Alexander G. Friedlander

Alexander G. Friedlander (02 (15) .07. 1906, St. Petersburg. 13.09.1980, Sverdlov.), Composer, conductor, professor. (1980), Honored. Art. RSFSR (1958). Rod. in the family of the employee. He graduated from Leningrad. Conservatory (1933, cl. A.V.Gauka). 1939-41, 1947-74 conductor of the symphonic orchestra. Sverdl. Philharmonic 1941-43 Ch. conductor Sverdl. Theater op. and Ballet Song and Dance Ensemble UrVO. Since 1946 teacher of Ur. State. Conservatory. Op cit .:. Snow (1962), Pitertsy (1965) Cake from Heaven (1970); ballet The Stone Flower (1944, 2nd ed. 1947 3rd 1975); Bride (1958); choreographic Read more [...]
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Stalin in our city

    Do you know how many Today in our city monuments to Vladimir Lenin? Not less than five. How many sculptures IV Stalin there we have 35-40 years ago? Now they remained only in photographs.     The park is named AP Bondina main avenue was decorated with busts of all four founders / photo №1 /. Unfortunately, the bust Stalin is difficult to see because of the foliage. Calmly, even somewhat glumly leaders looked at a walking public. Nearby, in the bushes, was another Stalin - Full-length and overcoat / photo №2 /. Read more [...]
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SADOVSKY Vissarion Dmitrievich

SADOVSKY Vissarion Dmitrievich (24.07 (06.08) .1908, Omsk -17.02.1991, Sverdlov.), Metallurgist, Acad. Academy of Sciences of the USSR (1970), chl.korr. Academy of Sciences of the USSR (1968), Dr. Sci. Sciences (1946), prof. (1946), Honored. Worker. Scientist of the RSFSR (1968). Rod. the family priest. He graduated from Kazan University (1930), in 1930-35 he worked at Zlatoust instrumental s de. Since 1935 in the Institute of Metal Physics (deputy. Cond., Head. Lab., Head. Dep.). Pers. Pres. UFAN (1945-50), UC and the Ural Branch of the USSR Academy of Sciences (1971-88). Regular. scientific Read more [...]
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OCTOBER , Rep. subordination in the REP. Back. Located on RIC 195 km West of Ufa. The first settlement was founded in 1937 in connection with the opening and initial operation of Tuimazy oil. A servant. settlement of oil in 1946 received the status, resp. subordination. O. prom. and the cult. C. Back. Est. economy, is oil production, which leads trust Timesapple (1937). Prom. he presents sewing (1957), footwear (1960) f-kami, C-DAMI low-voltage electrical equipment (1962), ceramic tiles and porcelain (1963), chrome-tanned leather (1969), the enterprises were built (1976), comb-Tom panel construction Read more [...]
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Machine and tractor stations (MTS)

Machine and tractor stations (MTS) State. c / x enterprise created for tehn. and organizational assistance to the collective farms. Lack of a / v equipment necessitated its centralized distribution and use. First MTS was created in 1928 in the Odessa region. W. predecessors MTS were rolling and grain cleaning items, as well as organized in the spring of 1929 cereal district tries Coorg., Trinity and Tyumen env. tractor columns. On their basis in April. 1930 W. completed the creation of four MTS Lebyazhevskoy, Petuhovskoy, Shumikhinskaya and Schuche. Regular. Manuf. unit of MTS was tractor brigade. Read more [...]
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KUROCHKIN Vladimir Akimovich

KUROCHKIN Vladimir Akimovich (05.07.1922, Astrakhan), art. and dir., Nar. Art. USSR (1978). Outcast. WWII. Rod. in the family of the employee. He graduated from the studio Sverdl. Drama Theatre (1946), Higher dir. courses at GITIS (1962). Stage career early. in 1946 in Sverdl. Drama Theatre, 1946-63 Art. Sverdl. Theater of Musical Comedy, 1963-86 Ch. dir. Worked to create a repertoire of owls. op you put first in Sverdl. foreign and owls. musicals. 1986-88 Ch. dir. Mosk. Theater op you 1990 thin. hands. and Ch. dir. Perm. Theater op. and ballet, 1965-86 taught at Ur. State. Conservatory, 1988-90 Read more [...]
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Plant Hydraulics

Plant Hydraulics large heavy machinery. company, no. pneumatic tools, hydraulics, hydraulic motors and hydraulic pumps (ECAT). Regular. in 1915 as the Moscow aerotehn. zd. MY. aviation skiing and propellers for aircraft. In 1918 nationalized. Since 1920 Aviation zd number 8, the only one in the RSFSR on MY. propellers, aircraft skis, floats for naval aviation. In the late 30's converted for Mfr. metal propeller fighter planes. In Oct-Nov. 1,941 evacuated in Sverdl. Resumed Mfr. within two weeks, in the cities. War increased Mfr. 2.5 times. In 1946 he transferred to the Dept. page. USSR and road Read more [...]
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ALFEROV Nikolai Semenovich

ALFEROV Nikolai Semenovich (13 (26) .09.1917, s.Kompaneevka Kherson Province. Now Kirovograd region. Ukraine 06.11.1982, Sverdlov.), Architect. Dr. Architecture (1963), prof. (1964), Honored. architect. RSFSR, Nar. architect. USSR (1978), Corr. Arts of the USSR (1979). He graduated from Kharkov Inst of Engineers public's Island (1940). Outcast. WWII. Pers. CPSU since 1943 Since 1946, he worked in Sverdl. Ur. industrial in-ones. From 1972 to 1982 Rector Sverdl. architectures. Inst. A project by the water station. in the park of culture and rest. Mayakovsky (1946), reconstruction of the Muses. Read more [...]
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27.06.1996 Our Calendar

July 1, 1721 (275 years ago) Based Vysokogorsky iron ore mine. July 1, 1946 (50 years) Organized regional welfare offices at Tagilstroevskom, ore and Stalin District Council. July 1, 1951 (45 years ago) Opened Petrokamenskaya district children's library on the basis of the book fund children's department raybiblioteki. July 3, 1946 (50 years) Decided Nevyansky payispolkoma the opening of the local history museum. July 1736 (260 years ago) Laid Krasnoufimsk city. July 7, 1931. (65 years ago), The first issue' s newspaper NTMZ "For the metal.\\\\\\\" July 17, 1946. (50 years) Nizhnetagilskij Read more [...]
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The British found the ghost man on the ruins of the demolished village with Google maps

Google continues to stir the image of Internet users: using its services, as it turned out, not only can virtually visit the Grand Canyon or looking at "gulag" in North Korea, but even to see something like a ghost. Briton from Bristol, on the wave of interest in local history are considered in Google vicinity of his office, found in the ruins of an ancient village of the shadow of a human figure. "I am very sensitive to the fact that for the ghosts, and this may be one of them" - said 38-year-old Fiona Powell The Post.Fiona Powell lives in Bristol and is very interested in Read more [...]
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And we need this to happen it was April 1, 1946 - the day of April fools joke! Yes, it may be that this was indeed a day for jokes, but jokes disgusting! In the Strait of Unimak, where ends of Alaska and the Aleutian Islands chain length of 1450 miles begins to curve to the west, was Scotch Cap Lighthouse, The light in the night and helping ships escape rough waters and strong currents from the Pacific Ocean to the Bering Sea. The light was on in the tower - a massive concrete blockhouse established on a rocky ridge rising to nine meters above the waters of Unimak. The lighthouse was almost new Read more [...]
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Site "Survival in the wild nature", glad to see you. If you come to us, it means you want to get complete information about survival in a variety of extreme conditions, in emergency situations. Man, throughout the development, sought to preserve and protect themselves from the various negative factors surrounding it - cold, heat, hunger, dangerous animals and insects.

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The Survival in the wild nature - how correctly to behave, it having appeared in an emergency situation. Ability to find a way out from any situation: to kindle a fire, to put traps, to prepare food, to arrange dwelling and a lodging for the night; to learn to knit knots, to clear water, to be guided by districts, correctly to choose equipment, a knife. Also you can download directories to tourists, encyclopedias survivals, video Bear Grills to Survive at any cost (Man vs. Wild).