How to fish hands

In the short-term survival and autonomous existence is fishing is the most affordable way to provide themselves with food. On the one hand, fish - is a more high-calorie product than most plant products. On the other hand - to extract the fish is much easier than living on land game. If you can not make a fishing rod, you can try to catch fish with his bare hands. To protect the body from cuts, scrapes, and also for its heating, especially when diving, the best fishing in the clothes. To prevent cuts the legs while moving along the bottom, as well as the turbidity of water, be sure to put on Read more [...]
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Horsetail marsh

Horsetails easily recognized among other plants for lack of articulation of the stem and green leaf plate. Their function is performed by green stems. Scaly leaves, cloves are whorls on the stem. Flowers, fruits and seeds in the horsetails not. They reproduce by spores. Equisetum is the highest spore plants. Horsetail Prirechny, perennial herb, lives on the banks of rivers and streams, lakes, ponds and reservoirs, and in shallow water, as well as different types of wetlands. It can grow in water to a depth of two meters, but prefers a smaller depth (30-70 cm). There he is prolific. In the Read more [...]
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Vault Closed

A sample of such shelter - a cave. Dig it may, within one or two hours, even an inexperienced person. For all its structural simplicity of the classic cave protection from the cold is not worse than a complex "block" the needle, and perhaps it is even more comfortable. Dug a snow cave on the slopes with a deep (a thickness of 1.5 m or more) of snow, where lavinoolasnost small. The average construction time single cave - 30-50 minutes, two or three-man - 60-90 minutes. In malozasnezhennyh areas suitable for the snow cave will be found near the natural barriers: the lonely protruding Read more [...]
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Henorinum small

Annual plant height 8-25 cm, densely covered entirely with short glandular hairs. Stems branched from the base, erect or ascending. Leaves oblong-lanceolate, entire, usually blunt, with short petioles, the lower opposite, upper leaves. Flowers are small, located in the axils of the leaves one on pedicels up to 1 cm bracts half as long peduncles. Calyx length of 3-5 (6) mm and 1 mm wide, deep quinquepartite, thrive at the fruit, with linear blunt lobes of unequal size. Corolla light purple, with a yellow spot in the throat, 6 mm long, two-lipped, with a long tube from the front with a spur Read more [...]
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Hand-to-hand fighting with a bear

One must be prepared for the fact that the approach of the bear, he will seem infinitely worse than the distance. This animal is frightened not only a powerful roar, body size, swiftness, and unexpected details of his appearance, clearly visible and felt only near: Disclosure red mouth with huge yellow fangs, flowing from her white head, greenish glow eyes, rampant on the ridge, waves walking coat, uterine bubbling, heavy animal body odor and stinking breath. It should be psychologically prepared for the meeting with the beast up close and not to flinch at heart. Often bear adapted to the man Read more [...]
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Group 6. Explanatory and special tourist signs

Many of the supporting characters and features local subjects we have already discussed, when we were studying topographical signs in groups. It remains to say a few words about the different names that are written on the cards, and explore the five special tourist symbols. On a topographic map, you see a lot of place names, railway stations, industrial facilities, tops of hills and mountains, the names of rivers, lakes, forests, and even in some cases have their own names. Signatures, names get quite a lot, but because they interfere to some extent to read a map - block a part of the image. Read more [...]
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Gray groundhog — marmota baibacina kastsch. Habitat

Types of settlements. Marmot lives families, usually located no closer than 50 - 60 m from one another. Animals of different families rarely go together and live as normally apart. But sometimes permanent shelters are in the 20-30 m and the animals often move from one hole to another or even graze together. These features of the distribution are likely to arise when separating juveniles settle near the parent burrow, and between them there is no hostility. Usually the young there is a tendency to resettlement, which contributes to more rapid population areas. Settlement marmot Read more [...]
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Walking on the glacier in the lower free from snow, part climber meets clearly visible cracks. They were formed during the motion of the glacier bed due to irregularities (transverse and longitudinal cracks), different rates of glacier flow along the coast and in the middle (oblique), turning it (radial). A steep fall or narrowing of the glacier appears messy break his body - icefall. There are also so-called glacial rivers, glacial wetlands - water accumulation under the snow, glacier mills - vertical wells washed with water, hazardous great depth. For the well to overcome the open area Read more [...]
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Horsetail (Equisetum awense) popularly called Christmas trees, Pestushko, svinyachnikom, the English call their horse's tail, and the Germans - pewter grass. All these names reflect some of its special characteristics. I always tell my students that nothing did not call, just need to get accustomed to understand the meaning of the name. Let's start with the simplest - firs. Look at the plants - green stem, branches in whorls, like a tree, and the same upward directed, as a young tree, and even the tiny leaves that are almost imperceptible, like its shape on a fir needle. The general Read more [...]
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Forest shrubs

Forests are either simple, in which the trees are about the same height and form a single canopy (level), and complex, consisting of two or more layers, one above the other. In the first stage (upper canopy) are high mature trees, in the second - the younger and less high (adolescents) and in the third - shrubs (undergrowth). The more light-requiring species that make up the upper canopy, and the richer the soil, the denser and more varied undergrowth: hazel, honeysuckle, euonymus on loamy sands and wet sands, buckthorn in the lowlands, broom in the southern forests. In the Far East can be found Read more [...]
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ligament is often accompanied by their partial and sometimes complete rupture. The most commonly injured ankle. In this extension is important (although sometimes difficult) to exclude ligament rupture, with a rum continued participation in the campaign is impossible. In the absence of the gap is less intense pain, decreases in 1 - 2 day (at break, on the contrary, strengthens), less pronounced and swelling of the joint. In addition, the victim, though in pain, but it can go. First aid for ankle sprains: impose a bandage in the form of "eight", put the victim with one foot and the Read more [...]
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Fishing pole with a nod and jig

  Kivkovaya rod - the most common amateur tackle. It uses 99% of all on the ice fishermen. This gear consists of udilnika (with handle or not), lesohranilischa (in which can be used as a coil, and just reel), line with a nod and jig (one or more). Depending on what is lesohranilischem, fishing rod turns with the deaf, where reel-tse, or Beguchev if coil harness. What is the difference between the two types? Fishing rod with a dull snap usually much more delicate and subtle. It is designed for fishing small fish, not the angler is able to deliver a lot of trouble with hooking and Read more [...]
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First aid for bites

SNAKES After being bitten by a snake man a must as soon as possible to deliver in hospital. Only a doctor is specifically serum neutralizes the insidious poison. Often, however, to get to the hospital, it takes time and needs immediate assistance to the affected. What to do? First of all you need to know what not to do. There used to be very popular these "reliable" methods, such as burning the skin incision in the site of the bite, tug bitten limb tourniquet, etc. But today, it is known that these methods are nothing but harm, do not bring. Moreover, sometimes the cause of death Read more [...]
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How to get on forest plants?

The main law of the forest - lower tiers higher inhibited. Even within the ruling stand, there is competition for light, water and nutrients. In this fight, kill themselves in the shadow of light-loving species, but they can displace inhibit their trees, if environmental conditions change abruptly. Well known everlasting enmity birch spruce. Young birch trees wither in the shadow of the spruce stand, but once come loggers ... Small volatile birch seeds sows the vacant space, and on the spot spruce grows birch. Under cover of his young fir trees grow well, gradually replacing the birch. Shrubs Read more [...]
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Fauna of the desert

With the decrease of plant communities in the transition zone of the steppes, semi-desert and savannah to change not only the flora and fauna. The most important for life in the desert - is to be able to adapt your body to combat overheating. The surface in the daytime desert heat to 70-85 ° C. Many wildlife species are in the desert nocturnal, hiding in caves from harmful sun rays. But more often the very behavior of animals and insects to help them tolerate high daytime temperatures. Many of them with the onset of the summer heat stop active and hide in burrows dug up the cool soil Read more [...]
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Everest: The Outer Limits — The world record (Season 2, series-4)

Series 4: World record In 2006, the Discovery Channel made a documentary film about how a group of climbers trying to climb Mount Everest. It is a fascinating story about people who want to conquer the highest peak in the world. Climbing has become their most severe test in life. In 2007, the team leader Russell Brice again hit the road. This time, he took a few newcomers, including 71-year-old Japanese man Katsuske Yanagisawa, who dreams of becoming the oldest person to climb Mount Everest. Second attempt to make a bodybuilder asthmatic Mogens Jensen from Denmark and Hollywood rider Tim Medvets. Read more [...]
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Hike with a minimum of equipment for the North Caucasus

In previous trips we have been trained skills mainly in one place, ie will not go. In the same exit we had a full campaign with a minimum of equipment. Weight of a backpack is limited to 5 kg. I weighed 8 kg 5 kg and 3 kg snaryagi camera with personal belongings. Well, traditionally we have not carried a tent and food. There were three of us again. Location - the North Caucasus. The time of year - the beginning of November. We went with a small group (7 persons), where everyone wanted to experience the hardships of varying degrees of survival. We had a triple 1 Bed, 1 mats, 1 hammock and Read more [...]
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Environmental disaster — falling leaves

Seasonal tropical forests of Africa, gradually smaller, dissolve in the hot haze of savannas and deserts. Only by overcoming these barren areas, and even in the north and the mountains, it was 2-3 thousand years ago to see again these forests. Here while growing evergreen subtropical forests. They ringed the border shores of the Mediterranean from Gibraltar to Turkey. Mediterranean - the cradle of human civilization. From prehistoric times to do a cradle made of dry wood and set closer to the fire. For the sake of the universal cradle, in order to fire in the hearth of civilization did not Read more [...]
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"Elder whole garden flooded! Elder is green is green! Greener than the mold on the vat, Green - then in the early summer! ♦ • * And then the waterfall grain Then elderberry With something plum, with something sticky. Above the gate, moaning violin near the house, which is empty - Lone Elderberry bush "Marina Tsvetaeva. The poem is called - Elderberries. Not only ours, red, bright and familiar to all, and a little more southern black elderberry. Just about it - "plum with something, something sticky." Elderberry juice in a thick, sticky, blue-violet, sweet. That's Read more [...]
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4-8 people on a rope

Binding of 4 or more people by one pitch - a rough and obvious error. Number NA associated with it, does not exceed 10 (5% of the National Assembly during the study period). Almost all of them occurred on the climbs to V / m in suitably qualified groups (class I to the masters of sports) at a time when most of the climbers have completed the ascent - coming out on top or at the beginning of the descent. Apparently, this is a case where a large physical fatigue leads to loss of alertness, sense of real danger that - a reminder how important it is collected, clear, without a dangerous relaxation Read more [...]
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