“Red Tactics” – first aid in combat conditions

"Red Tactics" - first aid in combat conditions

This is a high-quality simulation. This is the only way for stress factors to reproduce. And there are a number of options for such training, such as computer simulations. And we will tell you about one such “combat” simulation.

Red tactic – a set of activities First aid training with shooting training. But in practice it looks like this. The concept of the study of It can arise in a real combat situation. Then – final “exam”, during these skills. This is perhaps the most interesting moment.

"Red Tactics" - first aid in combat conditions

Unfortunately, during the exam Red tactic overhead bullets The conditional combat situation occurs. It is carefully carefully moderated. Yes, they take a piece of meat, a drop of dropping with artificial blood. An assistant is not allowed to watch a twitch and scream. It was the time of the shooting.

"Red Tactics" - first aid in combat conditions

Red tactic It is very useful for those who are willy-nilly. For the same reason. Give you exactly what you need red tactics.

"Red Tactics" - first aid in combat conditions

Now for the cons, where do without them. It’s not a problem. Yes, you can work perfectly red tactics the action of fear for the ground Farther. Any imitation is imitation. Dropping the wound flesh. Believe me, I worked for a while, and I saw enough “meat” there.

Summarizing. Red tactic – It is still a risk. It will make it possible for you to get there. And this can really save someone’s life.

“Red Tactic” &# 8212; first aid in combat conditions

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