Combat calculations of US military experts

Somehow, the notorious blog Loadout Room published several small notes in which the authors, being professional military men, described in detail each of their own combat calculations at the time of their service in the US Army during the wars in Vietnam, Afghanistan and Iraq. We will give lists of equipment in the translated version, and all at once. So…

Combat display of a US sniper in Afghanistan

  • 20 stores in universal flask packs and bandoliers;
  • 1 garnet with white phosphorus;
  • 6 or more fragmentation grenades;
  • 1-2 claymore mines (as when);
  • 1 flask of water;
  • compass;
  • signal panel;
  • first aid kit;
  • clock.
  • Long range equipment:

    • all of the above;
    • backpack;
    • water in folding jars;
    • soldering;
    • poncho (if necessary);
    • socks (as needed);
    • signal mirror

    img width = “500” height = “313” alt = “” src = “~ images \ combat-calculations-of-us-military-experts_2_1.jpeg” sizes = “(max-width: 500px) 100vw, 500px”
    Weapon accessories

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