Johannesburg: How people live next to zombies

Johannesburg: How people live next to zombies



1. Let’s start immediately with the findings.
Apartheid abolished in vain. And this is no doubt!

2. Now tezisno.
Johannesburg surrendered! The city is captured by baboons ghouls and ghouls. There are no white people at all. I wouldn’t be like that. Trying to stay at home or in the streets.

3. Now in more detail…

Johannesburg: How people live next to zombies

We had to Yohane strum pears for nine hours. We’re persuaded by the bomber We’ve been braving each other.

Not shown.

Why? I will answer diplomatically, veiled, straight.
We crap.

Going down to Johannesburg, the city looks very wow.

Beautiful, big, modern. Many high-rise buildings, many English parks. There are beautiful buildings in the Victorian style. Green lawns, blue sky.

Johannesburg: How people live next to zombies

When we drove inside, the picture was not so bright. The city is abandoned. There is no electricity. Garbage is not removed. Sewage is not working. Only roads for transport are cleared and only traffic lights work. Moreover, it’s still a matter of course, where you can get it.

I need to read us the introductory one. He spoke, being a little cocked, often swallowing, and instinctively looking back.

«If you want to live
IPhone, bitch, DO NOT LIGHT in the windows!
And most importantly… WINDOWS DO NOT OPEN! Therefore, it will be possible to see us by storm.
And remember, I have children…»

We drove about two hours in the center. The bus was dead silence. To understand what happened there, you need a small excursion into history. In 1992, this is the year of the abolition of the congregation, the lifelong restrictions on the movement within the country. That year, simultaneously, from the savannah, more than two million baboons migrated to the city.

Incidentally, in black and white. Locals are divided into three categories, according to skin tone. Whites — descendants of the colonialists of immigrants. Colored — descendants of labor imported from India, Indochina and Indonesia. Black — The Zulu and Bantu tribes migrated from central Africa. I didn’t observe intermediate variants. There is no autochthonous population. It was the time when the colonists arrived in the desert.

In the case of a civilian It was not for Mahatma Gandhi. He opened the season of struggle with apartheid, and he belonged to the group of color. Ironically, it was a pain. First of all, they considered these

So, at one point, a couple of millions of black colonists entered the city. It tasted better. Mihalych at that time.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, came Achtung.

The doors of the office center opened up a little bit and organized spontaneously, but cheerfully and positively, leaked several thousand blacks. Guests arrived with their belongings and belongings. They continue to use it. It was even resolved, and it was taken to the halls and corridors.

The building was filled with life and joyful bustle. In the corridors they slaughtered and gutted the bird, cooked food in the toilets. To a polite question: «What does it mean?», they simply answered. To the clarifying question: «With a fuck? How so?», they replied.

Johannesburg: How people live next to zombies

Caused the cops. The cops did not come. The same garbage happens. Then they would be able to run to the suburbs and towards Cape Town, simultaneously building defense lines. Ditches, rows of live barbed wind, fences. Where is a white man, is there a suburb of Pretoria. After the flight, the building owners Came up with. They would leave the buildings and go back to the ghouls.

Turned off. Ghouls did not even notice. It was no light, no water, no sewage. I asked Mikhalych, but where is crap? This is what they answered. They were very fraped. It is not necessary to understand the functionality of elevator shafts. When the invaders otkvyryali doors, wondered for a long time, spitting down, why this hole.

And then they’re getting paid. «How did white all sensibly come up», — Shvonder thought up According to his opinion, he was Well, then, as in good prehistoric times, it migrates to a new pasture, populating a new skyscraper.

It was getting dark.

We drove through our eyes. It was exposed, it was exposed, with windows, goggles, waving, windows and windows. In the depths of the building, we’ve seen it in some places.

But for objectivity, we must add that life is still warming there. Again, according to Mikhalych, a new informal service appeared in Johan. Some of the strong guys, the offerings of the building

It was a couple of times for a couple of people who were trying to find their way around.

And until they came to ask again: «What was it all about?»brewing Then, after the building is revived, it is again put into operation.

Johannesburg: How people live next to zombies

Soon after the barbed wire fence, Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey! There is a way for you to go through their workplaces.

And I still noticed one funny thing. If you’re living in the middle of 10-11 floors. That is, they can even visit each other on such a transition. The main thing is that the zombies scurry about. He has a lot of fun to do. They say they will continue to broadcast the story.

We initially refused to go out. They couldn’t really be in the bus. Mikhalych said «Do not piss»they say it’s safe here. You must be able to go there. We went out means walking. Andrei Shindin came out with us. So that was not so sykotno, Andrew took with him a vuvuzela. Which is no, but a phallic symbol. At some point, he was bored, was wrinkled, and vuvuzella.


We barely had time to evacuate the bus. I’ve been hitting the bottom of the hole. Last, jumps up, jumps up, throws in the direction. By the way it helped. We’ve been able to slip away without loss.

It is a question that we’ve seen it. What is not in vain… for… and that he hopes that… democracy… they are people too, although it is not immediately… otherwise… His speech was interrupted by Shindin, kakbE summing up our speech.

— Mikhalych! Do not pussy!


Shindin hit the nail on the head.


South Africa had its own space program. The country possessed nuclear technology and weapons. In South Africa, the world’s first made a heart transplant. At present, there are scientists, scientists like the half of the white population, fled the country.

Johannesburg: How people live next to zombies

Currently, Comrade Jacob Zuma.

  • The nature of the Nordic.
  • Zulu.
  • Polygamist.
  • Repeatedly accused of rape.
  • The woman has been widely discussed in society. This is not a bother Zuma. He has a lot of attention to his health.
  • Oh yeah, I almost forgot. It has been noted that it has been decreed for people.

From the author of the story for me, I want to add myself from myself.

If you see it in a certain allegory for yourself, then do not go to the extreme called racism. I am a redneck. What happened in 1992? In South Africa, what happened in 1917. And not all reds turned out to be primates, and to the contrary, many whites turned out to be baboons. And, in general, we are all those baboons, some more and some less. To whom as lucky.

So you can’t see what it’s like to do.
But it was already an allegory.

Life in Johannesburg

How beautiful is the eye of Eburg!
Between you and me’burg. And he was beautiful until 1992.

Johannesburg: How people live next to zombies

Unfortunately, I later realized that there are not so many photos.
I remind you of Cape Town.

Windows are not open for ventilation. They are simply not there.

Johannesburg: How people live next to zombies

This house seems to have a middle class. This is determined by satellite television.

There are no open windows. Everything is walled up.

Live wire creates the illusion of security.

Johannesburg: How people live next to zombies

Although according to our former compatriots, this is not a panacea. We met two girls in Cape Town. Despite all the lines of defense.

But they are not upset because they are all insured for death, and they are even satisfied. And it’s a lot of fun.

Johannesburg: How people live next to zombies

Time to go home!

Johannesburg: How people live next to zombies

P.S. If you were or will be, pliz.
It was in the past.

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