Racking: Training Guide with Backpack

Racking: Training Guide with Backpack

Running is a good exercise for increasing stamina. But far from the only possible, despite the fact that Cardiovascular training for survival

Running alone doesn’t force muscles to develop a functional strength. It is not necessary to prepare. If you need to carry your goods,

And just such training is training with a backpack, or racking (from English rucking), as our western calls for it. It will not be a problem.

During the forced marches, the backpackers were taken away. And so on, there was a rash, as well as a trend for a different lifestyle. Around the world of the world.

If you’re a little bit different, you’ve gotten a lot of benefit.

Scientific justification rackinga

Walking burns more calories than sitting in place. Running burns more calories than walking. BUT racking burns even when compared with running.

Why? Throwing a backpack on the back. It is a fact that the body of mankind has been able to keep up with the body. also increases.

The opinions differ. Less than 30 minutes. In addition, there is a lot of weakness in the load.

In addition, citizens who are not breathing for 30 minutes due to a weak breather confirm that it is much easier to deal with racking. Yes, and experienced runners to confirm the next day after such a training they felt much better. And they recognize that the body is arising from raking. It is the weight of the body and the legs.

Types of special workouts with a backpack

Base racking

In principle, absolutely any weight will do. Here are just a lot of special bricks wraped tape or sandbags. It would be a great deal to regulate the backpack. But, as she has already been said, he can be “raw dog” Well, let, actually.

Racking: Training Guide with BackpackIt is always someone who can cover your backing up.

Additional load

Can be improved with a weighted backpack. Not even a lot of space or even an athlete. Pull-ups, squats and push-ups are perceived completely differently if resistance or weighting is added. Yes, it is also a body.

Racking: Training Guide with Backpack

Physical training

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