Reactive anti-tank grenade RPG-28 “Cranberry”

Reactive anti-tank grenade RPG-28 "Cranberry"

In the 1990s, it was decked out. increase in armor penetration capability of anti-tank grenade launchers. In the early 2000s, a heavy manual disposable anti-tank grenade launcher was developed in the FSUE “SNPP” Basalt ” RPG-28 “Cranberry”.

This is a manual disposable launcher, which makes it possible to ensure that it is possible to protect it. The RPG-28 is also guaranteed to be effective. The grenade launcher is designed to enhance the combat capabilities of the ground forces.

Reactive anti-tank grenade RPG-28 "Cranberry"

The grenade was increased to 125 mm. It is a triggered warhead. In the case of the grenade is not deformed, it is not reduced.

Grenade PG-28 provides for overhaul of any modern tanks.

For the KBP (TsKIB SOO) for the new ammunition, it has been developed. It has been found that the RPG-27 has been scored for a long period of time. There is a folding stop for you. It will make it easier to keep the grenade launcher.

Up to 12 kg. Shooting from a grenade launcher is 300m. It has been a total of three simple operations.

The size of the RPG-28 reduced the maneuverability of the grenade launcher compared with the lightweight disposable rocket launchers of the type RPG-26. However, it’s possible to reduce the number of targets.

Characteristics of the RPG-28 “Cranberry”

Caliber warhead125 mm
Mass of grenade launcher12 kg
Length1200 mm
Target shooting rangeUp to 300 meters
Transition time10 seconds
Homogeneous armor for dynamic armorUp to 900 mm

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Reactive anti-tank grenade RPG-28 “Cranberry”

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