haven for men seeking a second chance in life. But what is it, Legion, really? Explorer and adventurer Bear Grylls goes to the Sahara to find out. Side by side with the company of 11 volunteers, from former prisoners to failed businessmen, Bear Grilz goes through months of grueling training in the former bastion of the Legion in the Western Sahara, specifically Read more [...]
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Miracles around the magnet

I still do not remember why I put a black horseshoe magnet on a glass laboratory vessel, which contained tiny insects - melittobii. Maybe Baby habit? Boy, I was convinced that every great discovery very simple to do, it's all about luck and patience, you only need to connect something properly, rearrange or even pin down, and success is assured. This very unproductive way of knowing the secrets of nature, of course, left behind long past childhood, but, apparently, not quite. In my amateur research program no biophysical experiments are not included. I have watched the development of these Read more [...]
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Overheating of the body

Under the overheating is a state body under the conditions of high ambient temperature in excess of heat over the emissivity of the body, accompanied by fever and disorder functions of the vital systems of the body, especially the central nervous system. The main reaction of the body intended to exclude overheating by increasing heat - expanded cutaneous vessels, quickens the heartbeat and breathing, increased blood flow, increased perspiration, etc. In case of increased physical work sweating can be 5.6 liters per day, even in the cold. Under conditions of high temperature sweating can reach Read more [...]
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Mosquito — Ag. (O.) hungaricus Mihalyi

View, recently described on the materials from Hungary (Mihalyi, 1955, 1961). Presumably indicating the fauna of Czechoslovakia (Kramar, 1958). In East Kazakhstan Larvae stage IV, is consistent with the diagnosis of this type of species. From Ae. sticticus well distinguished by simple internal frontal hairs, and the shape and size of flakes brush. Their comparison with the paratype-mi Ae. hungaricus, available in the collections of the Zoological Institute USSR, found them quite clear identity. Larvae were caught in a temporary timber basin at an altitude 900-1000 m n. a. m (settlement Read more [...]
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Parnolistnik Ferghana Highly branched shrub with spreading branches and winding gray bark. Leaves are compound paripinnate, with two fleshy obovate leaves, on young shoots are opposite, sitting on the old beams. In March - April, in the axils of the leaves appear lemon-yellow flowers. In May - September trehkrylye ripen fruit-box on legs. Only grows on the slopes of the Western Tien-Shan.Parnolistnik macrocarpa Shrub 2-2.5 m high with thick branches and greyish furrowed bark. Leaves spatulate, elliptical or ovoid. In April, there are golden-yellow flowers. Fruits - 5-wings yellowish-brown Read more [...]
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Ordinary honey locust

Pryamostvolnoe large tree up to 40 m in height with shirokotsilindricheskoy openwork crown. and. dark brown wrinkled bark, eventually becoming fractured. On the trunk and branches are very large, up to 30 cm long, branched spines. The leaves are delicate, parnoperistoslozhnye, with 8-15 pairs of leaflets, dark green and shiny. It flowers in May - June. Inconspicuous flowers clustered in racemes, have a pleasant smell and Honeybees. Hanging red-brown shiny beans up to 40 cm ripen in September - October and remain hanging on the tree until mid-winter, and sometimes until spring. Seeds flat, Read more [...]
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Site "Survival in the wild nature", glad to see you. If you come to us, it means you want to get complete information about survival in a variety of extreme conditions, in emergency situations. Man, throughout the development, sought to preserve and protect themselves from the various negative factors surrounding it - cold, heat, hunger, dangerous animals and insects.

Site structure "Survival in the wild nature" is simple and logical, selecting a specific section, you will find information. You will find on our website recommendations and practical advice on survival, unique descriptions and pictures of animals and plants, turn-based scheme to trap wild animals, tests and reviews of travel gear, rare books on survival and wildlife. The site also has a large section devoted to video on survival survivalist-known professionals around the world.

The main theme of the site, "Survival in the wild nature" - is to be ready to be in the wild, and the ability to survive in extreme conditions.

The Survival in the wild nature - how correctly to behave, it having appeared in an emergency situation. Ability to find a way out from any situation: to kindle a fire, to put traps, to prepare food, to arrange dwelling and a lodging for the night; to learn to knit knots, to clear water, to be guided by districts, correctly to choose equipment, a knife. Also you can download directories to tourists, encyclopedias survivals, video Bear Grills to Survive at any cost (Man vs. Wild).