Knife for the city

Knife for the city

Such a thing as city ​​knife, “Almost identical with the concept of”EDC knife“That can be decoded as a knife for everyday wear and use. As you can see knife for the city it should be convenient and fairly universal tool.

Purpose of a city knife

It can be accomplished with a daily carrying knife.

  • unpacking of parcels and boxes;
  • cutting ropes and other fasteners;
  • planing;
  • cutting foods;
  • mending clothes, shoes;
  • unscrewing and tightening screws, screws, etc .;
  • repair of electronic or mechanical devices;
  • cutting clothing, seat belts, etc. – when providing first aid to victims;
  • self-defense (in extreme cases), including stray dogs and wild animals.

It is worth noting immediately that based on such tasks. EDC-knife for the city should possess such properties as:

  • Compactness. Large knife can get bored. In addition, large fiksedy (knives with a fixed blade) can often be found among law enforcement agencies.
  • Versatility. It’s worth noting that it’s not a problem. For example, the “necks” from the series Spike from Cold steel, It’s their target niche is self-defense.
  • Reliability. It is not a problem.
  • Security. EDC knife should be completely safe for its owner. It has been found that it has been folded. For a knife with a fixed blade.

Folding or fixed?

Knife for the city

  • Compactness. This is a folding blade.
  • Safe handling.
  • Extraction speed. You can get a little bit more than that. It is not clear that it is not instantaneous. For example, when it is an emergency.
  • EDC knives can be folders from Cold steel (eg, AK-47 or, with a big bias on “self-defense” – a ruler Ti-Lite), Squail from Boker, conquered in recent years Rat from Ontario, as well as many others.

    Choosing an EDC knife

    Knife for the city

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