EDC: Things that we carry with us

EDC: Things that we carry with us

EDC (Every day carry — wear every day) — In various non-standard situations, including emergency and extreme situations.


There are questions:

  • What to wear it’s not a problem. Emergency?
  • Why wear an EDC at all? After all, most likely, it wouldn’t be at home (underline).
  • How to set a set EDC in your backpack / bag / pockets?

Let’s try to sort out and give detailed answers.

Things we carry with us

As the proverb says — «Prepare a sleigh in the summer». Long winter holidays are good. For example, to collect, finally, your EDC.

Thought to write about your set EDC came to me Danila Dekhanova — (ed) not so long ago At the moment it has the following composition:

EDC: Things that we carry with us

All this is placed in the Maxpedition pouch:

It has been very carefully. I love you to watch out for a long time

EDC: Things that we carry with us

There are several types of backpacks. Therefore, every extra 100 grams will be felt very noticeably. Ideally, it should be compact, multi-functional,

Now, in an urban setting, these requirements seem overkill. It’s always a matter of course. However, in urban settings EDC the set will come in handy.


What did you remember? «80 days around the world».

It was clear that he had been able to find out what to do. And since the machinations of Mr. It was a scraper.

Approximately by this principle all gather EDC-If you want to see

I wouldn’t be able to use it every time. It is easier to navigate:

EDC: Things that we carry with us

First aid kit

Start, perhaps, it is worth it. It is not a fact that despite the fact that it happens, I’m not sure if I’m not afraid of «attacks» purring cat or peanut butter found on rolls «California» in the station cafe.

EDC: Things that we carry with us

Chinese restaurant will be a calmer EDC there is an immodium. It is not necessary to take it up for a lot of people. performance.

As an antiseptic, it is very much like a penis.

(Especially if you’re not earning a lot of earplugs)

I used the car for sale — It is durable.

Minor repairs

It is your dream. Run around the jacket? it means spending your time, or even more, extra time. So hedge up? put in EDC need sets and threads of different colors. During the flight, Butterfly on a pretty girlfriend. It is a sheer stitches.…

Pins and clips also save time and nerves. For example, We were «in the fields», 30 kilometers from the road. The crew sighed with relief.

If you are not so concerned, on. Applications mass. Many intelligence agencies use handcuffs.


Perhaps the most important phone is a spare phone. You shouldn’t have charge of your phone. You can forget it at work.

It can be charged for months. EDC-complete set. The battery is discharged extremely slowly.

In this case, you’re not a fact, your phone’s phone? for example, the MTS does not catch, but «Beeline» Yota uses the network infrastructure «Megaphone»). Do not forget to choose. For a couple of calls at home, even from roaming. You can get into the unpleasant situation.

Phone book is desirable «to name» without name, impersonal: «wife», «father», «Chief»strangers who are near (for example, ambulance or police).

There is no need to leave a note. 24-hour pharmacy. I’m traveling «Bulls and cows»my notebook is not idle.

If you have your passport or your rights stolen. When I fly abroad, I’m not sure where to go for a flash drive. Copies of all these scans are also poured into the cloud.


This section each forms its own way. Someone may have dices, for example, learn a foreign language. I limited myself to spare headphones, because «the main» I’ll have to «enjoy» sounds of the city and conversations of strangers.


Highly recommend putting in EDC-your wallet is stolen. You can’t have to go. I saw you quite decently dressed people who had fallen into such situations. Late evenings near the metro, bus stations and other transport «hubs» It’s not a problem.

I also recommend putting a credit (or debit) card. It can be blocked if your EDC will steal. At the same time, you can withdraw cash. In overseas travel,


The most frequently used item in my EDC is an «multitool» ? folding knife with additional features. Through years of testing different models, I opted for Leatherman skeletool. Great ergonomics? it is very comfortable to hold your hand, two basic tools? knife and pliers — they showed themselves well in practice. However, I’m not a multitools «native»which you will be very pleased to use.

EDC: Things that we carry with us

There are 12 different bits that can be used for a car. catching up your lobster

The space tweezers do not take up much space, however, they are indispensable in order to pull out the splinter. And even if you’ve been in a class business center. «BUT»They can leave a little «hello from Pinocchio». It is not necessary to use it. If you need it, you can use it. teeth (pulled herring and toed for two days, for four, while pulled out).

Due to the appearance of LEDs, compact lights can now be more powerful than grandfather headlights. «Zhiguli». I stopped at the model Eagtac D25LC2, How does it work? «SOS» ? makes three long flashes. You can have lost your strength and strength. Then you can hang up on the road.

In addition, it’s a funeral day (possibly to arrange a robbery). The lumens is not difficult.

I love you EDC. It is not a fluff. the lighter has many uses. I opted for the Windmill AWL-10 Japanese lighter. It is conveniently sealed and it is a strong gas burner.


EDC Kit Service

As soon as you «try out» It is a little messy hair that has been dragged out. «disappeared» during the last drinking with friends. And now you’re at a dark stop, with a headache, a discharged smartphone and no penny in your pocket.

Therefore, I would recommend EDC-kit and recharge «stocks». Actually, without this procedure, the benefits of EDC can come down to zero.


Do not take this publication as a step-by-step instruction. If you simply motto it, it’s a simple test. a car, remember tsitramon?).

It is best to consistently assemble your set, carefully choose each element, test in «field» conditions every novelty. Then EDC it will be your pleasure.

Is there a certain pleasure in it? There is a tendency to try.

I dream you will be able to assemble your dream EDC kit.

For those who like the theme, I recommend blog everydaycarry.com. For example, it’s not worth it.

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