EDS first aid kit from VSSL

Once again, I’ve caught the EDC first aid kit from VSSL. That’s how it looks assembled.

So, inside we are waiting for the following:

  • Antiseptic gauze napkins of three kinds. 2 wipes without alcohol, 2 wipes without alcohol.
  • 1 soapy napkin
  • Triple antibiotic. Ointment.
  • 2 cotton pads
  • 4 N-shaped patches
  • 8 butterfly patches
  • 12 patches of the usual form
  • 4 ibuprofen tablets
  • 4 aspirin tablets
  • 4 safety pins (2 small, 2 large)
  • Tweezers
  • One-sided razor
  • Coil plaster
  • Bandage
  • Medical gloves

Here is the fully unpacked first aid kit.

A classic set, as you can see. It is a little wrinkle to close up. But, the VSSL, therefore, they know better. Otherwise, it’s an interesting option that saves space.

The price is about $ 65. Search www.vsslgear.com

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