Kalashnikov assault rifle in 4 minutes

Kalashnikov assault rifle in 4 minutes

In truth, the Kalashnikov automatic machine tuning offered below can be done even faster than cooking scrambled eggs =)


ATTENTION! When handling firearms, always follow the safety rules and precautions outlined in the appropriate manual. Make sure your weapon is unloaded and safe before following these recommendations.

Although AK and his options — The most popular and sold weapons in the world, some (well, many) of them need some work, which theoretically you could do in your garage or workshop, with a modest investment. In this article I (David Merrill, author — Ed.) I will tell about these changes, especially after some basic models AK increased in value, while still need improvement.


«4 minute tuning» Kalashnikov assault rifle

Our goal is to improve the basic elements of weapons needed by the modern shooter, while spending a minimum of time and money.

For the experiment I used AK-carbine assembled in Romania, which in essence does not differ from the original. Corresponding to the true spirit Kalashnikov assault rifle, Each of the elements used to improve the weapon itself is reliable and easy to manufacture, with appropriate materials. As a result, you can make all the proposed upgrades for less than $ 20. However, if you do not have just such materials, any improvement has at least one commercial alternative.

Kalashnikov assault rifle in 4 minutes

What is important — None of these improvements requires a fundamental change in the main parts or parts that could not be easily purchased and replaced if something goes wrong. Almost everything that is shown here can be made with an improvised tool. Even being in a primitive cave, it would be possible to carry out some operations, although for example, it would be faster and better with the praised Dremel.

Among other things, the reason to make the proposed tuning AK there may be a desire to save some money, or have some fun at the weekend. Or you just want to make your rifle a little easier. In short, this option is for you.

So let’s do what makes «Old Believers AK» to turn purple from indignation.


One of the problems with standard sights Kalashnikov assault rifle – narrow slot pillar. Aligning the flies in a narrow slot is good for quiet shooting, but with close fire contacts, where speed is the key factor, this can become fraught.

AK, produced in some countries, have wider rear slots. The extended slot of the rear sight allows you to quickly detect targets, while not greatly affecting the accuracy – in the end we are talking about AK. Expanding the pillar slot, you can make it triangular.

Kalashnikov assault rifle in 4 minutes

For a triangular slot, use a triangular file. Then «bloat up» slot, or use my favorite option — spray paint. The difference between the slot — 0.135 and 0.145 inches.


When you shoot, the forearm naturally heats up. Some handguards Kalashnikov equipped with a heat reflecting screen, but not all. Even if you wear gloves, it can still be a problem.

Kalashnikov assault rifle in 4 minutes

One possible solution — make your own simple heat shield. All that is required — can of cheap beer. By the way, this is actually important, because some of the brand cans have a polymer coating.

Kalashnikov assault rifle in 4 minutes

Have a beer. Cut the section to fit the handguard, and slide it into the handguard. Some familiar shooters like to use epoxy to fix the heat shield in place, but I don’t worry about it.

Hand grip

Kalashnikov assault rifle in 4 minutes

If you have a Romanian handgrip type «donkey member» and you’re tired of beating him with the store when you change, do «circumcision» hacksaw.

Nut Plank

Today, there are many opportunities to equip AK slats. But consider the simplest option. To do this, you will need a Picatinny rail (I used the Magpul MOE polymer section because I had an extra one), four large washers and two long screws and two nuts.

Kalashnikov assault rifle in 4 minutes

Assemble the bar with two washers and a nut on each screw. Remove the gas chamber with the lining, set the bar on the handguard between the two nuts, and reinstall the gas chamber.

Kalashnikov assault rifle in 4 minutes

Tighten the nut. You may have to slightly expand the grooves on the forearm.

Kalashnikov assault rifle in 4 minutes

You do not need LCC? Well, at least you can now install any gun lamp.

Established swabs Kalashnikov assault rifles make it difficult to install a belt other than the standard one. Front swivel small, and the back is extremely uncomfortable.

Front swivel

To upgrade front swivel You will need 20 cm of steel 3mm cable in the coating, and a clip. My cable turned out to be an ugly green color; maybe you are more lucky.

Loop the cable and trim the ends of the cover. Clamp them with a clip. If desired, the clamp can be closed with a shrink sleeve. Pass the loop through the swivel. Clip on the cable will be an ideal place to fasten the belt.

Kalashnikov assault rifle in 4 minutes

Rear swivel

There are two ways to improve. back swivel.

You can set a loop of 550 paracord around the top butt plate screw.


Or just move the rear AK back from the bottom to the top.

Kalashnikov assault rifle in 4 minutes

If you chose the latter, be sure not to block the AK channel for cleaning the canister.

Fire Translator / Fuse

There are several useful security modifications. Kalashnikov assault rifle.

Many of these weapons, especially those assembled in America, have a position automatic fire. No, it does not make you a quick shooter, and in fact can be dangerous.

Kalashnikov assault rifle in 4 minutes

Pregnant «Auto» a part of the translator presses on the sear and disconnects it from the trigger, and sometimes this happens when the fuse is set. It’s simple. Simply cut off the translator tab to match the required security level.

Kalashnikov assault rifle in 4 minutes

In addition, it will be easier to extract.

Gate lag

In addition to some very specific models, AK in most cases, does not have a slide delay. Use Dremel and groove a groove in fire interpreter.

Kalashnikov assault rifle in 4 minutes

Now you can lock the bolt and lock the weapon, which is especially convenient at shooting ranges that require carrying an open bolt weapon.

Kalashnikov assault rifle in 4 minutes

If you have long fingers like a pianist, you are more likely to manipulate AK fire interpreter. And for those who have human-sized fingers, a translator can be a curse.

I added on AK fuse small lever to facilitate the work of the index finger. I attached it by spot welding, but this is also done with rivets, and simple welding. Sand and paint it after work.

Pistol grip AK

Some do not like the AK pistol grip, and they want a grip from the AR-15. You can buy an adapter, in most cases, it is not needed. Take the handle and using the Dremel, drive the upper part under the AK.

Kalashnikov assault rifle in 4 minutes

Drill a new hole under the screw, and insert the short screw M6. A2 handles — perfect «the donors» for this. Inside, everything will be rude, but no one will see it anyway.

Kalashnikov assault rifle in 4 minutes

Grind – polish


Kalashnikov assault rifle in 4 minutes

Do not use sandpaper. Just polish the slide guides and bearing surfaces slightly to smooth out the bumps.

You will be pleased with the results.

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