“Severe” airfields: “Arctic Trefoil”

"Severe" airfields: "Arctic Trefoil"

Land of Eternal Cold, Arctic… The thermometer column rarely and positively rises to a positive mark. It is here that the Russian air defense units are located: in the archipelago Franz josef land.

"Severe" airfields: "Arctic Trefoil"

The end of the world. Isle Alexandra Land. Getting here by military transport aircraft about 4 hours. Just a year ago, the Arctic region.

"Severe" airfields: "Arctic Trefoil"

Temporary military camp.

"Severe" airfields: "Arctic Trefoil"

Right at the city of air defense.

These are small modular constructions for technical equipment, for technical equipment.

"Severe" airfields: "Arctic Trefoil"

In parallel, there is a big building. A modernized three-storey administrative building of 14 thousand square meters, is being built.

Construction of the complex «Arctic trefoil» on the archipelago, Franz Josef Land is nearing completion. Construction readiness of the administrative and housing complex «Arctic trefoil», It is close to 97 percent. Exceeding the 60 percent mark.

Administrative and housing complex «Arctic trefoil» to date — construction of the northern latitude. To the south — Kotelny archipelago on the island of 75th degree «Northern clover«.

Square «Arctic trefoil» is more than 14 thousand square meters. For a group of 150 people over for a few years.

Stocks for fuel and lubricants. Energy saving technologies are used to minimize energy consumption. Used for the technical floor, which will comfortably serve all communications, including in cold weather.

It can be used as a compact water tank;

On the island are covered roads.

Garages for storage and maintenance of equipment, various warehouses and vaults;

Protect the heat from the external environment and additionally saving heat. For those who carry it here. In the winter, the thermometer drops below 50 degrees in July. Therefore, the main emphasis is placed on energy-saving technologies and thermal insulation.

It was designed to control the operation of the pumping station.

"Severe" airfields: "Arctic Trefoil"

It was decided to build up a separate area. AZhK «Arctic trefoil» — It has been built in the world of the Arctic.

"Severe" airfields: "Arctic Trefoil"

Of engineering works 2 in the Arctic have already begun work — separate division «Plot number? eleven» at cape schmidt and «Plot number? 12» in the village of Ushakovskoye of the Chukotka Autonomous Region. At present, 1,585 workers are used, 337 units of equipment are used.

Acting Head of the Engineering Directorate for Engineering Works No. 2, Oleg Sirazetdinov, said: «Climatic conditions: squally wind, snowstorm, Arctic frosts. There is no need for more information about the structure of the Arctic Sea Route. Delivery is possible only during the summer navigation period. — it’s four months a year. For the construction of the Arctic zone. And in the first half of 2015, 57? 680 tons of building materials were delivered and 24? 179 tons of cargo were harvested in ports for shipment.».

The following photos were taken by Evgeny Plotnikov and are posted on our website.

The frontier post and the Nagurskoye airfield.

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