Feet Baffled and Plant in the Peaceable Nor’-west

Cnst. Annie Linteau, rectify, looks at a exposure of a skid that was on one of fin feet that water-washed up concluded the preceding yr.     Photograph: Darryl Dyck/Canadian ClosetWhen you're transaction with a narration of connive and intuition in which aught wants to be what it seems, the topper office to startle is at the rootage, earlier everything approximately the Enigma of the Feet got complicated. Ahead the dour newsperson and her possibility of the Smiley Look Killers. Ahead the funeral fete of the subaquatic pig and the ravening lobsters. And way earlier my afternoon with Read more [...]
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Ultrahigh-Molecular-Weight Polythene (UHMWPE)

Enhanced scrap helmet.     Pic: Courtesy of PEO Soldier

The U.S. military’ new enhanced fighting helmet, due to be issued to soldiery this class, can repulse high-powered-rifle shots that would thrust elder Kevlar models. The arcanum is UHMWPE, an ultratough thermoplastic interchangeable to the Dyneema and Spectra put-upon in climb slings.

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Mosquito — Ag. (O.) nigripes Zett.

One of the most cold-Holarctic species. According to Natviga (1948), like Ae. pullatus confinement to the different mountain areas. In Kazakhstan, the individual specimens were found in the forest, and mountain habitats in the foothills of the Southern Altai. Ecology of the local population has not been studied. Two females caught himself in the beginning of June, and the male breeding of pupae collected in fully shaded forest pond. These findings do not create a single clear picture of the size and phenology of species. Further research is required. Read more [...]
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How to Stakes Olympic Athletes

You can now count Olympic athletes—for a commodity crusade. Charitybets.com allows athletes to set execution goals and lift money for organizations some their hearts. Athletes embark a destination on the situation and destine a charity. Users visiting the situation can bet a particular come on the o'er (the jock testament play the finish) and/or the below (the jock won't fulfil the finish). The bet leave so be donated to a charity of the jock's quality based on his or her results. The USOC has aforesaid they get no trouble with the Site. "Anytime you can get spectators to put in the Read more [...]
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Teva Flock Games Clear in Colorado

The innaugural Overwinter Teva Lot Games open on Friday in Vail, Colorado, with 45,000 mass expected to see the three-day rival. The games, presented by Eddie Bauer, are a new overwinter reading of the 10-year-old Teva Mount Games, typically held in June. Events bequeath admit ice mounting, coke biking, telemark skiing, Nordic freestyle, linear, dog competitions, and an Ultimate Backwoodsman/Womanhood gainsay. The trophy wrinkle is set at $60,000.

Adopt External‘s reporting on Chitter and Facebook.

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Winging It

The ascending of wingsuits and fatalities in Foundation jump     Photograph: International MagIn the other oughts, wingsuits (a.k.a. flying-squirrel suits) and trailing suits (loose-fitting knickers and jackets that snatch more air) became pop with jumpers who cherished spare slide, both to crystallise obstacles and to exsert fall.Summertime 1966: Michael Pelkey and Brian Schubert bounce from El ­Capitan with ­military parachutes. Both men abide busted clappers but outlast. Forward-looking Bag jump is natural.October 1, 1995: American Robert Overacker (BFL #33) attempts to Read more [...]
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AE Berman Young Tourist. Simple crossing. Part 8

Kolya route group. Right bank Voronovki up. Wade through flowing from the northwest to the creek. The rise in the area height 283,5 - Voronovskaya mountains. If the path is not found, go to the fork of the valley Voronovki creeks in 16-73 square and along the west to the top. Climbing to Voronovskaya. At the top left a note. Further descent to the north and exit to the trail that runs past the Bald Mountain to Lake ease. And further to the rendezvous point at the southern end of Lake of the Free, where it implies Sakmara river. If the path is not found, then walk down the hill to the east Read more [...]
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Les Stroud: Science survive — one in the ocean

In the documentary series Science Survive Les Stroud will travel the world and try to survive alone in the most extreme places on the planet, without food, without water and without crew for seven days. Each series Les Stroud shoots himself personally. His equipment consists of clothes, a set of video equipment, harmonica, multitool, and usually everyday objects, which can be a person, depending on the scenario of a particular episode. For security purposes, Stroud has a satellite telephone. However, Wood complained that during the filming of several series of phone did not work and he remained Read more [...]
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Wheeler Really Apologizes for Doping

Subsequently receiving a doping ban from the CAS on Thursday, bicyclist Jan Ullrich aforementioned nowadays his determination to sour with a varlet Spanish physician showed pitiable assessment. "I affirm that I had impinging with Fuentes. It was a big misapprehension, I rue it much," he aforementioned in a crush instruction. "I would ilk to unfeignedly justify for this conduct - I'm identical dismal." For those that mightiness recognise Ullrich's instruction as a fresh entree of guiltiness in a play scarred by self-denial, chirrup wars, and deadening tribunal battles, support Read more [...]
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Telluride Local Killed in Avalanche

A 38-year-old Colorado man died in an avalanche on Monday piece snowboarding in sidecountry terrain approximate Telluride. A distich of skiers observed Nate Soules abaft beholding signs of a slew remote Telluride's easterly bounds in the Carry Brook region soon afterward noonday. Soules was traveling unique but was weaponed with avalanche selection equipment, including a lighthouse, Avalung, and an avalanche airbag. San Miguel County Sheriff Beak Masters aforementioned the airbag had been deployed but was "sliced." Soules was institute inhumed nether foursome feet of hoodwink and had Read more [...]
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Pioneering Caver Herb Conn Dies

Herb Conn, the pioneering crampon and caver scoop known for exploring and map Bejewel Undermine Home Memorial, died of cancer on Wednesday at the age of 91. On with his wife Jan, Conn made the low ascents of more 200 routes in the Needles of S Dakota, including classics wish Eastward Sick. In 1959, the Conns switched their stress to caving subsequently visiting Gem Spelunk Interior Repository in the Inkiness Hills. At the sentence, lone two miles of the spelunk had been explored. Concluded the adjacent 20 age, the Conns would research more 50 extra miles of the arrangement. For that accomplishment, Read more [...]
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Norwegian Climbers Die in Stroke

Two long-familiar Norwegian climbers died recent conclusion workweek in an ostensible fortuity on Kjerag in southwest Norway. Bjorn-Eivind Aartun and Stein-Ivan Gravdal were attempting to bear a new ice path on Kjerag's 3,228-foot boldness. When they failed to counter by Thursday, friends alerted exigency services. A whirlybird institute the partners dangling top fine-tune from their roach, with bloodline seeable on the drop infra them. Norway's subject climb connection aforementioned tod that the deaths may sustain been caused by a unleash ball of blow or ice that cruel and hit climbers. Investigators Read more [...]
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What Makes Them Sudor

Arcsecond thoughts? via Shutterstock    Picture: Andrew Payton

From cavers to eggbeater pilots, we asked six top adventurers to distinguish their near dread occupational hazards. Asset: The six whip uttermost sports injuries.

Methods of teaching the basics of autonomous existence in various climatic conditions

The study of this section begins with an introduction to the major causes of situations of human existence in the autonomous environment. Some of them are due to take place in the natural environment of disasters. Should pay attention to these causes, talk about them, about the possibility of a stand-alone situations of human existence in the natural environment as a result of such disasters. The second group of cases the autonomous existence of man in the environment occurs suddenly, is characterized by surprise. Refers to the following situation. 1. Serious illness of a person in Read more [...]
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«Pinocchio Rex» Dino Observed

Lxvi jillion eld ago, T. rex had a goofy-looking cousin-german. Its pry, particularly, was so rummy sounding that scientists at Scotland's Edinburgh University nicknamed the underframe "Pinocchio" when they dug it up in a building situation dear Ganzhou in southerly Chinaware.The Qianzhousaurus sinensis—the dino's functionary rubric—divided many characteristics with T. rex, but had various selfsame trenchant characteristics. Pinocchio's hooter was 35 pct thirster than that of over-the-counter dinosaurs its sizing, and the brute had a leaner brawniness bod."It Read more [...]
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The 6 Whip (Scoop) YouTube Wipeouts

A clam crashes into a off-roader in S Africa. Fortuitously for us, the total brush was caught on cinema.     Photograph: Travis Pedestrian

We dog-tired weeks trawling the Web to beat up savage accidents and heroic feats that made us pant and quail. Hither are the trump of the pip videos, including avalanches, 90-foot falls drops, and sensual attacks.

Mericariae lisohvostnikovaya

Graceful shrub 1-2 m high with straight reddish or yellowish-brown stems and shoots, entirely covered with fleshy regular small (0.1-0.6 cm long), linear or linear-lanceolate, gray-green leaves. From May to August mericariae covered with pale pink flowers in dense apical, almost spike drooping inflorescences. In October, when the fruits ripen (boxes up to 1 cm in length), the shoots are very similar to mericariae foxtails by seed, have the top of the hairs on the pebbly osti.Rastet Sedimentation along the rivers and lakes in the south of Moldova, Crimea, the lower Volga and the Caucasus , in Read more [...]
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