Help the intruders get into the house?

Help the intruders get into the house?

I (Adm.Kanaris, author of the text), then in my opinion, an important important problem. This article represents the case of survivalists / defenders, mostly discussing knives/flashlights, at least that’s what «militarized» resource profile where it was originally posted. But it is a smart and respectable leader. «% Carry».


So word To rob henderson:

Help the intruders get into the house?

If you like me, you adore photos everyday sets, or EDC (Every day carry – com.), and discussions about them. I’m always looking for the best gear and gadgets. However, I never thought it was possible.

Progress is sweeping the planet by leaps and bounds. Cameras, computers, phones and even cars become «smarter». And there isn’t much of a robots vehicle, but there is technology stuck in the Middle Ages. – keys. Look at your key chain, how much do you have keys with grooves I have four of these seven.

Modern technology versus traditional values

Help the intruders get into the house?

There will definitely be a recommendation. to blur keys. People can claim a working copy. I can do it myself. Schlage (Schlage – American manufacturer of locks, most common in the US manufacturer – app.) a few months ago. This is a one-way lock with a standard (non-secure).

I took a photo everyday set of several items, including a small bundle keys, A copy of my own key has been used.

Making the key on the photo

Help the intruders get into the house?

Using EDC photo above, (done on my iPhone 6 Plus) I cut the key in Photoshop and selected it. I was able to print it in my photo. Key photo I need you to print the card.

Help the intruders get into the house? Help the intruders get into the house?

Printed out «key»I love the cut out line on the workpiece with a thin marker. I relied on the keys for the production of worn keys.

After all the barb, I have been using the triangular file. It gives you the shape of the key. «V». I couldn’t bring anything back.

Help the intruders get into the house?

When the rough outlines were ready, I really wanted to go. The most difficult to grind areas key There were small grooves in the middle of the key. I like it.

It is necessary to remove metal. About ten minutes later I finished the key and compared it with the original.

Although my keys looked very similar cut key, which obviously had rougher edges. When I inserted the key into the lock, it opened. A little jammed when the lock opened. Burrs off and on the problem disappeared. Now it works exactly the same as. original key.

In real life

Help the intruders get into the house?

This experiment was conducted under ideal conditions. The key is on the table, making it possible to draw outlines almost perfectly. It’s a little bit more than a few minutes. Having it taken. I can answer: I can answer:

So how can you deal with this threat? Consider your choice. Especially considering the disguise from photos.

For those who are in the spirit of «Let them try and copy my key – i don’t know where i live anyway» — take into account the amount of information available online today. There are ways to imagine such a network as Facebook and Instagram. The safest option – keep it up your keys under lock and key.

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