Silent sniper rifle VSS “Vintorez”

Silent sniper rifle VSS "Vintorez"


VSS «Vintorez» — silent sniper complex, which was created in Tula, in TsNIITOCHMASH by designers P. I. Serdyukov and V. F. Krasnikov. The complex, which included itself VSS «Vintorez» (ATIntka WITHniper WITHspecial — explanation LastDay Club) and cartridge SP-5 9 * 39 mm, adopted for service in 1987. The rifle is still used by the snipers of the army special forces of the Russian Armed Forces.


Ammunition for ARIA

SP-5 — the sniper cartridge, which was developed by other inventors, N. V. Zabelin and L. S. Dvoryaninov, was also adopted in 1987.

When creating the SP-5, the good old cartridge of 7.62 * 39 US-caliber (Haveless WITHspeed). Such cartridges were used in automatic machines. AKM with the device PBS-1. The bullet from this cartridge possessed a subsonic speed of 310 m / s, which, when using the muffler, made the firing of a submachine gun low-noise. At the same time, the bullet had a decent weight of 12.6 g and a design that provided effective destruction of enemy personnel at a distance of up to 400 meters. However, there was a drawback: low accuracy of fire. In the 1960s, the indicator was satisfactory, but in the 1980s, it was clearly not enough.

So, on the basis of the liner from this 7.62 * 39 mm cartridge, a sniper cartridge with a subsonic (300 m / s) speed of a bullet was developed, which received the working designation РГ037. It had a length of 46 mm, with a total mass of 16 g, a mass of a bullet of 10.6 g, and had good accuracy of fire. At a distance of 100 meters R50 = 4 cm, and 400 m – R50 = 16.5 cm

TTX rifle VSS «Vintorez»

Caliber9 mm
Ammo9×39 mm SP-5, SP-6
Weight without sight with empty magazine2.65 kg
Shop mass without cartridges0.15 kg
Mass with the equipped shop and a sight3.43 kg
Length894 mm
Barrel length200 mm
Height159 mm
Width59 mm
Initial bullet speed290 m / s
Rate of fire600 w / o
Rate of fire40-100 i / m
Store capacity10 rounds
Range of direct shot on the chest figure185 m
Sighting range600 m

Description «Vintorez»

Silent sniper rifle VSS "Vintorez"

The sniper rifle can conduct both single and continuous automatic fire according to the good old principle of removal of powder gases from the barrel. The locking of this channel is carried out by 6 lugs of the rotary longitudinal sliding gate. There is a double-acting flag-type fuse, similar to a rifle fuse Svd: it locks the trigger and limits the action of the slide frame. Butt VSS «Vintorez» — skeletal type, detachable and made of wood. The entire rifle for hidden carrying and transportation can be disassembled and folded in a case.

A box-type rifle magazine has a capacity for 10 rounds (but the magazine from the automatic AS VAL 20 rounds), made of plastic. The rifle is equipped with an open-sight sights: a front sight and a sector-sight, located on the body of the muffler. For sniper shooting during the day, the PSO-1 sight is used, and for night shooting — ESPU-3.

Silent sniper rifle VSS "Vintorez"

The entire trunk in front of the forearm covers an integrated silencer.

The silencer acts as follows: after a shot, when a bullet passes the front of the barrel, a part of the powder gases rushes through six rows of transverse holes in the barrel into the expansion chamber of the silencer. The pressure of the powder gases in the barrel and their speed is reduced. A jet of powder gases flowing from the muzzle of the barrel, falls on the separator, which «dismembers» it on numerous multidirectional flows, intensively reducing their speed and temperature. As a result, the gases flowing out of the muffler have a subsonic speed and a low temperature, which does not create a clap and muzzle flame, and the shot becomes practically silent. The use of an integrated silencer has reduced, compared to a silencer that fits over the muzzle of the barrel, and the overall length of the weapon.

Disassembly-assembly of a sniper rifle special ARIA «Vintorez»

Silent sniper rifle VSS "Vintorez"

Weapons of the type BCC and AU, has an expansion type muffler, during firing it is subject to severe contamination with gunpowder. For cleaning and lubrication, as well as the elimination of minor malfunctions of the BCC and AU, their incomplete disassembly is performed. It is carried out without the use of a special tool and is similar for both types of weapons in operations performed, with the exception of the separation and attachment of the butt of a rifle. The order of incomplete disassembly of the BCC and AS:

  1. Disconnect the magazine (hold the rifle with your left hand on the forearm, hold the magazine with your right, squeeze the latch and move the lower part of the magazine forward, separate it from the weapon), remove the weapon from the fuse and retract the bolt carrier to check if there is no cartridge in the chamber. Release the bolt, make a control trigger with a combat platoon.
  2. Prepare an accessory.
  3. Holding the handguard with the left hand, with the index finger, drown the body latch, turn the muffler with the right hand clockwise, and pushing forward, separate it from the weapon.
  4. Pressing the separator latch with a screwdriver, slide the separator into the body with a finger and then pushing it with a ramrod to separate it from the body. Separate the separator spring by pushing it forward along the trunk.
  5. Drown the lock cover retainer, press with a finger on the ledge of the stop of the return mechanism and, lifting the back end of the cover, separate it from the receiver.
  6. While holding the rifle, move the rest of the return mechanism forward until its protrusion leaves the receiver groove; raising the stop, remove the mechanism from the channel of the bolt carrier.
  7. Holding the rifle, give a guide forward before it leaves the receiver, then remove it while holding the hammer.
  8. Take the drummer back until it stops and, lifting it, separate it from the receiver.
  9. Lift the bolt carrier with the bolt back all the way and with the movement upward, separate them from the receiver.
  10. Holding the bolt carrier in a vertical position, lifting and simultaneously turning the bolt clockwise, pull it out of the bolt carrier.
  11. Having drowned the housing latch with your thumb, remove the forearm, pushing it forward.
  12. Turning the tube clockwise until the protrusion of the box with the slot on the receiver is aligned, separate it from the barrel by moving it backwards.
  13. To separate the butt of a BCC rifledrown the butt retainer and, moving the butt back, separate it from the receiver.

Assemble the weapon in reverse order. For service of the weapon lubricant gun RZh OST 38.01439-88 is used. It is strictly forbidden to lubricate the cartridges. After cleaning and lubricating the weapon, all surfaces should be wiped dry.


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